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    How To Import Products From AliExpress Into Shopify Without Oberlo

    Last Updated | January 17, 2024

    Drop Shipping is one of the most recent trends in online retailing. This technique removes the need for stocking products and instead ships the order directly from the original supplier. In doing so, business owners can create a stylish store on eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and Magento while sourcing directly from websites like AliExpress. Although, the average customer has little faith in AliExpress due to its Chinese origins. Therefore, you can act as a middle man and source of good quality products with poor representation from AliExpress. However, you can look into custom Shopify wholesale App development as an alternative to looking for and importing products yourself.

    Shopify development

    Can I import products from AliExpress to Shopify?

    To become a drop shipper, it is best to first create a store on popular eCommerce platforms that the average consumer trusts. Shopify is one such eCommerce services that specialise in providing a versatile and dynamic selling/shopping experience.

    Note: If you currently use another eCommerce platform and want to start using Shopify, consider finding a company that offers custom Shopify migration services.

    Once you have your online store ready, you can easily install a web extension like Oberlo to import merchandise from AliExpress into your Shopify shop. All you need is to install Oberlo to your Chrome browser through the Chrome Web Store. Then connect Oberlo to your Shopify account by entering the URL in Oberlo’s setting page. Once complete, easily import products from AliExpress into Shopify at the click of a button.

    Shopify development

    If you prefer not to use Oberlo, you can try any of the several other apps available (listed in later sections). Alternatively, you can hire professional custom Shopify integration services to help you make a choice.

    Do you need Oberlo for Shopify?

    As mentioned earlier, no, you do not need Oberlo for Shopify. It is an extension designed specifically for importing products from various eCommerce websites into Shopify. Similarly, you can use other applications for importing products to Shopify, such as ‘DSers – AlieExpress Dropshipping’. However, remember that Oberlo works exclusively with Shopify. Therefore, if you like using Oberlo but need help with your Shopify store, look up a reputable Shopify website design agency to build it for you.

    How do I add AliExpress to Shopify without Oberlo?

    Several apps are available for importing products from AliExpress, some of which you can find listed below. However, suppose you cannot make up your mind after reading through the list. In that case, you can consider hiring the services of a Shopify development agency to help you. Check out the list below:

    DSers‑AliExpress Dropshipping

    Showing up in the top ten list of ‘Drop Shipping’ web extension on the chrome web store, DSers is a good option. Listed below are some of the apps most salient features:

    • Inclusion in AliExpress whitelist;
    • Place multiple orders;
    • Search for, import and edit information for multiple products;
    • Create discounts, product bundles, and BOGO offers quickly;
    • Supplier optimisation;
    • Find suppliers geographically;
    • Multiple Shopify store management through a single account;
    • Sync and track shipping data automatically;
    • Cashback opportunities with Admitad;
    • Set shipping channels in advance;
    • Receive real-time notifications and reports for changes and updates;
    • Hide or split products as needed;

    AliExpress Dropshipping Master

    AliExpress Dropshipping Master is a professional dropshipping app that enables seamless product imports from AliExpress to Shopify. Key features include Shopify payment UAE:

    • Global supplier network;
    • Communication direct with the supplier;
    • Reliable shipping and freight services;
    • Secured payment channels;
    • Import and edit product information/price as needed;
    • Order in bulk to AliExpress unlimited;
    • Automatic data syncing and updates.

    Modalyst ‑ Dropshipping

    Modalyst is another highly ranked web extension for dropshipping from AliExpress. As an AliExpress official Partner and member of the AliExpress Dropshipping Program, this web extension stands out form the competition. You can connect your Shopify store directly to AliExpress and integrate suppliers and products for dropshipping. With Modalyst, you automatically receive updates, sync product info, order details, and pricing through a particular API.

    Is Oberlo only for AliExpress?

    No Oberlo is multi-purpose and intended for dropshipping in general form multiple eCommerce websites into Shopify. As such, if you have a Shopify account, Oberlo is one of the best options available. Nonetheless, you can use the list of web extensions above to guide your choice or get in touch with an agency that provides Custom Shopify maintenance services.

    Import goods from AliExpress to Shopify using the URL

    If you do not like using chrome but want to use Oberlo, you have one other option. Instead of installing the Oberlo web extension, only add it to your Shopify account and then follow these steps:

    • Logon to aliexpress.com;
    • Then search for your desired product;
    • Click on the product to navigate to its page;
    • Copy the URL form the navigation bar;
    • Then go to your Shopify dashboard and open the Oberlo app;
    • Click on ‘Import List’;
    • Then look for ‘Add by URL or ID’ and click on it;
    • In the space given, copy the URL and click on ‘Add Product’;
    • Make sure all the information seems correct and complete the process.


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