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    How to change prices on Shopify in bulk

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

    Store owners can change prices for their Shopify stores in bulk to make work easier. The users can make use of such tricks and tips to speed up their work while also making operations smoother. You can learn How to change prices on Shopify in bulk from here.

    How to change prices on Shopify in bulk

    Shopify store owners can change the prices for their Shopify stores in bulk easily. This saves time and makes work easier. The store owners can use the bulk editor tool to make changes to several products and variants at one time. From the Shopify administrator panel, multiple products that need to be changed can be selected alongside the properties that have to be changed as well, pricing in this case. Then these entries can be changed at once. The bulk editor can also be used to edit the customers, inventory, and collections. Be mindful though, that when some browsers are used to edit products in bulk, it will cause errors as the browser has a limited link for the URL. It is best to use other browsers such as Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.

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    Step #1

    First of all, you must select the products that need to be edited. You can easily select the products that need their prices to be edited from the page of Products in your Shopify administrator panel. You can follow these steps to select all of the products.

    • Log in to the Shopify administrator panel.
    • Click on the Products
    • Checkboxes will appear, you must select all the products that you want to edit. In case you change your mind and only want to edit one, simply check one box.
    • Click on the Edit products

    A tip for you is that you can easily bulk select all the items that are listed on a page alongside every product in the store.

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    Step #2

    In this step, you must select the product properties that have to be edited. You can use the Product Bulk Editor page which will display the products that have been selected in the previous step and their properties as well in a table. You can change which product properties have to be displayed in the table. Each of the columns present in the table represents product properties such as SKUs, price, and product properties. Each row present in the table represents a selected product or variant.

    Remove a Product Property

    • Then on the Product Bulk editor page, you must click on columns.
    • Then you must deselect all products that have to be removed from the table if needed.

    Add product properties

    • On the Product Bulk editor page, you must click on columns.
    • Select any product property that has to be added to the table.
    • You can add prices in this case.

    Step #3     

    Once the product properties have to be changed which is the price, in this case, you can now click on the fields that are within the editors to type in new data or edit existing prices for the products in the store.

    • Select and then type within an existing field in the table which needs to be edited for the price of the product variant or the product itself.
    • Click on Save. In case any error occurs, you will need to fix them and then click on save

    This is an easy method of How to change prices on Shopify in bulk for the Shopify store. It is best to hire Shopify Development Partners from professional companies that provide Shopify development services.

    What are some shortcuts in the bulk editor?

    You know How to change prices on Shopify in bulk but these are not the only things that can be changed in bulk.


    You can also make use of other shortcuts in the bulk editor, which can help you navigate the store and also edit the product properties easily and effectively using the bulk editor. Below are some shortcuts that can be used easily.

    Select multiple cells that are not adjacent.

    You must hold the Alt key on Pc and the command key on Mac and then select the multiple cells that are not adjacent but have to be selected.

    Move between the cells.

    Click on the cell on the table that has to be selected, then you must press the arrow key on the keyboard so you can move in the required direction to the next editable cell in the direction of the arrow.

    Select and then edit multiple fields at the same time.

    First, you must click and then drag the cursor along the cells that need to be selected. This is possible by typing numbers and text using drop-down menus, and clicking the checkboxes for the selected cells.

    Select several adjacent cells.

    First click to select a cell, then hold the shift key, and then click on the last cell which is in the range of these cells that need to be selected.

    Apply the stored value of a cell to cells above or below it.

    Click on a cell and then drag the cell’s fill handle across the cells that are below the cell or above it.

    Why should I hire Shopify development services from a professional company?

    People wonder why there is a need to Hire Shopify Developer from a professional company, even if they can do all the tasks themselves. It is best to hire dedicated companies because they are able to provide the best services that allow you to keep up with the competition. For instance, Shopify web design services make sure that the visitors are converted into customers by providing the best interface, Shopify migration services make sure that data is safely transferred, Shopify integration solution provides multiple business solutions for Shopify stores, and Shopify ERP integration allows the store to manage the enterprise completely. Furthermore, companies provide subsidized packages for businesses to help make these solutions and services more affordable.

    You can hire Shopify developer for the store who already has tips and tricks up their sleeves to make work more effective. You can learn from them as well. There are multiple such shortcuts on Shopify that make work easier for the owner. As a Shopify store owner, it is best to subscribe to an appropriate Shopify pricing plan for the store while also being mindful of the Shopify transaction fees. If you don’t want a developer for the store, you can also make use of the Shopify website builder. The Shopify website builder cost can be checked and if it is affordable for you, this can also be used. We still recommend using Shopify web design services as these attract the most visitors.

    Wrapping up: How to change prices on Shopify in bulk

    You now know how to change prices on Shopify in bulk and you can do so yourself by following the simplest steps of first selecting the products, then the properties such as price, and then finally changing the price. These steps can be followed alongside other tips and tricks that the Shopify bulk editor provides. It is also advised that you hire Shopify development services from companies such as Folio3 which have the best services and pricing packages.


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