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    How to Change Shipping Label Format on Shopify

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

    An overview: How to Change Shipping Label Format on Shopify

    When you first open your store, you want to keep everything structured to save yourself time running around, but you also don’t want to sacrifice features or spend excessive amount of money maintaining it. We, a Shopify web design company, recognize that even though you have decided to launch your own internet business, there are many things you are still trying out such as Shopify integration or Shopify plugin development.

    Shopify development

    You don’t have to worry much, just hire someone to build the Shopify store. They might also help you with how to offer free shipping on Shopify.

    One such platform that comprehends the concerns associated with launching a new online business and passionately solves each one of them is Shopify. Shopify’s pretty honest pricing models are its strongest feature.

    There are various challenges in the online selling process that require ongoing monitoring and quality control. Today, shipping is linked with shipping labels because it is impossible to write the sender and recipient information by hand on a box! So, we have decided to publish this piece of writing for you.

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    • A Few Things To Keep In Mind
    1. With shipping service providers like USPS, DHL Express, and UPS, Shopify Shipping is presently available for stores operating in the USA. For stores based in Canada, it is available for Canada Post.
    2. Labels printed from Shopify are typically less expensive than labels printed at the post office for USPS and Canada Post.
    3. The price for purchasing shipping labels is determined by the prices offered in each country by USPS and Canada Post. On our Order Fulfillment website, we may view the rates that are currently offered for the relevant postal classes.
    4. From our admin account, we can print a free sample label to check how our actual labels would look before customizing them.

    Steps For Customizing Your Shopify Shipping Label

    Step #1 – We choose the unfulfilled orders from the Orders page and then click “Create shipping label.”

    Step #2 – In the items section, we can choose the precise products we want to ship. If you are not prepared to dispatch the complete order, Shopify allows for partial delivery.

    Step #3 – The delivery address of the customer can be changed, if necessary, from the admin account. It is displayed in the top right corner of the fulfillment page. Editing the shipping address is not advised, however, it might be done in a very uncommon circumstance.

    Step #4 – Depending on the shipping method, packages can be added as needed or picked from a predefined list in the “Package and Weight” area.

    Step #5 – By selecting “Add package,” we can add a new package. Depending on the size of the packages that can be utilized to ship the products, there are occasionally limitations. The delivery service utilized typically determines this.

    Step #6 – After that, we may choose the package’s “Weight” and the unit of measurement (kg/gm and others).

    Step #7 – The package’s weight has a significant impact on the associated costs.

    Step #8 – Choosing the “Shipping Service” is the most crucial step. Depending on the urgency and availability of the delivery, we can either use the service partner the customer initially chose when placing the order or we can choose a new one.

    Step #9 – Another option is the Label format, which should match the label’s size. Maintaining a uniform label size is a bad idea because not all package sizes will be the same.

    Step #10 – At last, the label may be printed and attached to the package.

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    The Best Shipping Label Apps For Shopify

    If you run an online store, shipping requires careful attention and can consume time that would be better spent elsewhere.

    Some shipping programs handle label printing as well as additional shipping-related tasks, like figuring up delivery costs. Others are exclusively responsible for making labels and keeping track of orders.

    Shopify development

    The two best Shopify shipping apps are listed below.

    • Shopify Multi-Carrier Shipping Label App

    Price – Free for the first month, then $9.

    Free Test – 14 days

    Rating – The overall Shopify rating is 4.8 out of 5.

    This is the only option that enables you to manage all aspects of shipping from your Shopify dashboard, including printing labels, scheduling pickups, and tracking shipment progress.

    You may save time and money by using the app to accurately display shipping costs at the point of sale, quickly produce labels, and conveniently track orders within the Shopify dashboard.

    UPS and FedEx have approved the Multi-Carrier Shipping Label app in a formal capacity. All major carriers, including UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, Stamps, Aramex, Blue Dart, Australia Post, Canada Post, and many more, are supported by the app.

    • Address Labels

    Cost – $5 per month

    Free Test – 30 days, yes.

    Rating – The overall Shopify rating is 3.3 out of 5. (26 reviews)

    Printing labels directly from the order screen is made simple by the Address Labels app, reducing time, effort, and the chance of making expensive mistakes.

    This entails that labels won’t be created manually or through mail merges anymore for international shipments.

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    Conclusion About how to change the shipping label format on Shopify

    We hope our efforts to explain how to change the shipping label format on Shopify prove to be fruitful for you. Shipping labels are a recent addition to the wide array of services Shopify has to offer and we can surely say that it has made the task of maintaining your orders and shipments much easier. Shipping label creation and printing, even a few years ago called for a third-party provider, and not to mention, the problems of special printers, and inks to get the labels printed.

    A Shopify development company cleverly and effectively targets this segment and helps the owner to effectively save both money and time.

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