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    Last Updated | June 24, 2024

    What’s the worst logo you have seen? Do you remember it? Well, if you are struggling with thinking of the worst logo, that’s understandable.

    See, human minds tend to remember the best designs and forget about the worst and that’s the same with logos. You will remember the good ones that you see, however, you will forget about the bad ones.

    And that’s what precisely makes the logo so much important for businesses. Honestly, business logos are more important than all other designing materials for the business. While the other design elements like banners, social media posts, flyers, and others have their specific objective, the business logo is solely representing you – the complete brand; for who you are and what you stand for. The significance of logos is even more when we talk about online businesses. Every day there are hundreds and thousands of new online stores popping up across the world, selling similar items. If we are to talk about Shopify, which is just one of the many online web development platform, over million websites are being powered by the platform, all of which needs unique logos to differentiate and stand out amongst the others.

    Interestingly, some of the best logos that we all can relate to like McDonalds, Nike, or Coca-Cola are also some of the least complicated; which says a lot about the right approach for business logos. So, if you are looking for a business logo for your Shopify store, perhaps you could learn a thing or two from these shining examples.

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    Well, at least for Shopify store owners, the platform has launched its Shopify logo maker, to make life a little easier. The Shopify logo creator brings in the expertise you need to design a professional and unique logo with just a few steps. And perhaps the best part about the Shopify online logo maker is that it offers free business logo designing for Shopify businesses – that’s something too tempting to miss, right?

    Well, in this blog we will be looking at some crucial steps required to come up with a polished and refined business logo. We will also be looking at how Shopify logo maker free is perhaps the better alternative to the traditional approach of getting a logo designed by a Shopify designer.

    So, let’s just dive in and see how you can make a perfect business logo for your store;

    Shopify integration

    What are the steps to develop your Shopify store logo?

    As we said earlier, some of the best logos that we all relate to are also some of the most minimalist and simplistic designs. However, those simplistic designs aren’t just created randomly, rather have been designed in a way that reflects the brand philosophy and operations. But as an entrepreneur and startup, you don’t have to go into all that hard work and complexities, right? You should rather be more concentrated on core business aspects like sales, marketing, and inventory management.

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    That’s the Shopify logo maker comes to play. The Hatchful by Shopify is a free logo maker that can help you get through the entire logo designing process is a simple stepwise approach. The logo maker Shopify lets you customize any of the existing designs as well, so you can personalize the design with your brand philosophy and values.

    Now, let’s quickly see some of the steps that are involved in logo designing;

    Shopify migration

    1. Develop your brand identity

    The brand identity is undoubtedly the most important element that will define all the design elements of your brand; from colors to the logo artwork and other design elements. It’s important to determine the brand identity before you jump on to the logo design process because once defined; the brand identity becomes your business face and it won’t be easy to change that face in the future.

    Thereby, before you start sketching some artwork for the logo design, here are some questions to ask yourself in order to better understand your brand identity;

    • Why did you start your business?
    • What are the values you hold dear to your business?
    • How do you see yourself apart from the competition?

    Remember, branding is when you are able to differentiate your brand from the competitors through some distinguishing features, which become your brand identity, which will be recognized by the customers.

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    Also, if you aren’t able to find all the answers, don’t worry because it happens with all the brands. These questions will just act as the starting point, giving you a reason to do some brainstorming and leaving you in a better position to come up with an effective logo.

    1. Look for design inspiration

    Once you have a bit of an idea about the brand identity, the next part is to start looking for the inspirations for the design. Honestly, getting started with the design is the hardest and the most creative part for anyone, and having the inspiration, to begin with, is always helpful. But be cautious, too many inspirations may even inflate the problem.

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    The catch here is to avoid analysis paralysis, which is often the case when you have to come up with a new design from scratch. The idea behind finding an inspirational design is to have an initial concept of the design to work around and come up with something even more inspirational and personalized to your brand values. Again, the Shopify logo maker helps you greatly in this aspect by giving you various inspirational ideas for the design, which you may customize as per your business to completely own it.

    And if you are looking for some platforms where you can view some aspiring logo designs for Shopify store design company; here’s the list;

    • Logged
    • Brand New
    • Logospire
    • Logolounge
    • Logo design love
    1. Choose colors

    Honestly, this is a crucial component of logo designs, which unfortunately is often overlooked by designers and business owners. Remember, human minds are wired in a way that the colors stimulate the visual stimuli of people. There are various studies that have established the influence of colors on human moods; which makes it an important aspect to influence their buying decision.

    The Shopify online logo maker again may come in handy by empowering you to visualize the logo in all different colors and choose the best-suited one. However, while the Shopify logo maker may help you in viewing the logo in different colors, you need to understand the meaning and visual stimuli of each color on users.

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    Here’s a brief introduction to the visual influence of different colors and the emotions they trigger;


    It’s an earthy tone that is mostly related to representing nature and natural ingredients. The brown color is often used by businesses dealing with homemade products, baked treats, and others. With the complete color palette that represents nature including the brown tree bars and autumn colors, brands can significantly enhance the aura of their business.

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    The orange color represents the radiating warmth, passion, and roaring fire. It’s the color of the sunsets, which also represents the coming of summer. The depth of the orange color may significantly be increased by combining it with soft greens and light hues of blues; representing the invoking summers.


    If orange is the roaring fire and warmth, yellow is the intense midday heat and the sun blazing over the desert. The color invokes feelings of happiness, pleasure, and optimism.


    It’s one of the most sensational colors that represent nature, calmness, and optimism. It’s the color of eco-friendliness and is often associated with goodness and spiritual well-being.


    Red represents strength and boldness. It’s a color that stands out amongst the others and invokes strong feelings of love, passion, and romance.


    Black is perhaps the boldest and strongest color that represents your brand’s innate strength and power. You can always use shades of black to invoke a unique sense of clarity, balance, and serenity.

    1. Get feedback

    Last but not least, the key to polished and professional logos is to get feedback. Remember, no great thing is achieved in a single go and there’s always some space for improvement and adjustment. So, once you are done with the designing of your logo, start getting feedback on each and every element of the logo from artwork to colors to typefaces to the overall appeal.

    And if you do get some negative remarks, don’t feel back, rather take it as positive criticism which is only there to help you further refine the logo and come up with something even more inspiring and relatable to customers. While the best feedback is acquired directly from customers (like beta versions of software), however, most of the time this isn’t possible for e-commerce businesses and thereby, the best available option is to get it from your friends and colleagues. Take feedback from as many people as possible, while choosing the population sample from diverse demography.

    Here’re some key feedback questions you should inquire from target users to get honest and straight feedback;

    • What do you think sticks out most in the logo?
    • What do you think the logo represents?
    • How would you characterize the brand based on the logo design?
    • Are you confused by any design elements of the logo?
    • Do you feel any element of the design may be changed or removed?

    Why do I need a Shopify logo?

    As we said earlier, Shopify has come out as one of the most preferred and widely used platforms for online stores with over a million eCommerce stores powered by the platform. Now with so much competition, you definitely need an injection of a powerful and aesthetically pleasing logo, which may help your brand stand out amongst the competition.

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    Now, you may opt for a professional logo designer to get the task done for you, however, that’s a lengthy and expensive process for most startups and entrepreneurs. Alternatively, the free logo maker Shopify brings a great opportunity for startups to get themselves an intriguing and refined Shopify logo without any fuss. The hatchful from Shopify brings powerful logo design features with an interactive interface, which can be used by even non-technical persons.

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    Can I get free Shopify logo samples?

    Yes, Shopify logo maker – hatchful enable shopify stores to get themselves free Shopify logo designs. You can customize the designs as much as you want and only have to pay for the final design you wish to use for the Shopify store.

    What kind of icons should I use for my Shopify logo?

    Most of the Shopify stores use abstract icons for their logos, which are appealing, as well as, eye-catchy. The Shopify logo maker can help you to choose the right icons for the logo, which can be customized as per your preference or brand value.

    Final Thoughts

    Logos represent the face of your business. it’s the most recognizable and connectable element of your business for users. Thereby, when going through the logo design process, it’s important to go through each and every step involved in the designing process carefully and don’t fret to repeat the steps until you are completely satisfied.

    The Shopify logo maker gives you the tools and features you need to keep playing around with the designs and catch inspiration from hundreds of other logos until you are able to design a logo that truly represents your brand and reflects your business values.

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    When did Shopify launch its logo maker hatchful?

    The Shopify logo maker – hatchful was launched in 2006, which offers free logo templates and designs for Shopify store owners to customize and own the logo completely.

    Why should I use the Shopify logo maker instead of a designer?

    By opting for a logo designer, you will be paying excessively for the design, as well as, for all the changes you may need. Alternatively, with the Shopify logo maker, you can play around with thousands of designs and interactive features as much as you want to come up with the final and refined logo, only paying when you are completely satisfied with the product.

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    Does Shopify have a logo creator?

    Yes, Shopify offers a free tool called “Hatchful” for creating logos. You can design a professional logo for your brand directly on their platform.

    How do I put a logo in Shopify?

    To add a logo, go to your Shopify admin panel, navigate to “Online Store” > “Themes” > “Customize,” and upload your logo in the “Header” section.

    Can I use Shopify’s logo on my website?

    Shopify’s logo should not be used on your website unless you’re authorized. However, you can use logos created with Shopify’s Hatchful tool for your brand.


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