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    How much does it cost to outsource website development for Shopify?

    Last Updated | January 17, 2024

    Imagine going out to buy your desired dress or sitting on the couch and ordering your favorite dress; we are certain that you would choose the latter option. Online shopping trends are on the rise across the world, which is why more and more businesses are investing in Shopify stores. And while on paper, the development of Shopify stores seems an easy task, to come up with a professional store that has the functionalities, and features required to compete can be hard. That’s precisely why Shopify development outsourcing has become an ultimate choice for most businesses.

    In this blog, we will be sharing everything you must know about outsourced web design for Shopify, along with costs. So, are you ready to capture your target audience with the Shopify store!

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    What Is Outsourced Development In eCommerce?

    With each passing day, outsource web development services are increasing, but it’s essential to understand what outsource development actually is. This simply means that companies hire software houses for creating, maintaining, and expanding the functionalities of eCommerce store development.

    Outsource web development helps to steer businesses in the right direction at the right pace. For the most part, the companies don’t have to hire expensive developers while offering control over the development process. It’s simply an arrangement where companies hire the development companies to carry out the development functions for eCommerce stores. Truth be told, it’s a successful option for completing the eCommerce store development.

    What Is Web Development Outsourcing For Online Shopify Store?

    When it comes down to online Shopify stores, web development outsourcing is about outsourcing the store development functions. The web development outsourcing for Shopify stores can scale the teams for large-scale projects. In addition, it will ensure that the development functions are completed on time and quickly. It enables the businesses to start receiving orders on the Shopify store, improve the online conversions, and improve the revenues.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Outsource Website Development For Shopify eCommerce Store?

    It’s an evident fact the outsourcing the website development for the Shopify eCommerce store leads to cost-saving. As far as the costs are concerned, the costs depend if you hire freelance website developers, offshore web developers, or local web developers. In addition, the costs will differ with location. Generally, outsourcing the website development for Shopify eCommerce store can save anything from 20% to 70% of the budget.

    On average, web developers charge around $70 to $80 for one hour. With this cost estimation, the Shopify eCommerce store will cost anything from $5,000 to $10,000 if you outsource. These costs might seem expensive, but these costs mean high-end functions and premium design.

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    Where Can I Find Outsource eCommerce Web Development Company For Shopify Store Project?

    To begin with, outsourcing the eCommerce web development company for the Shopify store project can be intimidating. Companies and individuals can find the eCommerce web development company for Shopify store projects online or through freelancing platforms. In this section, we are sharing different ways to find the eCommerce web development companies for outsourcing the Shopify store development, such as;

    Search Engine Platforms

    We all tend to switch to Google and other search engine platforms whenever we need answers to some queries. That being said, the companies can find the eCommerce website development companies through search engine platforms. These search engine platforms will actually share the companies for outsourcing Shopify store projects according to your location. In addition, the search engine platforms will also outline the company’s websites, so you can contact them before asking for an appointment.

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    Freelancing Platforms

    Some people have a perception that hiring full-fledged companies can be expensive and make them lose control over the functions. For this reason, you can also hire freelancers for developing the Shopify store online for outsourcing purposes. These freelancing platforms include Upwork and Fiverr, so you can connect with freelance developers and hire them to complete the Shopify store project. However, freelancing platforms can be risky, so you must contact freelancers with positive reviews.

    Hire In-house Dedicated Shopify Developer Vs. Outsource Shopify Web Developer: Which One Is Best?


    Outsourcing the Shopify store development will be a cost-effective option as compared to hiring the in-house Shopify development. Outsourcing is actually a great option because it not only provides competitive costs but better quality as well. On the other hand, with in-house development, the entire team of developers has to be hired. Also, you will need to provide paid leaves and insurance to in-house developers, which increases the costs.

    Skill Set

    Outsourcing the web development of the Shopify store will offer access to exceptional talent that can execute and develop the project as per your desires. However, you will need to schedule regular meetings to ensure that Shopify store development is completed on time. On the contrary, in-house developers might be available all the time, but finding the right talent can be extremely challenging and time-consuming.


    By outsourcing the Shopify store development, you won’t have to absorb the turnover risks. Such companies and individuals will ensure that the development process is streamlined, and you won’t have to think about employee development or turnover. On the contrary, all these issues are attached if you choose to hire in-house developers.

    What Is The Main Benefit Of Outsourcing For Shopify Development?


    The in-house developers need the training period, full salary, and additional benefits. In some cases, you might even have to set up the office for them and set up the equipment. In addition, you will continuously need to handle the tasks on your own. On the contrary, outsourcing the Shopify development will clear all these factors, and your resource allocation will be less. That being said, it will eventually help save costs.

    Save Time

    Outsourcing the Shopify store development will ensure that you and your employees can focus on other important tasks. That being said, the companies will have the time to work on company development, customer outreach, and research which can improve the influence. In addition, when employees save time, they can work on other tasks more efficiently, which eventually improves productivity standards. Also, it always increases morale.

    Huge Pool To Choose From 

    When you decide to outsource the Shopify store development, you will have a huge pool of candidates to choose from. These candidates will be available from all around the world.

    Flexible Hiring Process

    Whenever we talk about the businesses and Shopify store development, after-development tasks, such as maintenance and monitoring, are also essential. That being said, hiring the in-house team for such minor tasks is the biggest mistake one can make (it increases the costs, of course). That being said, outsourcing will ensure that you hire people on a short-term basis or task-based basis.

    FAQs How much does it cost to outsource website development on shopify

     What are outsource web development services in the USA?

    Outsource web development services are the business practices where companies can hire third-party companies and individuals to perform the development tasks and handle associated functions.

     How to outsource Your Shopify Customer Service?

    The Shopify customer services can be outsourced just like outsourcing the Shopify store development. However, while outsourcing the Shopify customer service, the companies must consider the customer base and train the hired team to offer on-point service and assistance to the customers.

    Can you teach me how to outsource my Shopify store?

    Yes, you can learn how to outsource the Shopify store from us. The primary tips for outsourcing the Shopify store development include the following;

    • Before hiring anyone, always check the work portfolio of the freelancer or company
    • Always check their previous client reviews
    • Ask them for the client references, so you can cross-check before investing in them
    • Evaluate and analyze the company’s or freelancer’s response email

    Explain the risk of outsourcing web development and maintenance?

    Outsourcing the web development and maintenance includes the language barriers, loss of visibility, loss of control, hidden costs, different time zones in case of foreign companies or freelancers, quality control issues, and security issues.

    Is Shopify available in the UAE?

    Yes, Shopify is functional in UAE. When you have acquired the license of trading in the region you can use Shopify as an eCommerce business solution. Shopify is a global platform, functional in almost every state.

    Can you hire someone to build Shopify app?

    Yes, most definitely you can hire someone to build Shopify app for you. You can find freelancers offering services in your niche. You can have your desired results by discussing with them the kind of work you need.


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