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    Shopify Singapore Pricing: How much does Shopify Singapore cost?

    Last Updated | January 17, 2024

    Shopify Singapore Pricing: What Is Shopify Singapore?

    If you have just started exploring the ecommerce web development platform in Singapore, chances are you must be fascinated by the ease of getting started and the options offered by Shopify.

    In Singapore, Shopify is an all-inclusive web development platform that offers entrepreneurs and businessmen an easy way to get started with their online presence without any technical knowledge. The platform offers monthly subscription-based packages; depending upon the size, and stage of the businesses and allows easy setup, management, handling, marketing, and selling of products to customers.

    The platform is hugely popular amongst SMEs and startups are given its relatively affordable costs, and a highly intuitive (drag-and-drop) interface, which can even be used by entrepreneurs with little to no information about coding or web development. Now, in this blog, we will exclusively be looking at how you can start Shopify store Singapore including the merits, limitations, and prices involved in the process.

    So let’s get started…

    Shopify Singapore Pricing Shopify development

    How does Shopify work in Singapore with Folio3?

    In Singapore, Shopify is a cloud-based web development platform that allows users to create, and manage ecommerce stores with relative ease. It brings in intuitive tools and an interactive interface for users to easily set up an ecommerce store through the admin panel. The admin panel includes all the tools and features which are required by businesses to store data, add inventory products, and manage orders. The platform is offered to users at a single flat monthly subscription package, which makes it relatively cheaper and affordable for SMEs to venture into the ecommerce world.

    Since Shopify is designed to encourage easy ecommerce store development, you can easily use the drag and drop features of the platform to create a basic store. However, if you require to create a more professional store with high-end features and customization, or Shopify app development or maintenance services; Folio3 Shopify wholesale app development Singapore or Folio3 Shopify ecommerce maintenance services Singapore can help you get the full potential from your online presence.

    Nonetheless, Shopify does offer various interactive tools for the easy design and development of ecommerce stores. The platform has hundreds of professionally designed and responsive themes available at Shopify Store, which can be purchased (there are some free themes as well, however, choices are limited there) and customized to match with unique business needs.

    To make it even better, the monthly subscription packages from Shopify also include secure hosting services for the store, as well as, robust security features like a free SSL certificate. So, it gets even easier for you to get started with an ecommerce store in Singapore.

    Shopify Singapore Pricing - Shopify integration

    Shopify Cost Singapore

    Now, you must be wondering about Shopify’s monthly costs in Singapore. As mentioned above, the platform offers flat monthly subscription packages which can be chosen according to business needs. The pricing plans include;

    –         Shopify Basic ($29 per month)

    The basic plan offers two staff accounts, offer support for unlimited products to be added in the store, and social media integration.

    –         Shopify ($79 per month)

    This Shopify plan supports up to five staff accounts, supports up to five locations, allows for social media integration, marketing, and sales features, and unlimited products.

    –         Shopify Advance ($299 per month)

    The advanced plan from Shopify supports up to 15 staff accounts and eight locations, it also offers various marketing, sales, SEO, and other features to enable businesses to get the most out of their ecommerce stores.

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    Shopify pricing Singapore: How much is Shopify per month in Singapore?

    Now, above we looked at the pricing packages of Shopify, however, the pricing models can be a bit confusing for people getting started with the platform for the first time. That’s because while Shopify offers a flat monthly subscription plan for its packages, it also charges a payment processing fee, which is basically tied to your revenue. Also, some of the other factors that will eventually influence the total price of running an ecommerce store in Singapore include the payment processor charges (depends upon your choice of payment processor), and the charges for processing credit card transactions.

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    Now, while we did introduce the 3 most popular Shopify payment plans, in total the platform offers five different pricing plans starting for as low as $9 per month and going as high as $2,000 per month. For most startups, the cheapest plan is the most popular choice, since it offers them almost all the features and functionalities they need to sustain and grow a small ecommerce store. Also, starting with the cheapest plan is a good idea for startups in Singapore, as it gives them the time and experience required to manage an online store before they decide to scale.

    Another important thing to remember is that while Shopify is highly regarded as one of the best ecommerce web development platforms, it can also be used in physical stores. Businesses can benefit from the point-of-sale package offered by Shopify to configure the offline store and integrate sales made in physical stores into the Shopify system. Thereby, with Shopify, you can easily integrate sales from your online, as well as, offline store and add convenience to your operations.

    Shopify Singapore Pricing- Shopify migration

    Shopify success stories Singapore?

    Today, there are over 800,000 Shopify stores around the world. Last year, Shopify stores recorded sales of $1.5 billion on Black Friday, which clearly marks the potential of the platform for an ecommerce store. Now, if you are looking to start a Shopify store in Singapore, there are various inspirational success stories that can help you get motivated. Hundreds of Singapore-based Shopify businesses are making big in the national and international markets, leveraging on the marketing, sales, and payment processing tools offered by the platform. Below, we will be sharing some of the Shopify success stories for Singapore-based businesses to inspire and motivate you to start your online store now!

    –         Perk by Kate – Clothing Store

    Perk by Kate is a truly inspirational Singapore-based clothing store that sells lingerie products. The store is designed magnificently with bold images of beautiful models wearing hot lingerie products that will instantly get you hooked to want one for yourself. The layout of the store is intelligently kept minimalistic to encourage users easy browsing through the pages, yet the content delivery is up to the point to get customers hooked and make purchases.

    –         Lush Furniture

    Lush Furniture is another great success story of a Singapore-based business making it big. As can be taken by name, it’s a furniture shop, that’s been designed the right way. The Lush brand is well-established in the Singapore market with over a decade of industry presence in the country. They have perhaps moved on to the ecommerce world to further establish their position in the country, and I bet they have done it amazingly.

    The store has included the Google Reviews section at the bottom area of the store, which is an intelligent element, reassuring users of the quality of products and service level they can expect from the brand. The store also includes a local phone number and even a WhatsApp number, which I believe adds a lot of connection and reliability to the brand, as users can communicate with the brand easily. To make communication even easier, the store also has a live chat option using the Zendesk Chap app (available at Shopify store).

    To top it all off, the brand also maintains a highly-effectively and conceptual blog section, which educates customers everything about furniture and what the brand stands for. Overall, it’s an excellent execution and brilliant utilization of all the features and functionalities offered by Shopify.

    –         Axtro Sports

    We are living in a digital world where humans are more obsessed with electronic gadgets than everything else. Singapore is known for its craze towards digitization and its people are fanatics to have the latest digital gadgets in their hands. Axtro Sports has taken from the craze of digital gadgets and sports to come up with one of the most comprehensive collections of digital gadgets for sports. From swimming to fitness, and smart home, the website offers some cool and high-utility gadgets for users.

    Again, what strikes me most is the execution of the store design. It’s a cool, minimalist design with nicely arranged elements that release an aura of tech, fitness, and positivity. There aren’t tons of elements on the home page to overwhelm users, while there is all the relevant information including contact numbers, and easy navigation to assist customers. In fact, the website has used the Quick Ajax Search function which is a great feature that helps users to instantly find anything they are looking for by simply typing the word.

    Overall, it’s yet another Shopify success story from Singapore that reflects the potential of the platform to be used for different business models.

    –         Sifr

    Lastly, we have another inspiring Shopify success story from Singapore – Sifr. The store offers customized design shirts and Tess. The brand essentially represents the power of a minimalist yet highly engaging design and creates a usurping appeal with the choice of images and colors. Overall, it’s a simple yet engaging store that delivers the right message to users.

    What are the Shopify Singapore payment gateways?

    While in the past eCommerce stores has to rely on third-party payment processors like PayPal to accept online payment, Shopify has already introduced its native “Shopify Payments” for users in Singapore. This means that you no longer have to pay charging fees to third-party platforms to accept online payments in Singapore and can use Shopify Payments which don’t levy any transaction fees.

    Nonetheless, some of the popular payment gateways that support your eCommerce sales in Singapore include;

    • 2Checkout
    • Adyen
    • Asiabill
    • BitPay
    • Braintree
    • com
    • China Payments
    • CyberSource
    • DBS PayLah!
    • ePay / Payment Solutions
    • GrabPay
    • hoolah
    • NihaoPay
    • Oceanpayment
    • PayDollar
    • PayPal Express Checkout
    • Pinwheel
    • Shopify Payments
    • Skrill
    • Windcave
    • WorldPay (Direct)
    • WorldPay (Offsite)

    How to sell on Shopify Singapore?

    What makes Shopify one of the leading ecommerce platforms is its ease of use and competitive pricing. So, if you are a young entrepreneur in Singapore with a limited budget and zero technical knowledge for web development, Shopify is your best bet to venture into the online market. All you need is to choose the right pricing plan (starting as low as $9 per month) and with just a few clicks of the mouse, you are ready to launch a professional ecommerce store (although, a little professional Shopify web design service may go a long way).

    Here’s a brief guide to start selling with Shopify ecommerce store in Singapore.

    1. Sign Up for Shopify

    Before you begin with anything else, you would need to sign-up for the Shopify account. You can visit the Shopify website and click on the “Get Started” tab to start the process. just fill in all the relevant details in the registration form including some personal details and few business-related details. Here, you would also need to enter a unique business name, so make sure you have few choices in your mind already.

    1. Add Products to Shopify Store

    Once you are done with the signing-up process, you can head straight to the admin panel of your store. The admin panel is where you will find all the relevant tools, and features you would need to create, manage, and customize the store. Here you will also find tools to add products you want to sell (you can add unlimited products and variants).

    To add products, you would have to visit the “Add Product” page, where you would need to enter product details including the name of the product, its pricing, description, vendor, and others. To make sure you get the higher conversion for the products, make sure you enter the most comprehensive information about the products. Once all the relevant information is added, simply click “Save” and you are good to go to the other product.

    Another important consideration when adding products is the quality of the images. Remember, since customers will only be buying by looking at the images of the products, it’s important to use the highest-quality images that clearly display the entire product from every angle. The aesthetic appeal of your product will directly influence the users’ purchasing decision, so be considerate about it.

    Shopify also allows you to create related groups of similar products for easy navigation. For instance, you can create separate pages for smart TVs and standard TVs, to improve navigation for customers.

    1. Customize the design of the Shopify Website

    There are literally hundreds of Shopify themes you can find in Shopify stores. While most of the themes are premium and can cost around $180, there are some free themes as well. Also, since there is a huge collection of themes, you are most likely to find one specifically designed for your business niche, say like furniture, or gadgets.

    Nonetheless, all Shopify themes (premium) come with endless customization options, which means that you can personalize them as per the brand’s needs. While the process is simple, you may need to consider professional Shopify web design services to help you design the right theme for your Shopify store in Singapore.

    All themes (free and paid) comes professionally designed and mobile-responsive. So, you don’t have to worry about the mobile version of your website. Folio3 Shopify ecommerce website design agency in Singapore offers affordable and reliable Shopify app development services to further improve your chances of making it big in the online industry.

    1. Set Up Your Domain

    Once you are done with the product listing and website design, next you need to move on to search for the domain name of your website. Here, you get to either create a new domain or transfer an existing one. If you already have an ecommerce store on some other platform and would like to move it to Shopify, Folio3 Shopify ecommerce migration services in Singapore can easily help you to transfer your existing store from any platform to Shopify easily. If you are looking to buy a new domain, you can either buy it directly from Shopify, or from a third-party provider to add it to your Shopify store.

    1. Activate Your Payment Processor

    Lastly, you would need to integrate and activate a payment processor for your store. For integrating payment processors, you can click on the “Payments” tab to access all the payment options available for integration like Stripe or Authorise.net.

    Another important consideration is to choose the payment gateway for your store. This should be chosen by considering the various factors especially the transaction charging fee, support cards, and option for offsite checkout.

    Since Shopify has started its native Shopify Payment option for Singapore businesses, it can be a viable choice, since it doesn’t charge any transaction fee.

    How are Shopify payments available in Singapore?

    Until a couple of years back, Shopify stores in Singapore would have to use third-party payment gateways like PayPal to accept online transactions. However, today Shopify ecommerce stores in Singapore can choose the Shopify native payment processor – Shopify Payments. By choosing the platform’s native payment processor, users can save on transaction fees as Shopify doesn’t levy any fees when using its payment processor.

    Nonetheless, as the best practice, you should include multiple payment processors to meet the requirements of your users. Since different consumers prefer different payment options, you can significantly improve your conversion rates by offering as many payment gateways as possible. Some of the popular ecommerce payment methods in Singapore with the percentage of customers preferring the method is listed below;

    • Credit Card (67%)
    • Electronic Wallets (10%)
    • Bank Transfer (10%)
    • Cash on delivery (5%)
    • Charge and deferred debit card (4%)
    • Debit card (4%)

    How to hire Shopify expert Singapore with the help of Folio3?

    Folio3 is one of the biggest California, USA-based Shopify ecommerce development agencies offering comprehensive service and support to businesses. Folio3 Shopify ecommerce integration services in Singapore are exclusively meant to help Singapore-based businesses get ahead of the competition at the national and international level with a professionally designed, developed, and highly functional Shopify store. You can easily get in touch with us through email, phone, or live chat.

    Shopify Singapore Review: Why should you build your eCommerce store in Singapore?

    Shopify is one of the best and most widely used ecommerce web development platforms that is known for its robust functionalities, and easy interface. It is highly regarded as the best platform for novices, and SMEs looking to get started in the online industry.

    Shopify also offers highly competitive flat monthly subscription packages, which are best for SMEs, and growing businesses. The platform offers easy scalability options as well, you can grow at your pace without having to worry about the platform support your growth.

    What is Shopify Payments Singapore/Payment gateway in Singapore?

    Shopify offers various payment gateway options for businesses in Singapore. Some of the more popular options include;

    • Paypal
    • DBS PayLah!
    • hoolah
    • WorldPay
    • eWay
    • GrabPay

    Is Shopify legal in Singapore?

    Yes. Shopify is legal in Singapore and you can start your ecommerce store instantly by signing up with the platform. However, you may have to register with the local tax authority depending on the rules and store turnover.

    Is Shopify popular in Singapore?

    Shopify is massively popular in Singapore with thousands of businesses powered by the platform. The platform is preferred for its ease of use, and competitive pricing. It’s also highly preferred for the marketing and sales tools that allow ecommerce stores to increase sales and revenues.

    What is Shopify Singapore’s contact?

    Businesses in Singapore can reach out to the local Shopify Support team in Singapore at +65 800 852 6699. This is a toll-free number and will put you with Shopify’s professional Support team for all queries and concerns.


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