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    Last Updated | December 15, 2021

    What are Shopify professional services?

    Shopify professional services are the services that are provided by a company that maintains a physical and online presence. These services will include the services that are at the core of the e-commerce business. A professional business will have Shopify developer support available. The services will include Shopify website designing, Shopify web development, Shopify migrations, Shopify data integration, and Shopify application development. In order to differentiate between professional service and normal service, the professional service will guarantee to offer Shopify store development services with a package.

    Since they possess all the skills, they would rather provide you with a complete package instead of servicing you in bits and pieces. Shopify professional services are provided by several companies.

    Advantage of hiring a Shopify professional services?

    These professional services are best utilized as you hire services of a Shopify ecommerce development company. These companies provide several benefits to the clients.

    Provide you a high quality and consistent service.

    Shopify professionals have experience and have perfected the model of providing services to clients Shopify experts ensure that they provide clients with consistently high-quality services with minimal setbacks. As a result, you can guarantee that there will be no compromising of services on your Shopify store.

    The customers that visit your store will be satisfied with the expertly crafted Shopify store and return to your store. This will increase the traffic and sales transactions as well. A Shopify professional service will make sure to design your store with respect to the domain of products available in the store. For example, if you sell children’s products, your store will make use of vibrant colors and large font sizes.

    If you sell products to senior citizens, then the store will be designed minimally and with the focus on providing ease in navigation. These intricacies can only be serviced by a Shopify professional. This way your Shopify store will align with the business goals you have. Furthermore, the professional will also be able to guide you through the changes they make to your store, this reliable guidance will help you understand the business situation and even help uncover insights. Thus, hiring a professional will ensure that expert services are provided to your customers.

    Make your store less memory and coding dependent.

    Your Shopify store may be made more efficient to provide advantages such as increased speed and also help you reduce operational costs. The Shopify developer support provided by the professional will ensure that the coding is efficient, and will remove any redundant code. This will make your store operate quicker and consume fewer hardware resources. This will make your store smooth in navigation and also follow ethical guidelines.

    Ensure timely delivery.

    The professional will have enough experience to give you an accurate estimated time frame. This can give you an accurate idea of how much time will be required to get the delivery of the project. This can help you plan strategies and keep the company functioning according to schedule. This will make sure that your company manages tasks in parallel and then produces the product according to schedule.

    Another advantage is that the expert will also ensure that the delivery of the product follows the timing. There is very little chance that your expert will delay the delivery. This helps remove re-working costs and save you from business losses that may occur due to the late delivery.

    They perform changes as per your personalized requirement.

    Your business requirement will be completed as you require them to be. The Shopify private app developer will be sure that they develop such a solution that your requirements are catered to. If you want to edit your Shopify store to customize the outlay, you need someone who can understand the code. This way the developer acts as an intermediary between the Shopify store and the idea you have for the store.

    Since the developers will be certifed professionals, they will make adjustments till you are convinced that what you wanted has finally been achieved. Your unique set of needs will align with your Shopify store to meet the business goals. Shopify developer support will make sure that the store customizes as you need, and whenever you need it. This customization of your store will also be able to increase the brand recognition of your store since the changes will not be available on ready-made designs on your competitor’s store.

    Shopify private app developer can even add completely new functionalities to your store. These functionalities will make the user experience better as the functionalities will complement the products present. Such as providing zoom-in, sharing, and color changing. They can even provide functionalities that suit you such as generating reports, developing codes for tax calculation, and customer support.

    Provide maintenance support.

    A Shopify professional will be able to provide services such as digital marketing, a dropshipping store design, and customizing your theme, ensuring that highly convertible themes employed. This will give you an all-in-one package.

    Since the Shopify web design agency involved actively in this domain, they know the changes happening in real-time and can develop your store in a similar manner. Furthermore, if the developers find a bug in the code in one of their clients, they will go to each and every client’s store and fix the bug. This will ensure the best user experience.

    Provide general support services.

    You will also have a specialist with you who you can ask questions such as what are the trends in the e-commerce business, what is the position of the competitors, and how is the market changing. These questions can help you develop your strategies for marketing.

    You can also make use of the support to change your services accordingly. For example, the professional will locate an emerging trend and notify you of the changing behavioral trends, you can then add relevant products so that the customer can purchase them from your store increasing your Shopify store sales.

    Improve SEO services.

    SEO services are a must on stores today. Search engine optimization will be able to provide the best and most personalized customer shopping experience. Search engine optimization makes interaction with your store easy for the user. It will show them what suits them best. If the customers browse shoe stores, then your Shopify will suggest to them the shoes that are sold in your store.

    This increases the sales from your store. Similarly, if a certain item is being searched consistently, your store will also advertise that product to the maximum potential to increase successful sales transactions. These changing trends monitored by the developer and these changes impact the store.

    Making integrations of your store.

    The Shopify developer will be able to make integrations of your Shopify store with other platforms that suit different requirements. IF you want to make customer support better, The developer will integrate your store with Zendesk.

    If you want to add an ERP, the developer can take SAP and integrate it with Shopify. He will perform this integration with SAP quickly and expertly. The developer can even integrate cross-platform e-commerce stores. If you have a store on Shopify and Amazon, the developer can take your Amazon store and integrate with Shopify. This will connect your stores in real-time and this Shopify integration with Amazon will help increase sales for your business and decrease operational costs.

    Ways to hire a Shopify professional services from the local market?

    There are several ways that you can hire Shopify professional services from the local market. These methods do involve risks as the local markets at times are not up to the mark.

    Consult with your colleagues and friends.

    You can always consult your colleagues and friends if they have any mutual acquaintance that is a professional Shopify developer. This way you can get to know new service providers that are close and can be trusted.

    Then you can ask them for their certifications and experience. Make sure that you have samples as they will help you get an idea of the previous experience of the developer and if they can handle your Shopify store as well. Discuss the payment processes and if you think they will be able to provide you with value, you can hire them as a Shopify private app developer.

    Run advertisements on the internet.

    Thanks to targeted advertisements, you can advertise the proposition for a Shopify professional developer. The advertisement segmented geographically so that only developers included in the local market can be hired. Once they reach out to you, you can inquire from them about their certification and experience. Discuss your project with them and then evaluate whether you want to hire their Shopify developer support.

    Search for e-commerce service offices near you.

    You can search for e-commerce offices near you and you can go to the offices and have an appointment with the company. You can then ask them for their experience and certifications. Also, you can ask them for their progress as a Shopify web design agency, if they are an e-commerce company then they must have provided website design services. By looking at their live projects, you can deduce that they are professionals.

    Then you can specify your requirements and if they are able to provide you with satisfactory responses, you can discuss the payment processes and finalize the deal. You can even search on Google maps and get an idea of service providers near you. You can also be provided with reviews and ratings of similar clients. Then you can visit the office and perform your inquiry.

    You can even meet with the customers who used the services of the office, this will give you a firsthand review of how the company was able to service the client. After these discussions, you can have an idea of what to expect from the company. Then you can meet with the company and ask them relevant queries based on the reviews you were provided with. This can help you choose Shopify developer support.

    The hiring process from your local market may be very time-consuming as it includes visiting various locations. This is ideal if you have someone who can choose the best Shopify developer in your local market.

    Hiring a Shopify expert from Shopify professional services marketplace?

    You can also hire a Shopify expert from the Shopify professional services marketplace. The experts on the panel are all certified by Shopify. They can provide you with the Shopify professional services you require. The reviews and ratings help you get a gist of their services. They can also provide you with their credentials.

    You can read the comments and understand how previous clients provide them feedback for their services. The experts can also provide you with line samples of which Shopify stores they developed, you can then go to those pages and get an idea of the end product and if that is what you require as well. These experts, however, charge hefty prices that are not affordable for everyone. To get an idea of pricing, you can view this article by Folio3 where it represents its affordable pricing in Saudi Arabia for their clients who want to hire Shopify experts.

    How much does it cost to hire a shopify professional services?

    Shopify professional services charge from company to company and developer to developer. Some of the major factors that affect the pricing are the rate of pay, the difficulty of the task, the volume of the task, the expertise of the developer, and the time constraint of your project. The average rate of Shopify developer support is around $61-$80 per hour. The rate in Canada and USA is the maximum at an average of $81-$100 per hour. Developers from Australia and New Zealand charge around $70 per hour. Developers from Asia can work at a very affordable rate of $20-$50 per hour.

    Where to find a Shopify professional services provider?

    You can find Shopify developer support from online platforms as well.


    UpWork has been one of the most prevalent freelance platforms that included service providers all over the world. It caters to all kinds of businesses. They recently updated their application process to be able to provide better services to the clients. From UpWork, you can choose from variable remote Shopify developers with each charging their own rates. The charges depend on their skill, expertise, and location.


    The active Shopify private app developers are among the top 1% of freelancers in the marketplace. They have all been vetted and are professionals of their relative fields. On FreeUp, you will find vast options of developers who can help act as your Shopify web design agency. These developers are experts in back-end programming, building software, and writing blogs for your platform.


    Shopify provides you with all the services you require from an e-commerce platform to build, market, and even recruit services. It has Shopify experts available who can provide you with Shopify services such as Shopify migrations and Shopify web designs. The advantage of hiring the Shopify developer from their own platform is that it assures that the service providers are experts of the platform and understand how the platform functions, updates, and changes.

    How Should I hire shopify professional services to make my Shopify store?


    Firstly, you should develop a rough draft of your business. Here you must specify the domain of your store. Then look at existing businesses and uncover their working models. After uncovering the models, you can get an idea of how to start an e-commerce business on Shopify. You can take a look at the top  Shopify UK stores to get an idea of how they started their business, what models they followed and where they reached at the end of the day. This will help you understand the world of e-commerce and how it must be maintained. 75% of e-commerce businesses fail within the first five years so make sure that you prepare your business to be sustainable in the long term. You must segment your audience and develop marketing plans to target them. You should also search for suppliers if your business will sell tangible products.


    Here you must troubleshoot your business draft. You must look for weaknesses. If you think that having only one supplier is unsafe, try to reach out and find new suppliers. Also, if you feel that the development of the Shopify store is something you need help on, then don’t shy away from making use of Shopify e-commerce development companies. If you are able to locate the weak areas of your business, only then can you decrease its vulnerability and increase sustainability. If you feel that you should only manage the major business, then it would be a good idea to outsource the maintenance of your Shopify store to Shopify e-commerce development companies so that you can focus on the products whilst they maintain your Shopify stores professionally.


    In order to start a successful Shopify store, you should do research and differentiate the various expenses such as employee salaries, bills, store development, and maintenance costs. To develop a budget plan:

    • Tally your expected income sources.
    • Determine the fixed costs such as employee salaries and Shopify maintenance services etc.
    • Include the variable expenditures such as making platforms integrate with Shopify cost, bills, shipping costs, sales commissions, and travel costs.
    • Predict the initial investment such as Shopify store development costs, the accommodation, and the expenses for electronic equipment.
    • Put it all together and develop your business costing.

    This will help you remain under the budget and not go overspend.


    Then you must ask for referrals to your business. You can search for skilled individuals to employ, a Shopify web design agency, and even for suppliers. Referrals help you get partners in the business that can be trusted and have experience. This will make your business connected and have people you can depend on for full support.

    Make sure to get referrals from relevant people. For example, if you want a referral for a supplier, ask a person who has been in that business. If you want a referral for a company you can search for their reviews and ratings and then consult people. This makes sure that when you hire the services, you are well informed.


    Finally, communicate with all of the people involved in your business. Make sure to discuss working principles with your suppliers, any salaries for employees, discuss the costs for the development of your Shopify store with the Shopify web design agency and anyone else who is tied to the business. Be as transparent as possible so that both parties are satisfied and can begin this new journey of launching a successful Shopify store.

    How much should it cost for shopify professional services to build a Shopify website?

    The cost of the development is variable due to several factors such as expertise, location, time constraint, and the weight of the task. The rates per hour are variable but are fixed for projects. Hiring a Shopify expert for a setup will cost you around $500 n average. If you want to introduce new functionalities, you can add $100-$200. The cost of store developers varies. For a large-scale Shopify store, it will cost you around $700- $1000 for complete development and design services. It is better to hire professional services from Shopify e-commerce development companies as they provide affordable packages.

    Freelancer shopify professional services or Agency based shopify professional services: What is the best solution for?

    The best solution for developing a Shopify store is to choose an agency-based Shopify professional service. This is because of the several advantages agencies have over freelancers:

    • The Shopify web design agencies make use of certified professionals from Shopify. The freelancers may not be as transparent with you discussing their certifications as compared to companies as they advertise based on their strong certifications.
    • Companies have a strong work ethic, this makes sure that the company is dealing with your project according to international standards. Freelancers showcase a weaker work ethic as compared to companies.
    • Agencies ensure that the delivery of the project is timely. Freelancers can delay the delivery of the projects.
    • You can continuously go to the agency’s office and check up on the progress of your project, this can provide you with a sense of comfort that your project is being catered to. You cannot really inquire much from freelancers over the internet, you are completely blank with the progress of your project and then you cannot really do much except hope that your project is being catered to.
    • Companies have employed different experts of each domain, this makes sure that the Shopify store that is developed has been handled by experts in domains of design, development, testing, and quality assurance. Freelancers may excel in one domain but they may lack expertise in another domain. They may be a good designer but a weak tester, this will result in a slow and erroneous store interaction for users.
    • Agencies provide after-project services as they are accountable for the store and they gladly maintain their product. Freelancers may develop a Shopify store and hand it over to you, completely abandoning any post-project service. This can leave you with a Shopify store but without any maintenance for the future. You will separately have to hire a Shopify support developer, this piles up the cost.

    It is safer to hire a Shopify e-commerce development company as we can deduce. Which company to hire? Companies such as Folio3 have been providing Shopify e-commerce services for over 15 years. With their certified developers they even service Fortune500 companies.


    We can note the tremendous benefits provided by Shopify professionals such as timely delivery, improve SEO services, and maintaining the store, and providing high-quality services. It is safer to hire a Shopify expert to service our needs. We also need an affordable package to ensure that the services are long-term and ensure the safety of our business. If we look at the best service provider for Shopify professional services in the USA that are affordable as well, we cannot ignore the benefits provided by Folio3. It is safer to make use of these services as they have extensive experience and are certified Shopify experts.


    Are Shopify professional services legit?

    The service can only be legit if the professional behind the service has been certified by Shopify itself. This is possible only when the developer has kept a check on Shopify. Since you cannot waste time in verifying the certifications, it is always safer to use the services of a Shopify ecommerce development company. Companies such as Folio3 only recruit Shopify certified professionals who then provide the Shopify developer support to the clients of the company. These services will be legit and authorized and once you experience these expert services, the authenticity of the service will be proved in real-time.

    Is it worth it to hire a shopify professional services?

    It is definitely worth hiring the services of a Shopify professional due to several reasons. The services can provide benefits such as:

    • Building optimizing store performance in real-time. The developers will keep track of bugs and fix them. They ensure that all the functionalities are maintained. They are able to perform quality checks on the store that uncover errors in the store and then they fix the errors.
    • The Shopify developer support will be able to change the code of your store as per your requirement. If you want to modify your store footer, menu, product page, or blog page, the developer can change the code and this will be reflected on the store in real-time.
    • Developers can also integrate platforms in real-time. If you want to run an advertisement and target social media platforms such as Facebook, developers can integrate the stores for better performance and keep track of the advertisements. The integrations help increase your brand presence in the online world. This can help market your product to new audiences and increase the brand reach.

    Shopify professionals are worth hiring as they add value to your business. The return on investment is considerably high as well. Make sure that you only hire Shopify developer support from professional Shopify ecommerce development companies such as Folio3 to make sure the services are authorized.

    Are Shopify professional services vetted?

    Shopify experts are vetted by Shopify themselves. You should only work with Shopify professionals or companies that employ certified Shopify experts. Over the internet, you may be subject to impostors, people who put their services up as Shopify professionals on different platforms, but in reality, they have no certification from Shopify at all. To save yourself from such scams, it is safer to hire Shopify developer support from companies such as Folio3. Not only are these developers certified by Shopify, but their work is extremely professional. The transparency of the company is something that freelancers or Shopify private app developers lack.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.