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    Best Boomi Shopify Connector: An Implementation Guide

    Last Updated | September 8, 2023

    There are various Shopify connectors on the web. These connectors can help you connect various Software to make your operations smooth, and the Boomi Shopify connector is one such platform that provides integration as a service.

    In this blog, we will talk about how you can use the Boomi Shopify connector. We will also look at the benefits of this connector. Lastly, we will answer some of the commonly asked questions regarding the Boomi Shopify connector services provider.

    • According to DEMANDSAGE, there are a total of 4 million websites hosted on Shopify as of now.
    • As stated by Gorgias, Shopify has generated a total sales of 543 billion dollars in the year 2022.
    • eDesk states that 11% of the total eCommerce market share is owned by Shopify.

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    Benefits of Boomi Shopify Connector

    In this section, we are going to discuss the main benefits provided by the Boomi Shopify connector.

    Streamlined Data Integration

    The data connection procedure between Shopify and other apps may be made more efficient with the assistance of the Boomi Shopify connector. Because of this, organizations can eliminate the need to manually enter data manually, saving both time and resources. Businesses may reap the benefits of accelerated application development, enhanced data accuracy, and increased productivity when they integrate their data in a less complicated manner.

    Improved Operational Efficiency

    A connector is a tool that may assist companies in automating the data integration process in a way that is both efficient and effective. Automation is a critical component in boosting operational efficiency. This eliminates the need for manual data input and frees up critical time and resources while lowering the risk of making mistakes. In this approach, workers are free to concentrate on other critical responsibilities, such as conducting analysis, formulating strategies, and making decisions.

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    Better Customer Experience

    Because of the Boomi Shopify connector’s ability to provide real-time data synchronization between Shopify and other apps, the customer data can be relied upon to be correct and consistent at all times. Customers are able to have a more positive experience as a direct consequence of the provision of individualized offerings, timely assistance, and focused marketing activities.

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    Increased Agility

    The Boomi Shopify integration helps businesses increase their adaptability, allowing them to meet the ever-changing demands of the market and their customers. Organizations can better meet the expectations of their consumers by responding rapidly to emerging opportunities and demand with an agile integration architecture.

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    Enhanced Visibility

    Businesses are able to get precise and up-to-the-minute access to customer transactions, stocks, sales, and other important data thanks to the Boomi Shopify connectivity. This makes it easier for companies to make data-driven choices supported by current and accurate information, making it easier for businesses to make educated judgments. This may result in improved experiences for customers, efficient supply chains, and pricing strategies that are more successful, amongst other potential positive outcomes.

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    How to Use Boomi Shopify Connector

    In this section, we are going to discuss to most important things when it comes to using Boomi Shopify Connect. First will be the prerequisites, which are highly important before starting the Shopify integration with any kind of software.

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    Have the following data accessible in order to use the connector and establish a connection to your Shopify storefront from the Boomi platform:

    Boost your e-commerce efficiency with Boomi Shopify integration – Request a demo now!

    Check Number 1: You have to check for TLS 1.2 support on Boomi because Shopify has stopped supporting TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1 due to security reasons. If you use an incompatible TLS version in your Atom, then the chances of failure will increase while creating the connection. You can take help from the  Boomi Community about deactivating TLS 1.0 and enabling TLS 1.2 support.

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    Check Number 2: When you first launch your shop on Shopify, you will get a storefront address. You can find your shop’s name by logging into your Shopify admin and navigating to the General Settings page. There you will find your store’s name in the “Store Name” field.

    In addition to that, when you are signed into the Shopify admin, the URL should contain the name of your shop.

    Check  Number 3: To authenticate using OAuth 2.0; you will need the following:

    • Shopify Client ID
    • Secret Key
    • Access Token
    • Authorization URL

    Note: Check to see that a comma is used to denote the separation of each element in the scope.

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    • You will need the password for your private app’s Admin API for the Access token authentication. This password may be generated by the admin of the Shopify store of the shop you want your app to connect with. This method is also used for Shopify app development services.

    These requirements can be quite difficult for you to understand as a layman; hence, you will either need to hire Shopify experts for Boomi connector to handle the whole integration project or opt for professional Boomi Shopify connector Solutions. Folio3 Boomi Shopify connector agency provides one of the best Shopify integration services on the market. You can also try their services if you’re looking for professional services.

    Connector Configuration

    Install the following components in order to build a connection that can interact with Shopify:

    • Shopify connection
    • Shopify operation

    Shopify Connection

    The Shopify connection is the representation of all of the information that is required to log in and connect to a single Shopify account, and it includes all of that information.

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    If you want to access each of your different accounts, you will need a different connection for each one. You can use a single connection with various Shopify operations to carry out multiple distinct activities on a Shopify account.

    You can also contact Folio3 Boomi Shopify connector company to hire Shopify developers for Boomi connector easily.

    How Can The Boomi Shopify  Plus Connector Use It?

    The Boomi Shopify connection will authenticate and authorize its process with the help of the OAuth 2.0 protocol, and every single Shopify connection supports this protocol. Therefore, the first step towards creating a Shopify connection with the Shopify Boomi connector would be to get the OAuth 2.0 protocol. Follow the step below to get the protocol for your connector.

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    Step Number 1: Retrieve the OAuth 2.0 protocol from the Shopify API.

    Step Number 2: Now you have to request to access the Shopify API again to get them taken.

    Step Number 3: The API will send a response that you will use to retrieve the access token.

    This process will authenticate and authorize the Shopify connection as you will be creating a protocol and then will be testing it with the help of sending and receiving a request and access token.

    The Test Connection tool verifies that the configurations you have supplied are accurate, legitimate, and reachable. You will be able to preserve the connection after the test if it is successful. If this is not the case, examine the settings and adjust any that are wrong before doing the test again.

    Shopify Operation

    Your Shopify account may be interacted with in a variety of ways, all of which are defined by the Shopify operation.

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    The term “operation” refers to a certain activity, such as “Query,” “Create,” or “Update,” that must be carried out in relation to a particular kind of Shopify object, such as “customer,” “fulfillment,” “order,” or “location.” Make sure that each action/object combination that is necessary for your integration has its own specialized operation component.

    The following operations are supported by the Shopify operations, which use the JSON format:

    • Advanced Query, Get, and Query are examples of inbound and outbound operations, respectively.
    • Outbound operations include Calculate, Cancel, Close, Complete, Create, Delete, Execute, Open, Update, Hold, Move, Release Hold, and Reschedule.
    How can the Boomi Shopify Connector Use it?

    You have to choose a connector action and then make use of the Import Wizard to choose the item you want to integrate with. Following are the description of the fields that are associated with each action type:



    Tracking Direction

    Choose the direction of document tracking for the operation—either Input Documents or Output Documents—from the drop-down menu. Thanks to this option, you can choose which document is shown in the process of Reporting. No matter what choices you make, Start shapes will always follow the papers being produced.

    Return Application Error Responses

    This setting determines whether an operation may be completed successfully in the presence of an application error:

    • If you delete the setting, the process will be terminated, and an error report will be generated on the Process Reporting page.
    • If you choose to adjust the setting, the processing will proceed, and the incorrect answer will be sent to the subsequent component processed as the connection output.

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    Query Page Size (Query)

    You may choose the number of results that will be shown on each page. When querying large data sets, using these settings will maximize performance and reduce the number of requests needed to retrieve a complete data set from the service. The service will take in values ranging from 1 to 250, which is also the highest limit. However, the operation will take in numbers that are outside of this range.

    • If you input a number that is less than 1, the service will deliver just one result for each page.
    • The service will give you an error message if you input a number that is more than 250.

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    In the end, the Boomi Shopify connector is one of the best platforms as a service integration tool for Shopify. This connector nullifies the need for any kind of custom Shopify App development for building connections with the help of APIs. This can be a significantly difficult process for you if you are new. Therefore, we suggest you get help from a Shopify theme development or a Shopify integration provider.


    What Data Can Be Synchronized Between Shopify And Other Systems Using Boomi Shopify Connector?

    Information such as customers, orders, items, inventory, shipping details, and payments may all be synchronized between Shopify and other systems using the Boomi Shopify Connector.

    Can the Connector Be Used With Other E-Commerce Platforms Besides Shopify?

    No, the Boomi Shopify Connector was developed solely for the purpose of syncing with Shopify. However, in addition to Magento, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, Boomi also provides connectors for additional e-commerce solutions.

    Is Boomi Shopify Connector Secure?

    Boomi’s Shopify integration is safe, of course. Data at rest and in transit is protected by means of conventional encryption and authentication mechanisms. Role-based access control and data masking are only two of the comprehensive security features provided by Boomi.

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    What Maintenance Support Options Are Available For Boomi Shopify Connector?

    Boomi’s online documentation, community forums, and technical assistance are just some of the ways in which you may get help with the Connector. Users can also take advantage of available certification and training courses to advance their professional careers.

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