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Justyna Wilson

Senior Director – eCommerce & Marketing

Face Reality Skin Care

The team has been absolutely amazing to work with
Played a critical role in launching a lot of our initiatives
They are very solution oriented, and they have been a pleasure to work with
I would highly recommend working with Folio3 team
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Omar Ali-Midani

Co-Founder & President

PureLife Dental

We couldn’t be happier; the launch was perfect!
We are getting positive feedback from our customers and entire staff
fabulous, detail oriented, works super well
our customers are glowing with how fast, how smooth our website is
Folio3 has completely nailed it!

Learn how we have helped brands succeed with our full-spectrum ecommerce services!

Metroshoes warehouse

Metroshoes warehouse

Headless Bigcommerce Integration
Headless Bigcommerce integration and customized order processing and inventory management solutions helped Metroshoes automate and optimize their website

Purelife dental

Purelife dental

Magento 2 website design and development
Magento design and development and customization of website features helped Purelife dental improve customer management and customer experience on their website



B2B B2C Customization, Dynamics Integration
Magento 2 migration and ERP integration helped Flexiglass make business processes more efficient, improve data synchronization and business management.

Why Hire Expert WooCommerce Developers in Melbourne From Folio3

Folio3 has been in this business for the last 10 years. We have worked on a tonne of High-end projects to gain the development expertise required to serve our customers with the absolute best of the best solutions. 

10+ Years of Experience 

Folio3's WooCommerce developers Melbourne have over 10 years of experience working with the platform, which makes them highly skilled and knowledgeable about the best practices and customizations of WooCommerce. This level of experience helps ensure that they can provide high-quality work and deliver projects more efficiently, saving time and money for clients.
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Integrity & Transparency

At Folio3, they value integrity and transparency throughout the WooCommerce development Melbourne process. They communicate regularly with clients about the project's progress, any issues or concerns that arise, and potential risks. They aim to foster open and honest communication and maintain transparency to help clients make informed decisions.
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Free Quote (No Obligation)

Folio3 offers a free, no-obligation quote to potential clients to provide an accurate estimate of the cost of their project. This approach allows clients to evaluate the cost and feasibility of their project before making any commitment. It's a risk-free way to explore the possibility of working with Folio3.
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Hassle-free Project Management 

Folio3's WooCommerce developer Melbourne uses agile project management methodologies to deliver projects on time and within budget. This methodology prioritizes flexibility, collaboration, and continuous improvement. By using this approach, the developers can quickly adapt to changing needs and requirements, reduce the risk of delays or cost overruns, and deliver a high-quality product that meets client expectations.
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Flexible Engagement Models 

Folio3 offers flexible engagement models to meet the unique needs of each client. These models can be tailored to provide support for a one-time project or ongoing maintenance and support. Clients can choose an engagement model that best fits their budget, timeline, and goals.
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High Security 

Folio3 takes security seriously and implements robust security measures to protect client data from potential threats. They use best-in-class security protocols, conduct regular security audits, and follow strict security standards to ensure that client data is safe and secure.
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Full Transparency, Low Risk

Folio3 provides full transparency throughout the WooCommerce development process, ensuring that clients have a clear understanding of what to expect at each stage. This approach reduces the risk of surprises and helps clients build trust and confidence in the WooCommerce development Melbourne team.
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Reliable Support 

Folio3 provides 24/7 reliable support services to help clients address any issues or concerns that arise after project delivery. Their customer-focused approach means they work closely with clients to understand their business needs and provide ongoing support to help them achieve their goals. Their support services ensure that clients have the resources they need to be successful and can feel confident in their investment.
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Are You Ready? Expert WooCommerce Developers Are Available In Melbourne; Let’s Get Started!
Folio3 offers a comprehensive set of services for WooCommerce development Melbourne that can help you to build, customize, and maintain your online store, giving you the best chance for online success. If you want to streamline a project without any stress and perfect work, then let’s connect to give a new meaning to your idea!
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Hire Our WoCommerce Developer for What You Need

Our WooCommerce experts Melbourne Provide all of the necessary services to outshine your competitors.

Store Development

Looking to establish a successful online presence for your business? Look no further than Folio3's Melbourne WooCommerce store development service! Our team of WooCommerce experts in Melbourne can build you a stunning, user-friendly online store tailored to your business needs. From product management to payment gateway integration, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your store is optimized for maximum sales and conversions.
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API Development and Customization

Our team of experts specializes in WooCommerce API development and customization, allowing you to extend the functionality of your online store. We can integrate third-party services, develop custom features, and enhance data exchange to meet your unique business requirements. View More

Theme Development

A visually appealing and user-friendly website is critical for the success of any online business. With Folio3's Melbourne Develop WooCommerce office provides theme development service as well. You can ensure that your online store stands out from the competition.  Our team of developers can create a custom, responsive, and mobile-friendly theme that is optimized for speed and performance, reflecting your brand's unique identity and enhancing the user experience.
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Store Migration

Seamlessly transition your e-commerce store to WooCommerce with our migration service. Our experienced developers will ensure a smooth transfer of your products, customers, orders, and data, enabling you to leverage the powerful features of WooCommerce for enhanced online selling.
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Maintenance Services

Ensure the continuous smooth operation of your WooCommerce store with our comprehensive maintenance services. Our dedicated team will handle regular updates, security patches, plugin management, performance optimization, and backup solutions. With proactive monitoring and prompt troubleshooting, we'll keep your store running efficiently, providing you with peace of mind and allowing you to focus on growing your business.
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Integration Services

Integrate WooCommerce with a wide range of third-party services and systems to optimize your e-commerce operations. From payment gateways and shipping providers to inventory management and marketing tools, we can seamlessly connect your WooCommerce store with the tools that drive your business forward. 
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Pick the Right Model to Hire WooCommerce Developers

Speak with our team of experts to identify the model that best fits your unique requirements

Fixed Price Model works best if you have a well-defined project scope, timeline, and budget. With a fixed cost model, you will pay a pre- agreed amount for the entire project, regardless of the actual time and resources it takes to complete the project. This model is ideal for small to medium-sized projects with clear requirements and deliverables.

For projects with evolving requirements, the Time and Material model is an hourly model that offers flexibility and adaptability. Clients are billed based on actual time and resources used, making it suitable for agile development and frequent changes.

With the Monthly Retainer model, businesses pay a fixed monthly fee for a dedicated team. It offers long-term support, cost-effectiveness, and access to reliable resources without the hassle of recruiting. Perfect for consistent development needs and regular updates.

Staff Augmentation allows businesses to quickly enhance their teams by adding skilled developers for specific projects or time periods. It offers flexibility, as you can choose the resources you need, from individual developers to full project teams. It helps you meet deadlines and access specialized expertise without long-term commitments.

Hire WooCommerce Developers in 4 Simple Steps

Below are the simple steps we follow when you decide to hire our dedicated WooCommerce developers who are adept at delivering dynamic, custom, and scalable solutions.

Send Project Details

Send Us Your Detailed Project Requirements

Screening For Candidates

Select Candidates For Screening Process

Candidates Interview

Take Interview Of Selected Candidates


Get Started with Your Project


WooCommerce Developers Near Me, A Comparative Analysis – In-House, Freelancers, Or Folio3?

Our teams of WooCommerce development experts in Melbourne are capable, competitive, and genius at what they do. Moreover, Folio3 has a diverse workplace with teams of designers, in-hour experts, and quality audit professionals to streamline a project to its completion.


  • Time to get right developers
  • Time to start a project
  • Recurring cost of training & benefits
  • Time to scale size of the team
  • Pricing (weekly average)
  • Project failure risk
  • Developers backed by a delivery team
  • Dedicated resources
  • Quality guarantee
  • Tools and professional environment
  • Agile Development Methodology
  • Impact Due To Turnover
  • Structured Training Programs
  • Communications
  • Termination Costs
  • Assured Work Rigor


  • 1 day - 2 weeks
  • 1 day - 2 weeks
  • 0
  • 48 hours - 1 week
  • 1.5 X
  • Extremely low, we have a 98% success ratio
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • None
  • Yes
  • Seamless
  • None
  • 40 hrs/week

In - House

  • 4 - 12 weeks
  • 2 - 10 weeks
  • $10,000 -$30,000
  • 4 - 16 weeks
  • 2X
  • Low
  • Some
  • 0
  • High
  • High
  • Some
  • High
  • Some
  • Seamless
  • High
  • 40 hrs/week


  • 1 - 12 weeks
  • 1 - 10 weeks
  • 0
  • 1 - 12 weeks
  • 1X
  • Very High
  • No
  • Some
  • High
  • Uncertain
  • No
  • High
  • No
  • Uncertain
  • None
  • 40 hrs/week

Hire Expert WooCommerce Developers To Experience An Amazing Digitalization That Starts Here!


Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the benefits of hiring a WooCommerce developers Melbourne for your business:

  1. Customized design and development of your online store to meet your unique business requirements.
  2. Access to expertise and experience in developing WooCommerce websites, resulting in a professional and fully functional online store.
  3. Assistance with implementing custom functionality, ensuring that your store has the features you need to operate effectively.
  4. Integration with third-party systems and tools, enabling you to streamline your business operations and improve productivity.
  5. Ongoing support and maintenance of your online store, ensuring that it runs smoothly and efficiently at all times.
  6. Time and cost savings, avoiding costly delays and mistakes that can occur when attempting to develop your online store in-house.
  7. Responsive design, ensuring that your store looks great and functions well on all devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones.
  8. Security and data protection, ensuring that your store is built with the latest security measures in place to protect your data and customer information.
  9. Improved user experience, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.
  10. Competitive advantage in the marketplace, with a well-designed and well-functioning online store that attracts and retains customers, increases sales, and improves your bottom. 

Following are the tasks which a WooCommerce Developer Melbourne can do for you:

  1. Develop a customized online store that meets your specific business requirements.
  2. Customize the design and layout of your online store to match your branding and business goals.
  3. Implement custom functionality that meets your specific business needs.
  4. Develop custom themes or templates for your online store.
  5. Customize existing themes or templates to meet your specific design requirements.
  6. Develop custom plugins or extensions to add new features or functionality to your online store.
  7. Customize existing plugins or extensions to meet your specific needs.
  8. A WooCommerce developer in Melbourne can provide WooCommerce migration in Melbourne.


The cost of customizing a basic store in WooCommerce with our WooCommerce developers can vary depending on a number of factors, including the scope of work, the complexity of the customization, and the time required to complete the project.

However, as a general guide, the cost of basic store customization in WooCommerce typically ranges from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. This can cover customizing the design and layout of your online store, implementing custom functionality, integrating with third-party systems, and other requirements as per your business needs.

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