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    WhatAre Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridges and How Does It Help Boost Business?

    Last Updated | November 24, 2022

    Many eCommerce stores struggle with payment gateway issues, not so with Salesforce commerce cloud, with which businesses can integrate the local and global payment gateways seamlessly and leverage state-of-the-art features for better conversion and profitability.

    Learn more about how salesforce commerce cloud cartridges help streamline sales funnel and improve sales conversion for businesses…

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    The online retail has become the ultimate preferred channel for shoppers to search and shop for products.

    For this reason, millions of brick-and-mortar businesses have shifted to online platforms to tap into this billions dollar industry. However, the massive shift to online platform has certainly made it a congested space to compete.

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    To gain customers’ trust, improve visibility and increase the sales funnel, it’s important that businesses provide an intuitive and dynamic shopping experience to the shoppers, which brings us to Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

    The custom Salesforce Commerce Cloud development helps reduce the barriers by limiting the need to use multiple systems for tracking, analytical, management, and scaling tasks.

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    It allows businesses to optimize workflow while improving management and monitoring efficiency. For this purpose, they have also launched Cartridges. So, with this article, we are sharing all about Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridges!

    Overview: Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridges

    Commonly referred to as SFCC (Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge), it makes it easier for cloud users to start accepting online payments. It offers a seamless verification and authentication process, which helps businesses achieve higher sales conversions. 

    In addition, it is a reliable and quicker way of risk management, optimizing recurring payments, and smart authentication.

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    The SFCC is enabling businesses to cut down the implementation time – many of them have reduced the implementation time from a week to four hours, which means the businesses can start receiving the payments quicker. 

    The cartridge can be installed by any Salesforce B2C Commerce developer on the storefronts and the users can also customize the storefront.

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    What Is A Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge Typically Used For?

    The Salesforce B2B Commerce integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridges makes it easier for businesses to accept online payments.

    It has basically left businesses with more options to be creative without having to worry about the online transactions on their stores.

    With salesforce commerce cloud cartridges, it’s extremely convenient for merchants to add diverse payment methods for their stores.

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    In addition, it can be integrated with Salesforce Order Management, which makes it easier to sync the payment information, irrespective of the payment information. 

    The businesses can now accept payments from all around the globe as Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridges allow the users to integrate local as well as global payment methods without needing additional configuration.

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridges also have native 3D secure flow, which eliminates the redirects to authenticate the issuer. 

    In simpler words, the customers can verify and authenticate themselves without leaving the online store, promising a better user experience – it also drives higher sales conversion.

    Also, the code is easy to read and customize since Salesforce has improved the coverage of E2E testing. 

    SFCC also offers a highly intuitive administrative interface that allows businesses to manage the website’s static content.

    In addition, it has eCommerce-centric features, such as checkout, cart, inventory management, and catalog management. 

    LINK Marketplace: The Primary Resource for Finding Third-Party Integrations

    We have already mentioned that Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridges is a great option for businesses but it’s important to add that it doesn’t do everything.

    In fact, to maximize its potential, there is a need for a utility belt in the form of third-party integrations. 

    Developing these integrations is not a menial task as you need in-depth information about the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridges framework.

    To fill these resourcing and technical gaps, the LINK cartridge is used, which is a collection of code, documentation, and configurations that are important to implementing third-party integrations and has been certified by Salesforce. 

    For this purpose, you can access the LINK marketplace, which is a comprehensive catalog of certified cartridges.

    According to Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridges documentation, the LINK marketplace is the primary source to find third-party integrations and has become a common bookmark in the browsers of merchants and developers.

    It plays a significant role in the SFCC ecosystem and has become a one-stop shop for developers and merchants to find high-end and reliable integrations.

    In fact, many third-party service providers can reach new consumers and enhance the integration experience through this marketplace. 

    How to List Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge On The LINK Marketplace

    To list the SFCC on the LINK marketplace, you need to make sure it is PCI DSS compliant. These are basically the security standards that allow companies to accept credit card payments and transfer or store the information securely.

    There are different self-assessment questionnaires available that you can fill out to check your eligibility. For more help, you can contact Salesforce Commerce Cloud consultant as well.

    Final Words

    The SFCC is actually a comprehensive solution for eCommerce store owners as it allows them to manage the catalogs and optimize the checkout, cart, and inventory management process. 

    The best thing about SFCC is that it allows businesses to accept payments from different sources, including global payment sources. This third-party integration can be found from the LINK marketplace or you can hire a Salesforce developer to help you out!

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    What is a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge?

    The cartridge is a mechanism for deploying the program data and code. It’s an apt way of extending the store’s functionality and integrates with the storefronts. SFCC can provide an intuitive admin interface and help extend the payment gateway options. 

    What is a cartridge in SFRA?

    The SFRA cartridge contains different controllers for the business logic and entails the modules directory with the server module. In addition, it has low-level APIs that are utilized to capture assets. 

    What does B2C commerce identify the cartridge load order?

    There is a cartridge patch that determines the order in which business-to-customer commerce identifies the element. In addition, it identifies the script file, template, and controller to operate. 

    How do I create a Salesforce cartridge?

    Salesforce cartridge can be downloaded from the LINK marketplace but you will need to program it into the storefront. For this purpose, it’s recommended that you hire a Salesforce developer! 


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