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    Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein: Advanced Guide to Grow Your Business

    Last Updated | November 30, 2022

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein is an inclusive platform that allows businesses to have a 360-degree view of the business operations, including consumer behavior – the data collected from this platform can empower businesses to boost growth and improve sales performance. Read on for more details…


    Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein is an AI-based engine that’s integrated into the eCommerce platforms with pattern recognition. Moreover, it conducts machine learning based on the data collected during a consumer’s purchasing journey. 

    In simpler words, it’s a efficient tool to analyze the search and browsing behaviors, preferences, order history, and product data, which empowers businesses to personalize the shopping experience for their customers, irrespective of the channels. 

    However, since Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a relatively new platform, many businesses don’t know how to leverage Salesforce B2B commerce integration to grow the business, but we have all the insights you need to know!

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    Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein: Advanced Guide To Grow Your Business

    Commonly known as CCE, Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein gives businesses the tools and power to provide personalized product recommendations to the customers – it improves the way consumers shop on your eCommerce platform as it becomes easier for them to find their desired products. 

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud development can tentatively increase customer satisfaction rate by 87%, promising a boost in sales and revenues.

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    What’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein & What Are Its Machine Learning Capabilities (How To Integrate It)

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein is a comprehensive AI designed for CRM and is integrated with AI features. It’s a data-ready platform, which means the businesses don’t have to manage the models or prepare data. 

    In addition, it has automated machine learning and multitenant feature, which automates the model integration. According to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud consultant, it can help businesses anticipate sales and provide proactive services to consumers.

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     In addition, it utilizes the data collected from the consumers to provide natural language processing features, predictive analytics, and machine learning.

    As far as machine learning capabilities are concerned, it includes discovery, prediction builder, and next best action. 

    Einstein Discovery is responsible for deriving consumer insights with the help of CRM data and other data sources, including marketing campaign results, websites, and social media.

    It has a faster data analysis, which makes it easier for businesses to understand consumer behavior for creating new campaigns.

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    The prediction builder allows businesses to create customized predictions (chances of churning, potential sales outcome, and revenue).

    On the other hand, the next best action provides suggestions based on the consumers’ collected data and past interactions. 

    If these suggestions seem correct, Salesforce will add them to the schedule and set up the reminders. As far as the integration is concerned, it’s best to hire a Salesforce or BigCommerce web design company.

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    What Are The Prime Features And Benefits Of Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein?

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein is an inclusive platform that allows businesses to handle the B2C, B2B, and marketing aspects of the business and enriches the business’s ability to provide an encompassing and smart shopping experience to the consumers.

     For this purpose, it has been integrated with some advanced features that provide business-centric benefits, such as;

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    1. Advanced Marketing Tools 

    This platform has been integrated with creative and advanced marketing tools for merchants, marketers, and Salesforce B2C Commerce developer, which makes it easier for them to create brand awareness. 

    In addition, the marketing tools allow the businesses to pitch appropriate products to the consumers and ensure on-time pitching to increase the conversion rate. In particular, it offers a cross-channel marketing feature, so the businesses can map out the campaigns, launch them, and track them. 

    Businesses can also use the email marketing feature as there is JavaScript and dynamic content feature, which helps optimize the marketing emails, promising increased traffic.

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    1. Predictive Intelligence 

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein has been designed with predictive intelligence that helps consumers create an exceptional shopping experience. The predictive analysis provides in-depth information about the consumer’s purchasing patterns and behavior. 

    It actually empowers businesses to expand sales through different channels. It makes it easier for businesses to recommend relevant products to the target consumers and actually saves time by automating the merchandising processes. 

    It, in fact, provides beneficial and data-backed insights, which boosts sales and conversion rates.

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    1. Globalization 

    It allows the businesses to manage multiple storefronts since there is multi-language support available. In addition, it supports multiple currencies, which is important for handling different storefronts, so consumers from different parts of the world can shop from your store. In addition, businesses can keep an eye on product availability, pricing, and billing.

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    1. Theme & Template Library 

    If you want to design your store, Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein provides dynamic and extremely immersive templates, which can be accessed from the library. In addition, these templates are customizable, so you can create a consumer-centric store with advanced digital materials.

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    1. Touch-Point 

    When it comes down to business management, interaction and engagement are critical, and with Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein, businesses will be able to increase consumer engagement by providing a 360-degree view of consumer actions and impressions. 

    As a result, the businesses will be able to align with different consumer interaction channels

     Explore the complete Salesforce 360

    1. Commerce Insights & Search Dictionary 

    This feature is responsible for capturing the product, consumer, and order data and displays the most purchased products. These insights can help businesses create promotional bundles and deals. 

    In addition, there is a search dictionary feature that collects the terms and searches from the website, so businesses can add them to the list for an easier searching experience for consumers.

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    How Does It Work? Does It Give Customers A Better Shopping Experience?

    In the past few years, the popularity of online shopping has increased, and it’s become critical for businesses to create a responsive store to retain the acquired customers. 

    Having said that, Salesforce Einstein allows businesses to create mobile-friendly and highly responsive eCommerce stores, promising an exceptional shopping experience.

    Secondly, the businesses can leverage the consumer data to create product recommendations that the consumers will actually like – it’s appreciated by the consumers as they feel that the brand understands them. 

    As a result, the consumers enjoy a better shopping experience. Moreover, the businesses can also create discount bundles from the data related to products that are most purchased with each other. 

    Improve Sales Performance With Salesforce Einstein Analytics

    Salesforce Einstein Analytics makes sure that your business is able to capture, analyze, and extrapolate the actionable data. 

    The analytics feature can be integrated with the preinstalled Salesforce ecosystem and allows WooCommerce integration, which makes it convenient to explore consumer data – it makes consumer integration smooth and convenient by unifying the goals and producing visual insights. 

    It also allows businesses to keep an eye on team performance, track efficiency, access relevant key performance indicators, and chart the changes. In fact, it enables the teams to analyze their performance to make necessary changes. 

    As a business, it’s essential to understand and recognize the trends to ensure sales success for engaging consumers. Having said that, Einstein Analytics helps outline the sales trends, so you can leverage the opportunities to increase the sales funnels and focus on the correct leads.

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    Final Words

    Salesforce Einstein is an apt platform for businesses to improve their conversion by leveraging AI-based product recommendations to create a richer and more convenient shopping experience. 

    It’s embedded in Salesforce Commerce Cloud, which allows the users to gather consumer data and develop a unique end-to-end shopping journey for the shoppers. All in all, it’s a recipe for business success and exceptional growth!


    What Are The Benefits Of Salesforce Einstein?

    Salesforce Einstein is designed to analyze the search and browsing behavior, product information, consumer preferences, and order history in real time – this information can be used by businesses to improve the consumer experience by recommending the most likable products and creating promotions. 

    What Are The Benefits Of The Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

    It’s one of the best B2B and B2C commerce solutions and is a cloud-based platform that empowers businesses to create a unified and smart purchasing experience for their consumers on all channels. 

    What Are Einstein’s Recommendations In Salesforce?

    This is a feature that uses catalogs to understand the available assets and show information about the next best content or product to every potential customer.  

    What Is Einstein In Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

    Einstein is a full-range part of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud that provides marketing and sales department real-time and comprehensive information about the consumer and sales prospects.


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