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    What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud? Grow Your Business Online with Commerce Cloud

    Last Updated | November 24, 2022

    What Is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a comprehensive cloud-based eCommerce platform available as a SaaS solution for businesses with a mobile-first strategy. The focus of Salesforce is to provide customers and stores with a consistent experience across numerous touchpoints.

    The definition of Salesforce Commerce Cloud is “Commerce Cloud is the most commonly used B2C and B2B commerce platform around the globe. Commerce Cloud is a multi-tenant, cloud-based commerce platform that enables organizations to create intelligent, unified purchase experiences across all channels, including mobile, social, web, and in-store.”

    The two most effective Salesforce Commerce Cloud development offers are.

    • Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud

    C-level executives are Salesforce’s key customers, but this isn’t the norm. This solution can be used anywhere with an expanding business across numerous channels.

    Salesforce B2B Commerce is built on the Salesforce platform and combines the commerce, CRM, and marketing clouds to suit the complicated purchasing requirements of corporate retailers.

    • Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud

    For altering purchasing experiences across numerous digital channels, Salesforce B2C Commerce drives customer engagement across all platforms and geographies. You’ll get a comprehensive collection of features, including merchandising, fulfillment, AI technologies, promotions, an open development environment, and mobile-first bespoke options that may be further customised.

    In the age of integrated commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud may be the greatest option for small businesses looking to shift to the virtual environment while preserving client involvement.

    Let’s look at how it ensures current and future success.

    Easy Website Development

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud includes an advanced framework called Storefront Reference Architecture that allows you to quickly and easily create a great eCommerce website using pre-designed wireframes.

    You can also use the Commerce Platform, which includes templates, tools for developers, and commerce APIs, even if you or your team does not have coding abilities. 

    Customized/Unified Shopping Experiences

    Your consumer base may be modest, yet you can’t recall every detail to provide exceptional customized experiences. It can provide you with information about your digital store and each customer.

    You also get a dashboard with back-end product details, client behavior, order history, and more for a complete picture.

    Artificial Intelligence’s Added Power

    Data is an organization’s most valuable asset, but only when it is properly examined. As a startup business, you can’t always rely on manual methods of data analysis and application.

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud includes a strong AI called Einstein that isn’t seen on other platforms. This gives you an AI advantage in decision-making.

    Einstein AI can;

    • Track and analyse user behavior 
    • Make personalised recommendations to users 
    • Use Einstein Search Dictionaries to make smart search suggestions 
    • Use Einstein Search Recommendations to improve the search experience Eliminate the need for third-party data analysis apps

    Scalable Platform

    For the time being, you may be a tiny firm, but as you expand, you must verify that whatever platform you employ can support your future expansion.

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a scalable cloud platform that provides operational benefits and business capabilities that allow you to effortlessly manage large demand and traffic spikes without any previous planning.

    It caters to several platform-level integrations that grow and measure as your business requirements evolve.

    Marketing Ally

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows you to now manage all of your data in one location. Better consumer analytics, productivity, and team cooperation can all benefit from this.

    The design and the execution of the campaigns, roll out discounts or promo codes, and run A/B testing to check for conversion with Salesforce Commerce Cloud can be easily done by you.

    It also provides extensive content management features that allow users to swiftly generate, tailor, and deliver the material.

    Mobile Optimized Functionalities

    You should guarantee that your online store is user-friendly and mobile-optimized in today’s mobile environment.

    To provide end-users with a great mobile experience, Salesforce Commerce Cloud takes a mobile-first strategy.

    You may also manage your inventory with a few simple clicks on your smartphone.

    Omni-Channel Functionalities

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud has a lot of capabilities that help you streamline and simplify operations including inventory management, campaign launch, and more.

    Additionally, merchants can use their order management solution to add services (such as “purchase anywhere, fulfil anywhere”), giving customers more flexible purchasing alternatives.

    Simpler Purchasing Process

    The Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle is a smarter approach to make the shopping experience easier for your consumers and store staff with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

    It provides your staff with a single view of each customer’s order fulfillment, return activity, online inventory information, and promotions.

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud Overview And Why Is It Important?

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud, formerly known as Demandware, is a software as a service (SaaS) offered by Salesforce, the world’s most popular CRM firm.

    It focuses on streamlining and optimising the sales business process by providing a set of features that are specifically designed to change the way firms interact with their consumers.

    The two most effective services Salesforce Commerce Cloud development has evolved into are;

    • B2B Commerce
    • B2C Commerce

    To maximise the number of prospective customers, organisations must now include many channels in their supply and marketing processes.

    According to data, about 79 percent of mobile users have completed an online purchase using their portable device in the last six months, demonstrating the global effect of online shopping.

    As a result, a software-based platform that optimises the entire online sales and marketing process is required.

    The following are among some of the characteristics of Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

    1. Incorporation of social media
    2. Extensions in-store
    3. Content administration
    4. Product administration
    5. Product recommendations based on artificial intelligence
    6. Higher SEO Rankings
    7. Management of targeted promotions
    8. Option for one-touch payment
    9. Pricing administration

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud has everything a company has to take their inventory online because it can be used by both B2B and B2C companies to improve their overall productivity.

    You can get to market faster, increase revenue, and provide a standardized customer experience across channels with Commerce Cloud on your side.

     What are the Benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

    Image Credit: Encaptechno

    • Analysis Of The Data

    With the development of enterprises, the amount of data collected rises, making a simple and time-efficient means to evaluate this data critical to the company’s future success.

    You can also use Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration with other Ai-powered platforms for the goal of evaluating data and obtaining accurate results.

    • Ameliorated Shopping Experience

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud also caters to Einstein, a next-generation Ai that provides virtual shoppers with an agile, smooth, and user-friendly shopping experience.

    It provides the finest product recommendations at every stage of the purchasing process and generates real-time predictions for customers.

    Customers will enjoy a more simplified shopping experience as manual data analysis is no longer required. This dramatically improves the company’s total customer service, which is critical in today’s market.

    • Marketing Tools

    Retailers can simply manage and distribute product information across categories, catalogues, and even websites using Commerce Cloud. This data can also be handled in several currencies and languages, giving the company a greater worldwide reach.

    This allows the store to connect customers with the relevant item, selection list, price, offer, and content at the appropriate time to enhance conversion rates and average orders per time, resulting in increased total sales and customer satisfaction.

    This incentivizes merchants and managers to lead the business forward without having to spend money on technical assistance.

    • Customization 

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration offers businesses the liberty to tailor it according to what their inventories or targeted markets require.

    This includes the checkout process, and Salesforce also accepts Apple Pay, one of the most popular online payment methods.

    • Mobile Compatibility

    In 2018, smartphones accounted for about 61 percent of all retailer website visits worldwide, demonstrating the need of having a mobile-friendly business in today’s world, as the number of people who use their smartphones to shop online grows dramatically every day.

    All of the data may be accessible from anywhere with the help of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Smartphone CRM. This results in a more satisfying and seamless consumer experience.

    Why Is Salesforce Commerce Cloud A Leader In Digital Commerce? And Is It Right For You To Reach Your Goals?

    The Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform is creating a superior digital experience and is hence called the Leader of the Digital Commerce.

    Unlike the other PaaS platforms, it is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that isn’t limited to a one-size-fits-all approach and provides constant access to real-time information for both online and offline activities.

    It provides three basic differentiators for small businesses and startups: quicker creation, analytical intelligence, and unified commerce.

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud has everything a company has to take their inventory online because it can be used by both B2B and B2C companies to improve their overall productivity.

    You can get to market faster, increase revenue, and provide a standardized customer experience across channels with Commerce Cloud on your side. 

    Final Words

    Finally, customer satisfaction is a very important factor in running a successful business, particularly in today’s competitive market, and with all of the perks of Salesforce Commerce Cloud mentioned above, it can be said that utilizing Salesforce Commerce Cloud will ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

    So, when are you going to sign up for a cloud-based eCommerce system for your online store? At Folio3, we provide the best Salesforce Commerce Cloud consultants in the market. For any further information and queries reach out to our expert team. 


    What is Commerce Cloud?

    Commerce Cloud is a multi-tenant-a server-based design in which a single instance of software serves several consumers; a cloud-based commerce platform that enables organisations to build intelligent, unified purchase experiences across all touchpoints like mobile, social, online, and store — for the ease of the customers.

    What does Commerce Cloud do?

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud gives you the tools to build integrated eCommerce experiences that engage and captivate today’s connected shoppers. You can go to market faster and smarter with our cloud-based eCommerce software, providing individualised customer experiences across all the available touchpoints like mobile, digital, and social platforms.

    Who uses Commerce Cloud?

    Our major clientele is C-level executives, but anyone in charge of growing the firm through digital media can use our services. Commerce Cloud is very popular among individuals in charge of the brand’s retail and customer experiences.

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud was used to create the Adidas eCommerce website. Other sites that use Salesforce Commerce Cloud are Beats by Dre, Converse, Crocs, Hush Puppies, Nautica, and Under Armour; the list goes on and on, but you can probably imagine who a typical Salesforce Commerce Cloud user is by now. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is frequently employed by firms with 50-200 people and $1 million to $10 million in revenue, according to Enlyft.

    There are probably a number of reasons why prominent brands have selected Salesforce Commerce Cloud as their corporate eCommerce platform or cloud eCommerce software. 

    WooCommerce is a subscription-based platform, whereas Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a commission-based platform. Because it is a percentage-based fee, you will be charged more as your firm expands. Similarly, Bigcommerce Development Company is the best choice for large and fast-growing businesses That said, sustaining Salesforce Commerce Cloud in its early stages is less expensive because it doesn’t charge you anything if you don’t make money.

    What’s included with Commerce Cloud?

    The most popular config comes with everything you’ll need for end-to-end, unified commerce, but it’s also available as two separate product lines are;

    • Salesforce B2C Commerce 
    • Salesforce B2B Commerce

    Where can I find pricing?

    Pricing is determined by the specific needs of each customer. No matter the size or industry of your company, our sales staff will work with you to create a package that suits your needs and budget.


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