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    Salesforce Commerce Cloud For Online Business Needs

    Last Updated | November 30, 2022

    The eCommerce marketplace has been experiencing a boom it has never seen before especially with Salesforce Commerce Cloud for online business. Salesforce has taken the online business to whole new levels. Let’s take a deeper dive into what it offers and how it has been done. 

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud For Online Business Needs

    Being one of the most competitive industries, retail requires businesses to always come up with new strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

    Online businesses are eager to launch new channels as online sales rise in order to attract more customers and meet their wants. One of these solutions made expressly for the demands is Salesforce Commerce Cloud for online business.

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    How Using SFCC Can Change The Rules Of The Game Of Businesses?

    According to the 2022 Salesforce Customer Success Metric Survey, customers of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud experience an average 26 per cent reduction in order placement costs compared to older channels.

    Simply put, Salesforce Commerce Cloud for online business reduces costs, increases sales, and adapts quickly.

    • Brings Agility with flexible tools

    Save time and money. Launch quickly with headless commerce.

    • Automated Processes

    Simplify processes and reduce costs with automation.

    • Brings Seamless & loyal Commerce

    Connect your commerce journey from start to end, and back again.

    • Tailored Unified Data With AI

    Strengthen relationships and trust with intelligent insights.

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    Solutions Offered By SFCC

    Salesforce developed the Commerce Cloud eCommerce solution to address the requirements and difficulties of online retail organizations.

    The service is cloud-based and suitable for both B2C and B2B uses.

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud for online business offers a variety of options to strengthen the relationship between the brand and its customers, regardless of how your customers like to shop online—whether through their smartphones, desktop browsers, social media, etc.

    • B2C Commerce

    Salesforce B2C Commerce developer uses the most recent AI technologies, much like any other Commerce Cloud service, to forecast customer behavior and provide customers personalized suggestions and product discovery assistance.

    Its major objective is to establish a connection between the company and clients, whether they make purchases online or in a nearby store.

    B2C Commerce features encompass everything from maintaining order lifecycles to developing client-focused advertising and promotion campaigns.

    • B2B Commerce

    B2B commerce was developed to aid businesses in better addressing the intricate wants of their clients and gaining market share more quickly across numerous industries.

    It will be simpler to adapt the developments and increasing levels of detail into your company operations using Salesforce B2B Commerce integration.

    It intends to give customers a self-serving online shopping experience. 

    • Order Management

    Proper order management is one of the most crucial measures every business must take regarding online sales.

    Numerous tasks relating to managing inventory, order fulfilment, payments, etc. can be automated with the aid of the Salesforce Order Management solution.

    To help your clients feel more at ease when making purchases online, the solution also addresses issues with returns and refund policies. 

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    What Does SFCC Offer The Features And Benefits For The Online Businesses

    Features Of Salesforce Commerce Cloud For Online Business

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud features include:

    • Product Management

    Product teams may more effectively manage product inventory, enhance product bundles, and provide clients with only the goods that are best suited to their requirements.

    • Customer Service

    will allow the customer care team better respond to requests and issues experienced by clients.

    • Content Management

    It gives customers only pertinent information about your goods, promotions, order guidelines, and much more.

    • Pricing Management

    It aids in standardizing prices across many locales, websites, and currencies.

    • Einstein- AI 

    It is designed to personalize customers’ shopping experiences, automate routine tasks, and assist customers in locating the things they desire at the precise moment they need them.

    • Multi-Channel Management Solution 

    One dashboard can be used to manage websites in many languages.

    • Promotions & Marketing Solutions 

    It attracts more clients and encourages them to make additional purchases.

    • Real-Time Reports 

    It helps you comprehend your clients better.

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    Benefits Of Salesforce Commerce Cloud For Online Business

    • Seamless Updates

    All updates will be added to your system immediately once they are released because Salesforce Commerce Cloud is located in the cloud.

    Salesforce will handle everything, so there’s no need for you to keep track of the most recent upgraded editions.

    • Scalability & Personalization

    Commerce Cloud will expand alongside the horizons of your business expansions into new markets.  It implies that you will only ever pay for the solutions you require; no extraneous features will ever be provided.

    • Customers Behavior Forecast 

    Salesforce Einstein is used in Salesforce CRM. Einstein does not require connectivity with external analytical programs and services and does not require manual analysis of collected data.

    By automating repetitive operations, Einstein anticipates client behavior in real-time, provides targeted product offers and helps businesses save time and money. 

    • Improved Multi-Channel Features

    The Salesforce eCommerce solution enables you to handle all of these various channels on one platform, even if you have many sites or need to cater to various markets and countries.

    Simple processes like order and inventory management, payments, marketing, and sales chores can all be streamlined and standardized to ensure that your business’s essential components operate flawlessly at all times. 

    • Mobile-First Features

    Mobile devices account for 73% of all online traffic, and 55% of all orders are placed on them.

    It is no longer optional to have a responsive website that favors mobile users. Users of Commerce Cloud enjoy a robust mobile experience, making purchasing and completing purchases simple and seamless for customers.

    • Quality Customer Service

    SFCC enables perfect five-star customer service to guarantee that all of your client’s needs and difficulties are promptly and effectively addressed.

    Additionally, Salesforce itself strives to maintain the best level of customer service, so any problems you encounter as a platform user will be resolved as quickly and competently as feasible.

    • Improved Marketing Management

    Product marketers may easily design effective marketing and promotion campaigns with the help of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud tools to attract more customers. 

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    How Salesforce Commerce Cloud Can Help Online Business Grow And Thrive?

    Saleforce has dozens of products available, like Commerce Cloud, that may help your company develop and expand.

    For instance, Service Cloud will assist you in increasing client engagement if you want to focus even more on enhancing your customer experience.

    Allow the Sales Cloud solution to assist you if you need to gain greater insight into your sales records.

     Explore the complete Salesforce 360

    Explore Salesforce AppExchange, a cloud-based marketplace with a large selection of ready-to-use applications and extensions designed to power up existing Salesforce systems, to gain more possibilities outside the Salesforce expertise.

    It will be simple to locate a solution catered to your unique demands because the marketplace provides app selections specifically designed for the retail business.

    Implementing SFCC With Folio3 To Drive Better Sales For Your Online Business

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    Online businesses have the power to drastically alter the game’s rules with all of the Salesforce tools at their disposal.

    These options enable companies of all shapes and sizes to flourish and satisfy the steadily rising demands of their clients.

    Introducing innovative solutions and promoting digital transformation throughout the entire business is essential if you want to stand out from the competitors in the retail sector.

    Contact the Folio3 experts if you’re seeking qualified assistance from a knowledgeable Salesforce Commerce Cloud consultant team.

    With more than 15 years of experience in CRM services, we are fully equipped to support the expansion and success of your company.

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    Final Words

    With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, online businesses can become the Trailheads of their respective industries, turning your company into an eCommerce guru in our engaging, no-cost learning environment.

    A marketer for a Salesforce Commerce Cloud for online business using a laptop and a Customer 360 circle around them works as a COMMERCE DEVELOPER CENTER where they can create customized commerce experiences on a quick, flexible platform.

    In short, SFCC helps your business to stay abreast of business trends.

    Get in touch with team Folio3 for anything regarding Salesforce Commerce Cloud development or other eCommerce platforms-related solutions; such as WooCommerce Integration and Bigcommerce development.


    What are the benefits of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

    • An Integrated Shopping Experience, 
    • Mobile-First Capabilities, 
    • Robust Marketing Tools, 
    • Management For Multiple Stores, 
    • Personalized Customer Experiences, 
    • Enhanced Scalability,
    • Powerful Growth Strategies.

    Why is Salesforce important for business?

    Salesforce enables you to successfully combine various key business processes so that you can satisfy your customers. On a single platform, it is possible to sell, offer services, market, cooperate, get to know your clients, and develop apps.

    How can Salesforce Commerce Cloud help big brands to manage their business?

    At every stage of the purchasing process, SFCC provides the finest product suggestions and keeps making forecasts for customers in real-time. This gets rid of the necessity for human data analysis, giving clients a more streamlined purchasing experience.

    Why should you migrate your eCommerce business to the salesforce Commerce Cloud?

    Here are six compelling reasons to move your online store to Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

    • Endless eCommerce opportunities
    • 24/7 support available
    • Low costs of operation
    • Run your company from anywhere
    • Connected with customers 
    • Improved client services


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