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    Salesforce 360 Simplified: A Detailed Overview With Its Key Features

    Last Updated | November 23, 2022

    At present, most businesses find it difficult to build a unique perspective on each customer. The ability to deliver a consistent user experience across several platforms and channels is becoming more widespread.

    This will not only foster excellent teamwork among all employees, but it will also aid your company’s growth. You’ll need the correct digital solution to accomplish these goals. Salesforce 360 is, in a nutshell, necessary.

    To comprehend Salesforce 360, you must first comprehend the Salesforce Commerce Cloud development.

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the market leader in CRM solutions, is known for releasing software that helps businesses run more efficiently. Among its many aspects are marketing, merchandising, content, promotions, customer service, fulfilment, and artificial intelligence.

    Salesforce Customer 360 encompasses the entire Salesforce product suite. Customer 360 is, in effect, a synthesis of all of Salesforce’s software offerings.

    If you’re already using Salesforce as your CRM, Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration can help you improve customer experiences.

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    It’s much easier to create appropriate marketing strategies and provide tailored purchasing experiences when your eCommerce platform is integrated into your CRM and database. 

    What Salesforce B2B Commerce Integration offers you

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud is one of the most prominent CRM platforms on the market, and it has developed rapidly in recent years. It has several important features, including:

    • Dynamic Dashboards

    Salesforce’s Dynamic Dashboards provide key data such as Market Trends and Customer Behavior to demonstrate to you how well your business is performing. It also makes creating dashboards and real-time reports a breeze.

    • Email Integrations

    Salesforce can sync your appointments and agendas with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, for example. It also allows you to retrieve important emails even if you are not linked to the network and develop personalized templates for possible clients.

    • Real-time Analytics

    Salesforce Analytics helps you to see your users’ data in a visual format. When users are perplexed by large amounts of data, Salesforce Analytics will help them organize it in a way that is both valuable and understandable.

    • Collaboration Tools

    Salesforce Collaboration capabilities allow individuals of various teams to communicate in real-time. Through regular communication, each team is kept up to date on the work of its partner teams.

    Salesforce 360 is a platform engineered to help companies interact with customers by promoting a unified customer profile through internal operations such as Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud.

    It improves internal collaboration by bringing together analytics, sales, marketing, service, commerce, and IT into one CRM platform. Customer 360 creates a uniform consumer profile and ID based on this information that can be used throughout all Salesforce and application programs.

    This data can be shared across your organization to assist establish a consistent customer experience.

    Businesses can pursue digitalization whilst accentuating the customer experience with Salesforce 360. Businesses can save time by using Einstein AI and intelligent suggestions to automate repetitive operations.

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    Tableau allows you to keep track of real-time analytics and data, ensuring that you are constantly up to date on what’s going on in your business. Finally, Mulesoft enables the safe and secure connection of all company data.

    This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what Customer 360 can do.

    This guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of Salesforce 360, including its most important features.

    You’ll learn about what Salesforce 360 and its Data Manager is. Later in the blog, you will learn more about Salesforce 360 key features, its use cases, and the pricing of the Salesforce 360. So, shall we begin?

    Introduction To Salesforce 360 Platform?

    Image Credits: Forcivity.com 

    Salesforce 360, also goes by different names including Salesforce Customer 360 or Salesforce c360, is a technology that enables companies to link Salesforce apps and create a unified customer view by establishing a unified customer ID.

    MuleSoft’s functionality is integrated into it, allowing organizations to interact with any app, data source, or device to every cloud service or on-premise server. It was introduced at Dreamforce in 2018.

    Combining Analytics, Sales, Marketing, Service, Commerce, and IT –Information Technology, into one CRM platform it is promoting corporate communication.

    With Salesforce 360, organizations can anticipate digitalization while concentrating on the customer experience.

    Businesses can save time by automating repetitive procedures with Einstein AI –Artificial Intelligence and knowledgeable recommendations. Finally, Salesforce 360 connects all of your company’s data in a safe and secure manner.

    In terms of what Salesforce 360 can achieve, this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are several other elements that come together to produce a powerful tool.

    Now let’s talk about the Salesforce 360 Data Manager a little. We think it is necessary for you to read about the Data Manager as well, as it will further help you in guiding with the best of the understandings regarding the Salesforce 360.

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    The Data Manager in Salesforce 360 enables businesses to access the true value of the information and integrate it across cloud platforms.

    It’s a tool that improves how Salesforce’s B2C solutions, such as Salesforce B2C Commerce, Service, and Marketing, connect. Instead of duplicating data, each user’s data is stitched with each other as part of a personalized customer identity with a unique ID.

    As a result, previous events, exchanges, and other customer information are centralized and recorded.

    In a word, the Salesforce 360 Data Manager allows companies to generate a single monolithic consumer profile that could be shared across several teams and platforms, such as sales and customer service.

    Resultantly, customer service has improved, marketing has improved, and personalization has improved, culminating in a win scenario for both consumers and businesses.

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    Key Features Of Salesforce 360

    Salesforce 360 promises to combine all of a customer’s sales, services, marketing, and community functions under one roof. Some of Salesforce 360’s important features are as follows:

    • Unified Data And Consent Management

    Companies can combine all of their client data to create rich, detailed profiles of their customers. In areas like Email Marketing and Digital Advertising, Salesforce’s Agreement Management platform can help firms get client consent rapidly.

    • Improved Customer Segmentation

    Companies can utilize Customer Segmentation to target certain demographics, interaction history, and other consumer data to target specific groups of consumers.

    • Customized Customer Engagement

    An organization can leverage customer data throughout Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service after the target population has been identified.

    Based on the identifications, customers and potential customers will experience a constant, consistent experience throughout all Marketing channels.

    • Employees Empowerment.

    Give everybody the tools they need to provide superior customer service. Slack enables employees to communicate more effectively with one another and with the apps employees use daily, from any location.

    Everyone can be more productive, engage in compassion, and scale loyalty-building customer service with Einstein AI. And Trailhead, our yet another learning site, provides free, entertaining “trails” to help your employees master important skills.

    • Data Analytics

    Applying actionable information to targeted individuals is an important aspect of creating a strong customer engagement strategy. It offers a variety of solutions that are required to get a thorough image of your company’s performance!

    Salesforce is a platform that enables you to aggregate client data from many sources, allowing you to keep all of your clients’ information under one roof.

    It will also assist you in analyzing trends, developing items that meet specific client expectations, and making informed choices about what needs to be met.

    • Einstein Insights

    Artificial Intelligence –AI, optimization for you companies can further continue to explore its hows and whens to interact with customers in order to boost customer loyalty and commercial performance.

    • Grows Your Business

    Customers nowadays have higher expectations of your company. Teams can try to meet these objectives if they have a shared vision of their consumers. Consequently, sales are completed more quickly. Marketing is spot on.

    More smiles accompany the service. And it’s the client loyalty that propels a company’s growth.

    Use Cases of Salesforce 360

    Image Source: cloudinary.com

    Salesforce 360 has a wide range of applications. The use cases listed below will demonstrate how Salesforce 360 can assist your business.

    1. Marketing And Sales 
    2. Customization 
    3. Customer Care
    4. Innovative Agility 
    • Marketing And Sales 

    Any successful marketing strategy relies on the ability to provide solutions to a customer’s problem. If the Marketing and Sales teams have no prior understanding of the customer, your plan will be lacking in focus.

    Your Marketing and Sales teams, on the other hand, will be able to more effectively pitch solutions and products with the support of Salesforce 360.

    • Customization 

    Customization is not only a crucial aspect of a successful customer relationship strategy, but it’s also a good way to improve customer experience throughout your company. 

    Salesforce 360 allows you to provide customized engagement based on data from the customer’s profile, resulting in a seamless customer experience.

    • Customer Care

    When we talk about technical support or intricate features of your product, customers might lack the background information to correctly describe an issue.

    You can track, record, and exchange facts and information across multiple systems and channels using Customer 360. This feature makes it easier for customer service and support teams to provide more effective solutions.

    • Innovative Agility 

    Salesforce 360 focuses on innovation and makes it possible by speeding up and shortening the time to value in customer data management implementations. As a result, individual client records are maintained in the most creative manner feasible.

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    Pricing Of Salesforce 360

    Salesforce 360 has a subscription-based pricing strategy, with each “Edition” including a range of solutions. Additional features are also offered as “Add-ons,” however they are added on a case-by-case basis for businesses looking to build a bespoke solution.

    The starter is the basic plan that is Edition Platform Starter which is priced around $25 per person per month and is payable annually, and is available to businesses.

    Platform Plus is a much more advanced model that is invoiced annually and costs $100 per user every month. Add-ons, on the other hand, will increase the total cost.

     Final Words

    The features of Salesforce 360 can help a firm improve both its internal procedures but also its consumer experience.

    Salesforce 360 enables businesses that are just beginning their digital journey to stay ahead of technological advances and provide the finest solutions for their customers.

    The purpose of this post was to provide an overview of Salesforce 360 and its important features. You learned more about Salesforce 360 Data Manager and its different use cases. You also learned about the Salesforce 360 pricing.

    As a result, it provides a 360-degree view of customers and raises customer experience to whole new heights.

    Using the capabilities of technology like Salesforce 360 may help an organization improve not only its internal operations but also its customer experience.

    However, a large expenditure like Salesforce 360 necessitates consideration, time, and sound counsel from Salesforce specialists.

    For further information regarding Salesforce 360 or any other Salesforce Commerce Cloud integrations, you wanted to have for your business contact team Folio3, one of the leading Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consultants.


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