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    Reasons Why You Should Migrate to Salesforce Commerce Cloud from eCommerce Platform

    Last Updated | April 28, 2023

    The e-commerce industry has become an integral part of our daily lives. It is ingrained into the new market and is in the minds of the people. Without having an online presence in 2022, you can’t really have a profitable business these days. 

    As they say, you don’t exist if you’re not on the web. The e-commerce business is all about the comfort of the customers while they are shopping. This is why most businesses want the best responsiveness, intricate but easy-to-use designs, and streamlined operations on their online stores.

     Today, companies use e-commerce as a means to enhance business productivity and increase their return on investment. Businesses of all domains, from health to e-commerce make use of the latest technologies, platforms, and software that will bring value to their business by raising customer engagement to make businesses successful. Handling online e-commerce websites is not an easy task. 

    The tasks include product listings, prices, warehouse management, inventory management, and delivery tracking which is quite difficult to manage manually. When customers were few, it was easy for businesses to report the activities and manage it all with small size software. But as demand grew, it became more challenging for the e-commerce companies to handle activities on their own. 

    This is where the demand to migrate to salesforce becomes an integral business need. The salesforce commerce cloud is an important part of businesses today. Organizations have adopted the Salesforce commerce cloud as their customer relationship management software to manage their e-commerce activities closely. 

    With over 87% of the customer journeys beginning from e-commerce channels according to salesforce, it shows that everyone wants a connected and seamless shopping experience. The B2B business also makes use of Salesforce B2B Commerce Integration to make their business streamlined. In a highly competitive environment, where online business is a bulk of the total income, each customer matters. 

    To manage the customers and the visits, it is a fundamental need to have a CRM to provide customers with the best experience. This is where a salesforce commerce cloud development company comes into play to make your business successful.

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    Reasons Why You Should Migrate to Salesforce Commerce Cloud from eCommerce Platform.

    The Salesforce commerce cloud is a software as a service, it was started by the organization to simplify the complete process of online sales to optimize the e-commerce experience. It is equipped with a large number of features so that businesses can maintain a good connection with their customers and even with wholesale purchasers. The reasons to migrate to salesforce are as follows:

    Cost-friendly for businesses.

    The Salesforce software provides subscription-based pricing plans to the users. This helps the businesses in cost-cutting as a lump sum is not needed. This means that businesses only pay as per their business requirements only. If the business needs to evolve, you can always ask your Salesforce commerce cloud consultants to upgrade the system. In this way, you only pay for what you are getting.

    No requirement for setting up the entire system.

    When a business decides to migrate to Salesforce, they do not need to set up the system from scratch. The system is hosted on a central server so there is no need to set up the software system’s hosting o your end. It is hosted on private Salesforce servers.

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    Increased Safety and Security.

    The Salesforce commerce cloud is very safe and secure. The increased security of cloud hosting is a very critical feature that makes it important for businesses to migrate to Salesforce.  The industry experts are now rating the security provided by cloud data servers as having increased security. 

    The experts agree that this technology improves the security standards keeping the data safe from external risks. The safety also increases as the data is kept internally safe in specified formats to make it unreadable via encryption and easy to retrieve upon requests.

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    Highly Scalable and Flexible.

    The highly scalable and immensely flexible software is one of the biggest benefits of Salesforce cloud hosting. The elasticity makes it perfect for e-commerce. 

    When there are minimal requests, the cloud provides a small bandwidth and provides increased bandwidth to those users who require it, making the services efficient and effective for the host, and the users. This makes it perfect for e-commerce as whenever increased bandwidth is needed, the flexibility provides it instantly.

    Also for growing businesses, the scalable nature can make it easy to scale up the resources to deal with increased customers. This nature allows the platform to cope with the increased business demand or deal with traffic spikes without needing intervention from users.

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    These are some of the reasons why online businesses should migrate to Salesforce for their e-commerce businesses. Salesforce is a very viable option for online businesses. The unique cloud-based architecture can do wonders for business clients whether they are B2C or B2B.

    What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud Why it is considered the leading eCommerce platform? 

    In the modern business of e-commerce, selling the product to the customer is not the only goal. But rather providing the customers with a smooth and streamlined shopping experience is another important factor that will play a critical role in the success of the business. 

    And this is where the salesforce commerce cloud will jump into the picture. The Salesforce CRM software has been designed specifically to help retail businesses to offer a seamless e-commerce experience, connect the shoppers, market the products smarter and faster, and grow the business speedily around the customers. According to some market reports, the global commerce cloud market size is projected to grow with a compound annual growth rate of 24.9%. 

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    This means the value will increase from $8.9billion in 2019 to $27billion by 2024. Salesforce commerce cloud is an agile platform for e-commerce that includes robust features alongside critical functionalities that will unify the complete customer journey, drive business success from anywhere around the world with a commerce platform that is customer-centric and can also develop and maintain a good customer relationship. 

    One of the leading sportswear brands Puma is making use of the salesforce commerce cloud platform. According to the global director of PUMA’s e-commerce, With Salesforce the site is faster. The user experience is better, and the conversion rate is also better.

     Full stop. It makes Puma “forever faster” with a truly mobile-first approach”. Salesforce is considered one of the best e-commerce platforms due to the countless benefits which are a result of its features.

    Some of the features of the salesforce commerce cloud are as follows:

    • The management of the products. It can manage the product-related aspects of the business such as the customer needs, marketing trends, and the business revenue.
    • The management of the content for the store. You can even manage a volume of the content and what to show on the storefront and then access it in real-time.
    • Integration of social media with the business. This will help the store handle all of the social media handles almost instantly. This also helps increase exposure and provides an online presence for your store.
    • Pricing management. The Salesforce commerce cloud can provide a clear idea about the pricing of the product and the sales of the products. This way one can get very suitable pricing for their products without incurring any losses.
    • A one-stop checkout for payment options. This can help save the time and the efforts of the customers checking out of the store. A one-stop checking out makes checkouts easy and decreases cart abandonment rates.
    • Targeted promotion management for the store. This will help the users have a competitive advantage for them to reach out to customers and target their customer segment.
    • The presence of artificial intelligence-based product recommendations. These will help the consumers and the e-commerce business side by side. The presence of artificial intelligence can help the customers sense the products better by using intelligent algorithms and also express them better from the store end.

    These are some of the features of the Salesforce commerce cloud that make it a business need rather than a want. The direct advantage of these features are:

    1. 24/7 availability of the store for the customers. 
    2. Relatively low operational costs.
    3. Boundless business opportunities for the store owners.
    4. Easy management operations for the business from anywhere.
    5. The provision of the best customer service.
    6. The ability to connect with the customers anytime and anywhere.

    When you migrate to Salesforce you will follow the “pay for what you use “model and this will help you save money.  You can hire a salesforce commerce cloud development company that can then implement the Salesforce B2B Commerce Integration for your business.

     The solutions of certified companies can provide adequate services to all business scales be it small firms, big companies, and even industries.

    Some typical mistakes can be tracked for all e-commerce platforms. Make sure that your platform doesn’t have such as problem.

    Ignoring the SEO services for e-commerce.

    The online store owners tend to ignore the search engine optimization for their e-commerce stores and this is one of the biggest and most typical mistakes that clients make. This happens because of the unawareness of the importance that is carried out by SEO.

     It is also a tool that can decrease the client’s search time for products that they need whilst looking over the internet. It also increases the website exposure for their products as well. The SEO-powered e-commerce store is a need in the modern world.

     Fortunately, the SEO rules for online stores are similar to those of online stores. Some elements that e-commerce store developers should consider when launching their new store should be:

    • Reputation Management. 
    • Spiders/Crawling.
    • Off-Site SEO. 
    • On-Site SEO.
    • SERP. 
    • Anchor Text. 
    • Internal Links. 
    • Backlinks. 

    Not focusing on website response times.

    Since one of the pillars of the e-commerce business is to provide the customers with the best services, it is important to provide responses to the customers quickly.

     An efficient and effective e-commerce platform functionality is the time it needs to respond to the users. The clients hate to wait in the store when they instead expect to enjoy almost instant responses. The wait of each second is infuriating for them. 

    The response time is the total time interval that will elapse between the sending of the client’s request and then the response to this request from the system. 

    In case, the response time, of the e-commerce store exceeds 2 or 3 seconds, there is a 67% chance of the client abandoning your store for your competitor.

     The response time problems occur in cases when the developers pay less attention to some aspects of developments such as the JavaScript and the CSS blocks of code that make the display of the main content, and the correct caching of the data on the pages. 

    Subsequently, these also affect the number of significant indicators which will directly affect the traffic of the site, and also affect the profit or make business losses. The main indicators that your site is affected by developmental problems are:

    • The slow loading of the page makes the search engine robots almost unusable. These will not be able to index the content clearly so it will fall in the search engine result pages.
    • The quality ranking website in search engines. The speed of the loading pages of your site is a very important parameter in speed optimization. The poor behavioral metrics will also lead to the sagging of the site positions in the search engine result pages.

    It is very important to have your store have a good response time. Google, back in July 2018, began to make use of the Google Speed Update algorithm. This was designed to reduce the position of the pages that have a low download speed for mobile issuance.

    The use of unreliable systems.

    When companies make use of unreliable systems on their e-commerce websites, the site becomes unresponsive, and can even disrupt the customer’s experience on the store. It is important to make sure of software systems that guarantee the best services for customers.

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    How we can resolve those problems Using Salesforce commerce cloud response time problem

    Salesforce commerce cloud solves these problems mentioned previously to make sure that the response time and other problems are managed.


    Salesforce has a cache which is a dedicated memory for the storage of the prepared data. This cache can minimize the need for unnecessary requests to the databases and is designed to speed up access to the data. 

    When Salesforce develops large sales platforms, the cache is responsible for the cache that will provide the component to increase the response times and speeds. The cache has three aspects that make sure that the store provides the best response times:

    1. The salesforce commerce cloud can not only help in the selection of specific data to be added to the cache but also helps to choose which parts of which pages will be cached. This helps significantly increase the speed of making changing and launching the projects. Also, it prevents the addition of areas such as baskets that should never be cached.
    2. The cache is also very vital for analyzing the data that can help understand which data is worth caching for the user. This cached resource is limited and thus will not be spent on the data that the user requires. Rendering any unwanted data as useless.
    3. Lastly, the queries are only searched on the web level. The remnants are up on the application level and only a fraction of the requests can each reach the databases. If the cache is not correctly built, all events will develop in a reversed order.

    This will lead to an increase in the server traffic and exponentially when there is increased traffic. Access to the database queries will prevent the whole system from accessing the database and slowing down the access.

    Providing a powerful server system.

    The response time of Salesforce can also make the responses quick from the site end. The salesforce commerce cloud has servers placed in various locations. Big companies prefer this platform as they are sure that the servers of Salesforce are located all around the world which makes the response time fast as clients all around the world are serviced by the closest servers so they don’t have to wait for a long response. Salesforce servers are located in:

    • Frankfurt, Germany (GER)
    • Kobe, Japan (JPN)
    • Chicago, Illinois, United States (USA)
    • London, United Kingdom (UK): London, UK (North) & London, UK (West)
    • Paris, France (FRA)
    • Tokyo, Japan (JPN)
    • Washington, DC, United States (USA)
    • Dallas, Texas, United States (USA)
    • Phoenix, Arizona, United States (USA)

    Additionally, there are also data centers that are served by the Amazon web services infrastructure as a service for the cloud in Australia and Canada. It also means that the client’s request from anywhere in the world will be addressed equally quickly.

    Features and Benefits of using Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

    1. Content Management

    The Salesforce platform can help manage the content on your e-commerce business. The content is another critical part of the business that requires consideration. This feature of the Salesforce commerce cloud will help the users customize, create and deliver the best content across all of your sales channels. 

    This CRM software will help you create content in a single place and also provide the ability to share it without any requirement of complex coding or technical expertise. It will also offer a very personalized content experience for all of your different customer segments.

     It lets your content creators manage approvals, collaborate with each other, and tailor the content to complement the business. It also allows users to create content quickly and bring a vision to the page in all formats innovatively. 

    2. Order Management

    The real problems for e-commerce businesses are that they have plenty of orders that need to be micromanaged. The orders are the center of online businesses that will drive the revenues. Additionally, it will ensure that the business workflows run in a streamlined manner. 

    The Salesforce commerce cloud will offer order management that will help your e-commerce business manage all of the total orders without any manual effort, with great accuracy, and provide simplicity.

     It also has a built-in drag and drop function to make development easy. Order management will help the businesses customize the supply chain workflows, invoices, order fulfillment and payment captures. 

    Furthermore, the system will also offer a complete process for cancellation for the customer which will make their life and your life easier.

    3. B2C Commerce

    The conversion of the visitors into successful transactions is the ultimate goal of each and every e-commerce business. Salesforce B2C commerce Company will be a feature that will be immensely helpful. It will also let the store owners build a great digital commerce experience for the store customers. 

    These will help in the conversion of the visitors into potential purchasers. It will optimize the conversion funnel for the store by reducing the rate of abandoned carts by a substantial amount. Additionally, it will also empower the customer service representatives by providing them with access to real-time data of the storefronts and the order histories. 

    It will also help the organizations by controlling their merchandising and marketing by successfully launching and building campaigns alongside promotions quickly and smartly without the need for any technical support.

    4. B2B Commerce

    The B2B orders from dealers, retailers, distributors, and organizations can also be managed for the B2B e-commerce stores. The Salesforce B2B commerce will also help the business maximize the online store growth by making the online purchase for business customers easily. 

    The B2B feature will offer self-service and simple online purchases that will help in reducing the B2B e-commerce complexities. The migration to Salesforce from any website will help your business optimize the daily B2B workflows and empower the sales teams by reducing the need for any manual tasks and thus boosting their productivity. 

    The teams can then work on real-time customer data and provide the best services. This helps build the branded sites and provides a great digital portal that will also enable your partners to grow side by side.

    These are just some of the features and benefits that Salesforce will provide for its customers.

    How Salesforce Commerce Cloud can help you with your online business

    The Salesforce commerce cloud will provide help to online businesses by providing immense benefits. Your e-commerce business can make use of the benefits provided by Salesforce. 

    1. Provide a rich mobile experience.

    When you migrate to Salesforce, you can provide a very mobile-friendly experience to mobile customers. Salesforce is renowned for providing a rich mobile experience. 

    The increased number of mobile phone users makes them a very important channel for business. Almost 51% of all online orders are placed from mobile phones. This means that now the store owners must create user-friendly, beautiful, and comprehensive e-commerce storefronts. 

    Another strategy was to make use of SEO strategies that can provide a responsive design to have increased chances to get the e-commerce page in the leading rankings. 

    The Salesforce commerce cloud will allow businesses to achieve increased rankings as well. It comes equipped with a very user-friendly feature and functionalities that will help the business offer a very streamlined and smooth shopping experience to the shoppers.

     As organizations decide to migrate to Salesforce for their business operations to other platforms, data confidentiality and security become their top concerns. The Salesforce commerce cloud removes these concerns completely to ensure growth and security in the long run for the business.

    2. Affordable

    Salesforce is one of the most affordable software solutions for businesses of all sizes.

     The solution comes as a subscription-based pricing plan for the users. This helps the businesses in cost-cutting as a lump sum is not needed. For e-commerce businesses, it means that the businesses only pay as per their business requirements. 

    If the business needs to evolve, you can always ask your Salesforce commerce cloud consultants to upgrade the system. Owing to this model of payment, your business will only pay for what you get. It means that all sizes of businesses can afford the solution and use it at their convenience easily upgrading and downgrading the service levels.

    3. Enhanced online security.

    The security features of the cloud are a key reason why several businesses have started to migrate to Salesforce cloud and shifted their operations to online platforms. The security algorithms of Salesforce keep the system secure from external attacks and can even prevent denial of service attacks by detecting them and blocking them.

     Salesforce is equipped with five types of security layers including role hierarchy sharing, manual sharing, sharing rules, organizational-wide defaults, and Apex-based sharing. These multiple levels also prevent any unknown, bogus, and false access which makes Salesforce very favorable for keeping the data secure from external threats.

     It sorts out all of the security points that can keep the data confidential and secure. This also decreases costs as even though Salesforce is a CRM, it can help the businesses improve the productivity levels of the employees. 

    4. Predictive Intelligence

    Salesforce commerce cloud makes use of the artificial intelligence system called Einstein. It is also a great feature to use for online business. It also led to the enhanced demand for the platform across the world. You can launch successful e-commerce businesses and keep track of the competitors, the changing market trends, customer behaviors, and customer interactions.

     The Einstein AI possesses this next generation of the artificial intelligence platform to help the business by generating data analysis and detailed insights that will help the business make well-informed decisions. It comes equipped with strategies and tools that can eliminate the need for third-party extensions and manual data analysis.

    5. Scalability and flexibility.

    The highly scalable and immensely flexible software is one of the biggest benefits of Salesforce cloud hosting.

     The high levels of elasticity make Salesforce ideal for e-commerce. When there are minimal requests, the cloud provides a small bandwidth and provides increased bandwidth to those users who require it, making the services efficient and effective for the host, and the users. 

    This makes it perfect for e-commerce as whenever increased bandwidth is needed, the flexibility provides it instantly. Also for growing businesses, the scalable nature can make it easy to scale up the resources to deal with increased customers. The scalability will allow the Salesforce platform to deal with the traffic spikes without needing intervention from users and any increased business demands.

    These are some of the best advantages that Salesforce commerce cloud can provide online businesses with. Several businesses make use of the benefits to get the best online business tools.


    When companies migrate to Salesforce, they can save and make money. The savings occur as unnecessary positions are cut off, increase productivity, and boost the efficiency and effectiveness of the business. They can create their own personalized working systems for business and generate money.

     It also helps them fulfill the customers’ desires by micromanaging each customer. For businesses looking to have a long-term presence, Salesforce is the go-to partner. The CRM will act as an all-in-one platform and provide the best solutions for business needs.

     Make sure that the system is implemented by an expert salesforce commerce cloud development company. You can even make use of the top salesforce commerce cloud consultants who can provide the best guidance to you as your business grows. The migration to Salesforce will make sure that you have the best solutions.

     Get the Best Salesforce Development and Migrate your eCommerce Platform to Salesforce Commerce Cloud for Your Business From Folio3


    1) Is Salesforce commerce cloud B2B or B2C? 

    The Salesforce commerce cloud can serve B2B customers and even B2C customers. The B2C organizations can view their sales activities, track progress, automate sales processes, and manage customer leads. The B2B commerce cloud will empower businesses to offer seamless e-commerce experiences that inspire other businesses to work with your organization.

    2) What is headless commerce Salesforce? 

    The Salesforce headless commerce is the method of decoupling the back-end software architecture from the front-end delivery layer for the e-commerce applications. The back-end architecture includes code, databases, and development platforms to feed the data directly to the front-end layers that comprise the display on the screen.

     The headless commerce Salesforce provides digital experiences that were otherwise standardized and simpler, to be displayed differently for different devices such as browsers and devices.

    This form of architecture will offer the brands the freedom of what they display and build the store as per their convenience. It also helps enrich the customer experience.

    Make sure you hire a certified salesforce commerce cloud development company to get the best services and no loose ends.

    3) What types of businesses use the salesforce commerce cloud? 

    Salesforce is used by companies that need software to automate their workflows, track their customer behaviors, and manage customer relationships. Salesforce commerce cloud is used by the likes of Amazon, and Costco.

    All sizes of businesses make use of Salesforce, be it large-scale corporations or small-sized businesses.

    4) Salesforce Sales Cloud vs. Service Cloud vs. Commerce Cloud

    The Salesforce sales cloud generally refers to the sales module in Salesforce. This will include:

    • Campaign generations.
    • Custom Apps, tabs & objects.
    • The self-service portal.
    • Sales forecasts and territory management.
    • Business cases and solutions.
    • Accounts of orders and the customer contacts details.
    • Future opportunities for the store and business leads.
    • Comprehensive dashboards that are usable and detailed reports for the statuses.
    • Public knowledge via the salesforce communities.
    • Service-focused CTI integration.
    • Daily tasks and activities.
    • The visual workflow.
    • Add-Ons: Knowledge base.
    • Products, assets, and quotation management.
    • Calendars, event tracking.
    • Add-Ons: Service cloud portal.

    On the other hand, the Salesforce service cloud will include all of the features of the Salesforce sales cloud but adds features such as:

    • Service cloud console.
    • Service entitlements for some customers.
    • Routing for an omnichannel experience.
    • Service level agreements.
    • Visual SLA timelines.
    • Add-On: Live agent.
    • CTI integration.
    • Web-to-case.
    • Add-On: Live messaging.

    The Salesforce commerce cloud digital can create a completely responsive website with the help of mobile frameworks, several popular tools, and other features as well. The digital commerce cloud can help present the store on social media, online stores and also extend the target audience. It includes:

    • The storefront reference architecture. This framework can help build professional websites that are customizable, in almost no time. Pre-designed wireframes value integrations for customizations and embedded technologies are used to maintain the website.
    • The endless aisle. This can unify the shopping channels and make the customer shopping experience easier for the customers and the store associates as well. Personalized customer experiences can be provided as the team has access to customer databases and data on the online inventory. Customers can also create wish lists and also reduce walk-in sales by showcasing the special offers on the online store.
    • It can also manage the orders by optimizing the process. It can fulfill and deliver customer orders all across the globe, manage returns and cancellations, and automate the payment process.
    • Commerce portals can help build a relationship with the customers by encouraging them and engaging them with customer loyalty programs. Since the customer statistics can be tracked, the customers can be provided materials on their customer journey. You can even deliver relevant content and any brand updates to the customers via communication on email, social media, or in communities.
    • It also provides a complete commerce platform by providing developer tools, templates, and commerce APIs that are utilized to create websites with no coding skills needed. You can connect the commerce data across all the multiple digital channels and also make use of data-driven insights about the experience of the customers on the platform.

    5) Why I should choose Folio3 to help me build an optimized Salesforce commerce Cloud Platform?

    For the past 15+ years, Folio3 has been providing clients with their services. It provides services to clients all across the globe. Folio3 has an effectively-outlined framework that ensures that their Salesforce commerce cloud development services are the best. 

    They can act as a salesforce commerce cloud development company. You should choose their services as:

    • We have experienced and certified salesforce commerce cloud consultants who are able to optimize the code. We can provide the best services for Salesforce solution development as we have all the relevant technical expertise and resources.
    • Folio3 requirement engineers can understand what you want for your business very swiftly. Then the domain experts will analyze the business needs and devise the best Salesforce solutions. These experts provide tailored Salesforce solutions for maximum effectiveness. 
    • Folio3 is renowned for providing timely project deliveries by our clients. We make sure that before the arrival of deadlines, the client is provided with the Salesforce solution. Any delays are removed so that the business remains active online and the store faces less downtime which can lead to a decrease in sales.
    • Our company is able to provide the clients with task completion percentages making the customers aware of the progress of their Salesforce solution. 
    • We provide our clients with post-project Salesforce services. These help ensure that all updates to the customer solution are implemented which consistently makes the performance of the Salesforce store better and maintains the store for the future.
    • Folio3 eliminates any reworking costs. This as a result can decrease the resources, development time, efforts, and costs. Subsequently, these keep the customer worry-free for extended delivery times or any additional costs.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.