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Salesforce B2B Commerce Integration Benefits Enhance your profitability by Optimizing your Business' Department flow.

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8-15% Higher Revenue

The Salesforce B2B commerce integration benefits have a guaranteed success likelihood...

Higher Revenue

The Salesforce B2B commerce integration benefits have a guaranteed success likelihood. This will almost instantly be reflected as your revenue shoots up 8% to 15%.
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6 Weeks

Our biggest benefit is providing our clients with a maximum 6-week deployment...

6 Weeks

Your business can penetrate new markets within weeks instead of years. Our solutions are based on agile methods, so this means that we focus on quick product delivery.
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Reduced Costs

You can save about 20%-30% on solution development and implementation by Folio3...

Reduced Costs

Our Salesforce eCommerce integration prices provide a high return on investment, and you can verify this by getting into contact with our previous clients.
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Salesforce Extension development

Our WordPress eCommerce Salesforce integration can provide your store...

Salesforce Extension development

Our WordPress eCommerce Salesforce integration can provide your store with multiple benefits for this integration solution.
Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration (Demandware) assists you to sketch enhanced engaged customer and employee experience by offering a 360-degree view. It aids you in attracting two different systems together to develop a unified product view of your clients. Salesforce B2B commerce cloud partner will assist you with the following traits:

Folio3 Salesforce B2B Commerce Integration Services

Our team has Salesforce architects, design and development engineers, Salesforce B2B commerce cloud partner, and quality assurance engineers who are all certified by Salesforce. 

Our experts develop the most optimal Salesforce integration solutions that can smoothen the complicated CRM operation management of customers to help achieve all your business goals. These are some notable services that are present in our Salesforce integration services for B2B clients.

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Fraud Proprietary Transaction

Folio3 has been in the business of providing e-commerce services for over 15+ years. These years of experience reflect our expertise in delivering quality services...

Fraud Proprietary Transaction

We understand the importance of the security of e-commerce platforms. E-commerce stores contain sensitive customer data such as credit card data, customer details, and order histories. These are protected using encryption techniques, and handshake protocols over the internet.
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Our Salesforce solutions can support multiple storefronts to promote localization. A prime part of the localization...


Our Salesforce solutions can support multiple storefronts to promote localization. A prime part of the localization is the facility of providing our customers with a hyper-localized checkout facility with minimal foreign transaction fees. These make the payment for checkout effortless and understandable as per local practices.
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We provide tax authority registration services. These can make sure that you are an active taxpayer by registering all the sales to the authorities to keep your business tax-compliant...


For certain taxpayers, the solutions can even take into account the tax exemption certificates and then calculate different tax payments. The filing and remitting of returns and taxes is made easy by our Salesforce integration services for B2B clients. Tax identification can also be made by the solution to identify all clients and then manage their accounts.
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The solution is compliant with international standards such as ISO 14001 and ISO 9001....


The solution is compliant with international standards such as ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 and compliant with key regulations such as Privacy mark, GDPR, PSD2, and PCI. This dynamic display of our solution makes sure all policies are in compliance with the regulations placed around the globe. Our solution can automatically screen for non-compliant solutions and then block them.

Check out our Projects

Folio3 has more than fifteen years of experience in designing and developing solutions and services to companies of different sizes. 

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Greenlane with BigCommerce

  • Bigcommerce Customization

  • Folio3 helped Greenlane with PACT compliance and modifying Bigcommerce feaures to meet the specific needs of the business


  • Bigcommerce Integration and Customization

  • Folio3 implemented Bigcommerce Enterprise plan and offered uniqie customizations helping Easilocks to improve business management and customer experience
recaptra (1)


  • Bigcommerce Migration and Customization

  • Folio3 offered Magento to Bigcommerce migration and customization services to enable Receptra to meet their business management needs and improve customer experience

For your Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration (Demandware) needs, we offer a trained team of Experts. Our salesforce experts have a lot of experience with bespoke integration for your store.

Benefits of Salesforce B2B Commerce Integration for your business

We believe that all systems should work together, like fingers on a hand. This implies a seamless data flow between departments, a single access for users, and automated data synchronization. But before you opt for our our service check the benefits of Salesforce integration as well.
Salesforce B2B Commerce Integration

Why choose Folio3 as your Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud Partner?

One could wonder, why particularly choose Folio3 as the Salesforce B2B Commerce integration partner. To help you decide this, we will provide you with the specialties that make us the optimal solution for Salesforce. 

We provide a customized Salesforce development process that can provide our clients with an understanding of the multiple processes involved in understanding the business goals of the customers, creating a deployment plan, and then training the client’s team to manage the Salesforce integration solution efficiently. 

This ecommerce integration with salesforce solutions can then be used to make impacts on the business. Choose Folio3 as your Salesforce ecommerce integration service provider for services such as store maintenance, integration services, and speed optimization. We set up the store for a path of success once we deliver the solution and train your employees. Here are multiple reasons why you should choose us.

Grow revenue and lower your cost to serve with digital-first ordering. Salesforce B2B Commerce helps you:

Get a quick online presence to make sure that you can penetrate the market. The digital storefront must be ready and up on the store to start the business. An interactive storefront developed by the best Salesforce e-commerce integration firms to increase sales on the store by providing necessary facilitations.


Deliver seamless post-purchase journeys on the world’s #1 CRM. Now you can:

Connect the ecommerce store to a unified call center that will have the CRM available for use. As soon as a customer is assigned, their data will pop up on the screen and make sure that the interaction between the service agent and the customer is quite transparent and effective. The presence of FAQs and chatbots makes self-service for the customers easy.

Exceed your goals — and consumer expectations. Industry leaders use Salesforce B2C Commerce to:

For ecommerce integration with salesforce stores can help increase the revenue of your store, the engagement with the customers across multiple channels to provide a complete Omnichannel experience, and automate workflows that can decrease the workload on the employees, subsequently boosting their performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

One can hire the best Salesforce B2B ecommerce integration companies to enable the big-sized enterprises to create e-commerce storefronts that are designed by these experts in such a way that the store can cater to businesses that make a large number of purchases from your store. 

These B2B customers require online access to their suppliers to get products to run their businesses. The intersection of the Salesforce B2B commerce cloud and the CRM of Salesforce utilize the data to provide the best services to the sellers and the buyers. All records are visible to the sellers that can view all transaction details available in the Salesforce dashboard. 

Once you hire the top USA Salesforce ecommerce integration Company, which would be Folio3, they provide direct benefits to your store such as scalability, increase customer conversion rates, improve brand awareness, provide a customer-centered experience that provides exceptional services, and analytics capabilities to make smarter decisions over time. 

The features of these integration solutions for B2B customers will be providing shopping carts that store data of hundreds of thousands of products and their variations during a transaction, making use of specific authentication to make sure legitimate orders get through, providing customized themes for a better shopping experience and a mobile-optimized service, allow for negotiated pricing, different prices for different business customers such as wholesalers, suppliers, and retailers, provide complex shipping options to multiple warehouses, with deliveries at different locations and at variable dates for the same customer, and perhaps the most important features, provide multiple payment options such as credit or debit cards, purchase orders, or e-wallets.

The solution development for Salesforce integration projects is quite variable. Even the Best USA Salesforce B2B ecommerce integration agency, such as Folio3, will take 6 weeks on average to develop a heavy Salesforce solution from scratch which is fully customized. Folio3 can even provide Affordable ecommerce salesforce integration cost as less time, fewer resources, and less re-working is needed.

Yes, you can hire ecommerce salesforce integration Company USA such as Folio3 to perform data migration services alongside ecommerce integration with salesforce. Our developers have the expertise, resources, and skills needed to safely and securely migrate the data from one platform to another. You can get in contact with our representatives and get a free consultation of what your business requires to achieve growth levels.

The benefits of getting the Best Salesforce B2B ecommerce integration companies such as Folio3 to perform integration services. Folio3 will provide benefits to your Salesforce store such as scalability which means heavy traffic of customers can be managed without ruining the customer experience, increasing conversion rates of customers by designing storefronts that attract other businesses, improving the brand awareness by making a noticeable online presence, providing a customer experience that provides exceptional services as it is focusing on being customer-centered, and providing smart analytics capabilities for data to make smarter decisions over time. These benefits can be achieved by solution owners as they are providing shopping carts that store data of hundreds of thousands of products and their variations during transactions to their clients, making use of authentication to make sure legitimate orders get through, making the store secure, providing mobile-optimized service, allowing for negotiated pricing with the other business party, different pricing packages for different business customers such as wholesalers, retailers, and suppliers, providing a complex shipping option to multiple warehouses for storage, with deliveries at variable dates and different locations for the same customer, and perhaps the most important feature, providing the business party with multiple payment options such as credit or debit cards, e-wallets or online payment processors.

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