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    Seamless Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud Experience – How to Implement It

    Last Updated | April 28, 2023

    A top-notch B2B – business to business eCommerce solution is Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud. You can utilize this solution, which has been used by many well-known organizations, including Adidas and Ecolab, to optimize your daily e-commerce operations.

    Businesses who want to improve the performance of their eCommerce websites may consider B2B Commerce.

    To learn more about B2B Commerce and the Commerce Cloud, continue reading. The article explores the implementation of Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud, what it is, the features and the benefits your business reap from it, and a lot more.  

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    Seamless Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud Experience – How To Implement It With Folio3

    Folio3 has consulted with its experts and is disseminating these crucial guidelines for the implementation procedure of the Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud.

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    • The Pricing Plans

    Think about your pricing plan. Do you have any applicable multi-buy discounts, product bundles, or coupon codes? The correct model may be designed and a responsive price engine can be made by trying to break down the pricing process.

    • Thinking With Your Potential Customer’s Perspective

    Think about how your customers purchase from you. Do they need to explore sites with detailed specifications and information, or are they more likely to already be aware of the specific SKUs they want to order?

    To ensure that regular customers can have a quick and easy experience, swift carts can be made available.

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    • Considering The Design Portal

    B2B purchases are frequently functional, therefore the portal’s design is important to take into account. Ideally, the user experience should be swift and efficient; however, if the page is overly customized and branded, this can slow down the website’s performance.

    For B2B, a straightforward, clean shopping experience can be quite beneficial, especially for big/bulk orders.

    • Thinking About Your Customers

    Think about who your customers are; do they place orders on behalf of multiple child accounts or simply one business? Do you have set prices for each business you work with or each group of businesses?

    Do you provide distinct brands for various specialized markets? To guarantee that the customer has access to what they need when they need it, multiple storefronts or product/price ranges might be supplied.

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    What’s In B2B Commerce?

    Here are a few trends of Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud that are taking over the eCommerce Marketplace like winds;

    • The Marketplace MVPs – B2B

    One of the largest B2B commerce trends this year will be marketplaces, which are digital platforms that link buyers and sellers of goods.

    This trend will affect both large corporations and small- to medium-sized firms. B2Bs can significantly increase their reach by using marketplace technologies to attract more vendors and provide complementary products from other companies. 

    • Blurring Boundaries Of B2B D2C

    When faced with the challenges of the pandemic, many businesses who had never considered implementing D2C models discovered themselves augmenting B2B channels and moving directly to the customer.

    Businesses now have to maintain the extra channels they developed over the previous few years. The distinctions between B2B and D2C businesses will become increasingly hazy as a result.

    Companies will have to make investments in solutions that really can enable agility and channel change in 2022 and beyond.

    • Customer Acquisition 

    B2B firms previously concentrated their digital initiatives on developing and streamlining self-service websites for their existing clients. While maintaining customer loyalty and retention will always be a top goal, new customer acquisition would take center stage in 2022 and beyond.

    The modern secret to B2B success is paid advertising, SEO, email marketing, and social media initiatives. B2B decision-makers who are digital natives demand that business.

    • Rapid Traction For Complex And Bigger Products

    B2B commerce projects have traditionally concentrated on automating straightforward reorders.

    That is altering. According to Gartner’s study, 77% of B2B buyers indicated their most recent transaction was highly complicated or challenging. B2B brands will work hard this year to find a solution to this persistent problem.

    Business buyers choose the simplicity of use over anything else, even as their digital needs increase.

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    Features and Benefits of using Salesforce B2B

    • Features 

    The primary capabilities that Salesforce B2B Commerce provides;

    • Fast digital ordering launches.
    • Improved self-service buying.
    • Easy reordering and a quick search on the customer portal.
    • Website and apps that are mobile-optimized.
    • Price flexibility and a set of customized products.
    • Send packages to various destinations.
    • A range of payment choices.
    • Account managers and service representatives can examine data from commerce, CRM, service, and marketing in one location.
    • Since all of the items and relationships are connected, onboarding will be simple for business owners who are familiar with the salesforce CRM.
    • With salesforce CPQ, merchants have the option to include a request for a quote extension. Additionally advantageous to them are individualized shipping solution integrations.
    • Benefits

    The following four advantages of Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud;

    • Quick System Adoption

    This will be a clear factor to take into account if you are already utilizing Salesforce CRM. Your Salesforce data will be directly connected by commerce.

    As a result, your investment in training users will be lower because they already have experience with cloud-based products.

    • Speed

    Salesforce Commerce is a cutting-edge platform that makes it simple to design transactional experiences. Drag-and-drop capabilities provided by the Lightning framework lessen your reliance on developer time.

    The newest Salesforce client of Folio3 is using Lightning’s framework for quick customization. In less than three months, the go-live took place.

    • Total Ownership Costs

    Everything on a single platform, integration expenses are reduced.

    • One Viewpoint

    The ability of account managers and service representatives to view sales, CRM, service, and marketing data in one location is arguably the biggest advantage.

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    How Can You Drive Growth In Revenue and Increase Your Sales With B2B Commerce Cloud?

    Businesses can generate revenue and increase sales from Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud in several ways.

    • Analytics

    Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud offers thorough customer analytics. These analytics can be used by your team to create superior sales strategies. More sales and conversions will result from a better strategy.

    • Brand Recognition

    B2B commerce can increase brand awareness by hastening the market entry of your company. This solution can enable the development of unique and branded stores straightforward as your company expands. Your brand can continue to be strongly felt throughout the entire consumer experience.

    • Enhanced Sales

    Features which have been specifically created for B2B buyers’ comfort and satisfaction are available through B2B Commerce. Additionally, a streamlined e-commerce site lowers transaction costs for both you and your clients.

    • A multichannel approach

    Omnichannel communication is possible with B2B commerce. Customers can communicate with your company as they like.

    You would be able to communicate with clients as a seller through several channels while maintaining a constant experience.

    Achieving Success Together With Folio3 (Making It Simple)

    Folio3 believes that our success lies in the success of our customers, by providing simple yet elegant customer-centric services as a leading Salesforce Commerce Cloud consultant is all our experts and developers look forward to.

    • Digitalized Manufacturing 

    From a single integrated platform, you may split shipments, add account-based pricing, and streamline ordering.

    • Modernized Consumer Products

    Retail businesses should stock their shelves with goods, and smart digital experiences should allow contract pricing and customized catalogues.

    • Rethink The Sales Of Healthcare Products

    Automate the acquisition of pharmaceuticals or medical equipment, and omnichannel purchasing experiences will boost sales.

    • Business Expansion 

    Utilize our community of partners to customize your business for your clients. Get ready-made solutions for loyalty, ERP, payments, and more.

    Final Words

    Global eCommerce is a huge market that is expanding swiftly. Nowadays, whether making big or small purchases, customers and organizations need a connected, online shopping experience that fulfils their needs.

    With its robust CRM, Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud aids companies in realizing their full potential. A highly tailored customer experience is guaranteed by its mobile-friendly design, AI-enabled CRM, AI-guided search results, and product suggestions.

    For more information and queries on Salesforce B2B Commerce Integration contact Folio3 and let us be the guide for your business towards success.

    We can also provide assistance and services in other eCommerce platforms in WooCommerce Integration and as a BigCommerce web design company.


    Is Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2B or B2C?

    The quickest response would be that Salesforce Commerce Cloud development does both salesforce B2C commerce developer and B2B, however, they are really two distinct initiatives that share a name.

    What is the Salesforce B2B platform?

    Businesses can build eCommerce storefronts using Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud that are intended exclusively for companies buying in bulk from other companies online.

    What is Salesforce B2B commerce lightning?

    B2B Commerce Lightning gives multiple options for the goods with variants and qualities in an effortless manner. Allowing unauthorized promotion of the benefits to your store will increase sales. Give customers the ability to make and administer lists of the things they’re interested in.

    What does Salesforce Commerce Cloud do?

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud, which was introduced in 2016, seeks to make it possible for customers and businesses to offer a seamless customer experience both online and offline.


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