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    Why Use Salesforce Commerce Cloud? What are the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Benefits?

    Last Updated | June 19, 2023

    Each firm should prioritize enhancing its online presence and giving customers a hassle-free experience. Since each consumer has various choices, addressing all and every consumer’s wants might be tough. How can we be certain that Salesforce Commerce Cloud benefits you in managing your business and efficiently handling all issues?

    A corporation must constantly be diligent in recognizing and capitalizing on its demands and requirements. Are you interested in how Salesforce Commerce Cloud can support you in this? 

    All this and much more, the article covers everything about the Salesforce Commerce Cloud benefits and features of using salesforce commerce cloud development company. So here is a glimpse of the features and benefits you are going to read about later in the article.

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    1. Pre-Designed Architecture
    2. eCommerce Platform
    3. Never-Ending Commerce Cloud Aisle
    4. Digitalized Commerce Cloud Digital
    5. Trade Portals
    6. Order Management


    1. Forecasting Intelligence
    2. Internationalization
    3. Freedom To Customize
    4. Improved Marketing Tools
    5. Improved Scalability
    6. Mobile-Friendly
    7. Omnichannel Functionalities
    8. Outstanding Customer Support

    Let’s begin with why consider Salesforce Commerce Cloud benefits and use Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration.

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    Why Use Salesforce Commerce Cloud? What Are The Salesforce Commerce Cloud Benefits?

    Demandware was the previous name for Salesforce Commerce Cloud development. It is a user-friendly, intuitive eCommerce platform built and constructed with the specific goal of assisting businesses in growing the value of their brands, exploring uncharted business opportunities, increasing sales, and increasing customer conversions most quickly and efficiently.

    Every growth-oriented company aiming to give its clients outstanding shopping experiences across several channels should choose this cloud-based commerce platform.

    The features offered by salesforce commerce cloud services revolutionize how brands interact with consumers at every phase of the customer experience. From one route to another, the Commerce Cloud seamlessly switches.

    Every firm is therefore supported throughout every engagement phase and platform.

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a platform for running online businesses effectively as well as an open and content-rich cloud-based eCommerce platform(other e-commerce platform includes Woocommerce Migration and woocommerce development services) that tries to encourage companies to create clever and engaging buying experiences for the customers across all routes, including mobile, web, store, social, etc.

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    What Is Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration And Types Of SFCC?

    The “world’s premier B2C and B2B commerce solution,” according to Salesforce, is Commerce Cloud. Salesforce Commerce Cloud benefits are providing effective and cutting-edge eCommerce solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes through its two main products, B2B and B2C commerce.

    • Cloud B2B Commerce

    For business purchasers, Salesforce B2B Commerce Integration provides the capability and flexibility to handle huge orders, quick checkouts, and intricate shipping functionality.

    The platform allows both big and small businesses to grow rapidly and effectively while providing clients with streamlined, tailored online experiences.

    • Cloud B2C Commerce

    Salesforce b2c commerce solution enables businesses to design unique online and mobile purchasing experiences. Retailers can also build numerous websites under different brands and manage them from one location.

    B2C Commerce is specifically created to communicate with potential customers on social media and by emailing because consumer interactions expand further than a brand’s website.

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    Why You Should Choose Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

    Order management, an online store, predictive analytics, and a mobile point of sale are all coordinated by SFCC. Every digital medium makes buying pleasurable, interactive, interesting, and customizable.

    It is a multi-occupant architectural software that delivers a substantial boost to the quality and security concerns of the platform. All phases of cross-channel commerce are propelled by the three service categories that make up this integrated platform: intelligence, experience, and operations.

    This Omnichannel approach allows a seller better control over what customers discover via interactions, payments, statistics, customer support, relationship development, and community engagement in light of recent changes in consumer purchasing behaviour and technology.

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    What Are The Features And Benefits Of Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

    We will now look at all the previously mentioned features and benefits in a very comprehensive manner; 

    Key Features Of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

    • Pre-Designed Architecture

    Using this state-of-the-art framework, you can quickly construct a distinctive, knowledgeable website. Pre-designed wireframes, integrated digital innovation tools, and helpful integrations for updates can all be used to properly maintain your website.

    • eCommerce Platform

    Without the need for coding knowledge, SFCC provides a variety of templates, advanced features, and commerce APIs. Additionally, it is feasible to integrate business trade data throughout all broadcast platforms and obtain platform-specific data-driven insights regarding client experiences.

    • Never-Ending Commerce Cloud Aisle

    You may connect all shopping channels with SFCC to make it easier for both your customers and your retail staff to buy from you. While creating customized customer experiences, you may give your team access to enterprise and customer databases as well as information on online inventory.

    This can be used by your customers to make a wish list of the products they want to purchase. You could reduce your walk-in sales by marketing special offers on the online store.

    • Digitalized Commerce Cloud Digital

    You may create a fully responsive website with the aid of standard tools, mobile architectures, and other features.

    With the help of Commerce Cloud Digital, you can expand your target market and advertise your online marketplace on social media. The mobile consumer experience can also be improved by optimizing digital payments and search, reducing cart abandonment, and creating your own branded app.

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    • Trade Portals

    You may build a lasting relationship with your customers by involving and motivating them through loyalty programmes. Since SFCC enables you to track consumer behaviour statistics, you may provide your clients with pertinent learning tools at every stage of their purchasing journey.

    You can also share relevant material and brand updates with your customers through communities, newsletters, and social media.

    • Order Management

    You may speed up the process of filling and sending clients’ orders around the world by using SFCC to automate payments, manage refunds and cancellations, and handle refunds and cancellations.

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    Salesforce Commerce Cloud Benefits 

    • Forecasting Intelligence

    Additional information would need to be separated and evaluated as firms expand. But as we are all aware, it does take considerable time to successfully evaluate your massive quantity of data and make decisions.

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    To streamline processes and save time, Salesforce created Einstein AI to broaden the application of machine learning to eCommerce enterprises.

    Third-party extensions and manual data analysis are no longer necessary thanks to the next-generation artificial intelligence platform. Third-party AI products that aid with data analysis and automating all of your digital marketing initiatives can now be integrated with SFCC.

    • Internationalization

    Businesses can manage several stores at diverse locations throughout the world with SFCC from a single back-end platform. You can manage your entire product set of data for several stores with SFCC. Additionally, you can control other details like invoicing, cost, availability of the product, etc.

    • Freedom To Customize

    You have the freedom to create a distinctive, user-friendly eCommerce experience thanks to Commerce Cloud.

    The single-page checkout process is very simple as part of this. Among the first e-commerce platforms to offer Apple Pay online was Salesforce, which made purchasing easy. Users can finish the full transaction with a single tap.

    • Improved Marketing Tools

    You may increase conversion rates and average order values by providing the customers with the ideal product, diversity, cost, promotion, and content at the ideal time with SFCC.

    You may control and distribute content, including photographs and descriptions of products, among different websites, categories, and catalogues. With SFCC, it is also feasible to combine all of these things across several websites, each with its unique currencies and languages.

    Overall, you will have access to a single point of contact for handling all of the sponsored content, newsletters, digital marketing, and reporting needs for your company.

    • Improved Scalability

    As organizations grow, eCommerce platforms must scale. Every major brand needs to be able to manage heavy traffic, abrupt surges in traffic, a significant volume of transactions, and a large amount of inventory.

    SFCC can do a lot of things for organizations, such as grow automatically, develop pages that load more quickly, guarantee secure transactions, and more.

    • Mobile-Friendly

    Mobile devices account for 73 per cent of all online traffic, and 55 per cent of any orders are completed there. The value of having a responsive design with a mobile-friendly layout has increased.

    Therefore, SFCC provides customers with a comprehensive mobile experience to make this easy. Customers can shop and make purchases quickly and efficiently in this fashion.

    • Omnichannel Functionalities

    eCommerce, order management, and offline retail operations may all be combined into one SaaS system by SFCC. The main goal of this platform is to make it possible for merchants to manage their operations across many platforms from a single platform. It is generally thought to scale up operations, sales, and fulfilment.

    • Outstanding Customer Support

    All of the users of Salesforce Commerce Cloud have access to 24/7 support. They take care to address all issues, from correcting codes to enhancing security issues to assisting with numerous problems.

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    Final Words

    Overall, Salesforce Commerce Cloud benefits businesses; all size-inclusive. It is a strong, scalable e-commerce platform with a wide range of native features for merchandising, managing multiple stores, going global, and consumer segmentation.

    The decision to use Salesforce Commerce Cloud depends on your business’s needs, priorities, the level of freedom and customization that is necessary, and the platform’s level of agility. Folio3 can be useful in this situation.

    Our Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consultants can assist you in examining all the benefits of SFCC and determining whether it is a good fit for your company.

    For more information contact Team Folio3 for the best Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consultancy.


    Is Salesforce good for eCommerce? 

    To increase the number of prospective clients, organizations must now integrate many networks into existing sales and distribution processes.

    This is because individuals these days are much more likely to buy a certain product online than to take the time to go to a mall or a brand store.

    Statistics show that in the past six months, about 79 percent of smartphone users made an online purchase using their portable device, demonstrating the significant global influence that online shopping has had. A software-based infrastructure that optimizes the complete service of online sales and marketing is now required as a result of this. 

    Herein lies the role of Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

    The most well-known CRM business Salesforce offers a software as a service (SaaS) called Salesforce Commerce Cloud, formerly known as Demandware.

    By providing a variety of features that are specially made to revolutionize how brands communicate with their customers, it focuses on streamlining and improving the entire sales process.

    Who is using Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

    The websites that use Salesforce Commerce Cloud include Adidas, Beats by Dre, Converse, Crocs, Hush Puppies, Nautica, and Under Armor; I can go on and on because the list is huge, but you can guess by now what a typical Salesforce Commerce Cloud user looks like. 

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud is often used by companies with 50-200 employees and 1M-10M dollars revenue.

    The choice of Salesforce Commerce Cloud as an enterprise eCommerce platform or cloud eCommerce software by well-known firms must have been made for a variety of factors.

    Due to the inclusion of marketing features within its commerce cloud ecosystem, Salesforce Commerce Cloud does possess a competitive advantage.

    What is meant by Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

    As a SaaS solution for enterprises, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is an integrated, mobile-first, unified cloud-based eCommerce platform. The major objective is to enable seamless interaction between customers and retailers across a variety of media.

    The Commerce Cloud is the world’s top B2C and B2B commerce solution, according to Salesforce.

    A multi-tenant, cloud-based platform for commerce called Commerce Cloud enables organizations to design intelligent, unified purchasing experiences across all channels, including mobile, social, web, and stores.

    Over the past few years, Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud has grown into yet another crucial and effective tool.


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