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    How To Turn Abandoned Carts Into Complete Sales With Salesforce Commerce Cloud(Includes Cool Tips And Strategies)

    Last Updated | April 22, 2023

    The abandoned carts translate into a loss of sales and revenues for eCommerce businesses.

    However, it’s quite easy to turn these abandoned carts into sales by offering multiple shipping and payment options and by using easy checkout features.

    Read on, to know how Salesforce Commerce Cloud can help you transform abandoned carts into sales with personalized emails!


    The abandoned cart is the worst nightmare of every eCommerce marketer and every business with an eCommerce platform worries about the abandoned carts. That’s because an abandoned cart signifies a potential sale that didn’t convert into an actual sale. 

    However, there are different ways of minimizing the absconded carts and transforming them into full purchases and the best one is using Salesforce Commerce Cloud abandoned cart solutions.

    So, if you are ready to increase the sales funnel, let’s see how you can leverage Salesforce Commerce Cloud!

    How to Turn Abandoned Carts into Complete Sales with Salesforce Commerce Cloud 

    Sales Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud allow email developers and markets to design, track, and deliver personalized abandoned cart emails that push the users to complete the purchase. Salesforce Commerce Cloud abandoned cart has two components. 

    These components include commerce to marketing connector and B2C: SFMC personalization builders, which is why the entire workflow spans over these two components.

    For this reason, the Salesforce Commerce Cloud abandoned carts emails are sent to generate the highest revenue per click.

    Overview: Shopping Cart Abandonment

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud abandoned cart helps eCommerce marketers create special emails that motivate the consumers to complete the sales and increase the ROI and revenue.

    With Salesforce Commerce Cloud development, different types of emails are created. 

    That’s because Salesforce B2B commerce integration creates emails based on who the consumer is and when they abandoned the cart (during browser checkout or before the cart checkout). Some of the email CTAs include;

    • Come back! (abandoned product) misses you!
    • How can we help?
    • Do you need a few minutes to decide?
    • Are you still second-guessing? Buy now!

    As far as the types of emails are concerned, you can create an email with products that were in the cart, an email with the most recommended products, and special offers or promotions. 

    What Are The Reasons for Abandonments During Checkouts?

    Before you leverage Salesforce Commerce Cloud abandoned cart, it’s important to understand the root cause behind the abandoned carts, especially when the carts are abandoned during checkout.

    That’s because this information helps design the incentive emails accordingly. Some of the reasons include;

    1. Higher Additional Costs at Checkout 

    The consumers who have searched for a product and added it to the cart do it after checking the price and the value they will get from it.

    However, when extra charges are added at the checkout, it makes them rethink the value of the product they want to purchase. 

    In case there are extra charges that weren’t indicated beforehand, the consumers are likely to leave the checkout to purchase from another store that doesn’t bombard them with extra charges.

    For this reason, it’s recommended that you provide the maximum pricing information that you can provide before checkout. 

    You must tell the full cost upfront and provide full pricing information on the shopping cart page (it’s recommended to add the product detail page also).

    In addition, you need to use the consumer’s ZIP codes to calculate the shipping costs beforehand. 

    1. Account Creation Requirements 

    It’s important to optimize the sales funnel to increase sales conversions and motivate the consumers to purchase.

    However, forcing the consumers to register with the company and create a profile can put the customers off and creates a barrier to their purchasing experience. 

    The requirement to create a consumer profile slows down their shopping experience, which consumers don’t like. For this reason, make sure the checkout is accessible and convenient.

    However, if you want them to register with your business, you can follow up about the profile after they have completed the purchase. In fact, you can give them a few discount options while offering to create a profile. 

    1. Complicated & Long Checkout Process 

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud abandoned cart solutions won’t work unless you streamline the checkout process.

    This is because the online shopping experience has to be quick and efficient. On the other hand, the complicated and long checkout process makes it challenging for consumers to complete checkout and payments. 

    In fact, it can push them to abandon the carts and look for a better shopping experience at a different store.

    For this reason, it’s important that you improve the checkout experience by eliminating or minimizing the complications. In addition, make sure the payment process is hassle-free. 

    1. Security Concerns 

    If you have enabled online payments on the eCommerce store with WooCommerce integration or other integrations, it’s likely that consumers are abandoning carts because they are concerned about the security of their credit card details. 

    So, in addition to using Salesforce Commerce Cloud abandoned cart solutions, make sure you have top-notch security protocols.

    You have to add the CVC/CVV pin option for credit card and debit card payments and follow other PCI regulations as well. You can ask the Salesforce or BigCommerce web design company to integrate cutting-edge security protocols. 

    1. Insufficient Shipping Options or Slow Delivery 

    Delivery and shipping logistics are an essential part of the online shopping experience.

    Keep in mind that consumers prefer fast shipping options and reasonable shipping charges to create a smooth shopping experience. 

    Make sure that you provide multiple shipping options to the consumers, so they can select the most suitable method.

    In addition, if possible, you could let the consumers select the packaging and delivery data to create an engaging consumer experience. 

    6. Visualizing Cross-Cloud Journey 

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud abandoned cart workflow spans over personalization builder as well as the marketing connection.

    The personalization builder is responsible for monitoring and reacting to the eCommerce consumers, initiating and computing the shopping sessions, and logging the purchases. 

    In addition, the personalization builder logs the page views to help eCommerce markets create consumer segments that abandon carts.

    Moreover, it captures information about the consumer base as well as the abandoned products they have left in the carts. 

    With Salesforce Commerce Cloud abandoned cart solutions and B2C commerce, various types of emails can be created.

    For instance, if a shopper doesn’t complete the purchase, the emails are designed with incentives.

    When the shopper taps on the incentive click, the tracking starts, and data is recorded when the shopper completes the page when pushed through an incentive email. 

    On the other hand, if the consumer clicks on the link on the email but doesn’t complete the purchase within a specific time period, the second email can be sent with a different incentive. 

    Step to Implementing Abandoned Cart Journeys with Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud

    Salesforce has designed abandoned cart solutions that allow businesses to send emails that can convert abandoned carts into a full purchase. However, there are various steps that you have to follow;

    1. Set Up the Emails for Visitors with Guest Checkout Abandonment 

    The majority of consumers choose guest checkout rather than going through the process of account or profile creation. However, such consumers can abandon tend to abandon the carts most frequently but you can automate the cart abandonment emails to such consumers. 

    For instance, you can leverage the pop-ups with incentives and special offers and personalize the pop-ups according to the cart or location. 

    1. Write Click-Worthy Emails 

    The majority of consumers don’t even open promotional emails but you can try a few tips to write emails that push the consumers to open them. For instance, you should add clickable images, pricing information with the productions, and time-sensitive discount codes, and offer 24/7 customer support. 

    In addition to this, you need to add the rebuild cart button in the email, which takes the consumers to their abandoned cart and encourages them to complete the checkout process. 

    1. Leverage “Browse Abandonment” Campaigns 

    It is important to capture the consumers who leave at the checkout stage, which is why you should create the browse abandonment campaign.

    That’s because it captures the email address of the consumers. To capture the emails, you can offer an exit pop-up with a gift offer or record email addresses from HTML sources or cookies record. 

    Some more tips to leverage Salesforce Commerce Cloud abandoned carts solution include;

    • Use the series of messages rather than sending one email but no more than three because it can annoy the potential consumer 
    • Add the clickable images of the abandoned items 
    • Use time-sensitive discounts and promo codes to encourage quicker purchases 
    • Provide suitable product recommendations 

    Final Words

    The abandoned carts have a significant impact on the bottom, reduce sales conversions, and negatively impact revenue. However, Salesforce Commerce Cloud abandoned cart solutions should help you overcome this issue and turn checkout carts into full purchases. 

    However, if you don’t know to leverage this solution, hire a Salesforce Commerce Cloud consultant or Salesforce B2C commerce developer. Correct utilization of the Salesforce solution is important because it’s more than pushing email reminders – it’s about creating a positive shopping experience!


    What’s the best way of preventing abandoned carts?

    It’s impossible to eliminate the chances of abandoned carts because it entirely depends on the consumers. However, you can minimize the chances by offering a user-friendly checkout experience and being clear about the charges rather than adding extra charges to the checkout page. 

    Is it suitable to add time-sensitive promo codes in abandoned cart emails?

    Yes, the time-sensitive promo codes are the best way of rushing the consumers to complete the purchase. 

    What is the recommended conversion rate for abandoned cart recoveries?

    The eCommerce stores should have a 10% or higher recovery rate. 


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