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    How To Choose a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Payment Gateway [2022 Guide]

    Last Updated | April 28, 2023

    Looking for the best salesforce commerce cloud payment gateway that can power your business growth? Here are a few important aspects you should consider to make an intelligent choice!

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    How to Choose a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Payment Gateway [2022 Guide]

    With the rapidly evolving digital landscape, more and more businesses are looking to venture into the ecommerce market.

    Out of the various ecommerce web development platform, Salesforce commerce cloud is one of the best platforms with robust features to power ecommerce stores.

    However, before you went ahead with store development, you will need to choose the right payment gateway to integrate with the commerce cloud.

    Choosing the right salesforce commerce cloud payment gateway is essential since it will directly influence your store’s sustainability and growth.

    Here in this blog, we will exclusively be looking at some of the key aspects you should consider before choosing a salesforce commerce cloud payment gateway.

    So, without wasting any time let’s dig in and see how you should choose the best payment gateway for your salesforce commerce cloud.

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    How to Choose Right Commerce Cloud Payment Gateway

    When we talk about payment gateways and their operations, these are far more complex and expansive than simply handling online transactions.

    While enabling online transactions from shoppers is the primary function of all payment gateways, not all of these systems are made equal to deliver a seamless payment experience to customers.

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    More than anything, the payment gateway of your choice should come with robust security protocols to ensure the safety of sensitive user personal and financial data.

    Any wrong selection of gateway will significantly restrict the potential of your commerce cloud site.

    To put it in perspective, you may offer customers a seamless borderless ecommerce experience, however, without the right salesforce commerce cloud payment gateway, you may experience high shopping cart abandonment, higher fraud rates, difficulty selling internationally, and more.

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    In fact, there have been cases where the gateway worked perfectly for merchants initially, however, soon, they had to face issues since the gateway was not able to scale with business operations.

    To sum up, a wrong choice for salesforce commerce cloud payment gateway will keep haunting you at every nook and corner of your ecommerce operations; impeding your business sustainability and growth prospects.

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    Key Considerations When Selecting Cloud Payment Gateway

    Well, now that we understand the significance of choosing the right payment gateway, let’s quickly move on and see some important aspects you need to consider while choosing a salesforce commerce cloud payment gateway:

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    –         It should be developed to integrate with the commerce cloud

    Salesforce commerce cloud is a complex platform and to be able to unlock its full potential, you need to online integrate solutions that are specifically developed for the system.

    Thereby, when you are looking for the best payment gateway, make sure it is custom developed for the platform. While, you may find various off-the-shelf gateway that comes cheap and saves time, however, going with these may prove lethal for the store’s operations.

    The better way is to go with professional salesforce commerce cloud development services, which can help you develop a custom payment gateway that’s optimized for the platform and meet your needs.

    At Folio3, our robust salesforce B2B commerce integration services assist businesses with tailored plugins to meet their store’s payment gateway needs and accommodate all requisites to ensure seamless operations.

    –         It should offer a Seamless User Experience to Shoppers

    User experience is undoubtedly one of the most crucial aspects to consider for all ecommerce merchants and across all business functions.

    The same is true for payment gateway. Any payment gateway of your choice should be able to offer users multiple payment options including digital wallets like Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, and others.

    Also, since the salesforce commerce cloud is able to connect experiences across multiple platforms, it’s even more important to choose a solution that offers a similar experience.

    Ideally, you need to choose a gateway that is built into the commerce cloud. This will ensure a convenient, secure, and branded experience for your shoppers.

    –         It should enable the global growth of business

    The very essence of ecommerce platforms is their global reach. Merchants prefer ecommerce platforms as a way to offer cross-border products and achieve high scalability with ease. So, when your ambitions are global, you need to choose a platform that can supplement your store’s global reach, rather than holding you back.

    Thereby, when you are looking for a salesforce commerce cloud payment gateway, make sure the system facilitates global payments.

    This would include the ability to accept several currencies, perform local payment processing, and more.

    If we are to look at the numbers, we will see that 60% of online shoppers on ecommerce platforms are from outside the US, whereas, nearly 40% of online shoppers in the USA prefer to do shopping from outside the country.

    So, keeping in view these numbers, it’s a massive market that you simply can’t ignore.

    –         It should offer robust security for transaction handling

    Another crucial aspect to consider before moving in with any salesforce commerce cloud payment gateway is to check out the security protocols offered by the system.

    Given today’s risky cybersecurity landscape and tightening regulatory concerns, any laps in cybersecurity won’t just cost you massively in terms of finances, but also put you against strict administrative penalties.

    So, when you are looking to move in with a payment gateway, make sure it isn’t limited to offering only transactional features but should offer robust security features as well.

    For instance, some payment gateways may offer a seamless transaction experience for users but lack any fraud prevention technology. In such cases, you may be left vulnerable and forced to integrate another solution to meet regulatory obligations.

    –         Check if it’s only a gateway or offers more?

    The crux here is that your choice of payment gateway shouldn’t just act as an online transaction handling system. Instead, you need a system that brings in the robust features and functionalities that can support you to sustain and grow.

    So, if the system doesn’t offer a seamless user experience, and lacks the security protocols or global transaction handling features it simply isn’t worth integrating with your salesforce commerce cloud. Instead, you should opt for a system that gives you everything you need to grow your business.

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    Final Words

    To sum up, when our for a salesforce commerce cloud payment gateway for your business, make sure you choose a robust and customized system that is tailored to your business needs.

    The best approach is to hire a professional salesforce commerce cloud consultant who understands your business needs and comes up with bespoke solutions. 

    At Folio3, we are proud of our superior salesforce commerce cloud practice. Our experience salesforce B2C commerce developer team enables businesses to unlock the full potential of the platform by offering them customized and completely integrated solutions for payment gateways, sales, marketing, and community clouds.


    Is Commerce Cloud integration built into it? 

    When you look out for the perfect gateway for your salesforce commerce cloud, make sure it is developed specifically for commerce cloud integration. This will ensure a seamless integration process, and enhanced and hassle-free operational workflow for the business.

    Does it satisfy the demands of your customers? 

    Online shoppers prefer to deal with businesses that offer them personalized and seamless shopping experiences. Thereby, when you choose a payment gateway for your commerce cloud store, make sure it is able to offer an interactive user experience and meet their requirements, like multiple payment options, digital wallets, etc.

    Will it aid in the global expansion of your company?

    If you are looking for global operations, the payment gateway of your choice should be able to support your operational requirements. This may include, accepting global payments and supporting multiple currencies.

    Does it safeguard you against payment risks?

    Given the increasing threat of cybersecurity attacks, businesses are required to ensure robust security and safety of their customer’s personal and financial data.

    Thereby, when you choose a commerce cloud payment gateway, make sure it has robust built-in security features to ensure complete safety and protection of sensitive business data.

    Is it more than a gateway, or what?

    Payment gateways aren’t merely to handle online transactions, rather, today, these systems are more about offering end-to-end services to online shoppers. Make sure the system of your choice doesn’t simply offer transaction handling but has the right features and functionalities to support your business growth.


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