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    How To Migrate From Volusion To Shopify – Top Benefits

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

    Have you already decided to move your Volusion store to Shopify? However, things can get tricky if you wish to transfer the store from Volusion to Shopify. However, with our most egregious series, our experts can make it simple for you – Folio3 Pvt Ltd. a leading Shopify web development services Company.

    Reasons To Migrate From Volusion To Shopify

    • Shopify – A More Powerful Platform

    Due to Volusion’s restrictive access to source code and tendency to lock you into using their cookie-cutter features, scaling up your website is typically a difficult process.

    Due to the limited source code access provided by Volusion, expanding the website is always a challenging endeavor, and it would seem that you are stuck with the cookie-cutter functionality of Volusion.

    Due to Volusion’s shortcomings, Shopify is the obvious next step unless you’d like a clear interface to expand and draw in more clients to the online store.

    There is no turning back now because you made the proper decision.

    • Shopify Offers a Better Design Interface

    By utilizing Shopify’s powerful and feature-rich themes, budding entrepreneurs may create their online stores. Ten themes are available for free. However, if you wouldn’t mind spending a bit more money, you can easily get complex themes in a price range of $140 to $180.

    Since each template is flexible for mobile devices, your store will appear fantastic on any screen resolution.

    Volusion has a relatively small selection of themes, and their premium themes are rather pricey. It does not allow for design flexibility, which makes managing the site on a mobile device challenging.

    • Shopify A Feature-Rich Platform

    When compared to Volusion, Shopify customization wins the war for powering your eCommerce store. Shopify offers a wide range of sales features that will significantly help you improve client experiences.

    With the help of strong social media connectors and a sizable app store, Shopify integration develops the most complete collection of sales features. Together, they create a fantastic conduit for promoting sales across several platforms.

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    There is nothing else you can get to enhance the selling potential of your Volusion store besides powerful analytics tools.

    1. How To Migrate From Volusion To Shopify By Folio3

    • Export Your Products From Volusion

    Select the entities you would like to move. You can choose all of them together or specific data can be chosen. Only Products, Customers, and fulfill Orders, for instance.

    To increase your options for migration, certain entities also offer Additional Options here. The new store will match up languages, order status, and customer groups to show information appropriately.

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    Your screen will display a window with all of the mentioned entities. Choose the files you wish to import, then export the data files from the origin store and upload them to this form by following the instructions.

    Bear in mind that sometimes payment gateways can become a nuisance while migration. If you feel like you need a referral as a new Shopify merchant here is How Can I Use Square With Shopify your guide.

    • Import Your Products Into Shopify

    There are two ways to import your data to the Shopify store;

    1. Demo Run
    2. Full Migration

    For convenience, you can first test the demo. For a smooth move from Volusion to Shopify, you may also execute a full migration straight away.

    Trying out demo

    Begin the migration with a constrained set of entities. The identical behaviors as the real migration will be seen. The “Skip Demo Migration” button will allow you to skip this phase and go straight to the Full Migration.

    Running complete full migration

    To complete full migration right away, please click the “Skip Demo Migration” button. Please wait while the data migrates; after it has, a message will be issued to you from the Folio3 system. As per your expectation, your data will now be transferred to the new preferred store.

    The merchandise on your newly migrated Shopify store also needs to be updated. In the event that you are too busy to handle the conversion of your shop yourself, your store has third-party modules or custom post types which need to be migrated, or both. Folio3 The All-In-One Migration service, which offers a high-quality migration solution at a reasonable price, is something that experts in Folio3 Shopify Erp integration would like to recommend. We will carry out the data migration and give you all the theme customization you require. The major objective is to minimize e-merchants’ efforts and save them time.

    To address any of your concerns, our certified Shopify expert has a dedicated support team that is available around the clock through ticket, phone, live chat, or email. Customer satisfaction is our first priority at Folio3 Shopify website design.

    Please visit our Support Center or get in touch with us if you have any additional queries about using our Headless Shopify solutions service.

    1. How Folio3 Helps You For A Successful Migration From Volusion To Shopify 

    A well-known business that provides consultancy and transformational services for digital strategies is Folio3. However, they have carefully selected the Shopify maintenance services for which they offer integration services. They offer a variety of services, such as Shopify to eBay and QuickBooks integration. They can also assist with data import from the Lightspeed store to Shopify. This is due to the fact that they offer a wide range of integration and importation services to speed up data transfer. Simply click on the provided link to learn How To Migrate Lightspeed To Shopify.

    • Ensure You Have All The Necessary Information Before Starting The Migration Process

    Generally, the following store entities can be transferred to Shopify;

    Products (product name, images, description, inventory stocks, price); visuals of the products (color, shape, size of the product); the total amount of the purchase, a list of purchased products, payment information; static pages (like Contacts, About Us, Return Policy, Terms & Conditions); images; information about customers (name, email address, phone number, location, etc.); SEO settings (including 301 redirects); integrations.

    In light of this, describe the kinds of shop data you want to migrate from Volusion to Shopify (products, product categories, customers, orders, coupons, blogs, blog posts, CMS pages). When all these mentioned things are aligned and are prepared in advance the transition from Volusion to Shopify becomes agile and seamless.

    • Test your migrated store thoroughly before going live

    Running a free Demo migration typically does not take much time, but it gives you a fantastic chance to observe how the service operates, then why choose to skip it? Demo Migration is a phase that can be skipped; however, it is highly advised to try.

    You are now prepared to undertake Full Migration if you are completely satisfied with the Demo outcomes. You can begin the procedure after checking the entities and migration settings. When the migration is finished, you’ll receive an email notification.

    • Be Prepared For Some Downtime During The Migration Process

    This is post-migration advice, as the store will experience some downtime even after all of your Volusion store data has been transferred to Shopify. However, doing so might still be beneficial to you because there are still a few tips and tactics that should be used to make a new online store function as needed. To be more precise now is the ideal moment to inspect the business for performance problems and request that your consumers alert you if anything goes wrong. Additionally, you can extend the new store as needed with the aid of several Shopify optimization modules and add-ons.

    Once you are done with Shopify migration backup your Shopify account. If you don’t know how to do it How to backup the Shopify store will be your guide to help you out. However, if still face any difficulties or need any technical assistance you can always reach out to our Shopify experts if you need Shopify developers for hire.

    FAQ About Migrate From Volusion To Shopify

    Which is the best app to import product reviews from Volusion to Shopify?

    You might have switched to Shopify when you opened your store there. Due to the fact that you must reproduce all of your old products on the new platform, this transfer can occasionally be a headache.

    This won’t be a major issue if your catalogue is modest. If you run a big online store, though, it will take a while unless you utilize a Shopify product importer tool.

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    What are the best ones to use for your store, then? Some of our favorites are listed here.

    1. Multichannel Importer
    2. eBay professional Importer
    3. Xpert Importer
    4. Cart2Cart Store Migration App
    5. Simple Shopify Inventory Management
    6. Excelify Shopify

    How do I change my store from Volusion to Shopify? Is this easy to do?

    There are two ways you can do that: manually, if you are tech-savvy, or automatically (if you are not a tech expert). I prefer automated service as long as I migrate lots of stores every week for my clients. For you, it would be better to check their free demo first, and then decide. In fact, it is not difficult.


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