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    Freelance Shopify Developer London: Why Choose Shopify Agency Over A Freelance Shopify Developer In London?

    Last Updated | May 1, 2023

    Freelance developers are in high demand in a variety of businesses and eCommerce is no different too. Web developers and designers are expected to rise by 8% between 2019 and 2029, almost double the national median for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    An Overview: Freelance Shopify Developer London Vs. Folio3

    These web designers and developers create and implement websites for businesses and clients.

    It’s not uncommon for developers to work as freelancers. This is true for many people who have recently completed freeCodeCamp and are considering working for themselves rather than for “the man.”

    It’s also applicable to many developers who are thinking about starting their own business.

    Freelancing appeals to those who want to supplement their income while still working full-time in the development field. However; being a freelancer dev isn’t an easy job, and it is equally difficult to hire a freelancer developer who is skilled enough to do a great job for your business.

    So if you are one of the businesses that are looking to hire Shopify developers in UK, then look no further. If want to know about the alternatives to the UK then refer to Shopify Alternatives UK.

    Folio3 is one of the Shopify partner services who have the best Shopify developers to help you create scalable, reliable, and effective eCommerce stores? Technically you have landed in the right place!

    Our dependable staff of 50+ Shopify experienced developers will aid you in establishing a next-generation online shopping platform for all of the world’s shopaholics. Team Folio3 will get you started within 36 Hours with the best Shopify integration services.

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    10 Advantages to hiring Folio3 in London UK Over a Freelance Shopify Developer

    1. Freelance Shopify developers can be hit or miss – you may not always get the quality of work you expect

    Because more and more professionals choose to work from home or off-site, the workplace has altered tremendously. According to research, a majority of the world population would be made up of freelancers, more precisely defined as “independent contractors.” And the hit of the pandemic has made it an even more prominent professional way to be employed.

    Employers too are more and more inclined toward recruiting freelancers on a project-by-project or task-by-task basis, as it helps reduce total expenses and eliminate company perks like social security, medical insurance, and more.

    However, hiring a freelancer can be a hit or a miss too. If not investigated and tested properly especially when you are establishing an eCommerce business on Shopify. Here is a kickstart for you How to set up an online shop UK, if you are trying to become a new business owner.

    Folio3 is a licensed software development services firm with over two decades of experience in a variety of eCommerce development projects.

    We are a leading eCommerce development firm, as well as a top Shopify development company, having highly competent teams with extensive expertise and experience. Our eCommerce development procedures include updated and highly elevated software development methodologies, tools, and modules.

    So, the services regarding all kinds of Shopify integrationsShopify optimizationsShopify theme customization, and Shopify maintenance services are guaranteed with high-quality performances.

    1. Folio3 has a team of experienced and qualified Shopify developers who will meet your expectations

    Folio3, as a Shopify ERP integration service, stands out among the rest of the eCommerce market’s competition. You can hire Shopify developers, who are the best in their field and are well-versed in Shopify customization to meet your specific needs.

    Whether you need to add certain features to your eCommerce business store, an integration-based app to integrate with other third-party software, or need to customize the user experience of your eCommerce store, Folio3 is an excellent choice, where you will receive the best Shopify integrations advice and services.

    1. We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality, successful projects on time and within budget

    Folio3 goes above and above to assist you in determining the best platforms for higher sales. According to your business needs, we provide tailored solutions and create smartphone-friendly eCommerce stores.

    A client-centric approach is what we believe in. It means that at Folio3, it’s all about addressing our clients’ needs and expressing their individuality in solutions. Folio3’s experts configure your headless Magento to your specifications while ensuring that functionality is maintained along the process.

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    These highly skilled developers will also ensure that your clients adore your products and services by providing amazing UI/UX experiences with the best possible prices according to your business requirements.

    For enhanced purchasing experiences, it features intuitive shopping capabilities such as add-to-cart, Wishlist, easy checkout, open-ended payment gateway options, and more. All of this is connected together by a high level of security, which includes bug-free software, frequent upgrades, and highly secure payment methods.

    1. We’re always up for a challenge – no project is too big or too small for us

    At Folio3, it is widely believed that size doesn’t matter, whether you are a small business, a substantial-sized business, or an enterprise we are here to hear you out, we are here to help you out.

    • Stronger together

    The biggest advantage of integrating Shopify with Folio3 your business grows your customers very quickly making you a stronger business and us a stronger Shopify agency partner working day in and day out for the betterment of both the eCommerce and the businesses that are struggling to get started on Shopify or migrating on it

    • BNPL-driven sales

    The Shopify shop design services provided by Folio3 assist your company in incorporating BNPL solutions. It gives a sequence of selling points that help to enhance conversion by 50%, reduce cart abandonment by 28%, and allow customers to generate bigger carts due to the obvious flexibility they have to buy more.

    It may come as no surprise to your company that offering no fees and low interest on consumer purchases encourages individuals to spend more. However, the extent to which they are willing to spend more money may astound you.

    1. Folio3 offers competitive rates without compromising on quality or service

    If you are worried about having a limited budget, you don’t have to worry about that anymore with Folio3. We tend to offer the best possible prices for your business and all that needs to have for Shopify integration-related services. But to be honest and fair for both you and us, the deeper the well the sweeter the water.

    All of our top Shopify website design services are built on tried-and-true frameworks that reduce deployment time while increasing site reach and conversions. Our expertise rests in providing comprehensive support for everything from the creation or optimization of a high-performance, customer-friendly eCommerce site to the visibility of its search engine.

    Contact us now for cost-effective Shopify customization to connect and transform your digital audience into a profitable business. For your satisfaction, you can also read the following Shopify UK Review and Shopify UK stores before getting an appointment booked with us.

    1. Folio3 is based in London, so we can provide fast and efficient service to our clients

    Folio3 provides the best Shopify integration services as well as numerous Shopify ERP integration solutions in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates. Folio3 is one of the greatest options if you’re looking for a Shopify website design company. Folio3 has strong customer service teams in all of the aforementioned locations where you can schedule an appointment.

    For your ease and convenience to connect with Folio3 UK, here is our contact (148) 339-7625 and our address for you to visit our office in Surrey, London.

    1. Folio3 has a proven track record of delivering successful projects for our clients

    Yes, Folio3 has been working for the eCommerce marketplace for almost three decades in the field. We have earned one of the leading eCommerce platforms integrating company position competing against an ocean of such companies globally. We have the best professionals and experts in the respective fields.

    Our developers are eCommerce giants certified and are considered the beast of the field. We offer all kinds of Shopify migration or Shopify integration services and solutions and developments including headless Shopify commerce options. You can contact Team Folio3 for a quick Q&A session.

    1. Folio3 has a team of certified Shopify developers in London

    Folio3 has been working in multiple countries and providing our services to numerous amounts of businesses, size-inclusive. Our motto and belief are providing the best possible services to potential businesses and spreading their uniqueness worldwide without considering what size they are.

    The UK is one of the multiple countries where we have had our existence for quite a long time. So if you are looking for certified Shopify developers Folio3 should be your go-to place.

    1. Folio3 Is Always Up-To-Date With The Latest Shopify Developments And Trends In The UK

    Here is an overview of the processes of Our team’s development that will take place is described below;

    • Choosing the right Shopify technology

    It gives your store access to the proper technologies for providing seamless services.

    • Setting up your account

    After you’ve decided on the Shopify app builder, we’ll assist you with creating an account.

    • Adding the Shopify Store to the APP

    Our Shopify app will make creating a native app for your eCommerce store extremely simple.

    By offering numerous customization options and guiding you on how to accomplish them, Shopify customization offers you the proper mobile app builder for your custom Shopify app.

    •     Publishing of the Shopify Apps

    This is the simplest approach of them all; it only takes 5 steps to get your Shopify Mobile App published in the app store in no time.

    10: If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable, and experienced Shopify developer in London, how Folio3 is the right choice for you?  

    Now that you get a glimpse of our guide on how Folio3 and their developers work and process things for their clients and you belong to London UK you should reach out to us for all your Headless Shopify management for the growth of your eCommerce business.

    We all know how tough the competition is in eCommerce, and only the best businesses can sustain the rapidly changing environment. With Shopify services in the UK, Folio3 also offers Print on Demand UK. It is a UK Printing Company Limited that operates a store that sells products to influencers, brand owners, designers, design firms, and artists.

    For you and your business’s long-term safety, it is better to make sure to hire Shopify developers for the sustainability of your Shopify eCommerce store. We have discussed an ample amount of things earlier in the blog, which is enough to let you know why Folio3 is the right choice for your business.

    FAQs About Freelance Shopify Developer London:

    How is Folio3 a Shopify Expert Partner with over many years of experience?

    As Shopify integration experts, we specialize in creating one-of-a-kind Shopify integrations that connect your Shopify store to all of your other systems and apps.

    We offer both custom Shopify connections and out-of-the-box Shopify integration solutions for any and all applications, from ERP and CRM systems to online markets, delivery providers, and other third-party apps.

    We can help you link your social media platforms, such as Shopify’s Facebook integration, or integrate your platforms, such as Squarespace’s Shopify integration. Or if you are thinking about migrating from another eCommerce platform Folio3 without any hesitation says we provide the best migration to Shopify services to our clients gladly.

    How is the Folio3 team passionate about eCommerce and we love helping businesses grow online on Shopify?

    You will find team Folio3 true to their words when you contact and visit us at our London, UK office. Otherwise, we cannot emphasize enough how our teams and tech-devs are compassionate and loving they are towards their work and clients. The following pointers will elaborate a glimpse of what our experts and professionals do for your business;

    • Real-Time Synchronization 

    Synchronizes sales, customers, and inventory records with your Shopify site in real-time. Your online and offline business operations are combined into a single database, which reduces manual entry and human error.

    • Agile Adoption And Processes 

    Shopify POS incorporates all of Shopify’s pre-designed workflows to assist your employees in completing their tasks. Spend less time learning new processes and get up and running faster.

    • Increased Visibility 

    Based on the client group, conceal overall product categories and related products.

    1. Improved productivity: You’ll be able to focus on other, more important operations while lowering the risk of human error because you won’t have to manually enter all back-office data.
    2. Limitless scaling: Regardless of the number of SKUs, partners, or customers in an ERP, Shopify’s unlimited scaling maintains continuous performance.
    3. Inventory management: You’ll be able to keep track of all your orders, monitor your warehouse and production, and forecast your inventory needs depending on sales.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.