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    Print on demand UK Shopify – Setup print on demand business

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

    Overview: What is a Print on demand UK Shopify Store?

    UK Print-on-Demand is a store by UK Printing Company Limited, which supplies products to influencers, brand owners, designers, design agencies, and artists. It is a well-recognized store on Shopify, that supplies products worldwide. It ensures quality products and services. The printing of all its products takes place in-house. Maintaining the highest standards, the store gets your orders shipped fast.

    It offers a wide range of products- right from a mug to a large textile product. As the company says, being one of the most straightforward businesses, they ensure a constant supply of outstanding, worthwhile products to help you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Along with some of the most sophisticated and user-friendly homepage builder tools, you’ll get the best Shopify theme customization for your POD store, like the SalesHunter theme option.

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    Here are some of the features the store offers:

    Mockup Generator

    You can use their mockup generator to generate a wide range of customized printed products.

    Manageable eCommerce

    You can connect your store to their system to sell your developed products with features like automatic syncing and fulfillment of orders for all your goods.

    Printing and Shipping 

    The store takes account of managing everything from inventory and equipment to packaging, and shipping.

    Top Print-on-Demand Shopify Store Examples in the UK?

    Many print-on-demand platforms that design custom prints help online entrepreneurs to sell their products with their designs.

    With the help of a print-on-demand store, you can shift your focus on getting customers without worrying about product manufacturing, packaging, printing, and shipping processes.

    Whether you are established in Europe or your target clients are based in Europe, either way, some of the best print-on-demand stores will work for you.

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    Printify offers print-on-demand products for any location across the board. The company was established in 2015 and has reported 300,000+ users since then. It is used to generate around 10,000 print-on-demand products daily, on average.

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    In its product catalog, accessories, clothing and home & living products are the top categories.

    On Printify store, a total of more than 250 distinct products are featured. So, you have hoodies, bags, pillows, t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and a lot more to sell.

    Since the store is free to use to create mockups, you will only have to be concerned about product cost. If you want additional functionalities, there are premiums and plans for business-paid pricing.

    With Printify print on demand Shopify store, you only have to create and sell products- and the rest is done by them.

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    SPOD is a print-on-demand site by Spreadshirt. It ensures 95% order shipping within 48 hours, which is among the quickest fulfillment duration in the industry.

    Its shipping cost model is simple, the costs depend on total order value rather than the individual product cost. Though it may not provide numerous varieties of available stocks, it does deliver some of the robust prices and flexible product design creators.

    It has lots of printing options- thermal sublimation, special flex, digital direct and more depending on the products you choose to create.

    Its product customization tool allows customers to customize their purchases with their designs or with more than 50k free designs that SPOD offers. Moreover, it provides a 20% discount on sample orders.

    It is recommended for users who are new to print-on-demand and seeking fast fulfillment, manageable shipping, and competitive rates.

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    Another print-on-demand partner, Teeleaunch is a solid and flexible store. Since 2015, it has been helping more than 215,000 Shopify stores to start and run their business. They take all the stress of creating new items for your new store.

    Their all sales are print in demand which means you will only concern yourself with creating the products. Here’s a highlight of what they offer:

    • Highest quality and performance levels
    • Print-on-demand facilities across the world
    • Selling is available for a wide range of products- drinkware, accessories, home goods, apparel, wall art, office, dinnerware, and electronics.

    Furthermore, the store also offers competitive rates, feasible fulfillment times, and a customer support team. Teelaunch provides all the elements to aid you with building a print-on-demand business.

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    How to Do Print-on-Demand on Shopify?

    With Shopify, you do not need to be concerned about handling inventory or shipping. Shopify offers you everything required to start a print-on-demand business.

    When you are planning to start a print-on-demand business, you have to begin with selecting a niche as well as the products you wish to sell. Next, get your designs and website set. Then, find out and connect to print-on-demand services and add their products to your Shopify store.

    Just as you market your website, you will begin getting orders, and your print provider will take charge of order fulfillment.

    Here’s how Print-on-Demand works:

    The print-on-demand process is simple. Firstly, select the product you want to use, load your design, and then add it to your e-store. In these 3 simpler steps, your item will be live and all set for your customers to buy from your store.

    As soon as you receive an order, it is accessible into the production process of a print provider to print and ship orders to your clients under a certain plain label.

    Is Print-on-Demand Dropshipping?

    Both services: print-on-demand and drop shipping do not include keeping inventory or physical stock. Dropshipping is an e-commerce model that allows entrepreneurs to sell a variety of products without even touching them. Once you create a Shopify store, you can go to the Shopify app store to install a drop shipping app, explore products from online product suppliers and choose them to add to your store.

    When customers place orders at your store, you tell the supplier to directly ship products to your customers. All you do is focus on marketing your store and getting more customers, the rest is their duty.

    Print-on-demand is a kind of dropshipping service where a business wants to sell inventory that has text or images printed onto it.

    Many of the printing services provide a variety of selection of products to print on as T-shirts, hats, mugs, shower curtains, bags, and pet food bowls.

    For instance, as a music band, you might want to increase awareness for which you sell products of your band either with pictures or just with the band name printed on them. By collaborating with a print-on-demand service, you can add your images in designs.

    Each time you get an order, the service prints the inventory and ships it to the customer on your behalf.

    How Much Can You Make with Print-on-Demand Using Shopify?

    The money you can make with a print-on-demand business using Shopify depends on your target market, its needs, seasonality, and product demand.

    For instance, if you sell 20 bags with a $25 gross profit, you might make $500 on monthly basis in sales (not analyzing costs).

    Moreover, when you are determining how much you can earn with it, you should consider the sale cost, the price for your print provider, and the volume of orders.

    To decide prices for your print-on-demand products, research what the market is charging though your rates also depend on how well you do marketing.

    By offering more product customizations, you can charge higher or be at a safer level by charging similar to your competitors to cover a bigger target market.

    How Does Print-on-Demand Work in the UK?

    There are many print-on-demand (POD) companies and sites in the UK, which relatively work similarly. As explained earlier, POD is a process in which you collaborate with a supplier to generate white-label products for your store.

    You do not pay until the products are sold which means you are not required to hold an inventory or a stock yourself.

    Though you select and create product designs yourself, the print providers handle order shipping as well as order delivery.

    After customers order the products, they are delivered to suppliers for printing. Once printing is done, the suppliers oversee the shipping and delivery of products.

    The most important part of starting a POD business is choosing the best partner. It can either be harder or simpler to work with specific printing services. You must choose the printing option which is affordable and easy to use for you. For this, consider the aforementioned examples of print providers.

    Sites like Camaloon, Printsome, PrintClever, Prodigi, and Printify are the UK that automatically fulfills the orders placed on your e-commerce store.

    Camaloon, one of the print-on-demand Shopify integration services UK, works similar to most other print providers.

    • With one click, connect to its Shopify integration to start designing.
    • With the help of their designing tools and designers, create designs. You can decide your prices and the content you like to add to each inventory.
    • They take care of developing your designs, packaging, and shipping directly to your customers in time.

    How to do Two or More Print-on-Demand Shopify?

    While you are working with a print-on-demand supplier that offers specific products, your customers place orders for others products too. Here, you might need to connect to two or more suppliers at the same time to offer more products. It requires some additional effort on your end.

    For this, you will need to set up manual shipping costs of each product depending on weight or price, and location. All the apps use their method for how and when they make the inventory and how they ship it. To handle this, you will need to merge some of those pieces of information in your Admin (of Shopify store).

    This is likely to maximize your shipping rates or cut in your gross profit as different packages from different locations might have to be sent for each order. You will also need to clarify to customers when to expect the item delivery.

    POD is connected with your Shopify account. Using any of the third-party apps from the Shopify store, you can create designs directly within the apps.

    As soon as you are done with the designing process, the app will convert the designs into a product in your Shopify admin. The product description of each product is linked to the app of the print-on-demand supplier it belongs to.

    So, when customers make purchases, the orders coming to your online store are sent to those suppliers. Each of the suppliers will separately make the shipping of items to the customers.

    What is the Best print-on-demand Service for Shopify?

    Printful is one of the best print-on-demand services for Shopify. With 200+ products- which means you have a wide variety of inventory to choose from, its services are available worldwide.

    Printful product catalog includes sweatshirts, backpacks, phone cases, hoodies, embroidered hats, coffee mugs, and dresses. It also offers sublimation, embroidery, direct-to-garment as well as cut and knit printing.

    Option to add packaging stickers and tearaway tags is a cool feature it includes. This gives a more branded experience to your customers. Printful’s shipping service is quick and offered worldwide.

    In a nutshell, Printful is a versatile solution that can thrive well with you as your business evolves.

    How does Printful Integrate with Shopify by Folio3 UK?

    With over 15 years of experience in the e-commerce industry, Folio3 has an enthusiastic team of developers that specialize in working on Shopify platform.

    With the help of Folio3 Shopify integration experts, you can link your Shopify E-commerce store with your ERP and all other third-party software or systems.

    Moreover you can also:

    • Create a free account.
    • Login into your Shopify store and Install the Printful app on Shopify.
    • After installation, login into both accounts to connect your Shopify store with Printful.

    Folio3 has expertise in Shopify integration, which means they can seamlessly connect your Shopify store with Printful and you will not need to hire a Shopify specialist UK.

    They offer you customized integration with Printful. This allows you to only focus on making your business the best one whereas the manufacturing, packaging, and shipping of your orders will be done by Printful.

    Afterward, you will not have to worry about subsidizing for expensive automatic order fulfillment, your products will be created and delivered just the way you want.

    Shopify print-on-demand reviews UK

    All the sites mentioned below are free to operate, they only take payment when they generate products for orders.

    • Printful
    • Printify
    • Scalable Process
    • Gooten
    • CustomCat
    • PrintAura
    • TeeLaunch

    Printful is the dominant print-on-demand fulfillment. It handles all the processes of your Shopify stores. It covers all cores with a great range of products and delivers quality goods.

    Bingdigital is one of the leading Shopify website design services UK, you can take their help to design your Shopify website.

    Eastside Co agency is a Shopify website development UK, it helps you with Shopify migration UK to migrate your existing website or design a new one. Moreover, if you want Shopify public app, it also offers Shopify app development UK.


    With the print-on-demand model, you collaborate with a supplier to create customized products to sell to customers under your brand name. From printing to shipping, they manage everything and you only pay when the products are sold.

    A print-on-demand service like Printify has lots of designs to add to your blank hoodies or blank shirts. They create digital copies of your products. You can add it to sell on your store. So, when a customer orders a product, that print provider will serve it.

    Print-on-demand is more concerned with the product’s appearance. Most of its products are mugs, canvases, shirts, tote bags, and anything you can print a design on.

    You have more influence over how your products look so you are more fixed to what is available whereas in drop shipping you offer any products you find a supplier for.


    How to do print-on-demand UK Shopify good delivery?

    When you work with a print-on-demand supplier, your Shopify goods delivery is done by them.

    SPOD boasts one of the fastest delivery times which is around 95 percent of orders shipped within 48 hours.

    How to start print-on-demand UK Shopify mercerized cotton?

    To start print-on-demand mercerized cotton with Shopify, start with specifying your niche market. Then find the mercerized cotton and printers who offer quality products you need to satisfy your customers’ needs.

    The next step is to build a Shopify store. Initially, you can easily experiment with a low-cost budget to learn what works and what does not.

    Print-on-demand UK Shopify vs Printful?

    Both Shopify print-on-demand services are counted among the best print providers. With Print-on-Demand UK Shopify, you can create and sell customized products online under your trademark.

    Since Printful has a strong customer base in the UK, it is now available for Shopify print-on-demand in the UK. The quality of their prints is of high standards for which their customers appreciate them.

    Print-on-Demand UK helps you promote your business with their mockup videos and images. It delivers faster just as Printful does.

    On the other hand, Printful’s expansion to the UK allows them to reasonably reduce shipping duration within the UK. It results in making customers happier.

    Each one has its transaction and subscription fee. Consider the one that fits your needs.

    Why Folio3 is the best company for print-on-demand UK Shopify integration?

    Folio3 is the best print-on-demand integration because they customize their Shopify integration to fit your specific needs. They offer integration with various systems including Shopify Etsy integration, Shopify eBay integration, Shopify Amazon integration, and more.

    Folio3’s Shopify Dynamics Connector enables automated synchronization of data between your Shopify stores and Dynamics AX & Dynamics 365 ERP systems. It saves a lot of time and data entry rates.

    What are the print-on-demand UK Shopify providers?

    There are several print-on-demand Shopify providers like Printful, Camaloon, Printify SPOD, and Teelaunch. Each one offers distinct features as mentioned earlier.

    Is print-on-demand UK Shopify socks profitable?

    Socks are trending products and sellers are constantly selling them for years. They appeal to every target niche with outstanding designs to please customers. Choosing socks as your print-on-demand products is sure to get you a lot of profit.

    Is UK print-on-demand t-shirts Shopify worth it?

    With the increasing demand for t-shirts, selling print-on-demand t-shirts has become a prominent choice.

    Shopify print-on-demand T-shirts are one of the most demanded products. If you select this niche, you are sure to find a good customer base quickly.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.