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Hire Shopify Developer London : Why E-Commerce Startups in London Need a Shopify Developer

Last Updated | January 16, 2024

An Overview About Shopify Developer London

Ecommerce businesses are on the rise in the world. The rise is sharply seen in the United Kingdom, especially in London. The Shopify UK review has been immensely positive and  Shopify operations have seen a surge in demand in London this is why there is also an increase in the Shopify development services as these services are required to make the best stores owing to the tough competition. Many of the Shopify stores are making use of Shopify Custom Development services to design unique stores and multinational software companies such as Folio3 are at the forefront of the store development scene. This is because Folio3 provides the best store development services to make headless Shopify stores that provide the best customer experience. If you have an e-commerce store on any other platform, you can make use of migration to Shopify services to launch your store on Shopify.

  1. How folio3 Shopify developer can help you take your business to the next level by creating custom themes and apps for you.

Folio3 has certified Shopify developers with immense experience in customized store development. These developers can take your business to the next level of growth as they can create customized themes, applications, and storefronts for your Shopify store.

Customized Shopify development

Folio3 has verified Shopify developers who have strong concepts in the programming language of Shopify which is called liquid. Since their concepts are strong, they can directly make changes to the Shopify code to make completely customized Shopify storefronts. The developers make Shopify stores that are optimized for speed, make use of highly optimized content to make the store ranking better, and also have customized functionalities that are not present in other stores. The customized solutions convert the visitors into customers of the store. Folio3’s Shopify website design services are one of the best in terms of design and conversion rates.

Customized Theme template development

Shopify in itself is a very rigid and restrictive platform if you are unaware of the coding languages. Several owners feel that the store is not unique as compared to the competitors as the platform has limited code-free options. The domain experts of Folio3 have domain experts who can provide insightful guidelines to make the store relevant to the product domains. For instance, different product stores have different themes. Stores for kids have a different palette of colors, as compared to stores that serve older customers and their themes make use of minimalist themes. These details are what make the stores developed from Folio3 stand out as these are finely detailed to capture the attention of the customers. These customized themes are also provided with Shopify maintenance services from Folio3 to make them better consistently. The developers make templates and themes that are also designed to meet the requirements of the user. The Shopify website design services if Folio3 make sure that the color selection, button placement, and all other aspects of the store are incorporated to make the best user interface for the store.

Shopify Application Customization.

Folio3 has developers who can develop your very own Shopify application. The Shopify application developers can provide the best services as application developers. According to reports, 1 in 3 Shopify store owners has their customized store application. These developers can develop customized applications that will cater to all of your business needs. The developers can make custom application designs and provide other essential application development services for all niches of Shopify businesses. You can hire Shopify developer in USA or elsewhere who will provide customized application development.

Folio3 provides our clients with customized Shopify development services. Our certified designers design the storefronts for our clients that provide customized functional services. The Shopify customizations are able to attract visitors and the expertly designed store converts them into loyal customers while also encouraging purchases. The Shopify store owners can also implement Shopify Integration with other platforms, payment processing services, and shipping services. We can also provide our domain expert’s insightful opinion which ensures sure that the storefront has everything the storeowners want, these also ensure the success of the store. The Shopify expert developers of Folio3 ensure that all of the customizations can provide the best return on investment by making use of the best practices for Shopify custom development of the store.

2. Having a well-designed and functional ecommerce store is essential for any startup looking to compete in today’s market in UK

Shopify stores have two major aspects. The functional requirements of the store and the non-functional requirements of the store. These aspects are equally essential in all of the business startups on Shopify. The Shopify UK market has increased demands which will also result in increased suppliers. This makes the competition very tough. Only the stores with the best foundations can make sure that they have long-term lifespans. The Shopify UK stores are to be developed in such a way that the design of the store can capture the attention of the visitors, and also make sure that it can effectively allow the visitors to allow them to navigate, purchase and order items off the store.

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The non-functional requirements

The non-functional requirements of the store include features such as the speed of the store, the ranking of the website on search engines, the availability of the store, reliability of the store, and the security features of the Shopify store. These features are necessary to ensure that the user experience of the store is the best. These features can only be developed by expert developers, the likes of those in Folio3. When UK stores facilitate the user experience, more and more users are attracted to the store which increases the traffic to the store. An example if a store has a great product, and amazing store functions, but has a slow loading speed, the customers will abandon the store without making any purchase. After visitors are attracted, they require the means to achieve their goals in the store. This part is dealt with by the functional requirements.

The functional requirements.

Once the users land on the Shopify store and find products interesting, it is the job of the functional requirements to make sure that the users are able to achieve their targets. The functional requirements include important aspects of the store functions such as navigation, payment processing, scrolling, viewing images, playing videos, making use of Shopify augmented reality, and other features. The customized features can only be made by the developers who have knowledge of Shopify’s liquid programming language. If a store has actions such as zooming in on images, a catalog with images, rolling backgrounds, and payment processing. These requirements are needed to ensure that the users can successfully perform all actions they want. If the users cannot achieve their goals, they will leave your store for your UK competitors. An example of functional requirements is that a store has a great product, it loads quickly, has the best images, and all other non-functional features, but if the user is unable to make successful payments to the payment processors, the customer will abandon their cart and prefer to purchase products from other stores since your store could not service their needs.

There are other Shopify alternatives UK that are also available for e-commerce such as Magento, Woocommerce, and Bigcommerce. These alternatives can be used for e-commerce but as of yet Shopify is the best in business in the UK. You can easily learn How to set up an online shop UK and set up your Shopify store easily. But it is preferable that you make use of Shopify development services from companies such as Folio3 that can provide the best services.

3. By working with a Folio3 Shopify developer, you’ll be able to focus on what you do best – running your business – while they take care of the technical details

Owing to the competition in the UK market, the Shopify store needs to have dedicated developers who can provide Shopify maintenance services to the store owner who is busy managing the business side of the Shopify store. The developers can make regular improvements to the store, manage any errors, and optimize the code. These services are ongoing and require experienced developers who can manage the technical details of the store and the store owner is free to make critical business decisions. An example is that once a Shopify store is up and running, the store owners can look to expand their business by introducing new business aspects. For example, a new form of Shopify business is booming in the UK, this is called the Print on Demand UK business model. In this model, Shopify stores put up customized designs on the store, customers can choose the design and place orders for the items. Only after the product order is placed, does the printing process begin. This makes sure there is no wasted product and is a feasible model for business operations for Shopify stores in the UK.

How London is a great city for eCommerce startups and why there’s a lot of opportunities here?

London is one of the best cities for e-commerce startups because of several reasons. The city has access to great talent. There are several software companies with skillful and talented developers such as Folio3. This talent can be utilized to produce the best stores for Shopify. It is a very multicultural city which makes sure that different products can be sold in the store that appeals to each customer differently and increases the store sales. The city is becoming a starter hub for e-commerce, this has also attracted venture capitalists that invest in businesses making it a good city for startups. There is immense opportunity in London for e-commerce businesses as the city has a massive population that can be targeted from the Shopify store. Also, the Shopify store owners can hire talented individuals to manage the store and provide different services. Stores can also perform Shopify ERP integration to reduce costs and increase operational effectiveness. The opportunity keeps on increasing as the UK e-commerce market reached 700+ British pounds in the previous year.

How Folio3 Shopify Developer London a wide range of themes and apps that you can use to make your store unique?

The Shopify developers can provide the Shopify store owners with a wide range of applications and theme templates for the store which can make your store stand out compared to the other stores. When there is Shopify Custom Development on a store, the store features and functions are developed from scratch and as per the needs of the Shopify store owners. The unique themes, functions such as zooming in on pictures, Augmented Reality, and rolling catalogs. As a store stands out from other stores, customers are naturally attracted to the store as they see something different. Once customers get intrigued, they want to explore the store which increases the conversion rates of the store in terms of business transactions and the visitors to the store. Customization also makes sure that all requirements of store owners are met. These customizations can also be used to complement store product features. Some stores have customized needs such as augmented reality for furniture so people can make well-informed decisions. The customized applications can also be developed to make the experience of the mobile users better and this would be an essential need as 50% of all sales are made from mobile phones.

FAQs About Shopify Developer London :

How much do Shopify developers charge in London?

The rates at which Shopify developers work are quite variable and have several aspects that have to be taken into consideration. The charge of the Shopify developer will depend on features such as the volume of the work, the type of the work, and the difficulty level of the work. Furthermore, the experience of the Shopify developers also must be taken into account. The greater the experience, the greater the rates they will charge their clients. When we talk about rates, Shopify developers in London will charge an average of £55 to £85. You can also choose to Hire Shopify Developer in USA or Asia as their rates are relatively lower.

How Hiring a folio3 Shopify developer in London will help you save time and money in the long run?

Once a Shopify store hires developers, they can help the business save time as the development includes Shopify Integration with other platforms that increase the operational effectiveness, and save money by removing any unnecessary costs. The developers can provide their services to stores and make sure that the store has important functionalities and the best non-functional features to make sure that the store outperforms your competitors.

How to work with a folio3 Shopify developer, so you’ll be able to focus on what you do best – running your business – while they take care of the technical details?

It is easy to work with the Folio3 Shopify developers. These developers are needed as the store owner needs to focus on running the business side of the store while they develop can service the technical needs of the store. The method to work with them is to first approach Folio3 regarding the need to hire Shopify developers, then the company will reach back to you. You will have a meeting with the company and choose your plan which includes features such as costs, services, and other details. Once plans have been finalized, you can directly get in contact with your developers and then make use of their services for the Shopify store.


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