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    Last Updated | September 10, 2021

    Overview: How Shopify works in Mexico?

    eCommerce is one of the fastest-growing industries, and the Mexican ecommerce market has just started. Given the COVID-19 outbreak, people actually drifted towards online shopping, which further boosts the ecommerce market across the world, and Mexico is no different. That being said, eCommerce is a promising arena for Mexican businesses, and now is the right time to join the medallion; and what could be better than Shopify, right? So, with this article, we are sharing all about using Shopify in Mexico!

    How Can I Use Shopify In Mexico?

    Shopify is known as a convenient ecommerce web development platform with hundreds of pre-designed themes and automated tools, so online stores can design their store, upload the product photos, write down the price and description, and simply start selling. Shopify offers the domain and platform (consider it a small shop in a multi-branded mall). Shopify can be used in Mexico for creating an online store and choosing business-based themes. What makes Shopify especially attractive for businesses is the convenience of developing and optimizing an online store without much technical coding knowledge.

    In simpler words, Shopify does the hard part, and you only have to feed the products. In addition, Shopify has an app store that provides applications for enhancing the customer experience and functionality of the store. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these apps will improve the online store’s success standards. As far as Mexico is concerned, it works just as it would in other parts of the world (yes, the features and apps are global).

    On the contrary, considering “why” you should use Shopify in Mexico will ease store management and development. The store owners can get the hosting, access round-the-cloud customer support, and gain insights into the customer statistics. On top of everything, it allows the integration of multiple shipping methods and payment gateways that work in Mexico.

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    What Are the Shopify Mexico Payment Gateways?

    • Stripe 

    This is an integrated payment platform available in Shopify with which the store owners can accept different credit cards. Stripe eliminates the need to use external processors, and the setup process is pretty seamless. There is no need to fill up long forms, but the payment plan is different according to your Shopify plan.

    • EBANX 

    This payment gateway is suitable for people who want to sell globally because it has features that fit the international audience’s needs. It can help accept over one hundred payment methods, so you can easily use it in Mexico.

    • PayPal 

    If you are in the eCommerce world, you must have heard about PayPal, and it’s actually an excellent option for Shopify stores based in Mexico. PayPal allows the Shopify owners to accept payments from international credit cards and buy credits.

    • Authorize.net

    If you want to accept credit cards and unconventional payment methods, such as Android Pay and Apple Pay, you can depend on Authorize.net. However, it cannot be chosen by customers on the website. Instead, the customers have to choose to pay from a credit card, and then only the payment gateway pops up. The best thing about Authorize.net is its security, but there are monthly charges and initial setup costs.

    Shopify Mexico Taxes – Do I Have To Pay Taxes With Shopify?

    According to Shopify, setting up the taxes depend on the tax registration process of the UK, US, Canada, Norway, European Union, New Zealand, Switzerland, and Australia. However, Shopify hasn’t laid out specific rules for Mexico, which means you need to pay taxes at the regional level or country level according to the local taxing laws. This is because the Mexican municipalities are responsible for regulating the business activities, and your Shopify store might have to take some extra steps to abide by the policies.

    This is because, in some areas of Mexico, you need to have specific licenses to operate, while some ask for a seller’s permit to allow the collection of sales tax. Keep in mind that the charges and requirements vary with every city and state of Mexico, which means you have to consult with the local taxing authorities.

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    Shopify Shipping Mexico – Does Shopify Ship To Mexico?

    Yes, Shopify ships to Mexico, but the shipping costs are different. For checking the shopping costs, you can create test orders and purchase the labels. With this method, you will be able to check out the shipping charges of a specific location in Mexico.

    How to Hire Shopify Experts in Mexico?

    To begin with, we do want to add that creating a Shopify store is pretty easy, and you can do it on your own. However, if you have decided to hire the Shopify expert, there are various factors that will help make the right decision, such as;

    • Ask For Referrals – asking for referrals simply revolves around asking the circle regarding Shopify experts that they have worked with. For instance, if someone in your circle has an online business, ask them whom they hired and if they were a good fit.
    • Browse The Marketplace – if you cannot find the right person through referrals, you can always check the experts’ marketplace. That’s because these marketplaces have experts according to their services and skills, so you can hire an agency or a freelancer to develop and design the store.
    • Interview – before you assign the project to someone, make sure to hold an interview. It doesn’t matter if the interview is offline or online; talking to someone will speak volumes about their personality, and you will be able to get a feel of who they are
    • Set The Scope – in case the interview went great, the next step should be setting the project’s scope. For this purpose, you have to determine and outline what they will do and how long they will take. However, if your hire isn’t ready to provide these details, it’s best to find someone else.
    • Communicate – now that you have the project scope, it’s essential to ensure proper communication from both sides to keep everything smooth. Also, an expert and a professional won’t hide out from communication, so that’s another thing to look into for a Shopify expert.

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    Shopify Dropshipping Mexico – How To Start Shopify Dropshipping Business In Mexico?

    Dropshipping has become a buzzword in the eCommerce industry, but success depends on various factors, including socializing and networking for promotion. For starting a Shopify dropshipping business in Mexico, it’s best that you allocate time to your business. For instance, you have to handle the social media accounts, update Twitter, and create content for posting on social media handles. Moreover, customer care and processing orders are two other factors to keep in mind.

    On the other hand, if you are considering the legal requirements regarding dropshipping in Mexico, it’s needless to say that it’s an emerging market and individual taxes are fine if your store is making less than $100,000 on an annual basis. If the store progresses to more profits, you have to register the store as an LLC. In the section below, we are sharing information about different dropshipping providers available in Mexico, such as;

    • Petmarkt – for this purpose, you have to make an account and publish the store’s logo. You can note down the items for the dropshipping store, and you can enjoy wholesale costs.
    • USA Computer – this is a dropshipping supplier for tech gadgets, such as tablets, computers, TVs, and video gaming consoles. They are based in Mexico have different subscriptions available to provide access to more products.
    • NicheDropshipping – they are offering more than eighteen shipping options and have a storage facility in the US for relieving the fulfillment process. In addition, they have an extensive range of products available to fulfill your needs.
    • AliExpress – this is a dropshipping provider based in China and can meet your needs in Mexico. There are endless product options available at wholesale rates. In addition, you can use Oberlo for importing the products and set up the markup costs.
    • Wholesale 2b – they have over 1.5 million products available from different suppliers, and you can dropship items according to your specific niches. In addition, Wholesale 2b handles the suppliers, so you are secure from frauds and time investment.

    Shopify POS System Mexico – Which Shopify POS System Works In Mexico?

    • Odoo

    This is open-source and customizable software that is loaded with hundreds of apps. Their database is exceptionally intuitive and can meet the needs of different business departments, such as inventory, CRM, project, sales, accounting, manufacturing, and more. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s an all-in-one software and can be used by every store, irrespective of the budget.

    • HelmBot

    This POS system makes it easy for the Shopify store owners in Mexico to handle complicated business operations, such as appointment scheduling, staff management, and marketing automation. In addition, it can help save time and manage appointments pretty easily. However, HelmBot does have a fixed monthly subscription.

    • IT Retail

    If you are selling the grocery items through your Shopify store, IT Retail is an excellent option as it’s designed with high-end yet straightforward technology.

    • Runit Systems

    This is the POS and retail management software with cloud-based configuration. This POS system is great for gift stores, apparel, sports gear, and footwear. What’s best about this system is that it’s flexible and can be personalized according to your needs. Not to forget, Runit System is suitable for integrating online channels, websites, stores, and warehouses for easier handling.

    • KORONA 

    They have designed a high-end POS system with top-notch features for retail-based Shopify stores. They have a fixed subscription fee with which you can get round-the-clock customer support and automatic store updates. Some of the features include multi-store management, inventory analysis, in-depth reporting, employee management, and credit card processing which help stores grow.


    Is Shopify payment available in Mexico?

    No, the Shopify Payment is not available in Mexico, but there are third-party payment gateways available.

    Does Shopify accept Mexican credit cards?

    Yes, Shopify does accept Mexican credit cards. However, not all credit cards are accepted and the credit cards that are accepted depend on the payment gateway.

    List the top successful Mexican Shopify stores?

    • Máscara De Látex
    • Lust Mexico
    • Bellisima
    • Pet Markt

    How Folio3 is a top-notch Shopify app development company in Mexico?

    Shopify development in Mexico is still new because the Mexican eCommerce industry has just started. For this reason, finding the right Shopify website design company in Mexico can be challenging. Folio3 as the absolute leader in Shopify web development services comes with years of experience and delivering highly functional and sales-oriented Shopify stores. In addition, their services are readily available in Mexico, and it’s a name that you can trust.

    How does Folio3 offer the best Shopify migration services in Mexico?

    Folio3 is a leading Shopify development company with highly qualified and expert developers offering seamless Shopify migration services. Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of businesses across industries in migrating their online stores to Shopify from other eCommerce platforms including Magento, Volusion, BigCommerce, and others. So, if you want to hire Shopify specialists in Mexico, Folio3 should be your priority since they have experience, knowledge, and skills.

    Why Folio3 is the best Shopify integration company in Mexico?

    To begin with, Folio3 has a team of professionals who can handle the unique needs of the Shopify stores. In addition, we have years of experience which can surely help new Shopify stores in Mexico get the most out of their online presence with highly functional and sales-oriented platforms. Lastly, Folio3 can customize the integrations according to your store’s needs to help you stay ahead of the competitive curve.

    Does Folio3 provide Magento to Shopify Migration services?

    Yes, Folio3 also provides Magento Web Development Services in Mexico at reasonable prices.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.