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    Can Shopify 2024 releases help it take more SMB market share from Amazon?

    Last Updated | May 3, 2024

    When you search “Shopify vs. Amazon” on Google, you’re bombarded with over 51 million results, underscoring a longstanding debate in the small and medium business (SMB) community about the better platform for selling. With “Shopify 2024 releases” having worked with numerous eCommerce brands, I’ve encountered both perspectives: Shopify is lauded for preserving margins and enhancing brand identity, while Amazon is praised as a revenue powerhouse. Amazon advocates point to its exceptional conversion rates and vast customer base, while acknowledging that Shopify has historically lagged in user experience.

    However, with each update, Shopify closes the UX gap, positioning itself as a compelling option for retailers. Earlier this year, Shopify rolled out over 100 updates in its Winter Editions, which our team promptly explored and tested. Here are the distilled insights:

    AI Takes Center Stage

    Shopify’s latest updates, from enhanced Shopify Magic functionalities to the introduction of Semantic Search, all revolve around AI. These innovations offer SMBs advanced merchandising and creative production shortcuts, especially valuable for those lacking resources. Magic’s image editing tools, for instance, are a game-changer for retailers without access to graphic designers or photographers. However, skilled artists still outperform AI in creating superior visuals.

    Moreover, Shopify’s extensive customer data offers a rich resource for improved ad targeting. While AI-driven marketing tools may not yet be flawless, early adoption will be advantageous as the algorithms evolve.

    Shopify Eases Development Burdens

    The Winter Updates introduce several sought-after features directly within the app, reducing the reliance on external developer resources. The Combined Listings app, for example, allows store managers to showcase product variations without creating redundant product pages or relying on third-party apps. This addresses a common challenge for SMBs and enhances product catalog ads’ effectiveness.

    For those with development resources, Shopify’s introduction of new theme blocks encourages early engagement to plan for their implementation upon official launch.

    Emphasize Testing These Updates

    The updates to image editing speeds and the Combined Listings app are among the most impactful. The Subscriptions app is particularly relevant for brands focused on customer retention and lifetime value growth. It introduces flexible pricing for frequently bundled items, addressing a major pain point for SMBs.

    Ultimately, Shopify’s latest updates alleviate longstanding issues, enhancing user experiences and conserving development resources. While it may not convince every SMB to shift away from Amazon, it represents a significant step forward in enabling retailers to create compelling customer experiences on their own platforms.


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