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    How to hire Shopify Development Company in Australia?

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

    The Australian e-commerce market share accounted for 18% of the total e-commerce sales in 2021. It is a great time to open your Shopify Dropshipping Australia store or your print on demand Australia shopify store. You must hire a shopify development company in Australia to make the store stand out.

    hire Shopify Development Company in Australia - Shopify migration

    1. What to look for when hire Shopify Development Company in Australia

    There are several aspects to consider when hiring a Shopify development company. These factors need to be taken into consideration to ensure that you hire the best shopify development company in Australia.

    Communication Skills

    We all know that communication is key. It is perhaps one of the most crucial roles to ensure successful business development. The project will work smoothly and effectively once the communication process is transparent. Development companies with transparent communication policies will stick to your side as your partner for shopify development company in Australia. Make sure that you hire a development agency that fulfills the requirements of effective communication.

    Look over the company Shopify Portfolio

    The portfolio of the development company plays a very significant role when they are hired by the merchants. The previous work details are completed by the development agencies and are included in their portfolio. The portfolio will help you get an idea of the company’s experience and depth of information. Once you check their portfolio3 quality, you can decide whether you expect them to maintain the quality and whether their previous projects match your business requirements for your Shopify store.

    Ask for previous client references

    The search for developers who have a decent number of established and happy clients is always preferable. The reviews from their customers must be taken to know what to expect from the developers. When you get client reviews, you can also get an idea if the agency will be able to fulfill your requirements as per your project. This can help you understand more about the practical work of the agency.

    Provision of after-project services

    You must make sure that the company provides post-project services. Once the project has been delivered, it requires maintenance. Since the developers have an understanding of what they developed, they can maintain the store easily as well. This is why professional companies provide maintenance services so that the client can utilize the product to complete capacity.

    hire Shopify Development Company in Australia - Shopify integration

    2. How to find the right developer for your project

    Prepare your business plan

    To begin with, create a basic draft of your business. The domain of your store must be specified here. Then examine current development companies to determine their operating models and match them with your requirements. After you’ve discovered the models, you’ll have a better notion of how to launch an e-commerce store on Shopify. You may look at the top Shopify UK stores to get a sense of how they started their business, what models they used, and where they ended up. This will assist you in comprehending the world of e-commerce and how it must be sustained.

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    Prepare your business plan

    75% of e-commerce enterprises fail within the first five years, so make sure you plan your business to be long-term sustainable. Segment your audience and begin developing marketing plans to target them. You must also search for suppliers to your store if your business will sell tangible products.

    Determine areas you need help for

    You must now uncover your business shortfalls here. You must seek areas you need help on. If you believe that having only one source is risky, attempt to reach out to new providers. If you believe that the growth of your Shopify store requires assistance, don’t be afraid to hire Shopify e-commerce development businesses. Only by identifying your company’s weak points will you be able to reduce its susceptibility and boost its sustainability.

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    If you believe you should just manage the business, it is a smart idea to outsource Shopify store maintenance to a shopify development company in Australia so that you can focus on the items while they maintain your Shopify sites.

    Set your developer budget

    To launch a profitable Shopify business, conduct research and list various expenses such as employee salary, bills, store development, and maintenance costs. To create a budget, do the following:

    • Compile a list of your projected revenue sources.
    • Determine fixed expenses like developer costs and Shopify maintenance services, among other things.
    • Include variable expenses such as the cost of integrating platforms with Shopify, invoices, shipping charges, travel costs, and sales commissions.
    • Estimate the base investment, such as Shopify shop creation fees, lodging, and electronic equipment prices.
    • Put everything together and create your business budget.

    This will assist you in staying within your budget and avoiding overspending. Once your business plan is ready, you now know how much you can afford to pay to hire shopify developer australia.

    Find a developer and ask for referrals

    Then you must request references for your company. You may look for skilled employees, a Shopify website design firm, and even vendors. Referrals assist you to find business partners that can be trusted and have expertise. This will link your organization and provide you with individuals on whom you can rely for complete assistance.

    Obtain referrals from appropriate individuals for your Shopify developer. For example, if you need a suggestion for a supplier, contact someone who has worked in that industry. If you need a recommendation for a Shopify development agency, you may look up their reviews and ratings and then ask around. This ensures that you are completely informed when you acquire the services. Once you shortlist some developers, it is time to communicate with them.

    Communicate with the developers.

    Finally, interact with all of the developers you have shortlisted. Make sure to address wages, working principles, and the costs of developing the Shopify store with the Shopify web design agency. Be as clear as possible so that both sides are happy and can embark on this new road of successfully starting a Shopify business. Then finalize a developer and assign the project to them.

    3. What questions to ask the development team before you hire a shopify development company in Australia?

    When you are starting to work with a Shopify development team, it is best to make inquiries to be aware of what to expect from the development company.

    • What is the total expected cost of the project and what are the upper and lower bounds of uncertainty for the cost? This can help define a maximum budget so you can hire as per your budget.
    • What is the project delivery method? Will it be all at once or in small increments? This will help you stay updated with the store project.
    • Have you performed development projects in this genre? This way you can find specialists for store development and hire them. For example, instead of hiring a general Shopify development company, you can hire a Shopify development company that specializes in jewelry stores.
    • What are the certifications that your developers hold? This can be used to understand the expertise of the developers.

    The answers you receive can be noted and compared for different company employees you question. You can then finally decide which company to work with.

    4. How much should you expect to pay for Shopify development services

    The shopify development company price will vary in Australia. This varies as the cost is dependent on several factors such as the developer’s expertise, the time constraints of the project, the rate of pay, the complexity of the task, and the company itself. The average shopify development company cost in Australia starts at around $1000 per month. It will cost $100-$500 on average for the hourly rate for Shopify developers in Australia. According to Shopify, the development services for a store cost from $5000 to $10,000.

    If you opt for development services from freelancers you can expect the rate to be around $70 per hour for Australian freelancers. The average cost is around $60 to $80 per hour. The USA and Canadian freelancers charge $80 to $100 per hour. The Shopify developers from Asia cost $20-$50 per hour. You may even opt for shopify alternatives australia. However, it must be noted that Shopify best ecommerce platform in Australia according to the sales it produced in 2021.

    5. How to work with a Shopify development team once you’ve hired them

    Once you have finalized your shopify development company in Australia, you must know how to maintain an engaging relationship with them. You can work with the development team to achieve your Shopify store requirements. Here are some useful tips that can be considered:

    • Meet with the development team regularly. It is not necessary to visit them physically every day, you can visit them once or twice a week. If you are unable to visit them physically, you can arrange a meeting with them online and attend that. Here you can inquire about the progress or help them out with your store requirements.
    • You can use software services such as Jira software to keep track of the development of the Shopify store. It can help track your product development. Make sure that the development company is regularly updating the schedules to ensure that you stay informed.
    • Make sure that the payments are all made duly. These payments from your end should be expedited to prevent any issues from your end. Companies tend to provide payment relaxations but it is best to pay your dues on time.

    6. Benefits to hire Folio3 shopify development company in Australia as compared to Freelancer?

    It is advised that you hire Shopify store development services from shopify development company in Australia which can be Folio3. Our professional services provide several advantages as compared to freelancers. The several benefits that agencies have over freelancers are:

    • When you hire our Top Shopify Development Company, you are receiving the services of certified Shopify professionals. The freelancers on platforms are not always completely honest when discussing their certifications with you. Folio3 on the other hand has international certifications for our employees.
    • Our company has always delivered projects on time for over 15+ years. We always meet customer expectations since we have Shopify experts on our teams. These are aware of customer requirements and follow established standards to ensure that the final Shopify store product is better than customer expectations. Freelancers have a tendency to deliver their projects late which will be detrimental to you ultimately.
    • Folio3 values quality products which is why our company has a strong work ethic. These ensure that the company deals with the projects according to the latest international standards. On the contrary, freelancers showcase a weaker and less uniform work ethic when compared to Shopify development companies.
    • Our development teams are made up of several experts that belong to each domain such as design, requirement engineering, coding, quality assurance and control, and extensive testing. Which is they are unable to provide clients with the best Shopify Theme Customization solutions. Our expertise also makes us one of the best Shopify Theme Development Company in Australia.
    • Freelancers may excel in a single domain but lack expertise in other domains. This means if the freelancer is a good developer but a weak tester, the store will not be optimized. Our company ensures that you get the best of everything.
    • Service agencies tend to work with clients looking for business engagement in the long run. We want to be affiliated with our customers in the long run so that both parties benefit. This is why our company also provides after-project services to the customers as we hold ourselves accountable, in contrast, freelancers tend to have an attitude of “just get done with it” so that their payments are released. We want to ensure customer sense of satisfaction so we keep on informing them as well unlike freelancers with whom it is difficult to communicate.
    • Since we are responsible for the Shopify store, we are happy to maintain our Shopify Store Development solutions. Development agencies continue to provide services even after the project is complete. Freelancers may create a Shopify store and provide it to you but then not provide any sort of post-project support. As a result, you can have a Shopify store but no ongoing upkeep. To add to the expense, you will also need to employ a Shopify support developer individually. Thus, it is best to hire a development company.

    Frequently asked questions about how to hire shopify development company in Australia

    How much does it cost to hire a Shopify expert in Australia?

    For those wondering is shopify in Australia, the answer is yes it operates there. But asking is shopify good in Australia is quite subjective. It is the best platform if you have the right people by your side as it generates over $176billion in merchandise sales. Shopify experts can be hired in Australia easily. You can hire them from Shopify, or from other freelancing platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr. The cost of hiring an expert starts at around $600. They can perform tasks such as the Best Shopify App Development Services to Shopify store development.

    How much does it cost to hire a Shopify designer in Australia?

    If you want to hire shopify experts Australia who are designers, you can hire them for around $500 on average. They can design a complete store for this cost. But if you want to work on limited functions and features you can get these services at a starting cost of around $100 to $250.



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