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    Shopify Pos Australia Reviews

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

    What is Shopify POS System Australia and how does Shopify Pos Australia Reviews

    Shopify POS is an advanced payment system for small as well as large businesses and enterprises. It provides multiple features such as multiple payment systems & invoicing, inventory management, customized real-time analytics & reports for your business, and much more.

    The online shopping industry saw a boom in the wake of the pandemic and this has drastically changed the way online business was done in Australia. With the upsurge of online businesses in the region, the key player, Shopify has finally found its stakes there. You can enjoy Shopify payments, Shopify hardware such as POS, and etc. easily in Australia.

    Shopify development

    There are several best Shopify integration services in Australia which are available to expand your online business.

    Moreover, if you are using some other POS system and need to migrate to Shopify then you can also hire Shopify Migration services in Australia which will help make the process as easy as ABC.

    Shopify POS Australia fees include four plans:

    Shopify POS Australia pricing plans have different categories and features for each plan. All plans include a credit card transaction fee except Shopify Enterprise. The credit card transaction fee at this pricing plan is nullified.

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    Shopify Basic: it costs $29 and includes:

    • Credit card payment fee of 2.4% on all transactions
    • Order and product management
    • Customer profiling
    • Mobile POS and paraphernalia

    Shopify POS Pro:

    Your online Shopify plan + $89 per location per month. It also gives all Shopify basic features with the add-on of:

    • Unlimited staff
    • Unlimited registers
    • Omnichannel selling
    • Mortar store analytics
    • Customer management

    Shopify POS Advanced: This plan costs $299 and provides:

    • All Office back-end features

    Shopify Pro plan is included in all Shopify POS systems except in Shopify basic.

    Shopify development

    Shopify POS Australia Hardware

    Now the sellers don’t need to be stuck to the counter.

    With the Shopify POS hardware you get:

    Integrated POS:

    Shopify POS hardware and software make up a complete ecosystem of integrated services and powerful retail tools for your business.

    Mobile payments:

    You can receive payments however and anywhere. Your business runs with you. No pun intended.

    Seamless checkouts:

    with multiple payment systems, you can cater to every segment of your audience with ease.


    The systems run on both android and iOS, that way you remain ahead in the game.

    Guaranteed hardware:

    Shopify hardware comes with a 1-½ year warranty. The retailers can enjoy 24/7 service and support from the company.

    If Shopify POS Australia not working you can call support any time and the personnel will connect with you promptly. Shopify’s support system is doing a commendable job to serve its customers.

    Retail Kit:

    When businesses opt for Shopify point of sale Australia, they receive a complete kit that includes, an iPad stand, card readers for Shopify POS Australia pricing, and accessories.

    iPad stand:

    iPad stand gives you the mobility you need in your business. You can take it off the stand and move around, staying connected with your customers without losing touch with your base, i.e. counter.

    Card Readers:

    Card readers deploy new technology of touch & tap.


    this includes barcode readers, cash drawers, and printers. You can also utilize Shopify POS Australia QR code scanners.

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    What is Shopify POS Australia EFTPOS?

    EFTPOS is an electronic funds transfer point of sale which allows you to transfer funds or payments electronically through a card reader.

    POS99 has all Shopify-compatible components for EFTPOS. It is quite famous with local Australian retailers.

    What is Shopify POS card reader Australia and how to use it?

    The EMV-chip card reader can be connected with iPad, Android tablets, or mobile devices easily. It allows you to make card transactions easily.

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    List the Best Shopify POS Australia API

    Shopify POS API is a powerful tool that provides you with unique solutions for your clients. Folio3 Shopify website design company in Australia provides excellent services to the users.

    APIs are widely used and offer four different types:

    • Public
    • Private
    • Partner &
    • ComPOSite

    Shopify deploys robust APIs for an exceptional client experience. Some of the best API providers are:

    • OMS
    • PIM
    • 3PL
    • ERP

    These APIs provide compatible and secure payment gateways such as PayPal and ApplePay. Especially, when you get to work with a good Shopify theme customization service provider like Folio3.

    Shopify integration

    List the Top Shopify POS Australia App

    The best Shopify app builder in Australia strives to provide exceptional services. These include:


    Vend has three different payment plans. Lite, Pro, and Enterprise. The Lite plan will cost you 119 AUD whereas Pro Plan charges you 149 AUD and for the Enterprise plan you have to call and ask for the quotation.


    Square is the only POS system that doesn’t have monthly plans. It charges 1.6% for each card transaction. 2.2 for each manually entered payment. And the charges for contactless payment are 1.9%.


    Toast has a starter plan that costs you nothing. Onward offers two different paid plans, Essentials and Growth. The essential plan starts from $165/month with three months free if you proceed with the digital ordering. The growth plan starts from $ 272/ month with complete options and support.


    Lightspeed offers you the most flexible pricing options both monthly and annually. You can choose from Lean, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise plans. Lean charges you $ 69/month in an Annual plan and $ 69/month in a Monthly plan. Standard charges you $ 119/month in an Annual plan and $ 139/month in a Monthly plan. Advanced charges you $ 199/month in an Annual plan and $ 239/month in a Monthly plan and for an Enterprise plan you have to ask for the quotation.


    Revel charges $99 per month for a single terminal. You can visit their site for more information.

    Shopify migration

    Shopify POS Australia Zoho

    Zoho is one of the topline inventory management systems in Australia that can easily integrate with Shopify POS and helps in getting online orders, updating stocks, and process payments.

    How to Integrate Zoho with Shopify

    • For integration, first, select the integration module in the sidebar.
    • Here you will find a Shopping Cart option.
    • Go for the Setup Now button
    • Insert the URL of your online store and click connect.

    Your Shopify store will be successfully connected to the Zoho inventory management system. On the configuration page, you can change the integration settings. You can connect multiple Shopify stores with your Zoho inventory as well to address all your online orders and sync them with your Zoho inventory simultaneously.

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    FAQs About Shopify Pos Australia Reviews

    What is Shopify tap & chip card reader Australia?

    Shopify tap & chip card reader is the form of payment used by the Shopify POS app and by this, customers can easily settle a reasonable amount through mobile devices. It is a form of the mobile credit card reader.

    Is Shopify POS available in Australia?

    The answer is Yes. All the retail merchants can now get their payment seamlessly whenever and wherever they want with Shopify POS that is also fully integrated with the card reader the WisePad 3.

    To take full advantage of what Shopify has to offer it is recommended that you make use of a Shopify development company in Australia that can directly work with clients and provide customized services to enhance user experience. Clients can also hire Shopify specialist in Australia that can help with website design.

    Where to buy Shopify POS system in Australia?

    Shopify is a software program and you can buy it from Shopify.com


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