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Last Updated | January 17, 2024

Shopify Australia: An Overview

Just like any other country trying to promote commerce in their country, Australia too, has been promoting various commerce platforms. One such reliable platform that is well-known in Australia is called Shopify. Some people might not be aware of Shopify Australia and ask this question: is Shopify in Australia? The answer to this question is: yes, Shopify is in Australia! It is an all-in-one commerce platform is has powered over 1,000,000 business globally. With Shopify Australia, you can easily start, run and grow your business exponentially, and see your business flourish. Shopify is a commerce platform that is not just famous in Australia; it is known and used in other countries too, such as the United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, etc. Furthermore, due to the global pandemic, COVID-19, most, if not all, businesses have decided to rely on such online platforms to help boost their sales. Shopify Australia is a trustworthy platform that provides you with all the business solutions you need in setting up and in the running of your business.

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How Does Shopify Work in Australia?

Shopify in Australia works in a similar way to Shopify in other countries. Once you have selected Shopify Australia as your ecommerce platform, you should work on building your image and other marketing strategies and setting up your store. You can use the various tools provided by Shopify Australia to create the store of your dreams and then you can start selling right away. Shopify Australia lets its users try their platform for 14 days for free to allow them to explore all the tools and services, before paying up to use the platform. The free trial starts as soon as you sign up for using Shopify Australia.


Shopify Australia: Pricing and Fees

While choosing an ecommerce platform, one must keep the prices of the platform in mind. Some platforms charge monthly, some charge annually, and some require you to purchase plugins, whereas using their platform is free. Shopify Australia offers its users five different price plans that users can choose from. There is something that would suit every budget. These price plans are billed monthly, but if you choose to pay upfront for purchasing annual or biennial plans, you would be entitled to receive a 10% or 20% discount on the annual or biennial price plans respectively.

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The five price plans offered by Shopify Australia are:

  1. Basic Shopify

This price plan costs $29 per month. It is good for new business setups since it provides all the basics for starting and creating a name for themselves in the market.

  1. Shopify

This costs $79 per month and is good for established businesses that intend on making growth.

  1. Advanced Shopify

This costs $299 per month and is good for scaling your business. It provides you with all the advanced features one must require for scaling their business.

  1. Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus Australia is a customizable price plan that provides large businesses with enterprise-grade solutions.

  1. Shopify Lite

This price plan lets you add products to any website or blog and accept card payments for only $9 per month.

All the prices mentioned above are quoted in US dollars. The prices quoted here are further subjected to government taxes and other prevailing charges. All card payments are processed through Shopify Australia’s payment gateway, Shopify Payments. These charges are billed indoor selected currency, without any transaction fee is applicable. However, if the user decides to process payments through a payment gateway of their own choice, there would be a 2%, 1%, or 0.5% additional fee charged for Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify price plans respectively.

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How to Create Your Online Shopify Store in Australia?

Once you have selected Shopify Australia as your ecommerce platform, you should start brainstorming for ideas for your store. These ideas must help you in building your brand and taking it forward from there i.e. through your Australia Shopify store. To help start your business and to help it grow, you must use the Shopify Australia platform and do the following:

  1. Build Your Brand

Building your brand starts with creating a business name and logo. You must choose a business name and logo that goes well with your personality, and also reflects your business idea accurately. While designing your logo, you must also keep your target audience in mind, as you would want to cater mostly to them. Furthermore, you must think out-of-the-box while creating a logo for your business. This would help you to stand out from the other brands and would also help in making your business an unforgettable one, leaving a mark on your customers. All of this is possible with the professional tools provided by Shopify Australia. You can use the free logo creating tools on Shopify Australia to create a logo for your business.

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  1. Create a Presence Online for Your Store

The story does not end after building your brand on Shopify Australia; then you should work on building your presence online. You should try to use marketing tactics that help you to have loyal customers for your store. This is possible only when you run social media campaigns and have a store with a personalized website. It all starts with a custom web address that helps you to establish your business online and lets the customers easily find your store online. You can then work on the customization of your store by using high-resolution images from Burst, a stock photo platform powered by Shopify. Furthermore, you can use social media platforms to run ad campaigns and create awareness for your brand.

  1. Make Your Store

Once you have set up your brand and created an online presence for your store, you can work on building your store. You can use the various tools provided by Shopify Australia to help develop a store just the way you want. You can customize your store by choosing the free and paid themes, offered by Shopify Australia, to create a unique store for yourself. Shopify Australia even lets you to manage your store and inventory.

Shopify Website Templates in Australia

Shopify Australia follows the same format as it follows in other countries. They provide a vast collection of free and paid themes for your Shopify Australia store. These themes prove to be good website templates for your store and can be customized to your liking and requirements. Shopify Australia has divided the themes according to different industries to help save you some time and making things quicker. These industries include home and garden, art and photography, electronics, jewelry and accessories, food and drink, clothing and fashion, furniture, health and beauty, sports and recreation, toys and games, and others. The cheapest themes cost $100 and the most expensive ones cost $180. The themes present on Shopify Australia’s website have at least two variants of the same theme present on their website.

However, for your store to stand out and leave a mark on your customers, the theme to choose should be different from the rest. Therefore, it is advised that you should opt for a paid theme since almost everybody else opts for a free theme. If a customer gets attracted to your store, the chances of them buying something for your store are pretty high.

Shopify Domain and Hosting in Australia

Upon signing up, Shopify Australia provides all its users with a free domain name. However, they also provide their users with the option of purchasing a domain name within Shopify Australia. They even let you continue with the existing domain name that you own.

For Shopify Australia, you do not need to have your hosting service, except for the price plan, Shopify Lite. Shopify Australia includes unlimited eCommerce hosting services on all their price plans (except Shopify Lite).

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Shopify POS Australia: Does Shopify have a POS System?

Shopify has its Point of Sales system on its platform. The Shopify POS application is available readily for download on iOS and Android devices. These devices can be used for transactions in your physical store or a pop-up store. With this application, you can easily search for products, process orders, take payments, accept credit cards, print receipts, and control almost everything through these devices. These devices can be your iPads or mobiles. The store management is done through the Shopify admin, which can be accessed through any browser.

You can sync your Shopify online store with the Shopify POS and easily access and manage your business through one single dashboard. Any changes made by the Shopify admin will also show in the Shopify POS. You do not have to worry about having multiple devices; you can easily install Shopify POS on all devices, without any extra charges, and have multiple cash registers to process payments. However, to be able to use the Shopify POS app, you can buy supported hardware from the registered retailers or resellers in your country. You must have an external credit card reader to accept credit card payments. The hardware that supports the Shopify POS includes the following:

—Card readers

—mPop all in one

—Cash drawer

—Barcode scanners

—Barcode printers

—Receipt printers

—iPad stands

—Customer View apps

There are two price plans offered for Shopify POS Australia. These price plans are:

  1. Shopify POS Lite
  2. Shopify POS Pro

Shopify POS Lite

This plan is included with all the regular Shopify price plans. The features included are:

—In-person credit card transaction rates start at 2.4%.

—Mobile POS and hardware accessories

—Order and product management

—Customer profiles

Shopify POS Pro

In addition to your regular Shopify price plan, you would have to pay an additional $89 per month for every location you use POS on. However, on the Shopify Plus plans, you do not have to pay the additional $89 per month as this price plan includes the Shopify POS Pro features. These features include:

—In-store analytics

—Omnichannel selling features

—Unlimited registers

—Staff roles and permissions

—Smart inventory management

—Unlimited store staff

Add Apps for More Features

Although Shopify Australia offers almost all the features required by most businesses, some businesses may feel that there are not enough features that may be required by them. This does not mean that you switch your ecommerce platform; it simply means that you rely on other apps to help fulfill your requirements. Shopify has its own app store called the Shopify App Store, which has a wide collection of free and paid apps for you to choose from. Most businesses require apps for the following features in their businesses:

—Customer Support

There are over a thousand apps on the Shopify App Store that you can use to provide excellent customer support round the clock. You can provide your customers with the option of live chat, help desk ticketing, back-in-stock alerts, customized cart recovery emails, etc. There are free and paid options available, with the free options being equally good.


Handling finances for businesses can be a bit tricky, especially if you do not have enough staff members. However, with apps from the Shopify App Store, you can solve this issue in a jiffy. There are many apps on the Shopify App Store that can help you with managing your sales, taxes, inventory, customers, and custom reports. Furthermore, there are apps available that can help you automate invoices for your customers’ orders.

—Finding Products

With the help of these apps, dropshipping can be done easily; products can be imported, orders fulfilled, and suppliers can be found.

—Inventory Management

There are numerous apps available that can help you manage your store and inventory more efficiently. With these apps, you can add, remove or replace product tags in bulk, sync, and manage your inventory in real-time.


Various marketing apps from the Shopify app store help in boosting your store’s sales with apps that help you to start reward programs, Facebook messenger marketing, spin wheels, cart recovery, referral programs, marketing through emails, SMS, push and messenger, SEO, contests and giveaways, sales and discounts, and much more.

—Orders and Shipping

There are apps on the Shopify app store that help you to manage your shipping rates and labels, order status and tracking details, order management, deliveries and pickups, invoices and receipts, outsourced fulfillment, returns and exchanges, fraud protection, preorders, digital products, and a lot of other tasks.

—Places to Sell

You can use apps that let you sell your Shopify products on other platforms, causing your entire business to be synced centrally.


These apps help in improving the productivity of your store. These are apps that can help you with workflow automation, staff management, etc.


Reporting includes alerts for low inventory stocks, sales forecasting, tracking, customer intelligence and smart audiences, geo-targeted selling

—Sales and Conversion

The sales and conversion apps include those apps that help in the management of pricing, product bundling, sales analysis, mobile app builders, subscriptions, sales and discounts, social proof, upsetting and cross-selling.

—Store Design

Shopify Store designing contains apps for a better outlook of your store. These apps help in dealing with currencies, badges, customer login, SEO, email templates, bogs, translations, social media integrations in Shopify, cart customizations, navigation and search, and much more.

—Trust and Security

Trust and security apps help in providing better security for your store. This is a very important step for the protection of your store and your customers.

What are the Shopify Reviews in Australia?

Shopify Australia is considered to be a good ecommerce platform with a POS facility. Businesses across Australia are all-praises about Shopify. They consider Shopify Australia to be a reliable ecommerce platform for all business sizes.

What are the Best Payment Gateways for Shopify Australia?

Shopify Australia users can make payments through various payment gateways, digital wallets, and multi-currencies. The default payment gateway for Shopify Australia is Shopify Payments, with no transaction fee. However, other payment gateways can be used too. These payment gateways include.

—Coinbase Commerce



—PayPal Express Checkout

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an ecommerce platform in Australia that is reliable, then Shopify is the right choice for you. It is a platform that provides its users with all the required facilities and tools for setting up and running their business. Furthermore, it is a platform that can be accessible by all business sizes; whether small or large scale. This is because of the affordable price plans they have to offer. Overall, it is a simple and easy to use platform that fulfills all the needs of a business, whether starting out or already established.


  1. Can I sell my products from Shopify by using FBA in Australia without having a seller account with Amazon?

No, selling your Shopify products on Amazon FBA without a seller account on Amazon is not possible. You must have a seller account on Amazon to sell your Shopify products on FBA. Thus, you must have accounts on both platforms to allow integrations to take place between the two. This integration is possible with the various integration apps available on the Shopify App Store.

  1. Why is Shopify popular in Australia?

Shopify in Australia is a popular choice among small brands and startups mostly. On the other hand, Shopify Plus is very famous with large businesses. Shopify Australia users get the following benefits

—Better marketing strategies

Setting up a basic store is very easy with Shopify Australia. However, it is not as basic as other business platforms. Shopify Australia provides its users with numerous free themes and tools to help boost their business.

—Better support

You will get 24/7 web support for your customers, and if you use Shopify Plus, you will get your Account Manager in Australia to support you.


According to its competitors, Shopify offers better pricing plans that can fit every budget.

—Performance and stability

Shopify provides all its users with online security and hosting services that provide better stability and store performance.

  1. How can you contact Shopify Australia?

Shopify Australia can be contacted via community forums, Shopify Help Center, and contact support.

  1. How to hire the best Shopify expert/developer in Australia?

You can easily find the best expert developer for your Shopify Australia store from the Shopify Experts Marketplace. There are countless number of experts available on this marketplace that can offer you their dedicated services to help you in setting up your store. You can connect with the one expert you feel understands your requirements and who promises to deliver what you want.

  1. How do I start a dropshipping business in Australia with Shopify?

Dropshipping is a method of selling goods without having to stock them in your inventory. Order fulfillment is done by purchasing goods from another business or person, and then these goods are shipped directly to the customer. Dropshipping can be started through the Shopify platform with the help of drop shipping apps from the Shopify App Store. There are many options available on the app store that allow you to integrate your Shopify Australia store with the other platform you wish to use for your dropshipping business.

  1. What is a Shopify card reader in Australia?

In Australia, you would require a Shopify card reader for accepting card payments from customers who visit your physical store or store pop-up. This card reader is required when you wish to sync your Shopify online store with Shopify POS.

  1. Are there any Shopify Australia alternatives?

There are numerous ecommerce platforms available in the market that cater to the needs of different businesses. If, for some odd reason, you feel Shopify is not the right platform for you, then you may switch to Shopify Australia alternatives. A few of these alternatives are 3Dcart, Ecwid, Volusion, and Magento. Before using these platforms, it would be a great idea to survey the market first, and also to check the price plans, features, and tools being offered by these various platforms.

  1. Where can I find the Shopify Australia privacy policy?

The Shopify Australia privacy policy is mentioned on their web page. It is mentioned on the bottom right of the main page. The privacy policy of Shopify Australia is updated whenever a change is made to these terms. It is generally a good idea to check the last updated date of the privacy policy terms. The privacy policy for all the countries that offer Shopify is the same and is applicable within all countries, unless stated otherwise.

  1. How much is the Shopify tax and GST in Australia?

If your business is running in Australia, and if you have already registered yourself with the Australian government to pay the Australian GST, then Shopify will not collect any GST on your payments. The Australian government would provide you with an Australian Business Number (ABN), that you are required to enter in the details for your Shopify store. If, however, you are not registered with the Australian government for your GST, Shopify Australia will apply the GST to your subscription charges and any Shopify Shipping label at a rate of 10%.

  1. List down the top Shopify stores in Australia?

More than 10,000 stores are running on Shopify Australia. However, some stores are more popular in the country. These stores are:

—Princess Polly (category: men, women, fashion, magazine, subscriptions)

—RDe Microphones (category: books)

—Beginning Boutique (category: men, women, fashion, magazine, subscriptions)

—VERGE GIRL (category: men, women, fashion, magazine, subscriptions)

—Silvery Jewellery (category: men, women, fashion, magazine, subscriptions)

—Decjuba Pty (category: men, women, fashion, magazine, subscriptions)

—The Golf Society (category: men, women, fashion, magazine, subscriptions)

—Crown Forever (category: men, women, fashion, magazine, subscriptions)

—Chicken Houses (category: Home, Patio, Lawn and Garden)

  1. How to do Shopify Amazon Australia integration?

The Shopify Amazon Australia integration is possible via apps from the Shopify App Store, that allow the integration to occur between these two platforms. For this integration to be possible, you must have an active Amazon Professional Seller Account. Then, from your Shopify account’s dashboard, you can access the “Sales Channel” section and click on “Add Sales Channel,” and select “Connect to Amazon.” You start choosing products you wish to sell on the Amazon platform and start selling. To speed up the synchronization process between Shopify and Amazon, integration apps are used. These apps help to sync the inventory and keep it updated to prevent any over ordering from happening.


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