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    How Many Products Can WooCommerce Handle?

    Last Updated | September 1, 2022

    Every year, thousands and thousands of eCommerce firms are launched. Whenever it comes to choosing a platform, new online stores have plenty of options. Is it better to go with web technologies like Shopify or a self-hosted program like Magento or WooCommerce? Should you go with the simplest solution or one that can scale with your company? In the case of WooCommerce merchants also end up worrying about how many products WooCommerce can handle.

     If you want to roll your sleeves up and setup a WooCommerce Store from   Scratch, there’s a step-by-step guide on how to setup WooCommerce store.

    Woocommerce Development Services are especially helpful to novice eCommerce businesses since it blends the simplicity of use with great strength, flexibility, and capabilities. It is used on around 2.3 million eCommerce stores globally. In some ways, it’s even better than Bigcommerce Web Design Company.

    As a result, the article goes into deeper detail about how many products WooCommerce can handle.

    What Is WooCommerce? Is WooCommerce An Ideal Solution For A Large-Scale Store?

    WooCommerce Development is a WordPress eCommerce plugin. It simplifies the process of setting up and running an online store by providing respectable degrees of flexibility and a number of essential features like inventories and managerial accounting, secure payment processing, and shipping integration.

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    Order tracking, customer involvement, shipping status, stock management, and other capabilities are all available with WooCommerce.

    WooCommerce powers 99 percent of all WordPress stores, including over 27,000,000 installations to date and many more WooCommerce Migration are taking place every day. WooCommerce integration is a simple-to-use platform. It’s simple to use for new large-scale website owners.

    With the inclusion of WP Swings’ WooCommerce Integration for Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers plugin, your WooCommerce store is linked to your Salesforce Commerce Cloud Development CRM account.

    This plugin syncs all of your WooCommerce data to Salesforce CRM via the Salesforce modules.

    Overall, WooCommerce design is best for big-scale stores, and you can easily list a large range of products on the WooCommerce website.

    To install WooCommerce, navigate to your WP dashboard’s Plugins section and search for “WooCommerce.” Install Now by right-clicking on the WooCommerce plugin in the search results. WordPress will install the plugin for you automatically.

    All of the essential eCommerce functionalities are included in the core plugin, including:

    1. Inventory management
    2. Payment functionality
    3. Shipping
    4. Tax calculations

    You may also utilize over 300 free and premium WooCommerce plugins to improve the functionality of your store.

    WooCommerce integration security is depending on the plugins users install as well as the security of your site’s hosting. This allows users to make the large WooCommerce site as safe as possible.

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    Is There A Product Limit On Woocommerce? (Hard And Soft Limits)

    The amount of products you might get added to the ecommerce website is technically unlimited with WooCommerce integration.

    That does not, however, imply that you could always add thousands of items to your website and anticipate the same site speed, loading time, or performance.

    Let’s look at the hard and soft limits of WordPress to further understand the limitations of scaling WooCommerce, as it is really crucial to understand how many products WooCommerce can handle.

    • Soft Limit 

    MySQL isn’t very good at search and dynamic filtering. WordPress can theoretically handle tens of millions of items per server, but MySQL’s search limits limit it to just a few thousand. Thankfully, full-text technologies such as Apache Solr and Elasticsearch can help you overcome these constraints.

    • Hard Limit

    WordPress is made up of PHP code and MySQL data. Because MySQL isn’t a data structure, it can only do a limited number of database queries. Adding more hardware won’t assist because the load can’t be dispersed across numerous machines. 

    Tricks That Can Help: Search Engines To Overcome Soft Limit

    WooCommerce is well-known for its ease of use and adaptability to enterprises of all sizes and shapes. It not only has the simplest setup method, but it also has a plethora of features that keep its users enthralled.

    These tips and tricks will also give a broader perspective on how many products WooCommerce can handle.

    1. Using a digital wallet system can help you save money by lowering transaction costs, speeding up the checkout process, and reducing the risk of security breaches.
    2. Use autofill information plugin helps to retain customers’ loyalty and enhances conversions.
    3. Use an optimized checkout page” for keeping things simple and straightforward is all your consumers will appreciate at the checkout.
    4. Use English to communicate with international customers; nevertheless, it’s essential to utilize a proximity language so that non-natives don’t feel alienated from your WooCommerce store.
    5. Multiple payment methods also aid conversion rates because not everyone is comfortable paying with their VISA or Master Card.
    6. A light theme also has a better possibility of speeding up the checkout process.
    7. Because WooCommerce does not accept the regular memory size of WP, increasing the memory limit of WP also helps speed up the WooCommerce Checkout process.

    To speed up WooCommerce checkout process for the WooCommerce store, use the recommendations in this article.

    Some Great WooCommerce Large-Scale Store Examples That Will Inspire You

    The following large-scale companies will definitely be going to give a good comprehension of how many products WooCommerce can handle if you want to build a large-scale WooCommerce store.

    • ShoppersPk.com

    ShoppersPk.com is an online wholesale store powered by WooCommerce that sells everything from infant care to household appliances to computing and hardware products.

    There are almost 25,000 goods available. ShoppersPk is a Pakistan-based local retailer. They do not transport merchandise outside of the United States.

    The process of exploring the website, picking a product, and ultimately checking out has been made quite simple thanks to WooCommerce.

    ShoppersPk.com offers three payment procedures to ensure seamless transactions including during peak traffic times. Cash on Delivery (COD), Western Union/Bank Transfer/Xoom, and Easypaisa are the three payment methods offered.

    Page Speed Percentage 91%
    Completed Loading Time 10.7 secs
    Caching Plugin None
    Payment Methods Direct Bank Transfer/Western Union/Xoom and Easypaisa
    Number Of Products 25,000+
    Theme Used Flatsome Child WordPress Theme


    Inter Shop is an online store that sells and imports products from a variety of Greek companies that sells electronic products.

    Their online store, which runs on the WooCommerce platform, includes over 158,000 products in categories such as electronic devices, electrical items, and vehicle tools.

    The Inter Shop is based in Greece and serves customers all around the world. The shipping costs, however, differ depending on the country.

    It makes use of Cloudflare, a well-known speed and performance-related business, making it a dependable web security and performance provider and giving us additional reason to believe WooCommerce is scalable.

    It also includes the W3 Total Cache Plugin, which improves the website’s speed and performance.

    Page Speed Percentage 93%
    Completed Loading Time 6.1 seconds
    Caching Plugin W3 Total Cache
    Payment Methods PayPal, COD and Direct Bank Transfer
    Number Of Products 158,000+
    Theme Used Flatsome WordPress Theme


    • Gifts And Jewels

    Gifts and Jewels is yet another WooCommerce Salesforce Commerce Cloud site with over 51,300 items ranging from digital screens and networks, electronics, sporting goods, and health and beauty to name a few. It is situated on the island of Guam and ships to the U. S.

    This business was built using the Underscores.me starter theme and a custom WordPress theme.

    According to reports from WhoIsHostingThis, Gifts and Jewels are hosted on GoDaddy. While GoDaddy is known as being one of the best website domain registrars, their hosting services service is also excellent.

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    The design is customer-friendly as I continued to browse the website. Adding things to the cart and checking out went smoothly. The website had a PayPal payment connection, making payment processing simple.

    We discovered that no cache plugin was being utilized on the website after using WPThemeDetector.

    While I couldn’t figure out why, I didn’t have any issues with the website’s page load speed. Given the number of products featured on the website (51,300+), the page load speed was pretty adequate.

    Page Speed Percentage  9%
    Completed Loading Time 4.0 seconds
    Caching Plugin None
    Payment Methods PayPal
    Number Of Products 51,300+
    Theme Used Custom WordPress Theme


    Overall, this website is a great example of how you can scale and manage your WooCommerce store by having a large number of products without having an effect on the speed of the website.

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    After thoroughly investigating and analyzing the aforementioned WooCommerce businesses with a large number of products, we can confidently answer the question we begin our conversation with ‘how you can scale and manage your WooCommerce store’ by stating that the quantity of products does not always have an impact on the website.

    Themes, unscaled, unoptimized images, and images supplying the same material from separate URLs all slowed down the website’s speed and page load time.

    The WooCommerce development store had a high PageSpeed score if the website/store had constant updates over a consistent length of time and the demand was dispersed fairly.

    As a result, our WooCommerce integration specialists have concluded that WooCommerce is the best choice for large-scale stores and that yes, every WooCommerce Salesforce Commerce Cloud store can handle a limitless amount of products if it is well optimized, well maintained, and has evenly distributed traffic over time.

    Team Folio3 is also interested in hearing about your experiences working on large-scale WooCommerce migration stores.

    Do you know of any WooCommerce design stores like this? Our team would be more than just delighted if you let us help you set up your large-scale WooCommerce store for you by examining it with the help of the best experts and developers in their fields. 


    Can WooCommerce handle 50000 products?

    The obvious answer is yes; WooCommerce Stores are scalable, which means they can hold an infinite number of products as long as they don’t cause your site to slow down.

    To do this, one should concentrate on increasing the website’s performance, page load time, and database queries.

    WooCommerce is a great idea for large-scale online retailers, and how they may use it to run their businesses.

    Can you hide products in WooCommerce?

    Go to WooCommerce > Product Visibility > Global Visibility tab in the admin panel and conceal the product and category you wish. Visitors and all authorized customers, regardless of role, will be unable to see the product and/or category. Don’t forget to activate this global setting by checking the box.

    Is WooCommerce good for large eCommerce?

    Yes is the quick answer. WooCommerce Stores are scalable, meaning they can accommodate an endless number of products as long as they don’t slow down your site.

    To achieve this, one should focus on improving the speed, page load time, and database queries of their website. WooCommerce is a perfect idea for large-scale online merchants and how they can make the most of it to run their businesses.

    How many types of products are in WooCommerce?

    There will be no problem with the “number of products” if you focus on optimising the site speed, database queries, and page loading time. WooCommerce can handle a limitless number of products – as long as provided the site isn’t too slow.

    Can WooCommerce handle high traffic?

    Increased items, greater traffic, higher customers rate, and more revenues are all positive outcomes.

    However, the question is whether WooCommerce can handle big volumes of traffic. Yes, WooCommerce is a robust WordPress-based eCommerce platform that can manage thousands of page views and purchases per minute.

    How many businesses can you have with WooCommerce?

    You can sell the same product in various locations with the WooCommerce multistore plugin. If your strategy requires it, the same item will be presented to different retailers. From just a central admin page, the plugin enables the merchants to administer an endless number of sites.


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