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    What is a WooCommerce Store Audit

    Last Updated | April 28, 2023

    WooCommerce audit of the store is the procedure to check and analyze a website for any signs of a security breach. With WooCommerce store audit, you will be able to check any or all suspicious activity, malicious code, or an atypical decrease in the site’s performance.

    The basic WooCommerce security has a very simple process that can be manually performed with a lot of ease. However, for an in-depth audit, WooCommerce offers security audit tools that automatically run the security checks on your behalf. If the tool detects any malicious activity, simply isolate it, remove it, and fix it.

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    Features Of a WooCommerce Store Audit

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    The following four features are a must in-store security audit that you must look into;

    Files And Rights Of Administrator 

    Administrator rights prevent unauthorized access to the essential files. Attackers can acquire accessibility to the core files if the file credentials are incorrectly specified. Backdoors and viruses can be installed via the core files, which include all information on the website. As a result, appropriate file permissions will secure your website from unauthorized access.

    Versions of WooCommerce And Themes/Plugins

    The majority of the compromised WooCommerce sites used previous versions of WooCommerce, as well as an out-of-date theme or plugin. Third-party plugins can affect your website’s security settings, making it more vulnerable. Furthermore, obsolete plugins include security holes that can be leveraged. Examining all WooCommerce themes for any vulnerability in the website is critical for good security.

    User access and login methods

    Logging in with a username and password is easily hacked. Important files and settings on your website ought not to be accessible to users. Login methods can be vulnerable to SQL Injection attacks since they accept special characters. Additionally, log-in fields could be vulnerable to code injection, allowing users to access site databases. Such security flaws must be identified and addressed.


    A comprehensive backup is always useful in case the website is getting hacked. Ascertain that all of your critical files are properly and securely backed up. If these files get corrupt or altered, the backup ensures that you can immediately recover all of the original files. Some servers provide automatic backups on a regular basis.

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    What are the Benefits of WooCommerce Store Audit?

    • Monitoring Of Unauthorized Changes

    Any unauthorised user can edit, delete, or upload files that render your website susceptible to security dangers, willingly or unwillingly. You can track which user altered, removed, or uploaded any suspicious files on the website with WooCommerce Security Audit Log.

    • Tracking Of Widget Changes

    It also allows you to keep track of when a widget is added or removed from your website. This is useful if a critical widget is accidentally removed or replaced.

    • Quick Troubleshoot Problems

    A client may phone or email to report an issue with your website. However, not understanding the problem and waiting too long to respond will have a negative impact. This could result in the customer being dissatisfied with your services in the near future. As a result, with our Security Audit Log Plugin, you may detect any such events and take immediate action.

    • Tracking Of Log Ins 

    Any outsiders or false users may attempt to log into your site without authorization. WP Security Log Plugin, on the other hand, records and monitors any failed attempts, identifying their IP addresses. Not only that, but it maintains a look at how many times these users attempted to login in this manner.

    • Tracking Of User Activities

    You may notice suspicious activity on your websites at any time. Without your consent, you may trace any malicious attack, strange posts, or modifications made from the backend.

    So to summarise the benefits that your site will enjoy with WooCommerce store audits;

    • Improve user management and productivity.
    • Simplify troubleshooting and pinpoint the cause of the issue in seconds.
    • Know exactly what and when your users are doing.
    • Detect suspicious behaviour quickly until it becomes a security issue.
    • Organize and manage your WooCommerce sites and shared hosting networks more effectively.

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    When to Perform a WooCommerce Security Audit?

    The WooCommerce store audit should be performed once every quarter. These quarterly security checks will allow you to remain on top of things and patch security flaws before they become a problem. If you notice anything unusual, you should conduct a security audit right away to avoid any future bugs or breaches.

    Some of the warning indicators that you might need a store audit are listed below.

    • Your website has suddenly become excessively slow and sluggish 
    • Your website traffic has decreased
    • Your website has suspicious new accounts, lost password requests, or login attempts 
    • Suspicious links appear on your website

    Having said that, let us explain to you how you can easily perform a WooCommerce Store Audit on your site.

     Complete Checklist: Performing a WooCommerce Store Audit

    To begin a WooCommerce audit on your website, make a checklist that includes both basic and in-depth examinations. Following are some guidelines for conducting a successful security audit:

    CMS Basics

    Let’s start with the basics. Check to see if the default admin accounts are secure. Change the default passwords and prevent unauthorized users from accessing your website. Check if your website’s comment section is vulnerable to spambots or code injections. Your website should not include any platform or backend data. To avoid SQL injection or code injection attacks, any fields that users utilize to provide details should have strict input validation criteria.

    Software updates

    WooCommerce upgrades are critical for your website’s security and stability. They address security flaws, provide new features, and boost performance. Ensure that your WooCommerce core software, plugins, and themes are all updated. You can easily do so by going to the WooCommerce admin area’s Dashboard > Updates page.

    If any information is updated, WooCommerce will notify you and highlight them for you to install. If you still need assistance, contact team Folio3 for instructions on how to correctly upgrade WooCommerce and WooCommerce plugins.

    Updates Of Website Analytics

    Older CMS platforms contain known security flaws that have been addressed in later versions. Those who continue to utilise an outdated version risk being hacked. The same hazards apply to outdated plugins. Check that all plugins have the most recent security fixes installed. Also, consider employing security plugins to offer an extra layer of protection. If you’re unsure about a new update, set up a test environment and try it out.

    Permissions For User Access

    Depending on their classifications, each user type that your website has must have varied user access permissions. Visitors should only be given access to things that improve their experience, and they should not have to worry about the backend files. Administrative files and settings should only be accessible to authorised users or owners.


    Keeping backups is usually a good idea. Check to see whether you have multiple backup places so that you can recover your data quickly in an emergency. Backing up data manually all of the time can be difficult and time-consuming. Plugins and programmes can help you automate data backups. This will ensure that your most recent data is safely stored. Regularly test your backups to see if they are functional.

    Final Words 

    Performing a WooCommerce audit by yourself allows you to have a basic rundown of the security checks on your website’s security system. But, a professional approach to store audit is far superior and reliable as they use built-in tools which are more sophisticated and authentic. A Folio3, the WooCommerce migration, and WooCommerce integration experts have our own state-of-the-art security checking tools and experienced and Best WooCommerce Development Company who look into every nook and corner of your website to make sure the security remains a high profile.

    All you have to do is contact our support team and rest assured that the Folio3 team will find all vulnerabilities that exist on your website.


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