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    10 Ways of How to Speed Up WooCommerce Checkout of Your Store

    Last Updated | March 7, 2023

    For an eCommerce site, speed equals money. The better the buying experience, the quicker your site loads. Improved SEO, more ROI, and satisfied customers all result from a better user experience. As a result, more income and profits are generated.

    High-resolution photos and videos, live chat, customer reviews, real-time inventory, personalization, and a slew of other dynamic features are all expected by today’s shoppers. As a result, improving the speed of WooCommerce checkout process has become a need for your WooCommerce store.

    WooCommerce is the world’s most popular eCommerce platform, and it’s completely free to use and customize to your specifications. WooCommerce has received over 88 million downloads to date. It is currently used on over 5 million sites.

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    By mapping feeds with Salesforce, it synchronizes information from the WooCommerce store with your Salesforce Commerce Cloud Development account.

    Nothing like other famous eCommerce shopping platforms, such as BigCommerce Development CompanyWooCommerce integration does not need you to pay a part of your sales. However, there are some costs connected with running a WooCommerce-based store.

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    However, the catch is you’re responsible for keeping your WooCommerce design in great shape because it’s free with limited assistance. The good news is that if you know what you’re doing, it’s simple to take care of!

    In this regard, we are presenting you with a comprehensive guide on how to speed up your WooCommerce checkout reliably.

     If you want to roll your sleeves up and setup a WooCommerce Store from   Scratch, there’s a step-by-step guide on how to setup WooCommerce store.

    How to Speed Up WooCommerce Checkout of Your Store

    WooCommerce is renowned for its ease and flexibility of use for businesses of every size and shape. It not only offers the easiest set-up process but also has many, many, many facilities that keep its user captivated. One of which is speeding up processes of your WooCommerce store’s checkout. 

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    Here’s a brief list of 10 helpful ways that can speed up the WooCommerce checkout process which we will discuss in greater detail later in the article.  

    1. Implementing a digital wallet system helps in reducing transaction fees, speeding up the checkout process, and lowering the possibility of security threats.
    2. Autofill information plugin helps in keeping customers loyal and increases conversions as people don’t have to fill in their credentials or remember their account passwords.
    3. Optimized checkout page means you don’t ask for unnecessary customer information at the checkout, keeping it simple and fewer is all your customers will enjoy.
    4. Using a global language helps you with international clients; it’s best recommended that you use a proximity language so that the non-natives won’t feel alienated from your Woocommerce Migration website.
    5. Users of eCommerce websites(such as Bigcommerce web design company )are always encouraged to create profiles but if people don’t like it, it’s better you give the customer the option to checkout as a guest and register them automatically.
    6. Multiple payment methods also help in increasing the conversion rates as not everyone feels easy with paying through their VISA or Master Card. 
    7. Reduced form fields also help in speeding up the checkout process as customers find it very intimidating if there are too many form fields during the checkout.
    8. Single page checkout processes also help in speeding the order placement process as people don’t feel vulnerable page after page filling the details to complete the process.
    9. A lightweight theme also increases the chances of speeding the checkout process quickly.
    10. Increasing the memory limit of the WP also helps speed up the WooCommerce Checkout process, as the standard memory size of WP is not entertained by WooCommerce.

    Why You Should Care About The Speed Of Your WooCommerce Checkout and What Are The Benefits?

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    Reduced cart abandonment rates are a direct effect of faster WooCommerce checkout. But it goes beyond that. It also improves a variety of areas of your client’s buying experience. Here’s how to speed up WooCommerce checkout process.

    • Increased Conversion Rates

    Cart abandonment is caused by a variety of factors, including slow processing speed.

    In various studies on cart abandonment, just 5% to 20% of participants said that the lengthy checkout procedure was a major source of frustration. So, speed isn’t the most important issue.

    However, if you speed up the checkout process, a large number of your visitors will convert.

    • Easy Buy

    If something is simple to purchase, it will sell quickly. And that’s exactly what a quick eCommerce checkout process seeks to do: make purchasing things easier. Because of the convenience of shopping you provide, this optimization will attract visitors to purchase from the store again.

    Impulse shoppers benefit from the simplicity of purchase because it allows them to buy quickly and frequently. Allowing your clients to complete the checkout process should not be a hassle. By increasing the speed, you might significantly enhance your sales.

    • Highly Satisfied Customer 

    All of these advantages add up to excellent customer service. Every step I’ve discussed thus far improves the purchasing experience for customers. It makes your customers pleased when they can purchase your stuff swiftly and easily.

    They can revisit the experience repetitively thanks to an enhanced eCommerce checkout procedure. As a result, they are driven to make another purchase from the online store. It’s among the most important strategies to keep customers happy.

    How to speed up WooCommerce Checkout Process? –10 Steps 

    • Implement a Digital Wallet System

    A digital wallet system is a type of in-store payment system that regular customers can use to buy your goods and services. It’s basically a digital wallet service that only registered users can utilize in an online business.

    The wallet mechanism has the following advantages:

    1. Reduce transaction costs 
    2. Improve security and risk mitigation 
    3. Enhance user experience 
    4. Simplify the checkout process

    The easiest payment mechanism to employ on the online store is a wallet system. Customers can pay for products and services with their wallet balance.

    It’s a more efficient, dependable, and secure substitute for traditional payment methods. You can use the Wallet System for WooCommerce plugin to set up a digital wallet system on the WooCommerce store.

    All of these functionalities are available for free with this digital wallet plugin. It also has a pro edition with even more amazing features. The WooCommerce Wallet System would not only speed up WooCommerce checkout process but will also lower security threats.

    • Autofill Information

    When purchasing online, most individuals don’t like entering the same information over and over. It can also be a full chore at times. People also forget their passwords for their accounts.

    The inability to enter personal details into checkout forms, along with the need to reset a password, completely disturbs the checkout process.

    To speed up WooCommerce checkout process, you should autofill data for your customers.

    You may use WordPress autofill plugins to enable your customers to autofill information like billing and shipping addresses, company names, and email addresses, among other things.

    This straightforward automation will assist your consumers in quickly filling out checkout forms and completing the purchase process.

    • Optimized Checkout Page

    The amount of customers who frequent your website, not the number of people who convert, determines the effectiveness of your eCommerce business. The more conversions you get, the more money you earn, and your checkout page is a big part of that.

    You really shouldn’t ask for far too much data from customers while optimizing your WooCommerce checkout process. You will enhance conversion rates and speed up WooCommerce checkout process in the store.

    • Ease Of International Visitors

    Language is the most powerful tool for human communication. It can, however, be a roadblock to a flawless purchasing experience. It fosters trust and makes shopping more convenient.

    Our shopping inclinations are influenced by our language. If you’re selling internationally, it’s a good idea to use the English language. In the world of eCommerce, English is the most widely spoken language.

    To speed up the WooCommerce checkout process, you can utilize WordPress geolocation and geotargeting plugins to automatically detect the location of your users and show them stuff in their native language.

    Your clients will have a more seamless experience if you use a familiar language. It will also help you stand out from your competitors by increasing conversions and speed up WooCommerce checkout process.

    • Guest Checkout

    Users of eCommerce websites are always encouraged to create profiles. It also comes with a slew of advantages:

    1. Allows retailers to provide a tailored experience 
    2. Allows customers to conveniently verify orders and manage carts
    3. Increases customer brand loyalty 
    4. Strengthens the customer-merchant relationship

    The best part you could do is to register to visit customers automatically when they check out. It will save you a lot of time and help you turn visitors into clients.

    • Multiple Payment Methods

    According to a study, around 9% of consumers abandon their shopping carts because of the unavailability of payment choices. Another 4% of those who depart do so because their credit limit has been refused.

    Customers who do not wish to use these cards and prefer paying with some other cards or payment processors will leave if you just offer the standard options (VISA, MasterCard).

    You can incorporate a multitude of payment options on the WooCommerce checkout page, both offline and online.

    Because of their ubiquity, you can use PayPal or Stripe in these situations. If you’re a beginner, PayPal appears to be the better option because it’s easier to use than Stripe and will speed up WooCommerce checkout process.

    • Reduced Form Fields

    Customers and visitors will be intimidated by too many form fields during the checkout process, which collects information needed for order authentication and shipment. It also makes the checkout procedure more difficult.

    It will become an even larger concern for mobile phone users. According to a loqate poll, 39% of mobile customers abandon their carts because entering personal information is onerous.

    The typical checkout has 14.88 form fields, and most sites can reduce the number of form fields presented by default by 20-60 per cent.

    • One-Page Checkout

    All parts of a standard checkout, such as cart contents, billing and shipping addresses, delivery options, and payment information, are displayed on one page solely in one-page checkout. By eliminating redundant clicks and pages you will optimise the checkout process.

    There are fewer clicks this time. Customers using a one-page checkout on your Woocommerce development company store should require fewer clicks than consumers using a multipage checkout on a business. It’s less complicated, easier, and quicker.

    • Lightweight Themes

    It’s critical to use the correct WooCommerce theme. There are thousands of themes to choose from, so finding the one that’s right for you can be difficult.

    WordPress.org’s featured themes On paper, a stunning theme with excellent built-in features may seem great, but it may not perform well in practice. If you’re building an eCommerce site, make sure it’s WooCommerce compatible.

    Reduce the number of eCommerce themes you’re looking at by using filters. As mentioned in the WordPress speed up article, Kinsta’s faves are Astra, OceanWP, and GeneratePress. They’re WordPress themes that are extremely quick and light.

    WooCommerce offers free theme called Storefront. You don’t have to install any third-party plugins to obtain all the functionality you desire because the themes are designed for running an eCommerce site.

    If you’re on a tight budget, starting with a freebie theme and upgrading later is acceptable.

    To choose a theme, make a list of all the features your online store need. Then choose a theme that meets the majority of your feature needs. You’ll be able to speed up WooCommerce checkout process and reduce your reliance on bulky heavily weighted themes and third-party plugins as a result of this.

    • Increased Memory Limit

    PHP is given 32 MB of RAM by WordPress. If it runs into any problems, it will try to increase the limit to 40 MB (for a single website) or 64 MB (for several websites) (for a multisite).

    For a WooCommerce site, this RAM limit is usually insufficient. You may even receive an error message on your dashboard that reads:

    “The xxxxxx bytes maximum memory size has been achieved.”

    This restriction should be extended to 256 MB at the very least. Make a backup of a file before changing it. If something goes wrong, you can always go back to the original file.

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    The checkout experiences in your WooCommerce business must be designed to assist you to make money and keep customers.

    To speed up WooCommerce checkout process for the WooCommerce store, use the recommendations in this article. For your online business, an efficient checkout process will reduce cart abandonment, enhance conversions, and increase revenue production.


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