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    WooCommerce Vs Wix: Which One Is Right For Your Business Needs?

    Last Updated | August 29, 2023

    Starting an eCommerce business or a simple website sounds extremely exciting until you’ve to go through hundreds of platforms to choose one.

    Wix and WooCommerce are the two most used platforms for eCommerce businesses. They are the web design tools that help create feature-rich websites and stores. 

    This means that both these platforms have millions of websites as they have advanced tools and features to help. However, if you are starting out and have no idea what to choose, we have WooCommerce vs Wix comparison in this article!

    The Basic Difference! 

    Before we begin the Wix vs WooCommerce comparison, it’s important to know the primary differences. So, WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) used for building websites. 

    It is designed to enable businesses to create an online store, sell their products, and manage orders and inventory within the WordPress platform. WooCommerce provides a range of features, such as payment gateways, shipping options, tax management, product management, and order tracking. It also allows users to add extensions and plugins to further extend the functionality of their online store.

    Wix is a cloud-based website development platform allowing users to create and manage websites without coding knowledge or experience. It offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that enables users to create a website quickly and easily. Wix provides a variety of templates and design options to choose from, allowing users to customize their websites according to their needs and preferences. 

    WooCommerce Vs Wix – The Feature Comparison 

    After reading the basic differences, you might be on the quest to find the best platform for your business. So, let’s check out the features comparison and find out the best one for your business!

    • User-Friendliness 

    WooCommerce is extremely beginner-friendly, but the customization features might be challenging to learn in the beginning. This is a flexible platform, which is why it has become the most preferred platform. It’s safe to say that developers or people with technical knowledge will be able to gain maximum benefits from its customization features. 

    On the contrary, Wix is perfect for setting up an eCommerce store, so you can sign up, select the desired template/design, and you are done. You can customize the store with the help of pop-ups, but you can get external help too. Regarding pages, you can use the drag-and-drop feature and the WYSIWYG editor to preview the changes in real time. 

    • Design 

    The second point of Wix vs WooCommerceis the design. WooCommerce has the best design and customization features, and you can select themes from the library. The themes can be customized, but you need coding knowledge. Also, WooCommerce has premium and free themes available, so you can choose something that matches your aesthetic. 

    woocommerce vs wix

    On the other hand, Wix has 850 templates available for different industries, and you can see how the store will look once the theme is applied. In addition, you can leverage the drag-and-drop editor to optimize the themes according to brand aesthetics. 

    • Plugins 

    Plugins are an essential deciding factor in Wix  vs WooCommerce comparison. WooCommerce works as a WordPress plugin, but it has a variety of free and paid extensions available to extend its functionalities. It has thousands of extensions available for automating repetitive tasks, such as marketing, shipping, checkout, and more. Also, it’s open-source, so coders and programmers can create their own extensions and themes. 

    As far as Wix is concerned, there is a plugin library available (they are known as apps). All the apps are designed by professionals, but the number is quite limited. Wix is suitable for non-tech people as you don’t need HTML knowledge. 

    • Mobile Optimization 

    There is an array of mobile-optimized themes available on WooCommerce, but make sure you test it before applying (it includes some manual processing). However, Wix ensures every store is mobile-optimized (it’s automated). 

    • SEO 

    Many businesses don’t pay heed to SEO during WooCommerce vs Wix comparison, but it’s essential for online visibility. WooCommerce supports different SEO practices, so it’s an SEO-friendly platform. You can easily add meta descriptions, meta titles, and tags. In addition, you can optimize SEO for the store’s pages and leverage XML sitemaps. In addition, you can use Yoast with WooCommerce to optimize the search engine ranking. 

    woocommerce vs wix

    Wix is SEO-friendly and can optimize the content according to the latest SEO practices. 

    There are SEO guides available that will walk you through the web optimization process. Also, it’s possible to edit the URLs, meta descriptions, alt tags, and titles. In addition, the Site Booster can help boost traffic and ranking. 

    • Support 

    WooCommerce has a support community, but there is no dedicated live chat or email support available. In particular, the support is available in the form of video tutorials, documentation, and how-to articles. 

    If we talk about Wix, it offers dedicated in-house support (email and phone support are available). However, the working hours are different for everyone (depending on your preferred support language). Also, Wix has video tutorials and helpful guides/articles. 

    • Product Pages 

    It’s quite convenient to create, import, and categorize products on WooCommerce. There is no limit to the number of product pictures to add, so the eCommerce store owners can set up the store as they like. Wix only allows store owners to add fifteen photos for every product (yes, there is a limit). However, product customization is available as you can offer different sizes and colors. 

    • Language Support 

    Language support isn’t a common concern during WooCommerce vs Wix comparison, but it’s important. WooCommerce doesn’t have multilingual support, but you can use different plugins to create an eCommerce store with different languages. However, Wix has multilingual support. 

    The languages include Arabic, Danish, English, Polish, Romanian, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Ukrainian, Thai, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, and more. 

    • Pricing 

    WooCommerce is available for free, and there are no hidden charges, either. However, there are premium plugins and themes that you’ve to pay for but don’t forget that you’ll be charged the hosting fee. As far as Wix is concerned, there are three pricing plans available, ranging from $17 to $35 a month. 

    WooCommerce Vs. Wix – Who Is The Winner?

    To conclude, we can say that WooCommerce has become a popular choice for small and medium-sized businesses due to its ease of use and integration with the WordPress platform. It is also highly customizable, with a variety of themes and plugins available to help businesses create a unique and professional-looking online store.

    Wix is perfect for individuals who are looking to build a personal website for practice or for their own business. Even small businesses can work quite great on Wix due to its highly affordable subscriptions. However, the lack of inventory and ordering workflow will catch up to you and will cause issues for your business. 

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    Hence, we suggest you opt for WooCommerce for all your business needs. WooCommerce is available for free with all the necessary options, which can not only give you a streamlined eCommerce process but also enhance your store’s product selling, ordering, and order management capabilities.

    The Bottom Line 

    This article has an in-depth WooCommerce vs Wix comparison to help you make a decision. WooCommerce is a promising choice for store owners who need mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized, and free stores. On the other hand, Wix has more themes available for free, making it suitable for creating an aesthetic store. 


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