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    Essential WooCommerce Features Your Store Must Have to Succeed

    Last Updated | January 9, 2023

    With the pandemic hitting the world hard for the past two years the eCommerce market has picked up the pace and is becoming the tomorrow of the shopping world. If these rapid shifts to online marketing made you think about building an online store or migrating to another, this would be the best time to do so. 

    WooCommerce is the best recomended choice if you’re thinking of using WooCommerce. Whether you want to have a Woocommerce migration or you want Woocommerce integration your mind is thinking in the right direction. With all the amazing WooCommerce features you’ll become the future of eCommerce.

    According to the most recent stats WooCommerce owns more than 29% shares of the market in the entire eCommerce industry. It is the most substantial and widely used eCommerce platform around the globe. The reasons why WooCommerce is this popular are endless, this alone is an achievement that no other eCommerce Platform like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce etc, has gained yet.

    WooCommerce web development isn’t your typical eCommerce platform; rather it is a plugin for WordPress. The intentions behind creating WooCommerce Website development were to metamorphose any WordPress website into an eCommerce store. It is an ideal platform you are your online business if you are trying to build an eCommerce store from scratch or even trying to migrate an existing WordPress website to an eCommerce platform.

    Although, WooCommerce is available for you as a free plugin it offers priced upgrades for more robust enterprise-level features. You may need a little help from an eCommerce website development services provider, like Folio3, which focuses on delivering a top-notch eCommerce portal analyzing business requirements and targeted customers with the help of the best WooCommerce experts.

    Key Requirements for a WooCommerce Website

    WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that has been helping eCommerce to be the future. It is very easy to set up and very convenient to use this platform which has been ranked the number eCommerce Web Development Company among all. It shares more than 29% of the shares of the eCommerce market and the entire industry. Since it is the most simplistic platform in comparison with Shopify, Magento, etc. you don’t need much as its key requirements. All you need to have are the following three things to build a WooCommerce website from the scratch.

    • WordPress Hosting Account. It will store all the files on your website.
    •  Domain Name. It will be the address of your website on the internet.
    •  SSL Certificate. It will help you in accepting secured online payments.

    However, all the three things we have mentioned above do not come for free. You have to buy each item separately. We have been asked by a lot of beginners isn’t WooCommerce free? The answer is yes it is. 

    These three items are the basics that you will need to build a kind sort of website, let alone Woocommerce. The additional set-up cost is dependent on the services you will choose from the WooCommerce platform. The control of expenses remains in hand by purchasing things that you need. 

    Typically, the price of these items is as follows;

    • WordPress Host Account will cost you around $7.99 per month
    • Domain Name will cost you around $14.99 per year
    • SSL certificate will cost you around $69.99 per year

    As a beginner, don’t forget less is more and you can add anything to your site later once your business starts kicking off.

    Remember that the investment in the above-mentioned key requirements is a very significant investment. Every penny of this money will get counted and benefit when you are starting a new business.

    Luckily, at Folio3 we have the best expert WooCommerce designer and developer who works officially as WooCommerce and WordPress recommended hosting provider. Our team, their experiences and skills, and the support system will leave you in awe. All you have to do is reach out to us and let us know what you want. 

     If you want to roll your sleeves up and setup a WooCommerce Store from   Scratch, there’s a step-by-step guide on how to setup WooCommerce store.


    10 Must-Have WooCommerce Features List

    The things that distinguish WooCommerce from other eCommerce Platforms are the features that it offers to its clients. So without any further ado, let us have a detailed look at WooCommerce features to give you a better understanding of what it is.

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    Seamless Integration

    WooCommerce major USP is construction. It is built on WordPress based on the world’s most powerful system CMS –Content Management System around the globe. Resultantly, WooCommerce works on the same principles useful for WordPress. And You know how convenient it is to use WordPress, don’t you? The WooCommerce integration with WordPress has made the life of a merchant who owns a website much easier.

    Unparalleled Flexibility

    There are many different kinds of eCommerce companies online. Some of them are selling physical products, and some are works best for virtual products, while others are even working on external products. However, WooCommerce caters for all kinds of businesses which is why it comes as a great option for all. Business owners can easily tailor their WooCommerce site to sell all the different kinds of products there are.

    Built-In Payment System

    The most loved feature of WooCommerce is the easy payment set-up loved by the millions of customers who shop from WooCommerce affiliated businesses. WooCommerce comes with integrated payment gateways. These payment gateways help in easy payment processes via Stripe, Paypal, Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, Checks and Cash on Delivery too.

    Enormous Extensions Library 

    When you focus on rebuilding your eCommerce store website and products aren’t just the things that will help you, it also requires a lot more from your store to have. You need to set up payment gateways, shipping methods, marketing strategy, accounting track, and a bunch of other things as well. WooCommerce also caters for these things by offering a wide variety of extensions. These extensions make all other functions much easier. 

    Huge Variety of Themes

    WooCommerce offers the best compatibility of WordPress themes that exist to this date. You can set your store apart from the rest that communicating your business and its essence through its design and feel. This individuality sets your store apart from others and vice versa. 

    Robust Simplicity

    WooCommerce is not restricted to small businesses only as it is a free platform but also caters to substantial sized businesses as well. In fact, there are higher chances of more professional brands setting up a professional eCommerce store using WooCommerce. It offers the most robust order tracking and customer engagement tools that will help keep everything in place.

    SEO Syndication  

    Every successful online business channels its marketing strategies to the best. This includes SEO –Search Engine Optimization. The more powerful you design your SEO strategy, the more successful your business will get. When building an eCommerce store on WooCommerce, you’re already gaining the edge over others in terms of SEO rankings. WooCommerce is acknowledged as the best SEO platform because it runs on WordPress.

    Easy Order Management

    The dashboard interface of WooCommerce is really easy and creative; you can update products and fulfil orders in a blink of an eye. You get automated tax calculations, live shipping rates, and mobile apps for iOS and Android and this all makes processing your orders much easier you’re your WooCommerce store.

    Seamless Integration With Marketing Tools

    When you own an online store, it is obvious that you’ll be running online marketing for it with the help of the platforms such as Google Analytics, Google Shopping, Facebook, Mailchimp, and more. WooCommerce is the easiest eCommerce platform to integrate with all marketing tools and platforms in a few clicks. Hence, you keep a healthy track of all your marketing campaigns without becoming a tech geek.

    Extensive Documentation

    WooCommerce offers extensive documentation features. The feature helps in looking after every hook, filter, API endpoint, major release, and more to keep you well versed in your store. The documents then come in handy when you are focusing on customizing your store exactly the way you want it to be.

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     Final Words

    ‘The stronger the preparations are, the stronger the performance will.’

    WooCommerce is the deep sea to endless possibilities left unexplored. The scope of improvement will remain a part of WooCommerce features for your business, so it depends on how persistence and growth-oriented you are. 

    Folio3 hopes that the blog adds value to your eCommerce business store with ever-evolving and improving user experiences. If you want to add any queries or suggestions, feel free to contact our team and management.

    The most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business.



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