Reviver Autos transformed their
online presence
by migrating
their website to Magento 2
and adding some custom

About Reviver Autos

Reviver Autos is a California based Organization with an aim to ‘revive’ the way we interact with our cars. Reviver provides digital license plates that are always connected to the internet and have features such as Plate personalization, smart registration renewal, and tracking of the vehicle etc, all through a mobile App. The company’s vision is to remove the hassle of vehicle registration and renewal, and bring personalization to the contemporary license plates.


Automotive/ Car Accessories


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Magento Implement and Integration

The Challenge

Reviver came to us with a number of challenges. The website was built on Magento 2.2.6 which was an outdated version. The store lacked a number of features such as SSO (Single Sign-On), On-page checkout, conversion tracking and more.

The Challenges Reviver faced are given below:

  • Outdated Magento version 2.2.6
  • Integrating Magento Store with Dynamics AX
  • Integrating RConnect (Reviver’s own platform for registration/CRM) with Magento
  • Lengthy checkout process
  • UI/UX issues on home page and product pages
  • Integrate ERP and Magento to 3rd party shipping service
  • Fixing website bugs

Our Solution

Their main challenge was the integration of several environments in an effective manner which was met by Folio3. The Folio3 team focused on fixing critical issues along with developing new features to support the business practices.

The solutions provided by Folio3 are as follows

  • Upgraded the website from Magento 2.2.6 to Magento 2.3.x
  • Dynamics AX integration with Magento using Folio3 ComAX Connector
  • RConnect Platform integration with Magento Store
  • Improved the checkout process. Implementing On-page check out process for increased conversions.
  • Resolved conversion tracking issue by fixing the bug after collaborating with Reviver’s hosting provider, Webscale. The Thank You page was being bypassed due to a problem in Redis. The problem was identified and resolved by Folio3.
  • UI/UX fixes on the home page and product pages.
  • Single Sign On feature implementation allowing Multi-App login facility.
  • Connected Dynamics AX with 3rd party shipping service named DCL shipping.
  • Provided on-going support.

The Result

The Reviver Ecommerce site upgrade and integration was successful, and the teams have since been working on the support which is also going pretty well. Folio3 is keen on providing solutions and services to its California based client in the future as well.

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