Face Reality’s Complex product credit app by Folio3 has made referrals and commissions management simpler and easier


Face Reality

Face Reality is an Acne Skin Care company started in 2005 by Laura Cooksey, a licensed esthetician. This acne-only skincare website is not only helping people find products relevant to their skin type also enabling them to find Acne experts. Face Reality Skin Care also has a certification course for people who want to become Certified acne experts.
  • Industry Type
  • Beauty & Skin Care
  • Number of employees
  • 80 - 100
  • Solution
  • B2B and B2C
    Shopify Integration


The Face Reality website is the success bedrock for the company. It is a SAAS-based Shopify website to cater to both B2B and B2C customers. The company was in dire need of Product credit, referrals management, and complex accounting logic integrations and customizations

Below are some of the customizations that Face Reality needed, that was previously unavailable on the website:
  • Complex accounting logic integration
  • B2B and B2C customers referrals functionality
  • Custom credits and commission module


Folio3 provided Face Reality skincare with many customizations for the website. We also added new pages and worked on custom themes for a seamless customer experience.

Folio3 provided a few other solutions as well.
  • Esthetician Support network
  • Accounting logic on commissions based on referral Shopify webhook used for managing commission module
  • Complicated product credit app creation
  • Middleware for commission payout to registered estheticians
  •  Folio3 offered custom theme designs and pages based on the client’s requirements
  • Functionality to associate reference files with products like brochures and even embed videos
  • Custom website theme and design for better navigation
  • Group order pricing and Quick order feature

Face Reality

Client Testimonial


Justyna Wilson

(Director Ecommerce & Digital Marketing, Face Reality Skin Care)

Folio3 was capable of troubleshooting small bugs and also took on many complex tasks including the creation of a complicated product credit app with a finance component and went above and beyond for systems integrations.


Requirements were fully catered by the Folio3 team along with the customizations that client needed. The company was able to scale its business with the complex product credit app and was also able to make the referrals and commission management process seamless and glitch-free. 

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