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    Magento Integration with NetSuite – Step to Step Guide

    Last Updated | July 11, 2023

    With constantly increasing competition, Magento online store sellers have difficulty yielding value and profits. To make things even harder for online merchants, inefficient manual processes to handle critical business processes significantly reduce operational efficiency. To remain competitive, Magento store owners today need automated processes and seamless integration of business functions that can help them improve efficiency and maximize productivity.

    Well, if you are looking to boost your Magento store operations to sustain and grow in a highly competitive online marketplace, you need to automate crucial business processes, and that’s where NetSuite ERP integration can help you immensely.

    Magento development

    Here in this blog, we will be looking at how Magento integration with NetSuite ERP can help Magento store owners to maximize their productivity and revenues. So, let’s get started…

    Magento Integration with NetSuite

    Be it Magento or NetSuite; these two are the leading individual platforms in their respective category. While Magento is the absolute leader when it comes to eCommerce web development services, NetSuite is known for its robust and advanced ERP solutions meant to maximize business efficiency. The platforms offer interactive and superior customer experience with automated and seamlessly integrated processes while enabling businesses to efficiently control backend processes for better business yield. And Magento integration with NetSuite just unleashes the power of automation of Magento store owners, giving them the qualitative edge they need to stay ahead of the competitive curve.

    Magento NetSuite integration enables eCommerce store owners to automate order fulfillment, inventory updates, financial reporting, and more. With automated features, the eCommerce store owners won’t need to depend on manual data entry, which eventually eliminates errors and reduce the data processing timeline. In simpler words, the integration creates efficient business processes and allows the store owners to perform advanced tasks, such as shipping and procurement.

    Magento Integration with NetSuite also allows store owners to design an incredibly efficient and competitive shipping timeline, so your customers start trusting you with accurate and punctual deliveries whenever they place orders. This is because when the backend processes are operating smoothly, you will have more resources and time to focus on the customers and business expansion. Moreover, it can synchronize the inventory levels and ensure quick order processing.

    The integration promises consistent and accurate product descriptions on the online store. As a result, the customer experience will be improved, and sellers will be able to deliver precise inventory levels, so there are no chances of overselling. Not to forget, it helps meet the delivery time and ensure delivery of promised products. Last but not least, it will eventually help build trust with customers.

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    How to Integrate Magento with NetSuite?

    There are three primary and widely used methods of integrating NetSuite and Magento, such as;

    Point-To-Point Integration With this integration approach, both NetSuite and Magento are pointed towards each other for synchronizing the data, such as products, customers, orders, and inventory levels. There is no need for an operational platform, which means you’ve to master the data. The data will be sent as it is between the systems, which streamline the basic as well as advanced functionalities. This approach is more economical and is suitable for small-scale eCommerce stores that aren’t planning to expand and grow.

    • Custom Integration

    This integration approach is created by Magento development agency or Magento integration services according to the unique needs of store owners. It includes APIs for writing down the customized codes that tie up the systems. The custom integration can be done through third-party vendors or in-house development companies. The integration outcomes depend on the quality of the custom code, which means you need expert developers to leverage the full potential of the integration. Moreover, the integration developers should understand, accept, and send the data for optimizing the integration.

    • SaaS-Based Integration 

    This is the third yet last approach for Magento and NetSuite integration. With this integration, the cloud-based integration features are used for moving data, and there are pre-designed connectors. These connectors can deliver out-of-the-box functionality to ensure efficient deployment. The unique thing about SaaS-based integration is the availability of modifications and configurability to meet the business needs. Also, the eCommerce store owners can outline the business rules for moving data between NetSuite and Magento, promising higher control over data flow.

    To summarize, both NetSuite and Magento are expensive systems, and it’s essential to choose the right integration approach to get the best outcome. According to the development experts, SaaS-based integration is suggested for B2B and B2C stores.

    Magento integration

    Why Integrate Magento With NetSuite?

    When it comes down to integration, the store owners often question the benefits of Magento and NetSuite integration. To begin with, it promises higher returns on investment, and it actually starts paying off instantly. That’s because the integration improves the business’s operational efficiency, which actually enhances the customer experience. Not to forget, the majority of business processes are automated through the better data flow.

    The eCommerce store owners will be able to automate the online order fulfillment processes, pricing alerts, inventory levels, and many more. These features reduce the need for manual entries and save costs and time to improve productivity standards. On top of everything, it empowers the online store owners and employees by launching smart features, such as automated shipment notifications and procure inventory as soon as the levels go down.

    The best thing about Magento and NetSuite integration is that it allows syncing of fragmented and separate systems, which promises quicker order processing. In addition, it provides cross-channel information flow throughout the stores. To summarize, it will enhance business efficiency, improve customer service, and increase sales. Lastly, the eCommerce store owners will be able to display updated and accurate information to meet the delivery requirements and eliminate overselling.

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    How To Choose An Integration Approach For Magento To NetSuite?

    When it comes down to NetSuite and Magento integration, it can be challenging and complicated, especially with B2B stores because there is high-volume data and sensitive operations. The integration promises better business processing, but individual platform processing and communication can be challenging. That being said, choosing the right integration approach will directly the outcomes, and we are sharing different factors that should be considered while finalizing the integration approach;

    • Customization – you need to consider the business processes and how complicated they can get. In addition, you have to consider if you have the proprietary perquisites that might need customized solutions.
    • Customers – you need to consider who your customers are, such as B2G, B2B, and/or B2C.
    • Data Volume – you need to consider the growth projection of the business and see if you will require a solution that scales along with an increase in products, clients, and orders.
    • Tech Resources – you’ve to determine if you have a technical or IT team available for support and maintenance.
    • Supplier Integration – you must consider whether you are working with suppliers that need different order workflows and splitting.
    • Budget – just consider how much investment you can make for Magento 2 cost (the integration cost).

    What Are The Best Features Of Magento NetSuite Integration?

    Regarding the features, it’s needless to say that features vary with the integration approach and integration product. However, Folio3 offers Magento store owners reliable and consistent integration services with minimum business disruption. Some of the features of Magento NetSuite integration include;

    • Centralized inventory – it helps reduce the chances of overselling and underselling.
    • Order management – it helps synchronize the sales orders.
    • Shipping – it sends the shipment information to customers automatically, making it easier.
    • Consolidation Of Data – it helps keep the product information updated at all times.
    • Refunds – it ensures quick data transmission, which leads to on-time and quicker refunds so that the customers can feel at ease.
    • Higher Functionality – it helps boost the business efficiency by syncing the items and optimize the order cancellations.
    • Customization – the users can add more workflows, features, and functionalities according to the business’ needs.
    • Dashboard – it helps get insights into the data and integration.

    Does Folio3 Provide Magento Integration With NetSuite?

    Yes, Folio3 provides Magento integration with NetSuite to all Magento storeowners irrespective of their current scale. In fact, Folio3 offers integration with all three approaches, including point-to-point integration, customized integration, and SaaS-based integration. That being said, we have all the integration services you need to connect your Magento store with NetSuite, with minimum business disruption guaranteed.

    How Is Folio3 The Best Company For Magento Integration With NetSuite?

    The key to leveraging the full benefits of Magento integration with NetSuite is to choose the right Magento integration partner with the expertise and experience to offer you custom integration solutions. Folio3 is a certified Magento Integration partner that offers innovative, customized, and affordable Magento integration services for all major ERP systems, including NetSuite, Salesforce, Dynamics AX, and others. The California, USA-based company has so far implemented NetSuite integration for hundreds of Magento stores of all sizes and models.

    At Folio3, we have a highly professional and skilled team of certified Magento developers and integration experts ready to work on your integration requirement from scratch so that everything is designed and deployed to meet your requirements. Last but not least, Folio3 delivers reliable Magento support services to the store owners, so they can get the issues fixed in no time and resume the store operations.

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    Magento is the open-source eCommerce platform widely used by eCommerce store owners to create a reliable store. However, integrating it with NetSuite is just another perk that will improve customer satisfaction and streamline business operation, so it’s a win-win situation for Magento stores!


    Does Folio3 provide Magento NetSuite integration in the UAE?

    Yes, Folio3 provides Magento NetSuite integration in the UAE. It is suggested to call customer support first or get an appointment for an online meeting.

    What is the cost of Magento NetSuite integration in the US?

    In the US, the Magento NetSuite integration starts from $10,000 and goes up to $150,000. The charges depend on the functionalities, integration approach, and subscription.

    How to find the best agency for Magento Integration Services?

    When trying to find the best agency, make sure that you search online and check their reviews. This is because checking the reviews will help gain insights into the services. Moreover, you can get referrals from your colleagues. Last but not least, always check the certifications and their experience.

    Reasons to Hire Someone for Magento Maintenance Services?

    • They are cost-effective as it reduces errors which actually makes profits for the store
    • They are skilled and proficient in providing the maintenance services
    • They can handle different errors much more efficiently and effectively

    How to hire an app developer for Magento in Dubai?

    You can hire an app developer for Magento in Dubai by checking the online providers by searching online. This is because the majority of businesses are online, and you can find them through location services. Moreover, you can find app developers on freelance platforms to start the process of your next app development.

    Does Folio3 provide Magento Integration with NetSuite?

    Yes, Folio3 provides Magento integration with NetSuite, and they offer all the integration approaches to meet your requirements.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.