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    Last Updated | March 25, 2022

    Shopify is an e-commerce platform that provides a marketplace for online retailers and buyers. Shopify boasts over 1.7 million active stores. It allows the retailers to build a custom store from scratch without any prior experience. The average Shopify store revenue is amongst the top amongst other competitors.

    You can develop your store and start selling from the platform. Shopify provides features such as storefronts, payment processors, POS applications all in one platform. Shopify also provides third-party integrations to make the operations of stores suit business requirements. DHL can be integrated with Shopify to provide delivery services and the estimations of shipping costs. Even today Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms serving over 800,000 merchants in over 100 countries worldwide.

    If you are an e-commerce store owner looking to expand the business, Shopify data migration from your platform will help increase sales and provide increased exposure. You can even transfer Shopify domain easily by yourself, however, it is always preferable to make use of the best Shopify development agency to ensure perfection.

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    What is the DHL shopify integration cost?

    The integration cost for DHL and Shopify varies on factors such as location, time constraint, quality of integration, and any added services. The integration may cost up to a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars based upon the requirements. You can choose Folio3 as the Shopify development partners as they provide affordable integration packages that suit customer needs.

    Step by step DHL shopify integration method utilized by Folio3?

    Folio3 provides Shopify marketplace integrations for customized solutions. They provide DHL Shopify integration services. Their step-by-step integration method has been based on the ISO 9001 standards to ensure that the final solution is up to international standards.

    1. Firstly, the client will set up a meeting with the Folio3 engineers. They can contact them over the internet or even walk into their offices for a consultation for DHL integration. An engineer can even come to the client’s office if required.
    2. The user will explain the requirements for their integration solution to the requirement engineer.
    3. The engineer will note the requirements of the client and then consult with the domain experts to outline the solution for the customer.
    4. The client will then be provided with multiple packages to choose from for the customized integration solution of Shopify with DHL. Some solutions provide integrations, whereas some even provide a custom website design for Shopify stores. These are included in packages so even the cost becomes low.  
    5. The client chooses a package for DHL integration with Shopify and the deal is then finalized.
    6. The client provides Folio3 access to the Shopify account and any other requirements to develop the solution.
    7. Expert Shopify developers start to develop custom solutions for integration with DHL.
    8. The solution is also tested by software quality assurance engineers who perform regressive testing, load testing, and stress testing to uncover bugs and fix them.
    9. Any changes are made if they are required.
    10. Once the solution is developed, the company hands over the solution to the client.
    11. Any post-project services such as maintenance, deployment, and training are then provided to the clients.

    This step-by-step integration method is safe and secure. Folio3 team members follow the best standards and thus develop consistently well-developed solutions. You can even hire someone to build Shopify store in the USA from scratch. It is most preferable to hire Folio3 as they are the Shopify experts in USA.

    What are the benefits of Integration of DHL and Shopify by Folio3?

    Shopify marketplace integration with DHL is a very good move for your e-commerce business. Just make sure that this integration is carried out by Shopify development partners to make sure that the process is ideal.

    DHL Shopify UK has some notable features such as requesting shipping rates at the time of checkout, creating shipping labels for items with ease, adding any additional delivery services as per the convenience requirement of the customer, and generating codes that enable automatic tracking for the products. Some upcoming features for DHL also include pick-up requests at the click of a button and letting the company know preferred times of delivery and the requested volumes. DHL will also add a shipping product selection feature to give the customers the full choice of DHL shipping products.

    Also, rates in your cart in real-time will be maintained via APIs so you don’t have to manually maintain the rates. The benefits of integration of DHL Shopify UK integration implemented by Folio3 will have several benefits such as:

    • Printing the DHL labels by using DHL packet or DHL e-commerce. This is easy and fast and creates labels for international and domestic orders.
    • Creating automatic tracking codes. These automatically receive a code for tracking each label created but only if the tracking is available for the selected product.
    • Providing the functionality to create handover notes conveniently will provide for a reliable delivery process that will be in line with any specific requirements for DHL e-commerce.
    • By using additional delivery services, the store owner enables the signature of accepted delivered product is available. Also via the API of DHL Paket, the cash on delivery provided by DHL e-commerce also becomes available but only in some selected countries.
    • Selecting the preferred delivery option via the DHL Paket “Wunschzustellung” which will enable the customers to not only select a time of delivery but also a location for the delivery. A customer can choose to deliver the product to their house but if they are absent, the parcel can be delivered to their neighbor as well.
    • Providing the Shopify webshop with a location finder for all of the addresses for DHL Pack stations, parcel shops, and post offices as well that will be automatically transmitted to the delivery address.
    • Customizing the rates and the names that enable/disable or edit the names of service and set up rates for the operational costs for every DHL freight service.
    • Deleting or reprinting labels in case your printer experiences any random issues.
    • Experiencing high quality and premium support, alongside time compatibility as per customer requirements and bug fixes to provide fluidity.

    To make sure that these benefits are made use of to the maximum potential, make use of Shopify experts in USA. They will provide the best Shopify marketplace integration solutions so that you have the perfect e-commerce solution at your disposal. One such expert company is Folio3 that has head offices in Canada, the UK, the USA, Pakistan, Australia, Bulgaria, UAE, and Mexico.

    How does the Integration of DHL and Shopify work?

    The DHL Shopify integration allows your Shopify store to develop and manage your e-commerce store in the cloud. Their applications in the Shopify App store provide plugins and extensions. These provide customers with benefits such as easy and quick shipment processing on checkout and enabling store owners to create DHL labels to send these tracking IDs to the customers.

    The integration solution will provide online website service integration capabilities that help provide availability, rates, delivery times, shipment and courier pickup bookings, and shipment tracking services from over 165 countries around the world. This integration takes the product details, the delivery addresses, the pickup addresses and then calculates estimated shipping rates for customers on the Shopify checkout page very robustly.

    To streamline operation, you can even turn Shopify store into an app like the other 80% of merchants on Shopify that chose to do the same and subsequently increased their conversion rates by 40%. Shopify store owners can also learn how to add Afterpay to Shopify so that clients can follow the buy now and pay later feature for payment processing. Make sure you choose the best Shopify development partners for application development.

    What benefits Folio3 offers with  DHL shopify integration?

    Folio3 is an e-commerce solution providing company and it has been providing solutions for the past 15+ years. They have developed an effective working framework that makes sure their integration process includes the most efficient and effective practices. They provide benefits to clients such as:

    • Making use of efficient coding practices that make sure that the solution is efficient. It increases code re-usability, decreases processing power required, and works smoothly. These practices also help reduce errors and make the code optimal. These practices also make the platform more versatile and reduce operational costs.
    • Their experience and certified Shopify database engineers optimize the data via caching and hashing that helps reduce data redundancy and result in a sizeable decrease in data. This makes data processing fast and decreases resource use.
    • The requirement engineer provides the most effective system requirement specification, to the domain experts. Domain experts analyze the best solution possible. Developers have extensive experience so they develop the code with relative ease. The software testers elicit errors and fix them instantly.
    • The company is able to provide task completion percentages thanks to experienced project managers that can trace the workflows.
    • Timely project deliveries make sure that the client is given the solution well before the deadline to prevent any delays.
    • The post-project services help maintain the store.
    • Any rework cost is eliminated which decreases development time, effort, resources, and costs.

    It is safe to say that the best Shopify development partners are Folio3. They have all the right tools and experience to make sure that the solutions they develop are the most ideal. They can help you integrate DHL Shopify UK stores, especially as the surge of UK Shopify stores is uncovered and is growing exponentially.

    What are shopify integration features which are implemented by Folio3?

    Another lucrative integration is for Shopify with Boomi. Shopify store owners can choose to have Boomi integrated with Shopify. The integration solution empowers the business environment for the e-commerce platform. Some of the most important features of the integration are mentioned.

    API strategies that meet custom requirements.

    It is critical to have an API to support your business model. A tailored API allows the API to support the data transfer as per the store owner’s requirements. Shopify stores can communicate with data stored in the databases by using the Boomi connector even if the data repositories are not located on Shopify. It makes the data access safe and error-free. The Boomi connector provides security to decrease the likelihood of data leaks. The full-bodied API toolkit and the API lifecycle allows for:

    • Easy application development.
    • Publishing the API to become quick.
    • Better management for the different integrations.
    • Lesser coding efforts.
    • Providing API strategies that are robust for data mapping.

    Full Stack Security Solutions.

    The Boomi platform has a built-in three-level full full-stack security structure. This makes data on cloud services or on-premise servers very secure from external. The levels respectively are:

    1. On data level.
    2. The Application and platform layer.
    • The network and facilities infrastructure.

    On the network level, Boomi provides infrastructure that provides SSAE 16, Type II SOC 1 security standards. These are prescribed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). For the communication between data repositories and Atom, the platform provides SSL 256-bit encryption and for data transfer. It also provides an HTTPS port 443. As a new account is activated, the platform instantly creates public and private x509 keys which are then stored at the data centers for the new account.

    Enhanced connectivity in the store:

    • The integration can connect your Shopify store effectively with other business systems, datasets, third-party applications, or any customized applications. These systems may be in the cloud or on-premises.
    • The networking structure for the applications can be advanced and modified by using robust tools, API connectors, and re-usable code.
    • This solution helps offer flexible operations for Shopify store owners to grow the business and the integrations of the store without affecting the performance detrimentally. This provides scalability and allows you to grow and remain in the same store and keep on flourishing.

    This feature is exclusively provided as a result of the integration as the network becomes well-established. The owner can create the most complex of connections but not affect the store negatively. This will ensure that the quality of the store is best and customer satisfaction levels increase.

    Efficient data management.

    In the modern world, data is critical for digital businesses. It may be used to uncover hidden insights, develop in constructing marketing strategies, increase customer retention rates and attract new customers as well.  The Dell Boomi platform provides a highly scalable cloud to manage all of the data. The connector helps categorize data and helps explore real-world applications for the data. The increased manageability reduces the operational costs. The most important features that allow efficient data management are:

    • Data mapping.
    • Bi-directional data flow viewing in real-time.
    • Extensive opportunities for providing data analytics.
    • Increase in data maintenance quality by providing repositories.
    • Transparent data governance by the store owner.

    Best DHL and Shopify Integrations that you know when you start work with Folio3?

    You should be aware of some of the top integrations so you have a clear understanding of what process Folio3 will implement and then also get and the idea of their expertise and satisfy your evaluation. Also, you can question them about the Post & DHL Shipping (official) app on the Shopify app store. You can know about other logistics companies such as UPS, DPD, PostNL. For UK-based businesses, you can consider Hermes, DPD, and Royal Mail. For France based businesses you can consider Lettre Suivie, Mondial Relay and Colissimo. Also, for Dutch regions, you can use consider PostNL, Budbee, Quicargo, and StoreShippers.

    Moreover, for the Iberian regions, you can consider SEUR and Correos. For mainland Europe, you can use FedEx and Deutsche post.  You can also check out the Shopify DHL Shipping plugin made by PluginHive that helps automate rates, shipping labels, and tracking of the order. It only starts at $9 per month.

    What is the easiest way to Connect  DHL + Shopify?

    There are multiple ways to connect DHL Shopify UK to your store. Perhaps the easiest way is to connect these by making use of DHL plugins. For this method, a pre-requisite is having the Shopify Advanced Plan for your store. You need to make sure that you have the third-party shipping rate calculator activated as an active feature on your Shopify store.

    If you don’t have the Shopify Advanced Plan, you could acquire the feature from Shopify as an added-on feature for an additional fee per month. The live rates are calculated at checkout by making use of the destination address and the weight of the cart to produce a shipping rate. The customer can select different shipping methods so their deliveries are imported with their own shipping methods. 

    First of all, you will have to download and install the DHL for Shopify from this link.

    Activate the shipping rates for checkout.

    After you have enabled the third-party shipping rates for your Shopify store. You then activate the shipping rates for the DHL Express Commerce settings.

    1. Select integration by clicking on settings.
    2. Click on Shopify, select Settings, and then select the tab of tools.
    3. On the Checkout rates option, click on Activate.

    For the Shopify shipping zones, apply the DHL Express live rates.

    Once you have applied the activation rates within the DHL Express Commerce, you will now need to apply the DHL Express Commerce service to your Shopify shipping zones. This will allow the customers to calculate live rates for their shipping zones.

    1. Select a zone and then click on add rate.
    2. Select the option which says Use carrier or app to calculate rates.
    3. From the dropdown boxes, select the ‘DHL Commerce’ option. (This is the same DHL Express Commerce app).
    4. Select the services that you wish to offer to the clients at the checkout panel. These will be the DHL Express products that will be set in the checkout rates in the DHL express commerce.
    5. Now the DHL Express rates will directly be applied based on the conditions that were set for the zone by DHL.

    Setup the checkout rates calculation method for Shopify.

    1. Select settings, then select checkout rates.
    2. Select an option on how rates are calculated.

    Single package calculated using the sum of integration item weights.

    • This method will ignore the dimensions processed from the Shopify platform and then sum the weight of the items as a single package.

    Integration and weighted item dimensions.

    • This method will total all of the item weights and their dimensions from the Shopify platform to make a single package.

    Make single packages by using default package dimensions and weights.

    • This method will ignore the dimensions and weights from the Shopify platform and instead always use a default package that will be set up in the Settings > Package Setup.

    Unique packages for each item by using the item weights and their dimensions.

    • At this instant, this option is not applicable on Shopify but will be available soon.

    DHL provides a disclaimer for your shipping charges as well. The DHL shipment charges are calculated by the volume and weight of the items, these items may be re-weighed and re-measured by DHL in order to confirm the shipment rate calculated. This means that there may be a higher price for delivery as compared to the checkout rate.

    The prices quoted are mere estimates and not subject to duties, custom charges, taxes, surcharges or any additional fees. DHL also makes it clear that it has no liability for the difference between the delivery charge on the time of transit and the estimated quote provided on the Shopify checkout. So there may be a difference between the prices.

    A plugin disclaimer is also provided by DHL. It states that on their end, they have made sure that the plugin is compatible with all of the Shopify stores. However, due to factors such as customizations on the store and conflicts with other plugins or apps may result in the plugin behaving abnormally.

    So make sure that your Shopify store is developed optimally and has no bugs and errors. To prevent such errors not only with DHL but with other applications as well, make use of the best Shopify development agency available in your country.


    Integration of DHL and Shopify is not only possible, but it is critical because of the extensive features it provides to Shopify store owners. Features such as shipment tracking, delivery cost estimation on the checkout t page, the printing of labels, and delivery services make sure that the store provides the best customer experience. This integration will benefit your store immediately by making checkout quick and efficient while also providing the best customer experience. Shopify store owners can make use of Shopify marketplace integrations with another platform such as other e-commerce stores as well. They can even choose Shopify data migration to shift their online business onto Shopify. You can choose Folio3 as your service partner as they have extensive experience and all the right resources.


    What is shopify dhl express?

    Shopify DHL express is accessed by the official plugin of DHL exclusively for Shopify. This helps implement a quick and easy shipment process that helps create labels and send the IDs to the customer and deliver the products. DHL Express provides international delivery services. However, the DHL eCommerce offers domestic and international shipping at minimal prices. DHL e-commerce suits the best high-volume shippers. You can use shopify marketplace integration to integrate DHL with Shopify.

    How much are shopify dhl rates?

    DHL provides Shopify store owners with a discounted price rate by providing discounts as compared to the retail rate.

    For a weight of 1lb and a basic Shopify plan:

    • New York City to Toronto is $33.58 which saves 65%.
    • New York City to London is $39.42 which saves 68%.
    • And, New York City to Sydney is $44.53 which saves 67%.

    For a weight of 1lb and a Shopify plan:

    • New York City to Toronto is $27.32 which saves 71%.
    • New York City to London is $38.70 which saves 69%.
    • And, New York City to Sydney is $43.72 which saves 67%.

    For a weight of 1lb and an Advanced Shopify plan:

    • New York City to Toronto is $25.23 which saves 73%.
    • New York City to London is $37.97 which saves 69%.
    • And, New York City to Sydney is $42.91 which saves 68%.

    For a weight of 3lb and a basic shopify plan:

    • New York City to Toronto is $39.48 which saves 66%.
    • New York City to London is $48.10 which saves 71%.
    • And, New York City to Sydney is $56.35 which saves 69%.

    For a weight of 3lb and a Shopify plan:

    • New York City to Toronto is $32.17 which saves 72%.
    • New York City to London is $48.10 which saves 71%.
    • And, New York City to Sydney is $55.34 which saves 70%.

    For a weight of 3lb and an Advanced Shopify plan:

    • New York City to Toronto is $30.08 which saves 74%.
    • New York City to London is $48.10 which saves 71%.
    • And, New York City to Sydney is $54.33 which saves 70%.

    These discounted rates can help your Shopify store provide cheaper final prices and help you increase sales and increase profit and brand exposure. You can employ Shopify experts in USA to perform the integration and even provide solutions related to website design for shopify to cater to the upcoming increased demand.

    How to sync shopify inventory with DHL?

    Once you integrate DHL with Shopify, there will be no need to update your inventory manually again and again. The store inventory for Shopify will automatically be synchronized with your DHL inventory. This automates the workflow and saves resources. Once the integration is successfully carried out by the Shopify integration service providers, a change in Shopify will be reflected in DHL inventory as well.

    If you have a store on another platform, you can perform Shopify data migration and convert the store into a Shopify store. However, we recommend that you make use of a certified company. Folio3 can migrate the store safely and also set up a good design of your store as they are also provide website design for shopify services. This way, new customers will be attracted to your new store.

    Note: For business owners in Canada, wondering do you need a business license to sell online in Canada, they can read this article to get a detailed description. You can even hire someone to build Shopify store in the USA from scratch. It is most preferable to hire Folio3 as they are the Shopify experts in USA.

    These reasons allow the best Shopify Boomi connection services at affordable prices in UK, UAE, UK, USA, and Australia. You can also visit Folio3 offices in these countries.

    Is it possible to create auto shopify accounts for DHL clients?

    The integration between the Shopify store and DHL Express app will synchronize the data repositories and then allow DHL accounts to be linked with Shopify accounts and also provide a working bi-directional flow. This will create new accounts for each application. You could even turn shopify store into an app for better performance of the solution. Make sure you hire the services of best shopify development agency for apps such as Folio3 to increase conversion rates, employ highly convertible themes, increase customer retention factors, and for an ideally suited application.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.