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Last Updated | February 16, 2021

Overview – What is the best converting Shopify theme?

Shopify development platform is a big name in the eCommerce industry, being one of the leading platforms for online stores and web management. Multiple big brands and stores are using Shopify for their shops and retail services.

Shopify provides its users a variety of services, features and tools that are best suited for all kinds of clients, and even provide tailored solutions to all. The first and foremost service Shopify offers is Shopify Migration Services, where users can make their own online store on Shopify, or take external help, even if they want to migrate from some other platform onto Shopify, and can experience this whole process with ease and smooth transition.

A great advantage that Shopify has over other e-commerce development platforms is the interactive themes and templates that it provides, which are suitable for different kinds of businesses.

However, some of the offered themes may require some payments to be made and themes to actually be bought, but the more you pay the more interactive and responsive the theme, so there is always value for money included.

As mentioned earlier, Shopify also provides custom Shopify Integration Services, where users can customize and set their own kind of outlook to their online store according to their particular needs and wants, and however, they want to run the business. The most important aspect of this user-tailored approach is the kind of themes Shopify has to offer to its users. From a great variety of available themes, some of the best options available for retailer multipurpose fastest converting Shopify themes are mentioned below:

  • Theme # 1 – Retina — Best for Quality Photos

The Retina is a Shopify theme that is highly used by brands all over the world, currently termed as the most converting Shopify theme, and is best known for its feature that deals best in quality photos of high resolution. The theme makes sure that these photos are strategically placed on the website and utilized to their maximum effect in order to grab the attention of the users and convert them into actual buyers.

Another great advantage that Retina provides their customers are the fact that the user can upload any amount of videos they want on their website homepage, which can help their bounce rate go down and attract as much audience as possible.

If your business is related to pictures, photography or you are a photographer yourself, the Retina theme is your best choice, and can work wonders for your business store.

Though, this theme is not free and comes for a price of $180, which includes all kinds of features and tools, and can give a lot of boost to your business.

  • Theme # 2 – Brooklyn — Best Free Theme

Brooklyn is an attractive theme, coming up as one of the Shopify high converting theme, which has a layout especially suitable for apparel businesses, and online clothing stores can work around this theme in the best of ways.

The Brooklyn theme has two variants, both suiting different kinds of businesses and user psyche, allowing the user to definitely stick out of the crowd.

The good news for newbies on the Shopify platform and for beginners is that it is highly easy to use and customize, and can fit into the budget, since it is totally free of cost, and will not add to your overall costs at all.

  • Theme # 3 – Empire — Best for Large Catalogs

Empire is a highly interactive theme which works best for the businesses that have a variety of products in their catalog to showcase on their web stores.

This theme has a very simple layout, which is quite similar to that of Amazon, so even beginners and new users can work easily with it. General stores and developed brands having multiple product categories and choices can surely use this theme to the best of its abilities.

Empire not only helps users showcase the products, it goes a step ahead and even organizes a large number of products, and has three different varieties that can suit different kinds of stores.

However, Empire also is one of the themes that charges an amount of $180 to provide its services and features, but businesses that have a huge selection of products are usually big investment hubs, and such a small price will surely not be too much of a burden for them.

  • Theme # 4 – Fashionopolism — Best for Apparel

While Brooklyn exists as a free theme outlet for apparel stores and businesses online, another alternative to it is Fashionopolism, which again, is great for apparel related online businesses.

It is known as a conversion-optimized Shopify theme, because it controls the traffic that visits your store, and then converts that traffic into potential buyers. Fashionopolism manages to do this by providing the customers a sticky menu, so that they do not have to keep clicking away at pages and different content.

This theme also has a lot of choice, as it provides users with four kinds of templates, so that the customers have enough space for customization purposes.

Although this theme charges $140 for usage, this is a very mere amount in order to showcase your photography skills and upload multiple images of products for your apparel and retail business.

  • Theme # 5 – Minimal — Best Minimalist Design

Minimal is another Shopify theme that provides great interactive service, giving a clean interface that is crisp, and gives your customers exactly the focus on whatever they are looking for and is important.

The design is super simple and customers can easily navigate through the store, which highly reduces the amount of clicks a customer needs to make on the page.

The best thing about this theme is that fact that it is totally free, and so, there are no risks involved.

It is known to give a great conversion rate as well, so as a free option, this can surely be your go-to theme is all else fails.

  • Conclusion:

The web store or website that you make is a highly important asset for your business, and if not done rightly, you can lose a whole customer base and quite some market share.

For this reason, we recommend using Shopify as your platform of choice, and have made it even easier for you to make your online store by listing down some of the best options the platform has to offer you.

In addition, Shopify App Development is one of the most widely used platforms for apps across the globe, and it keeps on updating and getting better every time, so choosing the right theme on the Shopify platform can take your business to higher levels in no time.

Your brand positioning, the psyche of your customers and the right kind of representation of your brand are highly essential. So, depending on the kind of brand you own, you can choose one of the highly reliable listed themes above, and give your brand a boost of conversion rate right from the very start.

  • FAQs:

Q.1.) Is it worth buying a Shopify theme?

Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms in the market today, so working on Shopify is sure to take your business to new heights, but only if the right theme is chosen and used, that is best suited to your business type.

Some Shopify themes are totally free of cost, so you have a choice there as well, but even if you do pay for a certain Shopify theme, it is only a small amount, whereas the outcome of that there is much greater, giving you the true value for money.

The paid themes offer you a variety of different customization options, features and tools that can be used to multiply the audience and conversion rate by much more than where it already stands, and premium themes are a great long-term investment.

Q.2.) What is the best Shopify theme for mobile?

The design of your online business store is the most important thing that boosts your conversion rate, and can also drop it if not done the right way. It should always have a welcoming design, where customers have an experience they do not despise, rather it encourages them to buy products from your store.

For this reason, special mobile themes are designed nowadays, that are highly mobile responsive, and give a great outlook on smartphones, ensuring customers a smooth and easy shopping experience.

Shopify has a multitude of mobile responsive themes, and in 2020/2021, the following few themes are best for businesses around the globe:

  • Elise – it is a Shopify theme for mobiles that gives unlimited options for layout and can be customized according to your business needs. It can easily be used for niche businesses as well, and even gives special effects for sale items and popular products.
  • Marley – For a more minimal effect that grabs customers’ attention effectively and high responsiveness, Marley is a great option as a mobile theme of Shopify. It also gives maximum SEO features and multi-layout options.
  • Foodly – For the food market, Foodly is highly responsive.
  • Cosmify – Comfy is highly effective and responsive, and works best for the cosmetics and fashion niche.
  • Furni – As the name suggests, Furni is a highly responsive Shopify theme that deals with furniture businesses.

Q.3.) How do I import a theme to Shopify?

Importing a theme to Shopify is easy, but products, pages, customer details, etc. may have to be imported manually, as they are not an automatic feature in this regard.

All you have to do is go to your online store, import the theme you need, or even upload any theme that you like from the library, and then work on your store just like you regularly do. This is the best possible option for Shopify integration and Shopify support services for internal linking, and for importing themes into the Shopify platform.


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