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    How To Build A BigCommerce Wholesale Website

    Last Updated | December 1, 2023

    The bigcommerce wholesale website is an online business model where the business purchases a large number of goods from the manufacturers or the warehouses and then sells them to the end-users. The other ones are manufacturers themselves who sell their own products directly to consumers.

    Online business people can make use of Bigcommerce to make their wholesale stores. One can easily build their very own Bigcommerce wholesale store by hiring bigcommerce development services from e-commerce solution companies.

    By making use of the Bigcommerce wholesale, they can use their comprehensive functions to create fully-fledged websites that can increase conversions, increase revenues, and attracts new customers.

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    What is a Wholesale BigCommerce Website

    A Bigcommerce Integration website is an online platform where wholesalers can make use of this environment to set up their online stores. Bigcommerce has dedicated tools and features that can be used to sell online in wholesale volumes.

    They can also make use of wholesale features provided and use Bigcommerce Integration with other apps to use the functionalities. When the wholesalers make use of Bigcommerce, they will be able to handle all of their wholesale orders by making use of a single interface. The dashboard will help the users have clear visibility of the front end and a back end experience.

    The platform will also provide automated customer group management and order management for all of the customers. This can help track the status of orders and help in-store management. It is best to hire companies that can help with store development and maintenance.

    How to Scaling Your Wholesale Business with BigCommerce?

    Steps Action
    1 Set Clear Goals
    2 Optimize Your Website
    3 Expand Product Offerings
    4 Implement Wholesale Pricing
    5 Streamline Inventory Management
    6 Leverage Marketing Tools
    7 Integrate with B2B Solutions
    8 Provide Excellent Customer Support
    9 Optimize for SEO
    10 Monitor Analytics
    11 Invest in Security
    12 Scale Gradually
    13 Build Strong Relationships
    14 Seek Feedback
    15 Stay Informed

    Each step is listed in the left column, and the corresponding action or description is in the right column.

    How Wholesalers Can Benefit from Using BigCommerce

    The wholesalers have several benefits when they use online platforms, especially those on Bigcommerce. The benefits provided by Bigcommerce are many and some of the most critical ones are: 

    Scalability for the store and room for expansion.

    The Bigcommerce platform provides the users with options for scalability. As the e-commerce business targets global audiences, so it is bound to increase your reach, and eventually, your store will need expansion. Bigcommerce wholesale makes it easy to expand your store to international audiences.

    The store aims to provide seamless user experiences from purchasing to browsing or shipping their products. Business models are converting to B2C models so you can do B2B and B2C businesses over your store easily.

    You can add product information in relevant languages for the audiences and then categorize the products based on the cultural preferences which can help the wholesalers become relevant and international by also providing localization to the audiences.

    Increase business creativity

    If your online store is performing well but cannot keep up with all of the new trends, you can incorporate the digital resources that are being offered.

    Wholesale businesses need to understand that their clients are willing to spend more and more time and money if the products they sell are of use to them. Almost 70% of the B2B customers require that they communicate with someone such as a sales representative to begin their purchasing procedures.

    So by making use of Bigcommerce Integration with chat features, you can increase the store creativity and sales. You can make use of these evolving needs for the wholesale stores on Bigcommerce to increase order conversions and allow for increased creativity for the stores.

    An increase in business productivity

    The big commerce wholesale store may appear to be a burden as it may increase the operational costs. But the online wholesale model can actually increase the business productivity of your store.

    You can make use of technological solutions such as business automation to assist your store in lowering the business cost of operations and assist you in streamlining the working procedures.

    Once your bigcommerce wholesale store is up and running, you can make use of tools to track your business performance and the analytics can be used to make smarter decisions for the future throughout your business processes.

    Additionally, once the operations become more and more effective, the experience of the customer will improve, this will result in increased loyalty to the brand and also ensure long-term revenues. Thanks to these multiple digital resources of bigcommerce, you can learn more and also earn more while working less.

    Improve customer experience

    The wholesale will make use of the customer data to improve the SEO. This will help improve the customer experience for the wholesale store on the back end and front end.

    You will be able to provide the best experiences to the customers and customize the performance of the store for all of the site operations for each customer as per their convenience.

    Bigcommerce wholesale will allow managing the customer groups automatically by customizing the site experiences that will include unique pricing, re-ordering, products, re-ordering, and the approval process.

    It will also provide customized pricing and allow discounts that are unique for the clients. Different groups can be dealt with differently.

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    How to Prepare for Building a Wholesale BigCommerce Store

    You can prepare for building a wholesale store for bigcommerce after making a plan. The plan needs to be followed incrementally to achieve the goal of starting a bigcommerce wholesale store.

    Create a project specification.

    It is critical to create a checklist for the business before starting this project. You will use it to create a roadmap for the bigcommerce development store. First, you will decide who the audience is for the store.

    Once you have an idea, preview other already existing stores to get an idea. You will then choose the goods to sell. Then you need to create an online catalog which must have a structure to ensure increased organization. You will need to keep track of the taxes as well.

    It will be best to have an ERP system insight to perform big commerce integration to make business operations easy. Also, keep in mind payment processors to ensure secure and reliable transactions.

    Identify the hurdles.

    You must be mindful of the hurdles that you will have to overcome initially and in the long run. All companies are unique so there is no such ideal solution. So business owners must evaluate the hurdles.

    They can focus on problems such as account creation. They need to have a team and the resources to handle the creation of the store. The business must have an idea of the shipping cost model that needs to be followed.

    The business must also be aware of governmental regulations as the operations or products need to be such that they don’t violate any regulations in place.

    Create goals for the e-commerce platform.

    You need to outline a target for your Bigcommerce wholesale store. For instance, aiming to improve the customer experience, and also setting up some measurable goals that can track the progress.

    You can set sales targets that can assess the progress of the e-commerce store(other e-commerce platforms are Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Woocommerce Development ) You can also track the time required to complete orders and tasks and work to decrease them. You always perform research for finding room for improvement.

    You will need to have automation software to save time and increase the productivity of the store.

    Assemble your team or hire Bigcommerce Support Services.

    You will need a team that can work on the store to ensure success for the bigcommerce wholesale store. You can hire companies that have the experience to help you with in-store management and development.

    E-commerce companies provide affordable packages for store owners to help with store management and development. If you wish to make your own team, you will require:

    • Content creators. They will develop the strategy for the development of the store and produce content on the site. 
    • Designers. They will have experience in coding and store development to develop mockups for desktops and smartphones. You may even use a pre-designed theme for the store to save cost and time.
    • Project managers. These will manage all of the project details and manage the team as well.
    • Digital marketers will be needed to develop marketing strategies for the digital world. This is necessary due to the increased competition in e-commerce stores.
    • Front-end developers will also be required to develop smooth interfaces. The more pleasing the storefront, the better the user interface. Your front-end developers need to specialize in HTML, CSS, and Javascript to develop storefronts. It is best that they focus on Headless Bigcommerce development.
    • Back-end developers will also be needed for system integrations, API calls, and other Bigcommerce Integration and other site capabilities that are focused on back-end functions.

    You are now ready to launch your store and begin all business operations.

    What is BigCommerce: Reasons why it might be the best platform for your business

    Things to Consider When Looking For in a Wholesale BigCommerce Platform

    There are multiple things that business people should consider when they are looking for making a wholesale bigcommerce website.

    • The user experience and the themes. Your wholesale store must have an attractive and welcoming display for the customers. The bigcommerce website design must be such that the user finds no problem in navigation or while making transactions. Or else the store will be abandoned by the customers.
    • The store must support Headless Bigcommerce development so that multiple clients can use the store with interfaces that are customized to each individual user. It is best to hire  Bigcommerce Support Services that can develop systems that provide headless store interactions.
    • The integration options available in the store must also be such that the user can use these options to provide increased site functionality. It is best to make use of bigcommerce intergrations to provide the users with increased functionalities.
    • The performance of the store must be such that the user doesn’t need to wait for the store’s response but it should be the other way.
    • Security in the store is a must since customers pay for the work over credit cards so it is best to make use of secure payment mediums. Also, there must be multiple payment gateway support for the users for their convenience.

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    Some Examples of Wholesale BigCommerce Websites

    Some examples of the wholesale websites of bigcommerce are:

    • Twrily girl.
    • Kap7.
    • Casey’s Distributing.

    Most of the wholesalers on Bigcommerce list two major benefits of bigcommerce store that help them in wholesale business activities.

    One is the simplified segmentation of the store. The search engine of the store is built off Elasticsearch. This includes customized field support for the customer search to provide refined searching.

    The platform also provides whole specific payment processing services to the users. They have a CSR-generated quote management module that makes use of bulk pricing that can be broken down to SKU levels to reach all of the customer groups and individual customers.


    Bigcommerce wholesale is a great option for e-commerce business people to make use of so they can follow their wholesale business model to provide the customers with products. It is best to make use of bigcommerce wholesale as your go-to platform and also have a Headless Bigcommerce development approach for the store.

    This approach can only be followed and executed by an expert software solution company. So it is best to hire a professional bigcommerce development company. Bigcommerce provides users with benefits such as scalability, customer-centric services, and increased business productivity and creativity.


    1) What is the difference between wholesale and retail?

    The major difference between whole and retail businesses is that wholesale businesses are models where the goods are sold in a large quantity to the retailers, businesses, or to industries.

    This is a business-to-business approach. Retail businesses are those where the goods are directly sold to the end consumer in a small lot. This business type is called retail business. Online stores follow a B2C model generally, but you can set up your own bigcommerce wholesale store easily.

    2) What are the benefits of having a wholesale BigCommerce website?

    There are several benefits of having a bigcommerce wholesale website. These benefits help the store become feasible long term and return a good return on investment. 

    • It will provide consistent interaction with the buyer. The wholesalers tend to miss out on developing a relationship with the buyers, as a result, they miss out on the opportunity to connect with them. It is important to build upon connections. So the bigcommerce site allows the wholesalers to connect with the buyers 24/7 with an online catalog, and email marketing, and provide them with discounts as well.
    • Bigcommerce can provide a great experience for mobile browsing. The users can make use of the convenience provided for their mobile browsing experiences. As almost 3 in 5 customers, today purchase their products using mobile phones, thus it is important to be on the move and provide a mobile experience that can increase customer conversions and sales revenue.
    • It provides a direct connection to the consumer model. Most of the wholesalers want to skip the middlemen and directly target the customers with these online sales. This allows them to increase their revenue and also increase brand visibility. This results in a wide pool of potential buyers who directly purchase from your store.
    • It can even help in reducing overhead costs. The physical storage of products in warehouses can be reduced or completely eliminated when the store incorporates e-commerce business models. When your store has a great bigcommerce web design company, the buyers explore their options and use them to make informed decisions. The marketing of the store can also make the store more trusting to the customers.
    • This also increases the promotional opportunities for the customers. In the store, you can share images of the products on related social media. When you have the right videos, images, and the best UI, the brand visibility and online existence promote the store’s wholesale operations. 

    3) What are critical features needed in a wholesale BigCommerce store?

    The critical features for the wholesale bigcommerce store require:

    • Multiple location fulfillment for the customer orders. Your online business means you will have clients from around the globe that you will need to service.
    • Have a real-time inventory that must be synchronized instantly after multiple orders. The placement of orders from around the world at close times will require that your store can synchronize the inventory with the store to prevent any overselling or underselling.
    • Have a management system for the business. It is best to have an all-in-one solution to manage the business instead of changing the interface all the time. Seamless integration in all business processes is needed to have an interface that has the best integration to make workflows streamlined.
    • The store must provide shipping services that can be tracked as well. This will ensure that the product delivery status is traceable to the customers. 

    4) What type of industries can wholesale be applied to?

    There are multiple industries to which wholesale can be applied, for example, clothing companies that bulk order clothes to customize them, retail stores that order big amounts of goods and stockpile them for selling, and even event management businesses that order products such as tables, chairs, and other things in a big quantity then use them in services.

    Bigcommerce development of wholesale model can increase your store’s visibility and increase revenues.

    5) Do wholesalers and distributors function differently?

    The distributors are independent agents that generally contract with manufacturers to sell their products to the retailers or wholesalers. They only sell contractual products and not any out-of-contract ones.

    They carry a large stockpile and store them in warehouses for periods of time. The wholesalers are middlemen that buy in bulk from the distributors and then sell these at wholesale prices to the retailers. They specialize in certain product categories and carry a wide range of stock. 


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