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    Last Updated | June 2, 2022

    B2B client demands are rising faster than ever as the younger generations join the workplace and B2C trends dominate the commercial industry. The back-end complexity of B2B trade, on the other hand, isn’t going away, therefore B2B businesses can’t possibly lose performance for ease of use. BigCommerce has introduced B2B Edition. It is a collaborative effort of BigCommerce Enterprise and BundleB2B, to help you exceed the customers’ expectations.

    BigCommerce Web Design Company is an effectivel SaaS eCommerce platform for incredibly quick growing and established B2C and B2B brands announced its acquisition of BundleB2B, a longstanding BigCommerce technologies partner that offers next-level B2B capability to BigCommerce business owners, on April 26, 2022.

    B2B eCommerce Solution is termed as Best-of-Breed and is meant to be Built for BigCommerce.

    BigCommerce would integrate BundleB2B even more tightly into its platform as a result of this acquisition, and it will continue investing in B2B Edition. All of the benefits of B2B Edition will continue to be available to BigCommerce business owners; nevertheless, BundleB2B integration is becoming more prevalent, resulting in a far more integrated solution.

    Through the unique integration of BundleB2B with BigCommerce Enterprise, BigCommerce will continue to offer B2B Edition to enable merchants better streamline online operations and give customers frictionless transactions and simple self-service account options.

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    About eCommerce integration with BigCommerce

    Headless BigCommerce Development allows you to set up your store, add products, and generate greater income through your website with some amazing BigCommerce support services, to maintain and improve an off-the-shelf integration with BigCommerce, a top eCommerce platform(other platforms are salesforce commerce cloud consultants and woocommerce design) that enables the users to create an online store.

    That’s not all, though. BigCommerce is best suited for bigger or incredibly fast-growing enterprises because it has a lot of built-in functionality, data tools, and more. Additionally, Pristine Solutions offers an SAP Business One BundleB2B connectivity.

    BundleB2B is a SaaS platform that gives enterprise-level B2B capabilities to businesses of all sizes and sorts.

    It enables store owners to run their B2B business online and provide seamless transactions and self-service account capabilities to their B2B clients.

    The software delivers excellent buyer and seller features such as Corporate Account Management, Bulk Ordering Tools, Shopping Lists, Quick Order Pad, Sales Representative Masquerade, and much more, and is backed by the industry’s best eCommerce platforms(other platforms include Woocommerce development company and Salesforce Commerce Cloud).

    What is BigCommerce: Reasons why it might be the best platform for your business

    About Bundle B2B

    BundleB2B is the B2B eCommerce solution that companies require to advance their online store. This SaaS solution delivers advanced B2B capabilities and helps organisations quickly support B2B operations online, thanks to its seamless integration with the strong BigCommerce platform.

    Optimize the B2B self-service experiences for both business owners and consumers by getting a comprehensive portfolio of crucial B2B features.

    BundleB2B was created by a team of B2B commerce professionals who understand the complexity of B2B eCommerce enterprises.

    It enables businesses to grow their businesses more quickly and at cheaper prices in comparison with their competitors.

    Get a set of B2B tools that help buyers order faster and customer support and sales teams manage their processes more efficiently.

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    The enjoyment of the maximum seller and buyer features includes;

    1. Account Hierarchy 
    2. Sales Representative Masquerade
    3. Sales Representative Quoting
    4. Shared Shopping Lists
    5. Customer Account Order History
    6. Payment Method Visibility Control
    7. Buy Again
    8. Quick Order Pad
    9. Invoice Portal
    10. Company Address Book Management

    BundleB2B may be used to meet the B2B needs of any expanding eCommerce firm thanks to its basic characteristics that allow users to simply manage front-end and back-end B2B processes. You can schedule a demo with any consultants and see how the industry-leading eCommerce technology stack can help you change your business and do B2B on the BigCommerce platform instantly.

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    Bundle B2B Features

    1. Sales Representative Masquerade and Quoting
    2. Shared Shopping Lists
    3. Corporate Account Management
    4. Invoice Portal
    5. Company Address Book Management

    How Bundle B2B Can Optimize Business

    BundleB2B itself is a SaaS application that delivers advanced B2B functionalities which optimize;

    • Account Hierarchy

    B2B companies can manage customer accounts with many levels of buyers/users, each with their own set of roles and permissions, such as company administrator, senior buyer, and junior buyer.

    These can be controlled through the BigCommerce dashboard or released through an external system like a CRM or ERP. 

    • Sales Representatives Masquerading

    As the representative of the enterprise customer, sales agents can log in, access shopping lists generated by company buyers, add products to the cart, and finish the order placement.

    • Sales Representative Quoting

    As they browse the catalogue, B2B buyers can obtain quotes by recognizing the products they want and putting these on a quotation list.

    They can send the quote list to the marketing representative designated to the account once it has been prepared. Through the BigCommerce dashboard, the sales representative may create new quotations, maintain existing quotes, and offer a special discount to consumers on top of pre-arranged prices.

    • Shared Shopping Lists

    The concept of shopping lists is one of the primary usecases introduced by BundleB2B and the B2B Edition. Customers, or approved sales staff assigned to them, have the opportunity to create several shopping lists for repeated purchases. 

    • Quick Order Pad

    This feature allows purchasers to add a list of SKUs and quantity to their basket by uploading a CSV file or manually entering the SKUs into the fast order SKU list. This allows them to easily add SKUs from a pre-defined list rather than having to comb through pages and pages of merchandise.

    • Invoice Portal

    Customers get to use the Invoice Portal to pay, monitor, and track their B2B bills online. They have access to each invoice’s details, including prior payments and delivery charges.

    They can also make payments straight via the portal, with choices including multiple invoice payments, full payment, or even partial payment.

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    BigCommerce is a B2B platform that is both robust and well-optimized. BigCommerce has shown to be a good alternative for constructing a B2B eCommerce website with the launch of the B2B Version, as well as the numerous add-ons/integration possibilities inside the Enterprise edition.

    Folio3 can help you plan your digital journey with BigCommerce and deliver the best BigCommerce integration solutions for your online B2B business needs as a Certified BigCommerce Development Company.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.