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    BundleB2B: How To Optimize Business With Bigcommerce B2B Bundle

    Last Updated | October 23, 2023

    B2B client demands are rising faster than ever as the younger generations join the workplace and B2C trends dominate the commercial industry. The back-end complexity of B2B trade, on the other hand, isn’t going away, therefore B2B businesses can’t possibly lose performance for ease of use. BigCommerce has introduced B2B Edition. It is a collaborative effort of BigCommerce Enterprise and BundleB2B, to help you exceed the customers’ expectations.

    If you are still trying to expand your online business, BigCommerce B2B Bundle is the go-to option. Since 2020, the demand for B2B BigCommerce headless ecommerce stores has been on the incline, increasing the demand for advanced features that enhance end-user experiences. 

    To meet the demand, BigCommerce has introduced BundleB2B. It is an e-commerce solution that businesses need to take their online store to the next level. This SaaS solution seamlessly integrates with the robust BigCommerce platform and gives enterprise-level B2B capabilities to businesses of all sizes and sorts. 

    • As an e-commerce platform, BigCommerce BundleB2B has made a name for itself in the business-to-business sector. BigCommerce controls more than 5% of the business-to-business (B2B businesses ) e-commerce platform industry.
    • Compared to their prior e-commerce platform, firms using BigCommerce B2B Bundle had an average boost in online sales of over 30%.
    • Users are generally pleased with BigCommerce B2B Bundle, with 81% saying they would suggest it to a colleague or friend. Studies found that the platform’s user-friendliness, flexibility in meeting individual needs, and high quality of service were the most often cited factors in a positive experience.

    This article will explain BigCommerce B2B Bundle, its core features, and how the B2B bundle can help businesses grow.

    What is Bundle B2B?

    BundleB2B is the B2B E-commerce solution offered by BigCommerce. Companies need it to advance their online store. This SaaS platform delivers advanced B2B capabilities and helps organizations quickly support B2B operations online. Its seamless integration with the robust BigCommerce platform makes it the perfect choice for E-commerce.

    Optimize the B2B self-service experiences for business owners and consumers by getting a comprehensive portfolio of crucial B2B features.

    BundleB2B was created by a BigCommerce web design company that understands the complexity of B2B E-commerce enterprises. It enables businesses to grow their businesses more quickly and at lower prices in comparison with their competitors.

    The enjoyment of the maximum seller and buyer features includes;

    1.   Account Hierarchy 
    2.   Sales Representative Masquerade
    3.   Sales Representative Quoting
    4.   Shared Shopping Lists
    5.   Customer Account Order History
    6.   Payment Method Visibility Control
    7.   Buy Again
    8.   Quick Order Pad
    9.   Invoice Portal
    10.   Company Address Book Management

    BundleB2B is used to meet the B2B needs of any expanding E-commerce firm. Its primary characteristics allow owners to maintain the front and back end of the site. You can hire BigCommerce developers and schedule a demo with them. 

    They will show how the industry-leading E-commerce technology stack can help you instantly change your business and do B2B on the BigCommerce platform.

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    Bundle B2B Core Features

    BigCommerce support and maintenance services fulfill the B2B requirements of any developing or developed eCommerce firm. Below are its core features that make it easy to manage the front-end and back-end.

    • B2B Customer Account Management

    A store’s accounts and pricing for its B2B clients can be managed in one location. BundleB2B can automate the acceptance of B2B client accounts and tailor the experience for each user. Both BigCommerce Customer Groups and Price Lists work in tandem with these features.

    • B2B All-in-One Ordering Tools

    With the B2B All-in-One Ordering Tools Bundle, end users and sellers with multiple B2B client accounts can take advantage of the streamlined ordering process. It is made possible by the self-service eCommerce features included in BundleB2B

    Customer account details and ordering tools are readily available. These tools streamline the process of placing bulk orders and restocking frequently used items.

    • B2B Quoting Management

    Sales representatives can construct a quote and provide customers with extra savings on already decided pricing. The buyer submits a quote request through the commerce storefront; you respond with a brand-new quote. The quote includes any discounts or terms you’ve worked out with the customer. 

    Make adjustments to the line items and prices, and then make orders using the revised quote as a guide.

    • B2B Invoice & Payment Management

    Invoices sent to businesses can be viewed and paid through the customer’s BigCommerce account using a credit card or bank transfer. Integrating your accounting software with BigCommerce Orders allows you to generate invoices. These invoices reflect the most current state of financial affairs for your business’s clientele.

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    BigCommerce BundleB2B integration with third-party systems

    In BigCommerce integration services, BundleB2B acts like a third-party app for store admin. It comes with an admin panel to handle all the functionalities. BigCommerce also provides a cluster of BundleB2b API which makes it possible to integrate the functionalities of BundleB2B with any third-party system (like NetSuite ERP accounts or Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP accounts etc.) through customization.

    Which Business Can Use B2B Bundle?

    BundleB2B best fits mid-size to enterprise-level B2B companies searching for solutions to help them stand out. BigCommerce offers BundleB2B to its BigCommerce enterprise store owners. 

    BundleB2B delivers excellent buyer and seller features such as Corporate Account Management, Bulk Ordering Tools, Shopping Lists, Invoice & Payment Management, Quoting Management, Quick Order Pad, Sales Representative Masquerade, and much more. 

    From one central location, BundleB2B allows retailers to efficiently manage their B2B client accounts and set prices. With BundleB2B in the driver’s seat, you can automate the account approval process for B2B clients and tailor your content to each individual user. 

    All of these features work in tandem with BigCommerce’s Customer Groups and Price Lists without any disruption to your online store’s flow.

    If you have a store on Magento, hire BigCommerce development services for Magento to BigCommerce migration. 

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    How Can Bundle B2B Optimize Business?

    BundleB2B is a SaaS application that delivers advanced B2B functionalities. This app is specifically essential to optimize businesses to reach more potential clients.

    Let’s see how BundleB2B development helps businesses optimize.

    • Account Hierarchy

    B2B companies can manage customer accounts with different levels of buyers or users, each with its own set of roles and permissions, such as company administrator, senior buyer, and junior buyer.

    These can be controlled through the BigCommerce dashboard or released through an external system like a CRM or ERP. 

    • Sales Representatives Masquerading

    As the representative of the enterprise customer, sales agents can log in and access shopping lists generated by company buyers. They can also add products to the cart and finish the order placement.

    •  Sales Representative Quoting

    B2B buyers can obtain quotes in the catalog by recognizing the products they want and putting these on a quotation list. 

    Once it has been prepared, they can send the quote list to the account’s designated marketing representative. Through the BigCommerce dashboard, the sales representative can create new quotations and maintain existing quotes. They can also offer a special discount to consumers on top of pre-arranged prices.

    •  Shared Shopping Lists

    The concept of shopping lists is one of the primary use cases introduced by BundleB2B and the B2B Edition. Customers or sales staff assigned to them can create several shopping lists for repeated purchases. 

    •  Quick Order Pad

    This feature allows purchasers to add a list of SKUs and quantities to their basket by uploading a CSV file or manually entering them into the fast-order SKU list. This will enable them to easily add SKUs from a pre-defined list rather than having to comb through pages and pages of merchandise.

    • Invoice Portal

    Clients use the Invoice Portal to pay, monitor and track their B2B bills online. They can access each invoice’s details, including initial payments and delivery charges.

    They can also make payments straight via the portal, including multiple invoice payments, total payments, or even partial payments.

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    The B2B e-commerce platform BigCommerce is powerful and highly optimized. With the release of the B2B Bundle and the many add-ons/integration possibilities included in the Enterprise edition, BigCommerce has shown to be a viable option for creating a B2B eCommerce website.

    Although it is easy to set up and run, hiring a BigCommerce expert is recommended. An experienced BigCommerce BundleB2B consultant will help you maintain a high-selling and BigCommerce migration.

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    How Does B2B Work?

    An area of e-commerce called “business to business” (B2B) mainly helps with the dealings between companies themselves rather than companies and consumers of the items or services they offer (B2C). If two businesses, say, wholesalers and retailers, decide to do business with each other, that is considered a business-to-business transaction.

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    How Do I Start A B2B Startup?

    • Decide about what you’re selling.
    • Find out who your perfect customer is.
    • Start by establishing a sales strategy.
    • Make sure you’re getting leads.
    • Ensure your leads are qualified.
    • Engage in a sales pitch.
    • Close the deal.
    • Take care of your clientele.

    Is B2B A Good Investment?

    It is expected that over the next 5-10 years, business-to-business (B2B) startups will continue to represent a unique asset class profile for investors due to their greater return and lower risk, especially compared to their B2C competitors.


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