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    POS Trends in Bigcommerce You Should Not Miss Out in 2023

    Last Updated | April 30, 2024

    A POS system, or point-of-sale system, simplifies retail sales transactions. A cash register is an instance of a well-known POS system. A barcode scanner, card reader, cash drawer, and receipt printer are standard components of modern POS systems.

    A touchscreen is frequently used as the customer interface. A credit card scanner attached to a tablet is the most basic current POS system.

    A cash register used to be all that a business required to register customers and take payments. However, today’s enterprises want a system that allows them to accept payments, track sales, manage inventory, and provide reports. All of this may be handled with the correct POS system.

    It’s difficult to tell which POS system will be the greatest fit for your business, whether you’re searching for your first one or upgrading. We have done the legwork for you by evaluating POS Trends.

    We examined price, the convenience of use, and general functionality during our evaluation. We also sought for simple to set up cloud-based alternatives. Continue reading to find out more about our best POS picks for small businesses.

    To meet the expectations of today’s customers, many eCommerce businesses for example Salesforce Commerce Cloud or Salesforce commerce cloud development have been forced to pivot to a new way of doing business.

    So every retailer must know these 5 BigCommerce POS trends to take their business to the next level in 2022.

    1. Shopping will become more interactive.
    2. A prominent BigCommerce POS trend is quick payment.
    3. Personalized client service is becoming more popular.
    4. Free shipping is popular.
    5. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing in popularity.

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    The point of sale (POS) is how a retail transfer takes place. The retailer calculates the cost owing by the consumer at the point of sale, displays that amount, may produce an invoicing for the consumer, and displays the client’s payment alternatives.

    The BigCommerce Point of Sale (POS) application uses the POS trends to manage sales in both an online and physical store at the same time. As a result, the designated salesperson can use the POS trends to create an order, which will then be generated and synced with the headless BigCommerce development and its store.

    To manage POS trends, the admin can create several sales agents for the physical store.

    This application can be used both online and offline. Even if there is no internet, any agent can establish clients and orders. All orders and transactions are saved locally in offline mode. Whenever the internet is accessible, the information can easily be synchronized.

    Features of BigCommerce Point of Sale (POS)

    To have a better understanding of the POS trends we are discussing the features or you should say the tip of the iceberg just to paint the blank canvas in your mind regarding the BigCommerce Web design company’s POS trends that are making the high tides around the eCommerce businesses(such as( Salesforce B2B Commerce Integration or salesforce commerce cloud consultants) these days. 

    • Register Maintenance 

    This programme enables single-session register maintenance. As a result, the functionality allows the user to fill the initial amount in a register as well as the final balance after the registration is closed.

    • Synchronized Data 

    There is an option to synchronise the POS data.

    • Option To Refresh Pos Data 

    Option to refresh the POS data according to the field selected.

    • Functionality To Process Online And Offline 

    Both “online” and “offline” modes work well.

    • Better View With Full Screen 

    For a better view and handling of POS, go full screen.

    • Different Options And Skusproducts 

    Different choices and SKUs can be used to add product/s to the basket.

    • Product Stock Checked 

    The stock of a simple type of product is checked to ensure that out-of-stock products are not purchased.

    • Quick Product Search Option 

    Quick product search through product name/SKU and category selection.

    • Functionality To Add New Customers 

    POS panel functionality for adding new customers.

    • Additional Discount 

    On the cart page, any customer can receive an additional discount.

    • Discount Application

    Discounts can be calculated as a “percentage” or as a “fixed amount.”

    • Option Put A Cart On Hold

    Customers’ carts can be put on pause with an additional ‘note’ and then resumed.

    • Option To Search Hold Carts 

    It is possible to search for hold carts by customer name or email address.

    • Adding/Removing Of Product Quantity From The Cart

    Within the cart, the quantity of the product(s) can be raised or decreased.

    • Suitable Payments Options

    Both card and cash payment options are available.

    • “Sales” Tab 

    To examine a list of orders and print a receipt for a specific order, go to the “Sales” tab.

    • Functionality To Search Orders

    It is possible to search orders by customer name/email and order date.

    • Functionality To Search Registered Customer 

    Search for a registered client by name, phone number, or email address.

    • Well Organized Dashboard 

    The dashboard display is well-organized and includes the most recent clients, agents, and subscription plans.

    • Multiple Agents

    Multiple agents can be created from the backend to reach the POS system.

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    5 Bigommerce POS Trends Leading the Way

    The world is ever-evolving and change remains the only constant of life, and so do the trends and ways with which people prefer to function in their lives.

    After outlining the characteristics of POS trends, let’s have a look at some examples of what 5 BigCommerce POS trends are leading the way for business in the future.

    • Socialized Shopping Experience

    In 2021, eCommerce businesses(such as Woocommerce development company ) experienced a number of challenges, ranging from supply chain problems to store closures. However, there have been options; one being social media, which analysts predict will play a larger role in 2022.

    “Customers want to be delighted even when they can’t be in real stores,” says Nicola Leinbach Reyhle, founder of Retail Minded. So, across generations, marketers can communicate with customers and make transactions generated from social media, in which too many consumers spend the majority of their online time.

    • Ever-Expanding Personalized Customer Experience

    Consumers are 80% more likely to buy from a company that provides individualized content. Because personalization makes the purchasing process easier for clients and enhances brand loyalty, it is expected to become the BigCommerce POS trend by 2022.

    Therefore, the customer group, a tool for tracking and reporting on smaller groups of clients that have different characteristics, is getting more attention.

    Based on it, retailers can utilize their marketing resources to get a competitive edge over competitors, and, most importantly, demonstrate a deeper understanding of their customers’ needs and aspirations.

    • Agile Payment 

    Payment processing is the final phase in the checkout process. Then, in order to increase income, immediate payment is required. An eCommerce business owner must be made buying and collecting payments as seamless as feasible.

    To reduce cart abandonment rates in 2022, eCommerce business owners will need to offer even more payment options.

    For example, Klarna, a new app that allows users to “Buy now, pay later,” has grown its client base in the United States to 11 million, with 2 million monthly customers who formerly used debit cards.

    Or, with its many payment alternatives, ConnectPOS, an award-winning cloud-based POS, has directly supported several systems.

    • Growing Popularity Of Artificial Intelligence –AI 

    Customers are growing more responsive to personalised shopping and data-driven recommendations, with online retailers, predicted to spend $7.3 billion on AI by 2022. Because AI is indisputably vital in expanding online businesses, more firms are turning to corporate AI to improve processes and automate operations.

    Alibaba, a Chinese company, operates the world’s largest eCommerce platform, selling more than Amazon and eBay combined. In order to optimise Alibaba’s marketplace, AI is used in daily operations to estimate what buyers want to buy. The company uses natural language processing to create product descriptions for its website.

    • Free shipping favors Customers

    Free shipping is another BigCommerce POS trend. As per the B2C site study, orders with free delivery are 30 percent more profitable on average, and free shipping inspires 93 percent of online shoppers to purchase additional items.

    As per the Verizon Look Forward survey, if, given the opportunity of free shipping, 90 per cent of customers would purchase more frequently online. Furthermore, 24% of purchasers feel that having free shipping would make them spend more.

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    Despite the difficulties that shops have had as a result of the pandemic conundrum that hit us in 2019, the BigCommerce POS trends for 2022 still provide numerous possible options for the BigCommerce integration with the POS system.

    You can contact Folio3, the Bigcommerce Development Company, right away to acquire BigCommerce support services or any additional information and advice for the future year so you can prepare the best approach for your eCommerce store.


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