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    Bigcommerce Mailchimp: How Does Bigcommerce Integrate With Mailchimp?

    Last Updated | April 22, 2023

    Bigcommerce Mailchimp is an industry-leading tool geared toward marketing automation and managing email audiences. With a BigCommerce Mailchimp integration, you can expand you can engage customers better while still having the time to run the business. Here we discuss the benefits of using Mailchimp, how to integrate the new app and how to disconnect the old legacy versions

    What is Mailchimp?

    What is Mailchimp

    Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform designed to help business owners manage and communicate with people connected to the business, such as clients and customers. Mailchimp uses superior contact management practices, design rich campaigns and robust data analysis to support users in improving their business communication.

    Why choose Mailchimp

    Why choose Mailchimp

    Mailchimp provides a wide range of services including marketing automation tools, personalised product recommendations, abandoned cart emails and order notifications and mobile-friendly sign-up forms. Mailchimp also automatically creates consumer segments using your store data, so you don’t have to. Furthermore, you can track customers from sign-up to purchase to understand their purchase decision journey and how you can capitalise on it.

    What is BigCommerce Mailchimp integration?

    What is BigCommerce Mailchimp integration

    BigCommerce, as we all know, is a popular e-commerce platform used by businesses around the world due to the extensive feature list and subsequent performance. However, although BigCommerce does offer built-in systems for conveying information and messages, third-party apps that specialise in such activities are more efficient. Therefore, BigCommerce offers integration with Mailchimp and other such apps to allow maximum user flexibility.

    How does the BigCommerce Mailchimp integration work?

    How does the BigCommerce Mailchimp integration work

    Integrating Mailchimp with BigCommerce automatically syncs your customer data with your Mailchimp audience. All current customers for your store become subscribed contacts. Mailchimp uses these contacts to send any marketing communication. Furthermore, each customer’s profile will also carry an activity feed concerning any order information brought on from BigCommerce. This integration is essential given that the primary goal when using Mailchimp is personalizing the marketing process.

    How to integrate Mailchimp with BigCommerce

    How to integrate Mailchimp with BigCommerce

    Before you being integrating, a word of caution. If you already use the older version of Mailchimp with your store, you need to disconnect it first before integrating the new Mailchimp app. Go through the steps below to separate the apps. However, if you currently do not use Mailchimp, or have already disconnected the app, move directly to the integration phase.

    Disconnecting Legacy Mailchimp from BigCommerce

    Disconnecting Legacy Mailchimp from BigCommerce

    Here’s how to disconnect Legacy Mailchimp from BigCommerce:

    1. First, make sure you’re logged into your BigCommerce store;
    2. Then go to the control panel and navigate to “Marketing” and then click on “Email Marketing”;
    3. Under the the “General Settings” tab look for “Email Integration Settings”;
    4. Deselect Mailchimp, and then click “Save”.

    Integrating Mailchimp with BigCommerce

    Integrating Mailchimp with BigCommerce

    Integrating Mailchimp and BigCommerce is easy and does not require the services of your developer. Of course, you can still get it done if you want to. Follow these steps to integrate Mailchimp with BigCommerce:

    1. First, log in to your BigCommerce store;
    2. Then click on Apps and then select “Marketplace” from the subsequent list;
    3. Then type “Mailchimp” in the search bar and click on the Mailchimp icon when it appears;
    4. Then click “Install”;
    5. Next, BigCommerce will prompt for permissions. Go through the terms and conditions, check the little box confirming you have done so and then click “confirm”;
    6. On the next screen, click on “connect” to link Mailchimp with your BiCommerce store;
    7. Next, BigCommerce will ask you for your Mailchimp login credentials. Assuming you already have an account, enter the required details and then click ”Log In”;
    8. Then, from the drop-down menu, select the audience you want to sync with Mailchimp and click “Next”;
    9. On the next screen, you need to map BigCommerce data fields with Mailchimp data fields. So for each Mailchimp merge tag, select the corresponding BigCommerce data field from the drop-down list;
    10. Once complete, click “Start Sync”;

    Why you should upgrade to the new Mailchimp

    Since the BigCommerce upgrade to API 3.0, older apps may not sync data correctly, or in some cases, stop syncing altogether. In this case, the two versions of Mailchimp communicate with the Bigcommerce App Development platform differently. The new app is “single-click” and comes as an app. Continuing to use both may lead to duplications in the data or sync issues, thereby failing your BigCommerce Mailchimp integration.


    How does BigCommerce integrate with Mailchimp?

    BigCommerce integrates with Mailchimp using a built-in system. All you have to do is install Mailchimp from the marketplace and select which data to sync.

    How much does Mailchimp cost with BigCommerce?

    Mailchimp offers four different pricing plans, including free, Essentials ($9.99/month), Standard ($14.99/month) and Premium ($299.00/month). However, there are no additional charges for upgrading from the legacy version to the new “single-click” version.

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    Is Mailchimp useful to increase sales on BigCommerce site?

    Mailchimp is a useful tool in improving how you communicate with your clients. In a nutshell, this app provides automation and personalisation to a feature of business that is mostly impersonal. Mailchimp offers audience management, marketing automation, digital ads, optimisation and marketing performance analytics all at the touch of a button. Therefore, in terms of sales, Mailchimp yields a far higher conversion rate than without it.

    Which service is better, SendGrid, SwipeMail, or Mailchimp with BigCommerce?

    Each marketing service has its pros and cons; however, what matters is, which app is a good fit for your business. That said:

    • Mailchimp is an industry leader with a wide range of features, simple design and a balanced pricing plan.
    • SendGrid works best in terms of scalability and when you have complex requirements;
    • Swipemail is an easy-to-use and economical tool but does not offer the same level of features as its competitors.

    How do I use Mailchimp (or any other mass emailing service provider) to send BigCommerce blog posts by email?

    If you have a blog, the best way to send blog posts via email is to create a Real Simple Syndication (RSS) campaign. The RSS campaign uses merge tags to grab RSS content from the blog feed and. Every time you update your blog, Mailchimp will pull content from your blog and send it to your subscribed contacts automatically. Click here to learn more.

    How to choose the Best platform to start an eCommerce store?

    BigCommerce is easier to use which makes it a better choice for the eCommerce store. It has an efficient product engine. However, BigCommerce is better for bigger brands.


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