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    BigCommerce Pricing Plans: How Much it Costs Vs Others

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

    Choosing the right platform is paramount for all the businesses whether they are related to any niche, and when it comes to versatility and scalability, BigCommerce stands out. However, to embark on your e-commerce journey with confidence, it’s crucial to understand the intricacies of BigCommerce pricing plans. In this blog, we’ll dissect BigCommerce’s pricing structure, exploring the options and features that best align with your business needs and growth ambitions.

    BigCommerce Web Design Company enables genuine enterprises to make a seamless transition to online commerce. By legit, We suggest that all the Bigcommerce Development Company plans include a wide range of tools and product possibilities for growing or upscaling your current profitable business into something unique.

    So, how much does BigCommerce pricing? Is it more or less expensive than the competition?

    The article explores the prices of a BigCommerce store, so keep reading and learning everything there is to know about BigCommerce pricing, from monthly plans to themes and integrations.

    comparing bigcommerce plans

    BigCommerce Pricing: How Much Are You Going to Pay With BigCommerce?

    For the Headless BigCommerce Development store is simple to figure out how much BigCommerce pricingBigCommerce Development offers four different cost options, the fourth of which is a custom-priced option.

    BigCommerce’s three main pricing plans range from $29. 95month to $299. 95 / month. Users could save up to 10% if they purchase a yearly bundle.

    The four standardized BigCommerce pricing plans are:

    Standard Plan

    Monthly: $39/mo
    Annual: $348 ($29/mo) –  a 25% discount off the new monthly rate, savings of $120 per year.

    Plus Plan

    Monthly: $105/mo
    Annual: $948 ($79/mo) –  25% discount off the new monthly rate, savings of $312 per year.

    Pro Plan:

    Monthly: $399/mo
    Annual: $3588 ($299/mo) – a 25% discount off the new monthly rate, savings of $1,200 per year.

    BigCommerce Plans

    What is BigCommerce: Reasons why it might be the best platform for your business

    Everything That BigCommerce’s Pricing Plan Provides

    Creating the ideal online store may be a costly and time-consuming endeavor.

    The more features you want, such as authentic modification systems in your backend, saves from cart abandonment, and Amazon and eBay interfaces, the more you’ll pay.

    Although most eCommerce platform solutions may charge you more for additional services, certain tools are less expensive than others.

    You’ll get access to the following features irrespective of the pricing model:

    • No matter what BigCommerce pricing plan you choose, you’ll be able to host a limitless number of products with unlimited file storage and bandwidth. 
    • The BigCommerce monthly price does not include any transaction charge requirements. It makes no difference if you’re on the pro or plus plan. You may, however, be required to pay a fee for the payment gateways your store uses.
    • BigCommerce provides you with a progressive site that looks great on both desktop and mobile devices, which is good for SEO.
    • If you want to compete in the eCommerce market, you need to get your products to your clients swiftly. Your BigCommerce subscription will provide you access to the best shipping rates available.
    • A fantastic single-page checkout, a simple checkout tool for collecting payments via different payment methods.
    • BigCommerce assures that most of its price plans, including the basic plan, include BigCommerce support services. This implies that you will have no trouble getting answers to any questions you may have.

    How to Choose the Right BigCommerce Plan for Your Business

    Step Action
    1 Assess Your Business Needs
    2 Evaluate Your Budget
    3 Review BigCommerce Pricing Plans
    4 Compare Plans
    5 Consider Growth Potential
    6 Examine Transaction Fees
    7 Evaluate Add-Ons and Integrations
    8 Customer Support and SLA
    9 Consider Customization Needs
    10 Trial Period
    11 Seek Expert Advice
    12 Read Reviews and Case Studies
    13 Plan for the Long Term
    14 Check for Hidden Costs
    15 Make an Informed Decision

    Feel free to use this table as a checklist when choosing the right BigCommerce plan for your business.

    Guide to Hiring a BigCommerce Developer in Pittsburgh

    BigCommerce PriceDifference Between Plans and Choosing the Right One for You

    • The Standard Plan

    The BigCommerce pricing of the standard plan is $29.95 per month. It charges no transaction fees on any of these plans, besides the processing fees.

    If your preference is all about the essential tools from the BigCommerce pro solution like a payment gateway, checkout process, and high-level eCommerce platform, the Standard Plan should suffice all your needs.

    For such a low-cost BigCommerce plan, the features are quite extensive.

    To begin, users receive support for an infinite number of goods and storage, implying that even huge businesses may be able to make the Standard Plan function.

    Take credit cards or PayPal purchases and pay the transaction fee of 1.5 percent. this is inclusive of the card payment fees, so if you’re not careful, this can quickly pile up.

    You could choose from hundreds of theme templates and construct and alter them using the HTTP web editor to make them seem just perfect for your business.

    The majority of the themes are mobile-friendly, and the plan includes SEO, social networking sites, blogging, gift coupons, discounts, and promotional sales tools.

    With choices for links with Facebook, Square, SocialShop, and Amazon, the integration is fantastic. You can also produce additional item reviews, item searches, wishlists, and other features.

    The Standard Plan is ideal for all small business newcomers to help them get off to a good start. The BigCommerce Standard Plan is truly one-of-a-kind since it offers so much more than other platforms’ beginning or Standard plans for online sellers.

    I believe that the BigCommerce Standard Plan might assist small to large businesses alike, as it includes everything from infinite goods to dropshipping integrations.

    • The Plus Plan

    The BigCommerce price of the Plus Plan is around $105 per month. All of the characteristics of the Standard Plan are included in this plan.

    Real-time carrier delivery for precise rates, the finest payment providers, and a cart abandonment saver are some other highlights of the additionals.

    Advanced client segmentation is ideal for focusing your efforts on the customers you wish to reach. Customers will never be transferred to a third-party payment gateway because your checkout page is housed on your domain.

    This is a terrific way to keep customers coming back for more. The retail and wholesale cost groups function effectively to open up additional revenue streams, and eBay listings are supported.

    It’s unclear whether the Plus or Pro plans are appropriate for any type of business.

    BigCommerce’s pricing options have changed dramatically since about the start of 2016, with the addition of the Pro account and hefty cost increases for users with annual revenue exceeding $125,000.

    • The Pro Plan

    The BigCommerce pricing is about $399 each month.

    The BigCommerce Pro Plan appears to be the logical progression for businesses moving up, however, those with more than 3,000 sales per year will be hit with additional charges.

    Sure, you receive everything from the prior plans, however, that doesn’t change the fact that BigCommerce’s pricing structure is broken.

    So, as of today, we can’t recommend the Pro plan to any company that needs complete transparency in their spending.

    Read How To Build A BigCommerce Wholesale Website to Get a Step-by-Step Checklist to Build an Online Store From Scratch.

    • The Enterprise Plan

    BigCommerce price for the Enterprise Plan costs vary based on the size of the company and its requirements, but it is likely to start at around 2,000 dollars.

    If you’re searching for something genuinely unique in terms of BigCommerce price, you’ll want to look into the enterprise plan.

    The BigCommerce Enterprise Plan is designed to serve high-volume enterprises and contains all of the capabilities discussed in the previous plans.

    You’ll also get personalized installation and data migrations, allowing you to focus on your own business.

    Because your business would be most probably somewhat more complex, you need priority aid from the specialists, prioritized support is always accessible for these customers.

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    Additional Costs? Other Factors That Have Hidden Costs. (Include Design Costs, Hosting, Security Options, Themes, Domain Name, And Any Third-Party Add-Ons)

    If you joined up with the new developer, it’s reasonable to learn about any additional or hidden expenses that may arise, whether at the time of purchase or later.

    As a result of our experience with the BigCommerce plan, we’ve compiled a list of the most common BigCommerce fees.

    • The Hosting Services

    All BigCommerce pricing plan includes hosting. This includes enterprise-level security, which safeguards both you and your clients.

    Please remember that you’ll need to switch to BigCommerce or purchase an SSL certificate. The cost varies, but you may anticipate paying between $80 and $100 every year. 

    • The Domain Names

    The domain name is similar to a store’s light post. This informs website visitors about who you are before presenting the content of your homepage.

    The domain name from the BigCommerce plan will charge you $12.27 for a year. In terms of price, Wix may provide everyone with a free one-year web hosting domain name if they sign up for a Premium plan.

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    • The Credit Card Charges

    If a consumer makes a transaction at the store employing POS devices but uses a prepaid card or credit card, BigCommerce users will be charged a modest fee.

    For debit and credit cards, BigCommerce payment rates start at 2.9 percent + $0.30 for each transaction. The lower your credit card rates are, the greater your BigCommerce pricing approach is.

    BigCommerce’s credit card payments are slightly higher, although sellers dealing in tiny amounts are unlikely to notice the difference. Unlike other eCommerce platforms, BigCommerce does not charge any transaction fees.

    This implies that the only cost you’ll have to consider is credit card fees. Until we employ BigCommerce’s in-house payment method, this separates it from the competition.

    • The Themes

    Despite the fact that BigCommerce provides a limited number of free layout themes to choose from, you can opt for a premium theme instead.

    The cost of premium themes ranges from $135 to $300, a one-time charge as long as required. There’s a wider selection of models to choose from, and most other stores are unlikely to have utilized the same design because of this.

    • The Applications

    BigCommerce became such a good eCommerce maker because it has so many built-in functions, functionalities, features, and tools, which sets it apart from its competitors.

    BigCommerce appears to have its own app store, so if you’re looking for a specific function, look there.

    There are a variety of free and paid apps available, as well as some premium apps. BigCommerce’s top-earning apps, for example, cost $9 to $50 per month.

    • The Partners

    If you want to provide a business store with a boost and engage specialists to collaborate with you on your store’s success, you might try employing a BigCommerce Team to help you.

    BigCommerce has over 4,000 company associates who specialize in practically everything, so you’re sure to find the perfect strategy. This is completely optional, and charges vary greatly depending on the organization. You’d have to email each of them separately for such a quote.

    • The Cancellation

    The best part of BigCommerce integration is the 15-day free trial period. You can cancel it if you don’t find it suitable for you at any time during this 15-day.

    However, determining it is unsuitable after subscribing to a plan is a foolish act. 

    BigCommerce, on the other hand, anticipates that you will continue to use the creator and that you will be billed.

    This is a common concern we get from clients who are unaware this was the case, so let’s avoid being caught off guard. Do not put off withdrawing until the last possible minute. 

    How Much Would BigCommerce Price Cost You in Total?

    In the end, the Standard plan for a BigCommerce store costs $29.95 a month. The Pro plan costs $249.95 per month, while the Plus plan costs $79.95 per month.

    The service includes a 15-day free demo version, which is ideal for determining whether BigCommerce integration is right for you.

    Aside from that, you may incur costs as part of plugins and themes. You may likely discover free plugins and themes to keep your costs down, but I believe that many other serious eCommerce businesses will invest a little money on a good theme at the very least.

    As a result, expect to spend roughly $100 for it, plus a possible monthly price for necessary plugins.

    In short, BigCommerce’s base plan includes more capabilities than most platforms’ higher-tiered plans.

    Even yet, determining whichever of the BigCommerce pricing plans is right for you and how much you can anticipate paying, in the end, can be difficult.

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    When it comes to BigCommerce pricing, there are a few factors to consider.

    Even the greatest eCommerce systems have additional expenditures to consider, from installing the proper shopping cart technology to obtaining themes and add-ons.

    You’ll need to consider all costs while developing your storefront, whether it’s with technology like Salesforce Commerce CloudWix, or Woocommerce development company.

    The monthly Standard Plan comes for $29.95. So that’ll be the smallest amount of money you’ll spend. Once you start selling, you’ll need to account for transaction processing fees.

    Aside from that, you may incur expenses for plugins and themes.

    You may likely discover inexpensive plugins and themes to keep your costs down, but I believe that many other merchants will be interested in investing a little money on a decent theme at the very least.

    As a result, expect to spend roughly $100 for it, plus a possible monthly price for necessary plugins.

    We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the BigCommerce integration at Folio3. Our Bigcommerce Developers have the greatest plans under their sleeves that will double the growth of your organization.


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