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    Overview of the Price List Feature In BigCommerce

    Last Updated | November 28, 2023

    If you are a business offering wholesale and retail prices or different prices for various locations, then the price list feature in BigCommerce is a must for your business to function.

    In this article we have discussed the benefits, implementation and customization of the price list feature in BigCommerce.

    • BigCommerce got around 20 percent of stores with nearly 200 products in each store.
    • Nearly 37+ percent of sites have migrated from Shopify to BigCommerce.
    • BigCommerce has a collection of nearly 6000 apps on its App Store.

    What is the Price List Feature in Bigcommerce

    Bigcommerce Price List is a feature within the Bigcommerce e-commerce platform that allows store owners to create and manage multiple pricing tiers for their products. 

    This feature allows store owners to offer different prices to different groups of customers based on factors such as customer loyalty, order size, or membership in a particular customer group without any need for Bigcommerce App Development. It is worth noting, however, that the BigCommerce Price Lists feature is only available on the Bigcommerce Enterprise plan.

    With Bigcommerce Price List, store owners can easily create and manage custom pricing tiers, which can be assigned to specific products or to customer groups. This allows businesses to offer special discounts, promotions, and pricing to customers, helping to increase sales and improve customer loyalty. One thing to understand is that it will mold your BigCommerce website design according to the list size.

    The Price Lists BigCommerce feature is easy to use and provides a centralized location for managing pricing information, ensuring that prices are always up-to-date. This feature will also be intact when you shift to a BigCommerce headless commerce system.

    Bigcommerce Price List also offers a variety of customization options, including the ability to set different prices for different customer groups and the ability to specify different prices for different quantities of a product. This allows store owners to tailor their pricing strategy to meet their specific business needs and goals.

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    Benefits of the Price List Feature in Bigcommerce

    There are many benefits of this feature in BigCommerce the only other to get this feature is by opting for third-party BigCommerce integration services.

    Increased Sales

    By offering different prices to different customer groups, businesses can incentivize customers to make larger purchases, which can result in increased sales.

    Improved Customer Loyalty

    By offering special discounts and promotions to customers, businesses can improve customer loyalty and encourage customers to return for future purchases.

    Simplified Pricing Management

    The Price List feature in Bigcommerce provides a centralized location for managing pricing information, which makes it easier for businesses to keep their pricing up-to-date and accurate.

    Customizable Pricing Tiers

    With the ability to create custom pricing tiers, businesses can tailor their pricing strategy to meet their specific business needs and goals.

    Increased Control Over Prices

    By assigning different prices to different customer groups or products, businesses can have greater control over the prices they charge, which can help them stay competitive and maximize their profits.

    Improved Order Processing

    By having accurate pricing information in a centralized location, businesses can process orders more efficiently, reducing the risk of pricing errors and improving the overall customer experience.

    Better Insights into Customer Purchasing Behavior

    By tracking how different customer groups respond to different pricing tiers, businesses can gain valuable insights into customer purchasing behavior, which can help them make informed decisions about their pricing strategy in the future.

    Step-by-Step Guide: Setting up the Price List Feature in BigCommerce

    Following is the step-by-step guide to enabling the price list feature in BigCommerce, which is one of the most important features for businesses going for Bigcommerce migration.

    1. Log in to your BigCommerce store’s control panel.
    2. Go to the Products section and click on Price Lists.

    3. Click on Create a Price List to create a new pricing tier.

    4. Enter a name for your Price List and select which customer groups will be assigned to this pricing tier.

    5. Select the products that you want to assign to this pricing tier and enter the new prices for each product.
    6. Save your changes by clicking on Save Price List.
    7. Repeat steps 3-6 to create additional pricing tiers as needed.

    If you think that this feature is quite complex to understand then start your search for how to hire a perfect BigCommerce developer and get a capable developer to manage your site for you.

    To Customize Your Bigcommerce Price Lists, You Can Do The Following:

    Assign Different Prices To Different Customer Groups

    By selecting different customer groups for each pricing tier, you can offer special discounts and promotions to specific customer groups.

    Set Different Prices For Different Quantities Of A Product

    By specifying different prices for different quantities of a product, you can offer bulk discounts and incentivize customers to make larger purchases.

    Update Pricing Information In Real-Time

    By logging into your Bigcommerce control panel, you can update your pricing information in real-time, ensuring that your prices are always up-to-date.

    Set Custom Pricing Rules

    By using custom pricing rules, you can create complex pricing structures that take into account factors such as order size, customer location, and more. You can contact BigCommerce maintenance support to know more about these rules.

    Create Custom Reports

    By using custom reports, you can track the performance of your pricing tiers and gain valuable insights into customer purchasing behavior.


    The Price List feature in Bigcommerce provides a simple and effective solution for store owners looking to offer discounts and promotions to their customers. Its numerous benefits and easy-to-use interface make it an essential tool for businesses using the Bigcommerce platform. 

    By setting up a Price List, businesses can increase sales, improve customer loyalty, manage prices more effectively, and become more competitive in the market. It is way better than BigCommerce development services, which costs a lot of capital to businesses for providing the same feature.


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