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    Top 5 Shopify B2B Examples in E-Commerce World?

    Last Updated | January 17, 2024

    They say, experience is the best instructor, but hey, it hurts bad, right?. So, why not learn from the examples of others, rather than learning the hard way. Now, talking about the B2B E-Commerce world, it has become an industry of $7.7 billion, so why not find a way to learn from the hard-won experiences from the industry to get a headstart for your online store? That being said, below we are sharing the top five Shopify B2B examples in the eCommerce world for you to get inspire and learn the fine details of the industry. So let’s dive into the details!

    Shopify development

    Shopify B2B E-Commerce with Example #1


    In case you’ve ever stumbled upon the conference rooms, you must have seen Polycom’s three-point phone. Truth be told, it’s an essential part of the conference room which is known to be the most iconic equipment out there. Polycom is a global-level organization and has become a leader in providing content and collaboration solutions.

    Ranging from voice calling to video conferencing, Polycom has diverse solutions which optimize collaborations and drive human connection. Coming back to the point, Polycom has the perfect website for people who need a user-friendly and straightforward B2B platform. Polycom is one of the leading global examples of how a user-friendly B2B E-Commerce should be created.

    The customers have the choice to choose the country and region of location, subsequently choosing the language of their choice. The respective language will deliver a better user experience. It has been integrated with direct and seamless navigation with support, solutions, services, and products. In addition, it has a chatbox on the left corner of the webpage, which offers customers enhanced reassurance for technical support.

    On the right side of the webpage, there are “request a demo” and “request a quote” features. Upon clicking on these features, the square box will pop up which customers can enter the information for transactional activities. It can simplify the user experience as Polycom has designed the website according to the demands of customers.

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    Shopify B2B E-Commerce with Example #2

    Spectrum Audio

    Spectrum Audio has an extremely professional & interactive theme and is famous as the provider for DJ equipment, pro audio, and stage lighting. Spectrum Audio’s website is integrated with clear navigation, which makes it extremely easy to use and follow through. It has a well-integrated search box for quick search.

    With the home page, the customers can easily access the discounts and promotional price, respective to the number of products that customers need to buy. In the service pages, the users can access the latest products, famous products, and featured products, all structured in a highly intuitive and engaging way. Honestly, the whole website is an incredible example of how to maximize the cart size of the buyers by engaging them continuously with interactive tactics.

    When it comes down to the B2B buyers, there is an “add to quote” feature for people who need customized orders. This feature is actually powered by Quoteninja. As far as the pictures are concerned, the product picture will have compare and quick view function. With the quick view button, the users can see the product description and pictures without directing them to a new page.

    In addition, it will show the “add a quote” button. As for the compare button, it doesn’t work, but it does subtly improves the user experience. Also, there is a “shop by brand” feature on the navigation bar, so customers can buy products from their desired brands. The brands are lined up from A to Z, which is extremely convenient.

    Shopify B2B E-Commerce with Example #3


    This is an American company with its name in Fortune 500 Industrial Supplied & Equipment. They have more than 1.6 million products lined up for the users. Well, this business is running by providing diverse products to the customers. They have been offering industrial facilities management solutions through the online platform.

    It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they have earned billions of dollars through E-Commerce sales. It’s an obvious fact that the search feature is extremely beneficial for B2B buyers. That being said, Grainger has been facilitating the customers with the well-optimized search box. With the search box, the customers can easily search for the products. Also, the search box has an extended filter option, hence further improving the navigation and search results for customers.

    When users type in the product name in the search box, Grainger has the autofill feature for autocompleting the search. Even if you don’t know the right spellings, Grainger will outline the suggestions, so customers can choose from the suggested products. With the filter menu on the left side, the users can find products along with detailed specifications.

    For instance, if the users want to buy the LED bulbs, Grainger will outline different options according to watts, lighting technology, and appearance of the light. Even more, the users can compare the products whenever they choose the specific product under the comparison box. On top of everything, Grainger is optimized for smartphones and iPads, hence a better sales chart.

    Shopify B2B E-Commerce with Example #4


    In case you’ve been a part of the corporate world, you must know about Chocomize as they specialize in offering corporate gifts. In addition, they have the customized chocolate gifts for the business partners for brand promotion. Honestly, the guys behind Chocomize have mastered the art of digital marketing and know-how to lure B2B customers. Also, the company has nailed the SEO techniques for their website for better ranking results on Google.

    There are multiple keywords available, such as custom chocolate square, custom corporate chocolate, and custom chocolate coins on this website. For the most part, it’s evident that Chocomize has implemented a top-notch and effective SEO strategy that makes sure the website is landing at the top of Google search results.

    There are multiple discounts available on Chocomize in case someone is placing large orders. In addition, the customers can search the gifts according to occasions and budget. These features are available on the menu bar, hence better chances of finding suitable products.

    Shopify B2B E-Commerce with Example #5

    Vitality Medical

    When it comes down to the B2B customers, they always prefer automatic repeated orders on online platforms. That being said, setting up a streamlined purchasing process will deliver the supplies that help retain the customers. In addition, it helps optimize the long-term relationship with the customers, along with better brand trust.

    It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it helps improve efficiency for the business along with better revenue generation. For this reason, it’s best to look at Vitality Medical. This company is famous for providing high-quality medical supplies, medical equipment for personal users, and other healthcare products. They have been serving more than 2.5 million customers around the globe.

    They have streamlined delivery options for different products, along with free shipping if someone buys bulk quantity. Overall, Vitality Medical is a great inspirational E-Commerce platform for newbies looking to penetrate the highly competitive online market.

    Learning From The Examples

    Now that we are done with discussing some of the inspiring success stories of B2B examples, it’s important to understand that a prodigious online presence needs meticulous planning and execution for the development and designing phase. And that’s where companies like Folio3 come into play. Well, there is a reason why people are investing in hiring Folio3 Shopify website design agency, Folio3 Shopify website development servicesand Folio3 Shopify migration services; Why pay someone to build a Shopify app when Folio3 has been doing it since ages. that’s because the company excels in creating enchanting and exquisite B2B platforms for online businesses.

    While in the previous section, we mentioned the top five examples of E-Commerce platforms that have made it big, here’s the gist behind the meteoric success of all those examples;

    • In-depth product description
    • User-friendly website infrastructure
    • Clear navigation with the streamlined search experience
    • Customizable services
    • Straightforward buying processes
    • Multiple discounts and promotions for customers

    B2B E-Commerce – Why Is It Important?

    In today’s digital world, creating digital platforms has become essential for every business. In all honesty, businesses that don’t invest in digital platforms today will be scrambling down because the modern customer base prefers online purchasing. That being said, smart investment in the B2B E-Commerce is the right choice to expand revenue generation, while avoiding the massive traffic of the B2C market.

    While we are at it, it’s important to outline that the B2B E-Commerce world has great exponential growth, and the market value is constantly increasing. So, don’t be mistaken and invest in the B2B E-Commerce platform. In addition, modern customers prefer flexibility, and such platforms will deliver a better user experience, such as quick delivery, improved checkout, enhanced tracking, and straightforward repeat ordering.

    The Bottom Line  – B2B Examples in E-Commerce

    B2B E-Commerce is a growing industry, and it can deliver higher value for the customers that invest in it. However, to ensure success, one needs to know the background. With this article, we tried sharing different inspiring success stories in the online B2B industry offering high-end services with great features. So, did you gain an in-depth understanding, then?

    FAQ – B2B Examples in E-Commerce

    How does E-Commerce work for B2B?

    B2B E-Commerce is known to be an online transaction with two-way business projection and transaction. In simpler words, when the company is selling some products or services to another organization, it will be considered their customers. That being said, it will be known as B2B.

    What are the features of B2B E-Commerce?

    The most important features of the B2B E-Commerce platform include the following;

    • Discounts on bulk orders
    • Flexible payment system
    • Tax exclusivity
    • Responsiveness for mobiles in the web design
    • Reordering with one-click configuration
    • Minimum quantity of orders
    • Robust customer registration

    What are the barriers to B2B E-Commerce?

    When it comes down to B2B E-Commerce, there are various barriers, such as specified demands, account management for customers, tiered pricing regulations. For overcoming these barriers, the B2B organizations have to develop an E-Commerce website that makes it easy for the customers to place orders. It demands time and effort, but it is worth it!

    How much does a Shopify expert cost?

    In case you want the complete setup and development of the web store, it will cost anywhere between $1000 to $50000+ on an average basis. On the other hand, if you are looking for a Shopify custom plugin development company it will cost anything ranging from $50000 to $10,000.

    How to add Shopify UAE payment gateways?

    Follow the below steps to add Shopify payment gateway: 1- click on settings. 2- go to Payments. 3- select third-party credit card payment. From there, you can select your credit card providers in the UAE.

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