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    Teespring VS Shopify – is Shopify better than Teespring

    Last Updated | April 9, 2024

    Teespring VS Shopify – What Are Shopify and Teespring?


    Teespring lets you create and sell up to 50 kinds of goods with no risk or upfront cost. They handle all the operations from printing to safely shipping the order to customer service. If you are looking to start your online print on demand business, Teespring is your option.  Also, creators who want to offer their merchandise to their fans and charities in need of a hassle-free way to collect funds can choose Teespring.

    Shopify integration

    Teespring is a platform that lets you create a product on demand. It simply means that there is no need to worry about inventory. Products are made after an order is placed. Creating a product in Teespring launcher is where you decide about the profit you want to make per sale. When you make a sale, the profit is all yours.


    Shopify is an e-commerce platform that enables anyone to build their online store and become a seller. However, merchants can also sell their products using Shopify.

    The platform was created ten years ago. The founder of Shopify, Tobi, wanted to sell snowboards, and he realized it was nearly impossible to their his products without having a user-friendly e-commerce platform, so he ended up creating one.

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    Shopify is the largest commerce platform available for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are selling in-store, on social media, online, or even from your house, Shopify will help you in every way.

    Shopify vs Teespring – Why need To Compare Shopify and Teespring?

    Feature/Aspect Teespring Shopify
    Purpose Primarily for selling custom apparel E-commerce platform for various products
    Ease of Use User-friendly with design tools User-friendly with customizable templates
    Product Range Custom apparel (t-shirts, hoodies, etc.) Wide range of products (apparel, electronics, etc.)
    Design Tools Built-in design tools Integration with third-party design tools
    Customization Limited customization options High level of customization
    Payment Gateways Limited options Multiple payment gateway options
    Store Themes Basic customization options Extensive selection of customizable themes
    Inventory Management Automatic fulfillment Inventory management tools available
    Pricing Free to use; fees per product sold Monthly subscription + transaction fees
    Marketing Tools Basic promotional tools Advanced marketing and SEO tools
    Scalability Limited scalability Highly scalable for growing businesses
    Integration Limited third-party integrations Wide range of third-party apps and integrations
    Support Email support, limited resources 24/7 customer support, extensive resources

    If you are all set to move forward with your print on demand business, you must know which platform is the best choice for you to have a perfect start. Let’s discover more about teespring vs. Shopify equation.


    Teespring has a simple Shopify web design that appears attractive. A user can find all the necessary features and basic functionalities easily. Therefore, non-tech users can smoothly navigate through the platform or application and get themselves familiar with the design and features in no time. Hence, it makes it easier for everyone to create a print on demand storefront.

    On the other hand, Shopify appears rather complicated. It is merely because Shopify allows users to create complete online stores with full control over store customization from scratch. The platform is an easier option for those who already have the required knowledge to build online stores. However, those who are new to this might find using Shopify challenging.

    Design & Themes

    Just like many other platforms used for e-commerce, Teespring enables you to create a simple storefront with some necessary features that include but are not limited to:

    Adding a promotion banner and a header to your store.

    Adding your products to the storefront.

    Creating the “About Us” page that aids your store’s credibility.

    Additionally, there is no cost involved in creating your store using Teespring, and there is no need to worry about the cost of producing and shipping your product. Users can keep their profit.

    Shopify integration

    On the other hand, Shopify lets you create all the pages you need to display to your customers, starting from landing page to homepage and also product page. However, the good thing about Shopify is its drag and drop editor. It offers you complete control over customization coupled with amazing features and advanced tools, so it does not that complicated as it may sound.

    You can get a free theme via the Shopify Theme Store. There is a good range of free themes that you can choose from to create a unique look and feel for your online store and give your customers a nice shopping experience. Shopify’s page builder apps let you build pages individually.

    The engineering behind Teespring and Shopify are quite similar. You can create your store, sell your goods, keep the profit, and let a third party handle printing and shipping for you.

    Sale and Marketing Tools and SEO

    Teespring helps you enter a marketplace where anyone can sell POD products, and buyers can easily find good alternatives. You are likely to own a hundred designs in order to get one order. Also, you will have to take care of your store’s marketing yourself. However, you can sell your products on various platforms including, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, etc.

    How does teespring integrate with shopify

    Also, the platforms allow you to access the Analytics dashboard in order to help you monitor the performance of your storefront.

    With Shopify, you have various options for optimizing your conversion rate and traffic. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can easily perform such actions through free applications that can help you with SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization.

    However, just like Teespring, you can integrate your Shopify developed store to a wide range of sales channels like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram.

    Moreover, with Shopify, you get a good range of marketing tools that help you drive traffic to your site. Also, you can create Gift Cards, Discounts, and even run your Marketing Campaigns.

    If we talk about Shopify vs. Teespring in terms of Analytics, Shopify wins as it offers you twelve different reports for tracking your traffic, conversion rates, and visitors.

    Customer Database

    If you are selling shirts on Teespring, you cannot access the database. It means that you will not have much information about your customers like their email addresses and other personal information. It means you might not be able to convert them into your regular customers.

    As a store owner, you might always have to look for new customers. However, research shows that existing customers help you generate higher revenue as compared to new customers.

    Also, you will have to keep paying a good sum of money for marketing and advertising your products for good.

    With Shopify, you have access to your customer’s information, and you are able to keep the information. This helps you develop your campaigns, ask for feedback, or send promotional emails to your customers. And because you are in control of everything, you can make the required improvements to your products to meet the expectations of your customers.

    Also, Shopify comes with a ‘Customer Tab’ that allows you t manage all the information about your customers and see their purchase history.

    Customer Support

    The customer service of Tteespring is available during business hours. However, Shopify support offers you 24/7 customer support. So Shopify wins here as well.

    Also, Shopify offers an extensive support system that includes the Shopify Community that is always available to help you with almost anything. There are developers and Shopify experts that will help you anytime you need it.


    You do not have to pay any start-up fee. However, Teespring will make money on each of your orders. So you can put your money into marketing and promoting your business.

    However, if we talk about Shopify, there are plans that you need to purchase after your 14 day trial period ends.

    • Shopify Basic Plan is for $29 per month, along with a 2.9 percent and 30 cents on each of your transactions.
    • The Shopify Pricing Plan is for $79 per month, along with 2.6 percent and 30 cents on each of your transactions.
    • Advanced Shopify is for $299 per month, along with 2.4 percent and 30 cents per transaction.
    • Shopify Plus will cost you $2000 per month.

    Spreadshirt vs. Teespring vs. Shopify: which one is best by price?

    Teespring and Spreadshirt are best for beginners; however, if we look for more control at a good cost, Shopify is the answer.

    Teespring vs. Spreadshirt – Which one is better?

    Spreadshirt offers flexibility. You get to choose from a good number of products, and also you have the chance to sell your products on a range of platforms (Spreadshop store, Spreadshirt marketplace, and Shopify)

    Is Teespring Reliable?

    Using Teespring is a good option as it does not leave you worrying about financial risks. You d not have to pay any money upfront when using Teepsirng.

    Is Teespring on Shopify?

    Unfortunately, you can not integrate Teepsring with Shopify.


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