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    Last Updated | April 4, 2022

    Overview: Starting a small business in Florida online on Shopify

    Online business startups are a new boon. Internet facilities, advanced technological features, and the approach of applied science have made it possible to shift your business to electronic means. The transition from mainframes to smart devices has sprung up entirely new vistas for internet users.

    Florida is an ideal state to launch your online venture as it is an entrepreneurial hub. Florida also attracts a lot of tourism especially from Latin America which gives Florida a unique dimension as a paradise for the business community.

    To kickstart your own online business you can make use of various dedicated applications and software which make the entire process easier for you to start your online store.

    Among them is Shopify. Shopify is one of the most advanced and popular platforms out there that has helped hundreds of thousands of people start their online stores.

    It comprises a completely devoted hub of programs that presents you with an online store with the product, price tags, checkout, and more.

    So how much does it cost to start an online business in Florida?

    The cost of starting an online business depends upon various factors such as the platform you are using, the niche you choose, and the type of business structure you plan.

    It also depends upon the various external services you need, like, you can get your Shopify app developed by a Shopify app development Company Florida or Shopify web design services Florida, as an example.

    You must take the help of an external developer for various operations for the smooth process of launching your business.

    Let’s look at each of the factors individually to understand the concepts.

    The platform: Since you are using Shopify, therefore, the cost may depend upon the plan you choose. There are four types of business plans which Shopify offers to its users.

    • Shopify lite costs $9/mo
    • Basic costs $29/mo
    • Shopify $79/mo
    • Advanced $299/mo
    • Enterprise plan requires you to discuss quotes.

    This is the basic structure of Shopify pricing plans and does not include the sales tax which is required by the US government tax law which is different for every state.

    You should consider hiring Shopify specialists in Florida for better and long-term results.

    Add ons

    Shopify also offers third-party applications for further enhancement or add ons.

    For example, the basic Shopify plan has only 4 free themes out of 79 themes. If you would like to use a different theme from those four, you need to pay for it.

    Other features are expensive and take the actual cost quite higher. Hence, you need to research everything before you finalize the complete look of your store.

    Along with that, you can also make use of Shopify web development in Florida for a better and professional look at your store.


    The niche of your business also determines whether your startup is going to need more or less investment. It also depends upon whether you want to sell cosmetics, clothes, toys, or services.

    If you want to sell a product then it is further broken down into divisions like maintaining an inventory and selling from it or providing dropshipping services which are carried out without keeping an inventory.

    You can also integrate Shopify into your existing system with the help of expert Shopify integration services in Florida for seamless integration of complete systems.

    Moreover, if you want to migrate to Shopify from some other platform then you can also make use of expert Shopify migration services in Florida.

    Do you need a business license to sell online in Florida using the Shopify store?

    Starting an online business in Florida is, fortunately, license-free. This makes it easier to start your online store hassle-free.

    How long does it take to get a business license in Florida?

    As you don’t need a license in Florida to start an online business, therefore, you can immediately launch your venture.

    8 steps to start a small business online Shopify store in Florida

    Listed below are 8 steps that you can use to start a successful online business.

    1- Business idea: With so many trends and success stories around the globe it becomes difficult to choose a business idea for you.

    For originality purposes, you must determine what your calling is.

    What is it that you are passionate about? Do you see a gap in the market? or do you want to provide value and increase the quality of life of the people around you?

    Asking yourself questions will help you recognize your unique path.

    2- Business name: the business name defines the personality of the venture and should be unique. It could be something analogous to your idea also.

    You must choose something that would stay with people for a long time and connect your product emotionally to them.

    Sometimes, the product name becomes so famous that it becomes that product’s identity. For example, pampers is a brand but it has become a household name. And has become synchronous to the diaper.

    3- Check business laws and regulations: Checking for rules and regulations for your region is important.

    You must check the legal requirements before you go ahead with your business idea. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on something illegal in your state.

    4- Pen down the entire process: writing down the entire process helps you to give it a concrete form. It also acts as an anchor during the launching process.

    5- Business structure: be definitive and open about the structure of the business. Do you want to maintain an inventory, or want to act as a third-party vendor? or do you want to sell a service? There are a lot of options to choose from.

    6- Finalize the budget: always include overhead expenses in the budget, even to the penny. It gives you a holistic picture of your finances and enables you to keep things in control.

    7- Platform: choosing the right platform for your online business makes all the difference in the world of a successful or a failed business.

    Weigh all the pros and cons of a platform before deciding the final contestant.

    8- Launch the business: now that you have laid down a solid ground for your business it’s time to launch it. There are many strategies to play to get attention and customers for your store.

    You can use promotions and discounts for the first few customers. You can also use paid ads to put your product in front of your ideal audience, use social media marketing to get the attention you need for your business.

    8 best business ideas in Florida to start online on Shopify?

    There are no shortcuts to success, even for success on the internet. You need to invest blood, sweat, and tears to reap the desired rewards. There are many low-cost ideas that you can follow at the initial stage of your business. Some of them are:

    1- selling clothes: the easiest and fun way to start a business is by selling clothes. You can either launch your brand or resell other brands with a margin.

    2- start drop shipping: the hassle-free way of conducting the business is drop shipping. You don’t need to keep an inventory for that and just connect the buyer with the seller.

    3- start freelance content writing, ecommerce web development, or designer services: these are currently hot selling services on the internet. With so many people jumping on the online ventures bandwagon people need website designers and content writers to launch their electronic businesses.

    4- Launch blog: blogs are a fun way to connect with people and spread awareness about a certain product or service. You can share your opinion with people and can be paid for that. How cool is that?

    5- Launch your book: it may sound scarier but many people have successfully launched their books and are recognized for their talent and abilities to tell stories in the most intriguing ways. If you have a certain idea, then don’t be shy and share it with the world.

    6- Teach online: online teaching is the noblest way to serve humanity. You teach what you know and for that, you can be paid.

    Online teachers are recruited all around the world. People learn languages, programming, coding, handicrafts, cooking, and other skills online all the time. If you have a gift of teaching then start today.

    7- Sell your art: if you can create an art piece with which people identify themselves then you can start selling your art online.

    8- Sell handicrafts: handicrafts hold a special place in the heart because they are made with so much love and care. They are sold expensive also like so much effort goes into crafting them.

    There are other great ideas to start an online business. You need to have patience, perseverance, and be headstrong to make your venture a success.


    Can you run a business from home in Florida with the help of a Shopify store?

    Yes, most certainly you can initiate your own business with the help of Shopify. Shopify offers diverse options to sell products or services to the masses online.

    You can also start dropshipping through Shopify to avoid the hassle of keeping an inventory. OR you can hire Shopify Specialists Florida to do the heavy lifting for you while you watch the magic unfolding.

    Can I sell online without a business license in Florida?

    Ans- Yes, you can start your online business in Florida without an online business license.

    How much is an EIN in Florida?

    EIN is an Employer Identification Number to register a business in Florida. You can apply for EIN free of charge.

    Websites normally charge $75 to $150 to process the application. It doesn’t take long to get the EIN online but can take days if you applied for it via fax or mail.

    How do I get a copy of my business license in Florida?

    There is no need to get a copy of a business license in Florida as you don’t need a license altogether to register an online business in Florida.


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