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    Why do You Hire a Shopify Guru to Help Scale Your online eCommerce business?

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024


    With online businesses growing exponentially, it is smart to expand your businesses on Shopify. This can be achieved by hiring Shopify gurus from Shopify. These gurus can be hired over the platform but it is best to hire them from companies such as Folio3 that have resources, skills, and experience of over 15+ years to provide software services to clients. Hiring Shopify gurus can provide benefits such as engaging the Shopify customers, setting up and designing the stores to be more scalable, helping the store with SEO and marketing, and outsourcing tedious tasks. This makes sure that the customer can have time to focus on expansion while the store is managed professionally.

    Why do You hire a Shopify guru to Help Scale Your online eCommerce business?

    A Shopify Guru is a team available for Shopify merchants around the clock which ensures help for our customers at a moment’s notice. The Shopify Gurus can help scale your Shopify e-commerce store with all their expertise and hands-on experience. It is best to have one on your business operations.

    Top 5 Advantages to hire a Shopify guru for your online businesses

    There are multiple benefits when you hire a Shopify guru for making your e-commerce business more scalable. The scalability of the business is a crucial step that must be taken by Shopify store owners to take their business to the next level. According to research, most e-commerce businesses fail within the first five years primarily due to a lack of proper management. This is where the Gurus can come in handy. They are experts themselves and can ensure that the right steps are taken for the upscaling of your e-commerce store. Amongst the so many benefits, these are five major advantages of hiring a Shopify guru for your Shopify store.

    1. Engage the Shopify customers and community.

    In the world of digital businesses, the customers of the store and the Shopify community can be engaged by the Shopify guru. This is required in today’s modern age as the customers want to purchase products from a merchant that they can connect with the store customers. The continuous engagement with the customer promotes loyalty and also shows the customers that the store cares about their experience with the store. This ensures that the store can function long term and converts new visitors into loyal customers of the store making them a customer for a lifetime.

    2. A Shopify guru can help you set up and design your online store

    Shopify Gurus are technically sound. They have a great understanding of how to set up Shopify stores. Setting up the store requires knowledge about store configuration and the store essentials. This includes the targeting of the audience, integration with payment processors, choosing appropriate business structures, getting the stores ready for launching, and then marketing the store to keep up with the trends. The setting of the store can be done by anyone but the competition on online stores makes it very difficult for new stores to keep up. The perfectionist activities of the gurus leave no room for failure of the new Shopify store whether it be during integration or getting the store ready for launch.

    The Shopify gurus can also design your online store. The design of the store includes the business idea of the store which the gurus can help you expand upon. Even the business name may be designed with the help of the gurus given their experience. The logo can also be designed such that it is eye-catching and can attract visitors to the store. The online store themes can also be re-designed by the gurus as per the needs of the store owner. The gurus can make these stores look very attractive. These will draw in more customers and lead to more successful purchases from your store. Lastly, the gurus can also put up optimized images to improve SEO.

    When you have these gurus on your side, scaling the store will become easier as you will have adequate support and the tools to make the store serve all the different customers. The scalability can improve and be sustainable for the store and generate a healthy revenue stream.

    3. They can also help you with marketing and SEO to drive traffic to your store

    In the digital age, almost half of the online shoppers make sure to research the products they will purchase. They make use of search engines such as Google before they even consider making a purchase. This leads to the creation of a digital footprint that can then be used to our benefit. Your store can first identify and then use these keywords to increase your store exposure by driving traffic to the store. 9 out of 10 e-commerce startups fail within the first 120 days where the reason found common is a lack of search engine optimization in the stores. This helps us understand how critical it is to have traffic in the store.

    The Shopify Gurus can ensure that the store makes use of mobile responsiveness, relevant keywords, website structure, and page loading speeds which will all contribute to making the SEO ranking better. The gurus put much consideration when they are optimizing your Shopify store. This is why it would be best to hire a Shopify guru to optimize your site. Shopify provides product pages, landing pages, and descriptions for the products on the store, all for SEO purposes. This ensures that the Shopify site can attract consumers to the store who are searching for options and also serious buyers who will become loyal to the store.

    Search engine optimization is a critical feature of marketing for digital businesses on the internet when considering traffic to the store. The site optimization will certainly impact where the store ranks on the search results on search engines and will eventually determine how many people will end up finding and subsequently purchasing your products. The gurus can optimize the site to make it more visible and make your online presence well-known and transparent.

    4. After hiring a Shopify Guru, how he can help you manage your shop’s operations and keep things running smoothly

    Once you have a Shopify guru on your side, you can then manage the operations of the shop and keep the shop functional for visitors 24/7. They can put processes in place that can provide a seamless workflow, manage the communication with the clients, and also organize the data to make the work manageable and reduce any business inefficiencies. These management activities ensure that the store is on a smooth track for growth.

    The streamlining of processes

    The inefficiencies in a business will cost as much as 30% of the revenue of online stores. These inefficiencies are a result of ineffective practices in place or the absence of processes. Once processes are placed, the output is streamlined. These processes can be responsive and automated. Most business owners don’t have the time or expertise to set up these processes as they are busy with the business side. These gurus can set up the processes easily as they have the skill to do so. This can make the store performance better and also increase the revenue by cutting operational losses. This also makes the business more efficient.

    Making communication better

    The gurus can ensure better communication by understanding valuable messages. For example, they can identify business potential in communication that otherwise could have been missed by the owner due to whatever reason. When you have a guru with business knowledge, they can identify opportunities for the store as well. These ensure complete communication channels which are essential for e-commerce businesses.

    They Can Organize Data

    Most online businesses have access to the data of their customers. This data is extremely useful for making well-informed and smart decisions for the future of the business. But too much of this data can be overwhelming and quite distracting. The Shopify gurus can go over the website analytics and the data of the customer which can then be shared with timely reports and make it easier to understand. This will allow the store owners to have timely access to data and save their time.

    These activities will make sure that the store can run smoothly and have the best performance, so to achieve these streamlined activities, it is best to hire a Shopify guru for the Shopify store.

    5. By outsourcing these tasks by hiring a Shopify guru, How you can focus on growing your business and expanding into new markets?

    All online business people have a specialty, they get busier and busier once the business starts to grow. The owners have to manage tedious tasks such as marketing the products and handling the customer support tasks such as bookkeeping. Most owners lack expertise in these areas of digital business, they may spend time learning and still not be able to deal with this successfully. They can waste their resources by trying to learn with trial and error. This is also why 9 out of 10 e-commerce businesses fail within the first 120 days. They are unable to get a long-term business model.

    Completion of tasks

    Some tasks have to be completed daily such as data entry and internet research. These tend to be time-consuming and require less attention from the owners as they can easily be done by the gurus. These are essential to the business and by giving these tasks to be managed by a guru, this can save resources and time for the owner so that they can spend their time making expansion plans.

    When the Gurus are hired, the work of the store can be outsourced to them with the items that require attention. You can trust these experts to handle the store easily and they perform better than most owners due to their expertise. This results in time being saved so it provides better opportunities to the owners for working on the business rather than getting stuck in solving these tedious tasks which may drain the resource and time of the store owner. Then the owner can invest their energy and time in expansion plans into new markets. This is why it is best to hire a Shopify guru for your store.

    Conclusion About Hire a Shopify Guru

    In short, hiring a Shopify guru and doing so from expert and professional companies such as Folio3 can make the expansion of business and make it more scalable. This is required because the gurus can maintain the store whilst the store owner is busy making expansion plans for the Shopify store. This is thanks to the resources, experience, and technical expertise of certified gurus of the store that make it sure to maintain and grow the business while also managing the everyday tasks of the store. It is best to hire a guru from Folio3 due to their experience, industry reputation, and an arsenal of skillful and certified gurus who are available for services 24/7.

    FAQs About Hire a Shopify Guru:

    How Folio3 Shopify guru can also help you manage your inventory, shipping, and customer service needs?

    Folio3 is one of the pioneers in the world of e-commerce. They have been providing their services to clients all around the world for over 15+ years. They have the technical expertise and all the resources required to provide their services as a Shopify guru for your store. They can help manage the inventory of the store, and the shipping of the orders and also provide the best customer service needs to their clients. Folio3 can do so with their skilled Shopify teams who have experience and the software solutions such as integrations with ERPs integration, CRMs, and also shipment fulfillment software that can provide all these services to their clients as part of all-in-one packages at subsidized rates.

    How Folio3 Shopify guru can help you set up and optimize your shop for maximum efficiency and profitability?

    When you hire a Shopify guru for your store from multinational experts such as Folio3, they can set up the store for the optimization of the store by providing maximum profitability and maximum efficiency as they have the most skilled workers that are always achieving the best statistics for the businesses due to their skills and expertise. Folio3 can achieve this, thanks to their healthy working practices such as prioritizing search engine optimization to get traffic onto the store, running targeted advertisement schemes, and also making sure that they carry out successful email marketing campaigns.

    Why is Shopify the best platform to open a scalable store on?

    Shopify is one of the best platforms for starting an online store for new businesses on the internet. It is scalable and provides all the tools for new business people to open their stores online. Some of the benefits that the store provides are:

    • Shopify is a globalized platform. This means it has merchants that perform business activities from over 175 countries.
    • The Shopify community has store owners, developers, customers, and customer support agents as well. The community is 650,000 strong and continues to grow with the platform and can provide help.

    The store can operate code-free by providing an interface that is best for customers with no prior exposure to coding.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.