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    How much does it cost to start an online boutique with Shopify

    Last Updated | June 14, 2023

    In 2020, 457 million people bought from Shopify, and that number increased by 52.33% over the past year so it is the best time to launch your online boutique on Shopify. You can get an idea of how to set up your store and understand how much does it cost to start an online boutique. 

    Shopify development

    How much money do you need to start an online boutique on Shopify?

    If one wants to launch an online boutique store, the main question on their mind is how much money do you need to start an online boutique? This is because investment is one of the major needs for a business venture on Shopify. An online boutique can be a very profitable business venture for entrepreneurs. According to Statista, by 2024 the online accessories and apparel business for the online retail sector will generate over $153 billion in revenue. Due to new technology, digital innovation, and a change in patterns in consumer spending, have provided online boutique owners an upper hand against the bigger players. Now, the playing field is level and startups can compete easily with corporates.

    Shopify development

    The cost of an online boutique may depend on various factors. Entrepreneurs can run and create online boutiques for the safety of their own homes. This is because contact with the suppliers and customer communication can all be done over the internet. The research will all be done on the internet where you will use the web to learn more about the customers you target. Then you must set up the infrastructure for the business to do it online. You will then find a hosting company for the business to the purchaser of the domain names and then register the business. You can also hire Folio3 Shopify development services as your Shopify Development Partners for setting up your business.

    The business infrastructure can also be set online easily. The suppliers can be contacted after research and once the shipment arrives, the house can be used to store the products. You can then set up a home photo studio for creating organic product content. This will bring traffic to the store. Then once you get orders from Shopify you can ship them out to the customers. Also, make sure that the store makes use of highly responsive themes for which you can hire Folio3 Shopify Theme Development Company to use their Folio3 Shopify Theme Customization for the store to attract orders and facilitate the customers in the store.

    Online boutiques can be a great source of passive income if you can keep the audience engaged and increase customer conversion and retention rates. You will grow the customer base and generate a reliable stream of income. So considering factors such as inventory, shipping costs, packaging costs, Shopify pricing plans, and customized themes, it is best to start the online boutique with at least $4000. Shopify will help scale your business, provide reporting and help your account and expand the business. Just remember to hire Shopify Developers from a certified Shopify company to make your business healthy in the long term.

    What are some of the initial costs associated with starting a Shopify online boutique

    When people start a clothing business, perhaps the two most important questions are How to Start a Clothing Boutique online on Shopify followed with how much does it cost to start an online boutique? Let’s analyze these costs sequentially with the expected investment they require.

    Hosting and domains

    The domain registration and hosting have a very competitive marketplace. That is why it is best to settle for a domain which has a fair price. It is best to purchase a domain from Shopify within the budget of $1 to $15 at max. You can also protect your brand by buying close domains and redirecting them to your page. Shopify provides shared hosting plans which make it very affordable for startups. This shared hosting will meet your business needs at the start easily. Then you can upgrade.

    Shopify has inclusive prices for hosting but one can generally expect to pay around $30 to $50 per month alongside setup fees. So multiple domains and external hosting will bring the total cost to $90 for hosting. Next, you need a website for the Shopify store.

    Shopify website designing.

    Now you need to develop an online design for your online boutique. It is critical for the success of the store that the website design is such that the store can convert visitors into customers, be easy to use, have a great user interface, and is highly responsive to all different electronic devices. If done correctly, it is a one-time extremely worthy expense that can pay off quite quickly. You can get folio3 Shopify web design solutions easily for a great price.

    Then once the website is ready, you must start a campaign for brand awareness. You can increase outreach through social media, digital advertisements, and email for the website. Once you have a brilliant landing page the site will become easy to navigate, make it easy for customers to buy products, and then explore the products. Folio3 developers will be able to create unique website designs that are responsive and have great themes, they can publish organic content and then implement search engine optimization to attract the audience. You can expect to pay $100 to $200 per month for website development services that launch the site and also maintains it.

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    Stock up on inventory

    Your Shopify store will require products to be sold. Now you can follow two methods. You can follow a stock-on-hand model where you physically stock up your products, then ship them off to clients, or wait until orders are placed and then send the products to the customers directly from the suppliers. The latter is called drop shipping. However, a downside is that the quality cannot be verified by you and it also decreases the profits for the store.

    Now to keep the business costs and ensure the best customer experience, you can operate on the stock-on-hand model.  For the first batch, you can limit the initial order and consider the supplier’s minimum order and stock. You could order around $1000 worth of products at the start. To get a fairer idea of How Much Inventory Should I Start with an Online Store On Shopify? You can read this blog. Now you know how much does it cost to start an online boutique associated with the inventory costs.

    Advertising costs and customer engagement costs

    Most online retailers rely on digital advertisements for the Shopify store. Daily campaigns also require investment. You will not need to spend money on pay-per-click advertisements if email marketing and social media management are great. You can generate organic traffic for the site by making an engaging and active presence on social media.

    You could use Pinterest and Instagram to attract audiences to online boutiques. For businesses that are seeking a boosted start, it is best to go with Google Ads. They have a very impressive return on investment but cost $1.16 per click. This could become a bill of thousands of dollars but businesses see an average of $2 for every $1 spent on Google ads.

    For those wondering how much money does it cost to start an online boutique, the initial costs come out to be around $3500. This is a very conservative total initial investment for the Shopify store. When you invest such substantial amounts, it is best to have Shopify Development Partners with your side. The partners also provide packages that include all the services needed for the best Shopify customer experience. They can help expand the business by providing options for Folio3 Shopify integration with SEO services, payment processing, and others. You can also use Folio3 Shopify migration to start your already existing store elsewhere and start a business on Shopify.

    How can you keep your expenses low when starting an online Shopify boutique

    Now you know how much does it cost to start an online boutique, and now you need to know what are the multiple ways to keep the business expenses low when the boutique is being launched. These costs can be reduced by following these guidelines.

    Reduce the shipping costs

    Online stores require shipping to deliver products to the doorsteps of the customers. To minimize shipping costs these steps can be followed.

    1. Use shipping bags. These are small in weight and size as compared to cardboard boxes, which are easier to store as well.
    2. Reduce the package sizes. Reducing the box sizes reduces the costs. According to Jim Burns who is the director of marketing of products at Shorr packaging, “Reducing box height by just six inches could save up to $6 in shipping per package—and those cost savings really add up.”
    3. Use boxes that can be resized in multiple ways. This becomes a less expensive option as the number of stock box sizes decreases.
    4. Negotiate the shipping rates with your shipping partners. Try to negotiate and get quotes from the shippers by drafting long-term and consistent orders.

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    How much does it cost to start an online boutique – Automate the repetitive tasks

    Automation has never been easier. Today, automation can be used to take repetitive tasks off the routine and save valuable time and reduce operational costs. For instance, you can hire Folio3 Shopify integration to perform automation for multiple tasks such as SEO, keyword research, a customer relationship management to automate tasks and reduce costs.

    Outsource resource and time-consuming tasks

    Tasks such as order fulfillment, administrative tasks, and marketing and advertising can be outsourced. You can outsource order fulfillment to third-party logistic companies, and administrative and marketing can be outsourced to companies such as Folio3. Folio3 Shopify development services can help the store save costs due to the affordable packages. They can even provide custom Shopify development for your personalized needs.

    What are some common mistakes made when starting an online boutique

    Multiple mistakes are made when starting online businesses such as Shopify boutiques. Make sure to avoid these problems.

    • Starting businesses that you don’t like. It is important to understand that if you want to start a business, be passionate about it or don’t take the risk.
    • Failing to prepare accurately. Make sure that in the preparation, all the steps are taken and corners are not cut.
    • Dismissing negative feedback. Pay attention to legitimate feedback to make the customer experience better for your customers.
    • Not defining the target audience. Make sure you know who to target.
    • Taking too much time to launch. Prepare for the launch and launch it without wasting time.
    • Having no investment. For those thinking about How to start an online boutique with no money, think again because no business can start and be healthy in the long term.

    FAQs How much does it cost to start an online boutique:

    How to find the best deals on inventory and shipping for your online startup boutique on Shopify?

    To find the best deals on inventory and shipping for the online store it is best to be on the lookout for specific seasons where prices are low. Paying different ways such as there are discounts when you pay in cash and remove the transaction fees of the credit cards. You can also use software extensions such as Honey to save money shopping from suppliers. If you want products at cheap rates, it is best to read How to Start a Clothing Business by Buying Wholesale online.

    Tips for reducing overhead costs to start an online boutique on Shopify?

    You can reduce overhead costs for the boutique by following these steps.

    1. Automate the repetitive tasks.
    2. Reduce shipping costs by using lighter packaging, reducing box dimensions, negotiating with shipment providers, and perhaps using plastic bags for packaging.
    3. Outsource the tasks that require a lot of time and resources. You can outsource tasks to companies such as Folio3 for your online store.



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